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Scene 1

Inside the mosque … ending salah… going to pick up the Quran

Kids Laughing while sitting.

Kids reading Quran (while talking in between).

IBRAHEEM: Ahmed, which para are you on?
HAMMAD: I am here in the the 6th para. (showing the Quran)
IBRAHEEM: Stop! Stop! Wait for me… let me catch up with you… my fifth para is going to finish just now. Then we
will read together.
HAMMAD: Ok… I am waiting for you. Do it quickly.
HAMMAD sitting and teasing IBRAHEEM

Imam : (passes and asks) Children, what are you doing?

IBRAHEEM: We are reciting Quran
Imam: Are you reciting Quran or are you talking to each other?
HAMMAD: No…. we were telling each other that we have to finish the Quran quickly.
Imam: Oh good maasha Allaah … So which para are you on?
IBRAHEEM: I have finished five
HAMMAD: I am on 6th
Imam: But it’s just 3rd of Ramadan today. How were you able to finish so much in just 2 days.
IBRAHEEM: We recite very quickly so that we can complete the Quran at least 3 times this Ramadan.
Imam: My dear.. you know Quran is the book of Allaah and we must respect it. Right?
Both kids: Yes Imam Sahib.
Imam: Then is it right that you are reciting the Quran so fast?
It’s a good thing that you want to finish Quran many times in Ramadan but we should also keep in mind that we
should recite Quran in a pleasing and calm manner as has been commanded by Allaah (facing the audience) in Surah
Muzzammil 73:4
ً َ َ ُ ْ ِّ
‫ َو َرت ِل ٱلق ْر َءان ت ْ ِرتيل‬........and recite the Quran (aloud) in a slow, (pleasant tone and) style.

Coz when we recite Quran so fast we don’t hear the words clearly…. Due to which we are unable to understand the
meaning of the aayaat of Allaah.
Both kids: (puzzled) meaning??? we just read it…..
Imam: That’s good that you read it… May Allah reward you for that… But do you know why the Quran was revealed?
HAMMAD: Mmmm…. So that we can read it and earn thawab... What else?
Imam: Yes, but Quran is the kalam of Allaah SWT and He says in it…

‫اب‬ َ ْ َ ْ ُ ُ َ َّ َ َ َ َ َ ُ َّ َّ َ ِّ ٌ َ َ ُ َ ْ َ ُ َ ْ َ َ ٌ َ
ِ ‫ِكتاب أنزلناه ِإليك مبارك ليدبروا آي ِات ِه و ِليتذكر أولو اْللب‬
“This is a blessed Book which We have revealed to you, [O Muhammad], that they might reflect upon its verses and
that those of understanding would be reminded.”

(Quran, 38:29)
So children it’s not just to read but to understand also. I hope you will take care in future InshaaAllaah.
Imam: Say Inshaa Allaah.
Both kids: InshaaAllaah.
Scene 2

Imam In jamaa’ah ---- salaam

IBRAHEEM … Abbu come. We will say salaam to Imam saab
Father: Where is he?
HAMMAD: There (pointing to the Imam)
Father: Ok…. lets go.

(Kids run toward the Imam and father follows.)

IBRAHEEM and HAMMAD: Assalamualaikum
Imam: Walaikumassalam wr wb!
HAMMAD: This is our father.
Father: Assalamualaikum...
Imam: Walaikumassalam wr wb.... You have very nice kids.
IBRAHEEM: We told our father what you told us the other day.
Imam: (to the kids) Ah yes. I am glad you remember it. (facing the father) I explained to the kids that they should
recite Quran slowly and with understanding.
Father: Yes, you are right I also try to read Quran with translation to understand it.
Imam: That’s a good thing. But we should read and understand the Quran in Arabic.
Father: Why do average people like us need to learn Arabic? It is for the Ulama, who study Quran and help us
understand it.
Imam: But brother…..
(Father interrupts)
Father: If Allah had wanted us to understand Arabic he would have made us Arab or at least make us understand it.
Imaam: My dear brother… the Quran is a guide sent not only for the ulama but for the whole mankind.
Father: But Imam saab Arabic is a very difficult language. How would we learn and understand it?
Imam: I know it is not easy brother, but when you take up a task for the sake of Allah, He makes it easy for you.
Father: But when we can understand Quran through translations what’s the need to learn Arabic?
Imam: Because Allaah has chosen Arabic above all other languages to reveal the Quran…. And true understanding of
Quran will be achieved only through Arabic. And there are sooooo many treasures of wisdom in this great book we
will be able to appreciate them only when we understand it in its original form and not through a translation.
Father: I think I understand now why Arabic is so important.
Imam saab: And there are other benefits too… your salah will be filled with khushoo’ when you understand what you
are reciting of the Quran and the duaas that you make.
HAMMAD: Yes Abu! Imam saab is right… I want to learn Arabic
IBRAHEEM: me too
Father: Sure, son. (smiles to the children then faces the imam) Thank You imam saab for explaining us how
important it is to learn Arabic. Please pray for us that Allaah gives us tawfeeq.
Imam: Sure brother….
Father: Now we will take your leave… Assalamuaalaikum
Imam: walaikumassalaam wr wb….

