Ordinary to Extraordinary

Day 4 The Camera

Given what you know from your experiences thus far in class, how would you define the relationship between the photographer and his / her camera?

Students will be identify and explain the functions of a 35mm SLR camera by sketching and labeling its functions.

10 minutes - sketchbook / binder
From a top view, sketch the camera you have in front of you. --- with the lens

Camera Body

Opens and closes to expose the film

Shutter Speed

Measures how long the shutter is open to expose the film

Shutter Speeds - The numbers represent the exact incriment of time that the shutter is open for 1/# example the 2 on the dial represents 1/2 second

The ISO - international standardization organization Essentially your film speed. ASA Make sure that number matches your film speed on your film.

Shutter Release

This button will “fire” the shutter, essentially taking your photograph.

The Lens

Aperture - controls the depth of field as well as the amount of light being exposed to the film


Larger aperture opening - smaller f #

Smaller aperture opening - larger f #

Depth of field The area between the nearest and farthest points from the camera that are acceptably sharp in an image

Focus - The focus knob will allow you to focus on your subject. It has numbers that are a GUIDE


Focus in ft and m

F stops = 1 / #

View Finder / Light Meter

The light meter - reads the amount of light in the frame and makes an EDUCATED guess on the proper controls
Film Speed



Shutter Speed Aperture




su r

The film speed will remain constant, however the shutter speed and aperture work hand in hand (once you have a proper exposure).
Film Speed



Shutter Speed Aperture




su r

Pentax K 1000

Proper exposure is right in the middle

If the arm is up to high, there is too much light.

close the aperture / increase shutter speed

If the arm is up to low, there is not enough light.

open the aperture / decrease shutter speed

Vivitar / Nikon

For these light meters, you need to gently press down on the shutter release to get a a reading. Do not press down all the ways, you will fire the shutter.

Proper exposure



"each combination of controls will produce a different looking photograph" - Richard Mizdal


3 different light settings
1. Normal 2. Over 3. Under

ensures you have a proper exposure

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