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com | The Hardest-Working Paper in America | Sunday, January 13, 2019 | 31

As we noted in a questionnaire to the candidates for mayor of Chicago, our city faces an enormous financial challenge. Chicago is on the hook for $42 billion in unfunded pension liabilities, which
works out to $35,000 for every household. In our questionnaire, we listed eight commonly proposed sources of new revenue. We asked the candidates to take a stand, for or against, on each one. And
we asked for other ideas. Here, below, is a summation of their stand on those eight specific sources of new revenue. Plus a few other ideas.

A Chicago casino Legalized and A La Salle A commuter tax A property tax A municipal sales A real estate Legalized A top alternative
taxed recreational Street tax increase tax increase transfer tax and taxed video source of new
marijuana gambling revenue

Dorothy Supports Supports, after a Supports Opposes “Undecided.” Would Opposes. Favors Supports Supports A “head tax” on
study of the impact request a review by sales tax holidays to employers, based
Brown of legalization in a Citizen Budget boost retail sales on their number of
other states Review Commission employees

Gery Supports Supports States no position Has “serious con- States no position Supports Supports Supports A legal tax of inter-
Chico cerns” net sales, such as
with Amazon stores

Bill Open to the idea Favors No. “Not viable” “Studying” the Not in first year. Low on list, but not Open to the idea Open to idea if Restore Chicago’s
issue Then an equal cut in ruled out only for high-priced Chicago gets a fair share of state
Daley expenses for every properties fairer share of income taxes
dollar increase. revenue from state

Amara States no position Supports, earmarking States no position Opposes States no position Should “explore” Supports States no position A public bank
Enyia funds for violence pre- such a tax on con-
vention and neighbor- sumer services
hood reinvestment

Bob Supports. Should Supports. “This Opposes. Not Supports Opposes. “There will Opposes Opposes Supports Reform property
have had one “long train has left the “realistic” be no property tax tax assessment
Fioretti ago.” station.” increases in a Fioretti system

La Shawn Supports Supports An “intriguing pos- Opposes as a Favors “careful, grad- Opposes. The high Opposes Supports Graduated state
Ford sibility” burden on “working uated tax increases” sales tax “drives income tax
families” that “uplift” people residents away.”
from poverty

Jerry Supports, if publicly Supports. Target Opposes because “Perhaps.” Opposes Opposes Favors, possibly Supports A passenger
Joyce owned and all revenue funds to paying of “the importance” Needs study for higher end facility charge at
used to pay down un- down pension of the financial commercial Chicago airports
funded pension liability liability exchanges properties

John Supports, if Opposes Opposes Opposes Opposes Opposes Opposes Opposes None noted
city-owned and
Kozlar -operated

Lori Supports, but minority- Supports Open to it, but must not Opposes Not until “broken Open to it, but must Favors a graduated Not opposed A progressive state
Lightfoot and women-owned “drive businesses from property tax system look at “progressive form of this tax income tax
businesses on S. and W. Chicago or create a dis- is fixed” forms of revenue”
Sides must be involved incentive for businesses first
at every stage to invest in our city.”

Garry Supports along Supports States no position States no position Would use surplus States no position States no position Supports None noted
McCarthy with taxes on video TIF funds on, in
gambling and part, a $400 million
marijuana property tax cut

Susana “Could be a critical Supports Opposes Opposes “Should always be a Opposes. “Hits low- Supports if targeted Supports at O’Hare A progressive state
Mendoza source of revenue” last resort” income families the to downtown proper- and possibly Midway income tax
hardest” ties that can “afford airports
a minimal increase”

Toni Supports, if “substan- Favors States no position “Not good public States no position States no position Favors for proper- States no position A graduated state
Preckwinkle tial share” of women, policy” ties sold for more income tax
minorities involved as than $1 million
contractors, employees

Paul Supports Supports Opposes Opposes Favors capping in- Opposes Opposes Favors Restore “the illegal
Vallas creases to the rate diversion of corpo-
of inflation or 5%, rate personal prop-
whichever is less erty tax revenue.”

Willie Supports, if Supports. For the States no position States no position States no position States no position States no position States no position Reopen Meigs Field
Wilson city-owned revenue, and it
could lead to less