(all characters standing in a row.)

My dear friends. Allah has given Quran to our Prophet (SAW) as the greatest miracle. Allah SWT is addressing his
Prophet and also his ummah through it. Would we not want to understand and ponder on his words?
The uniqueness of the Quran's language cannot be substituted by another language. It should not be considered as
one of the top priorities. Rather, it should be seen as one of the basic necessities for a person who wishes to study
Islam. And follow HIS commands to attain HIS pleasure……….Allaah has mentioned repeatedly in S. Qamar.
َّ َ ْ ِّ َ ُ ْ َ ْ َّ َ ْ َ َ َ
‫َّسنا ٱلق ْر َءان ِللذك ِر ف َه ْل ِمن ُّمد ِكر‬ ‫ولقد ي‬

And We have indeed made the Quran easy to understand and remember, then is there any that will remember (or
receive admonition)?
Aqdas Welcome imam saab…. We glad you came. Lets sit .. its going to be time for iftar.


Look at that sun Look at that sky

Look at that bird Flying so high
Look at that stars shining so bright
In the middle of the night
Oh! look it’s a shooting star
Do you ever wonder who created this and who created that?
Allah created each and everything

Can you see the trees so beautiful and green

Can you see the wind brushing those leaves
Look at that fish swimming away
in a beautiful ocean under the waves
Do you ever wonder who created this and who created that?
Allah created each and everything

Can you see the yellow pink flowers with the buzzing bees?
Isnt it amazing how honey comes from the bees?
Oh look ! there is an elephant washing his feet.
So many beautiful animals
Look and you will see.
Do you ever wonder who created this and who created that?
Allah created each and everything

Can you see the plants so many different shapes.

Do you ever wonder who created this and who created that?
Allah created each and everything
‫من نبات أو إنسان‬ ‫ي كان‬
ّ ‫كل شيء ح‬
‫كل شيء تحت الماء‬ ‫كل طير في األجواء‬
‫من مياه قد سواه‬ ‫ربنا قد جل عُاله‬

‫هل رأيت النهر يسير‬ ‫هل رأيت البحر يثور‬

‫تحت هذا الماء وذاك‬ ‫إن أسراب األسماك‬
‫منه قد راحت تقتات‬ ‫حولها زرع ونبات‬
‫في العيون وفي اآلبار‬ ‫في البحار وفي األنهار‬
‫روعة حسن وجمال‬ ‫في البحيرة والشالل‬
‫جل مبدعها الرحمن‬ ‫بل حياة ٌ لإلنسان‬
‫نرتوي فالماء شفاء‬ ‫حينما نعطش بالماء‬
‫أصبحت أرضا ً خضراء‬ ‫لو جرى فوق الصحراء‬
‫ربنا الحق المعبود‬ ‫جل من بالماء يجود‬

Every living thing

Whether it’s a plant or a human being
Every bird in the sky
Everything in the water
Our lord who is high and great
He created them all from watr

Have you seen the sea rising?

have you seen the river flowing?
In the water here and there
Indeed the shoal of fish
Around it there is vegetation and plant
From which they obtain sustenance

Every living thing

Whether it’s a plant or a human being………..

In the oceans and in the rivers

In the springs and in the wells
In the lake and the waterfall
There is splendour and beauty
rather the life of the human being
Ar Rahman is the bestower of it

Every living thing

Whether it’s a plant or a human being………..

When we feel thirsty

We quench our thirst from water so water is the cure.
If it flows over the desert
The desert would become a green land
Great is the one who gives the water generously
That is our lord the truth the one worthy of worship
Every living thing
Whether it’s a plant or a human being………..