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Unit 1

Masculine and Feminine ( Gender)

French all nouns are either masculine or feminine. This is called the gender of a noun. Before a
masculine word use un for a or an eg- un crayon( a pencil) . Before a feminine noun use une for a or an
eg- une trousse ( a pencil case).

Plural Nouns

One way to make the nouns plural in French add an –s to the end of the nouns. But this is not always the
case. eg- un crayon – des crayons.

Write the plurals-

Un stylo----

Une trousse----

Un cahier---

Un portable----

Unit 2

Saying that your are living in a place.

 Before a name of a town, city, or village – use à

J’habite à Colombo. J’habite à Nugegoda
 Before a name of a country use- en or au, aux, à
Asking a question

“Tu habites en France” means you live in France. “Où habites-tu” asks the question where do you live.
Look at the word order in the two statements and the new word où added to the question.

Transform these word to questions.

Eg Tu parles.– (You speak.)

Parles-tu ? (Do you speak ?)
Est-ce que tu parles ? (Do you speak ?)

Transform the above sentences in to questions and translate to English

Tu regardes

Tu écoutes

Tu chantes