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Docena vs Limon Case Digest

Cleto Docena vs. Atty. Dominador Q. Limon

295 SCRA 262

Facts: Respondent was petitioner ’s lawyer in a civil case. During that case, he
asked the petitioners to post a supersedeas bond to stay execution of the
appealed decision. Petitioners forwarded the money to Limon. Later, the case was
decided in their favor. They were unable to recover the money because the clerk of
court said no such bond had ever been filed. IBP suspended him for one year.
Hence this petition.

Held: Disbarred (see Canon 1.01 and 16.01). Respondent’s allegation that the
Free Bar Materials (Audio Lec tures, Notes, Audio Codals,
money was payment of his fees was overcome by other evidence. The law is not a Memory Aids, etc .)
trade nor craft but a profession. Its basic ideal is to render public service and to
secure justice for those who seek its aid. If it has to remain an honorable profession Pinoy Law Blog
and attain its basic ideal, lawyers should not only master its tenets and principles REX Bookstore's Political and Remedial Law
Books Price List 2016
but should also, by their lives, accord continuing fidelity to them. By extorting
money from his client through deceit, Limon has sullied the integrity of his brethren
in the law and has indirectly eroded the people’s confidence in the judicial system.
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He is disbarred for immoral, deceitful and unlawful conduct.
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