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Sales Associate Workflow

Set up date of Call

(Calendar Invite)

Register in NetSuite
and Trello

Conduct Call Not Qualified:

Conference Update Trello and APC (LSAD and NSAD).
(Pre-qualify) Reach out again in 6 months, if necessary

-Send MOM and completed questionnaire to Salesperson
-Send Post Call Summary to the client along with Netsuite Customer Success videos in a similar industry
-Update Trello and APC (LSAD and NSAD)
-Set up the 2nd meeting (preferably with C-Level or Decision Makers)
-Start preparing Sections 1-3 of SOW
-Prepare Proposal Presentation if requested by the client or to be used in the 2nd meeting

Conduct 2nd meeting

Pass on to
salesperson for


Call conferences to be conducted for mid-level or C-level management  

Register all leads properly by filling out all necessary information
Sales associate is responsible in making all updates to Trello and APC
Comment section should include date per update
All leads to be updated within 30 days as per NetSuite's global rule (LSAD/NSAD/Comments section)