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64 or No7.“La ci darem la mano.,, | Duettino. AL Andante. = Ve Don.Giovanni, 2 TA ci da-rem la ma-no, lami di-rai sis Give me thyhand,oh fairest, Whisper a gei “Yes, D strings s t 4 Zerlina, vé-disnon ® ton- ino, par - tiam, benmio, da— qui. “Vor-rey_e tonvor. Come, if for me thou carest, With joy ‘my life to— bless. I would,andyet T 1 r-@ tremaun po-coil — cor, ce Ver, sa- re - iy svould not, dare fot give is . sent, know I should not, — 4 Don Giovanni. ‘ma pud burlar-mi_an - Cor,— ma pud burf lar-mian-cor! Vie - ni,miobel di- Too late I may ré - pent, Ah! toolateI may ré- pent! — Come,dearest,let me ae ratt § fe Tg _Zerlina>! let - to! “Mi fa— pie-th_ Ma ~ set to! To can-gie- ro tuo guide thee. Ma . set-to sure will chide met Danger shall ne'er come | —_J Tati wir rely ¢ “would,and yet I Tor- te! ny thee! sor te! ~ Pre - sto nonson— pii for-te, non son nigh thee! Ah— that I could de - iy thee, oh, that 22} Don Giovanni. f, La ci da-rem la ih for - te, non son— pid — could,that I could de - ira appears on the verandah of the ilding, a ‘watches what is going on.) Vor - I Vie- ni! vie - nit mano, Come then, Come then! Give me thyhand,oh fair-est! nee non vor = re- iy would not, La mi di-rai di Whisper a gen.tle iP par-tiamjben mio, da With joy my life thou'lt e Mi tremaun po -co jl T dare'tot give ai (disengaging cor. i fa— pie - Ma get — Coy re ent! Maj. set. to i . Pane (pulling his amazourdhesy® Wil chide me, hy G. Vie - ni, nfio bel di - let toh Come, dearest, let me guide thee, jo can-Bie- rd, tuo Dan. gershaline'er come << wits “es + < herself, and escaping (oother side.) ¢ = ston son” pi for-fey ibn Zou piu OFT te, non som Bil — (Or tet — that [could de - ny theeoh that I couldthat I could de — ny thee. sor te. nigh thee. P 2 Ghrowing herself gq “inlo’niyaarms) 5'Allegro. An - diam! An - diam,an-diam, mio be - ne,__ a T come! © With thee,with thee, my treasure, This Gnsistently) 5 diam! An - diam! An diam, an-diam, mio be-ne,— come, Oh come! With thee, with thee, my treasure, This Allegro. ri-sto-rar le pe-ne—— dun in - no - cen- = mort life is naught but pleasure, My heart is—— fond - iy” thine pe-he— dun’ in. no - cen- (tea - mort ri-sto-rar_ Te 4 pleasure, My heart is— fond - ly thi oh life is naught but