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The "kol" that is commonly used mesures as follows

8 "yavam"=1 "Angulam''=3 centimeter

24 "Angulam"=1 "kol"=72 centimeter
4 "kol"=1 "dandu"=288 cm

There are five types of traditional domestic architecture or Veedu in Kerala

1) the wretched humble house, unknown by any building treatise of

Kerala, belongs to ordinary folks and tribal people/ adivasis (cheri,
chala, kudi, variyam or pisharam or pumatham);

2) the Ekasala, an I-shaped single rectangular hall house, belongs to

farmers or middle-class non- farmers;

3) the Nalukettu, a courtyard house, belongs to landlords;

4) the great mansion Ettuketu and Pathinarukettu or much bigger

structures, belong to very rich landlords;

5) commoner houses are simple ordinary houses scattered abundantly in

the cities and villages.