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Italian PhD Scholarships Version 10 updated on 23-06-2017

Dear all students who are applying for PhD scholarships. Gear up for Italian PhD rainfall. 33rd cycle in Italy of
PhD Scholarships in every field. More than 200 above offers will be updating from March to November, 2017
From now I will try to update the offers time by time in file attached. This is tenth version of the year 2017.
But keep on checking the PhD scholarships at Italian universities yourself as well.

Why I say to apply for PhD in Italy?

1) The Italian PhD offers are not normally posted in many International Scholarship Websites. But we find
them and post them in Scholarship Network group. As a result of this thing, last year maximum number of
Pakistanis availed PhD Scholarships in Italy.
2) Scholarships are offered in all fields from Social Sciences to Engineering etc. But you have to open the links
and find your desired fields
3) You get more chances if you apply in many universities. The only bottleneck is application fee of
university, which you can have to submit in many universities. Few universities have no application fee. But, if
you are able to apply in many universities with application fee. Then, you will have good chances of selection.
To submit application fee abroad. See this file:
4) IELTS is not required for PhD in many universities. But if you have it, you will have good chances of
*** Important Tip 1: Try to contact professors in universities. It is not mandatory/compulsory. But as you
know for PhD, it is always good to have contact with professors. Try to have good conversation with them as
you will be sure also then that your application will not be wasted. But I say again it is not
mandatory/compulsory. You can/ should apply online even without contacting professors. So, if you do not
contact professors, you can apply, it is fine as well. Do not ask professors for acceptance letters here as
professor have no authority over admission process.
*** Tip 2: Use translators extensively, I normally give English links of Italian pages, but if you find the links in
Italian then you can translate them.
*** Tip 3: Now so many Pakistani students in many Italian universities. So find them and ask them if their lab
is hiring
*** Tip 4: I have posted English links, if you have any issue in using them, then try to translate using google
translator. Open the links and find your majors in them
****** Most Important Tip: After applying, Keep on checking selection/interview lists yourself on
university websites after applying online. They will/may not email you for your selection in most of the
cases. Do follow up waiting lists later on. Such as second, third, fourth merit lists. As selected people leave
places and you can get vacant seats of them
*** The new universities are added in this list are in red color
Best of luck.
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University Website Deadline Comments

University of 29-06-2017 PhD programme in
Modena and sdott.html “Physics and nano
Reggio sciences”
Emilia DEnglishPhysicsHorizonXXXIII.pdf
Politecnico Di 19-06-2017 Phd Program in
Tornio Bioengineering and
&University programmes medical and surgical
of Turin sciences, Pure and
ateneo applied Mathematics,
Urban and Regional
University of 30-06-2017 PhD Program in Global
Urbino Carlo programs/1755230 Studies. Economy,
Bo Society & Law
University of 30-06-2017 Many Majors offered
Padova Open the links to see
NORMATIVA%20DEF_33_ing.pdf various majors offered
University of 30-06-2017 Many Majors offered
Verona &idDest=2&sServ=68&serv=65&lang=en Open the links to see various majors offered
University of 03-07-2017 Many Majors offered
Milano - ent-for-PhD-Admission-XXXIII-cycle-aa- Open the links to see
Bicocca 20172018/2730178719829017220 various majors offered
University of 03-07-2017 Many Majors offered
Bolzano programmes/ Open the links to see various majors offered
Università 07-07-2017 Many Majors offered
degli Studi di h Open the links to see
Roma “Tor various majors offered
Vergata” onent/phocadownload/category/4-
University of 13-07-2017 Many Majors offered
Modena and Sdott.html Open the links to see
Reggio various majors offered
Emilia ml
Università 14-07-2017 Many Majors offered
degli Studi torati-di-ricerca/bandi Open the links to see
della various majors offered
Campania orati_di_Ricerca/33/bando_inglese_21_giugno.
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Università 14-07-2017 Many Majors offered

Politecnica er_il_Dottorato_di_Ricerca Open the links to see
delle Marche various majors offered
University of 14-07-2017 Many Majors offered
Pavia hd-courses.html Open the links to see various majors offered

University of 17-07-2017 Many Majors offered

Udine doctorate/phdstudies/admission/ph.d.-call- Open the links to see
1?set_language=en various majors offered
IMT Lucca 18-07-2017 Many Majors offered
ssion Open the links to see various majors offered
University of 19-07-2017 Many Majors offered
PISA on-process-for-the-academic-year-2017- Open the links to see
2018.html various majors offered
University of 20-07-2017 PhD Program in
Bergamo concorso-lammissione-al-corso-di-dottorato-di- Technology,
ricerca-technology-innovation-and Innovation & Management

Trento 27-07-2017 PhD Programme in

University ement-of-selection "Cognitive Science" & Mathematics
Università 01-08-2017 Many Majors offered
degli Studi di si/selection#null Open the links to see
Ferrara various majors offered

University of 21-08-2017 Many Majors offered

Palermo t15/uob18/dottorato-xxxiii-ciclo/ Open the links to see various majors offered
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University of 22-08-2017 Many Majors offered

Camerino admission-doctoral-degree-programs Open the links to see various majors offered

Università 22-08-2017 Many Majors offered

degli Studi di e/concorso/XXXIII Open the links to see
Macerata various majors offered
Institute for 23-08-2017 PhD Biomolecular
Advanced Sciences and
Study of andi%20Dottorati%202017/Scheda_PhD_model Biotechnologies
Pavia lo_SBB_eng.pdf profile
Trento 23-08-2017 PhD Progamme in
University ement-of-selection Biomolecular Sciences

Trento 24-08-2017 PhD Programme in

University ement-of-selection Materials,
Mechatronics and
Systems Engineering
Trento 31-08-2017 PhD Program in
University ement-of-selection “Comparative and European Legal
ace/SpacesStore/331a81a6-8a99-4930-9417- Studies”