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Ulep vs. Legal Clinic A.C. No. L-533 ► 2015 (8)

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▼ December (10)
“A lawyer, making known his legal services shall only use true, honest, fair, dignified and objective information or statement of Holy See vs. Rosario G.R
facts.”—Canon 3, Code of Professional Responsibility 101949 (1994)
In re Almacen G.R. No. L
“A lawyer shall not use or permit the use of any false, fraudulent, misleading, deceptive, undignified, self-laudatory or unfair 27654 (In the Matter o
statement or claim regarding his qualifications for legal services.”—Rule 3.01, Code of Professional Responsibility P...
Ulep vs. Legal Clinic A.C
No. L-533
Facts of the Case:
Lina Obaña y Zamora vs
In 1984, The Legal Clinic was formed by Atty. Rogelio Nogales. Its aim, according to Nogales, was to move toward Hon. Andres B. Sorian
specialization and to cater to clients who cannot afford the services of big law firms. CA-...
Song Kiat Chocolate
Atty. Ulep files a complaint against The Legal Clinic because of its advertisements which states undignified phrases like-- “Secret Factory vs. Central
Marriage? P560.00 for a valid marriage. Information on DIVORCE, ANNULMENT, ABSENCE, VISA. The Legal Clinic, Inc. Please Bank of th...
call: 5210767, 5217232, 5222041 8:30am to 6:00pm 7th Floor Victoria Bldg. UN Avenue, Manila.” Gudani vs. Senga G.R.
170165 (2006)
It is also alleged that The Legal Clinic published an article entitled Rx for Legal Problems in The Philippine Star because it is
United States vs. Ah
composed of specialists that can take care of a client’s situation no matter how complicated it is, especially on marriage Chong G.R. L-5272
problems like the Sharon and Gabby situation. (1910)

Citing John Bates vs. The State Bar of Arizona, Atty. Nogales said that it should be allowed based on this American United States vs. Fowler
Phil 614 (1902)
Jurisprudence. According to him, there is nothing wrong with making known the legal services his Legal Clinic has to offer.
People of the Philippines
Issue: & HSBC vs. Judge Jose
Whether or not such advertisement may be allowed. United States vs. Aniceto
Barrias G.R. 4349
Court Ruling: (1908)...

The Legal Clinic is composed mainly of paralegals, which is undoubtedly beyond the domain of the paralegals. As stated in a
previous jurisprudence, practice of law is only reserved for the members of the Philippine bar, and not to paralegals. As with the
Legal Clinic’s advertisements, the Code of Professional Responsibility provides that “a lawyer in making known his legal services Archive
must use only honest, fair, dignified and objective information or statement of facts.
November (5)
A lawyer cannot advertise his talents in a manner that a merchant advertise his goods. The Legal Clinic promotes divorce,
February (3)
secret marriages, bigamous marriages which are undoubtedly contrary to law.
December (10)
The only allowed form of advertisements would be: (1.) Citing your involvement in a reputable law list, (2.) An ordinary
professional card (3.) Phone directory listing without designation to a lawyer’s specialization.

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