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A Sample Garri Processing Business Plan Template

 Business Overview

Cassava, the raw material used to make garri, cassava flour is a source of food to nearly all of the Nigeria population.
The crop is regarded as a staple diet in most developing countries in the world, and is ranked the third after rice and
maize. Cassava is popular because it can grow even the poorest conditions (poor soil and inadequate rainfall).
Nigeria is the largest producer of Cassava in Africa; producing over 41 million metric tons per annum, followed closely
by the Democratic Republic of Congo. Most Cassava used in Nigeria are grown in the Southern parts of the country
(South West, South- south, and South East) and in the Middle Belt and are mostly used to meet domestic demands
within the country. Globally however, Thailand is the largest producer of this crop as they produce and export
cassava products worth over $20 billion annually.
This therefore makes Garri one of the major products from processed cassava the staple food for almost all
Nigerians, as about 75% of Cassava is processed into Garri. According to statistics, about 130 million people – both
in rural and urban areas – consume 12 million tons of garri annually.
This is the reason why most entrepreneurs are going into the garri processing business especially as this product is
recession proof. The recent economic downturn in the country has seen more and more people turning to Garri.
According to reports, any entrepreneur going into this business will make immense profit, as the reports show that
demand for this product is not only stable but increasing even though there are few close alternatives to Garri. Garri
can be consumed in two ways – the cold process and the hot process, and while there is no substitute for the garri
consumed via the cold process method, the few substitutes available for garri taken during the hot process are
expensive, which leaves consumers with no alternative than to stick to garri.
Also, another factor in favor of the garri demand is the growth the population which has pushed the demand for garri
and has also caused more garri processing businesses to crop up to be able to meet the growing demand.

Garri Processing Business Plan – Executive Summary

Koko Quality Garri Processing Ventures is a business that has been registered under the Corporate Affairs
Commission (CAC) and also legally licensed by the National Agency for Food Drug Administration and Control
(NAFDAC) here in Ogun State. We have also acquired the necessary licenses needed to run a plant without running
afoul of the law here in Ogun State.
Our aim of starting this business is to ensure that our clients both domestic and international get processed garri of
the finest quality. We intend to process for sale white garri (Ijebu and normal) and yellow garri so as to be able to
cater to our teeming customers.
We know how vital it is to be located in a place that is convenient for both our customers and employees. Our garri
processing plant therefore is located in a conspicuous area and close to the road, which makes the location very
strategic for our suppliers and distributors as well as our customers. This fact alone we know is enough to make us
become the leading brand that we hope to become in the industry.
Due to our desire to attain and retain the leadership position amongst our peers in the industry, we intend to pursue
excellence both in the processing and delivery of our processed garri to customers. Due to this fact we intend to hire
and train only the best employees who will be able to deliver our vision and communicate our brand to our existing
and potential customers.
We also know how valuable our customers are to us and so we intend to treat them right by offering them excellent
customer service of a standard never seen before in this industry. Our clients will be able to reach us physically and
even online as we will be available through all avenues to be able to attend to their inquiries, orders, suggestions and
Koko Quality Garri Processing Venture is owned and managed by Alhaji Taofeek Lateef with input from several
member of his extended family. Alhaji Taofeek Lateef will be involved in the day to day operation of the garri
processing plant. Alhaji Taofeek Lateef has a B. Sc in Agric Economics from the University of Ilorin and is presently
running an MBA from the University of Ibadan. He has vast experience in the agro processing industry and will
therefore bring his knowledge to bear in this business.

 Our Products and Services

Koko Quality Garri Ventures is a business that has been licensed by the National Agency for Food Drug
Administration and Control to process garri that will be used in households as well as in commercial places. We have
also registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission and have fulfilled all other necessary obligations that will
enable us make profit and grow as a business.
Some of the products and services we intend to indulge in as a business includes;

 White garri (Ijebu and normal)

 Yellow garri
 Consultancy Services
 Training and Coaching

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to be the preferable garri for customers in Ijebu, Ogun and the whole of Nigeria as well.

 Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to ensure we process garri of the highest quality using the best machines and resources. We also
intend to ensure that our processed garri does not only meet the needs of our household clients but become a
profitable business for our partners and distributors.

 Our Business Structure

Knowing how our vision is to be the most preferable garri for our customers, we have decided to ensure that we draft
a business structure that will allow us not only achieve all our intended goals and objectives but also enable us build
a solid business foundation as well.
One of our top priorities is to ensure that we hire the best professional hands that have the required necessary
experience, are dedicated and that will ensure that the business runs smoothly. We intend to ensure that our
employees get the best training obtainable in this industry and also have welfare packages that will place our
companies as one of the best places to work in.
We also intend to provide excellent customer service by hiring those with the experience of handling customer orders
and complaints efficiently. We know how important it is to get the right fit for this task as they will be communicating
and representing the brand to our various customers.
Those we intend to employ to handle various tasks with assigned roles and responsibilities for the growth of Koko
Quality Garri Ventures include;

 Managing Director
 Admin Manager
 Marketing and Sales Executive
 Purchasing Manager
 Accountant/Cashier
 Store Manager
 Front Desk Officer
 Security Guard
 Cleaner
 Van Driver

Roles and Responsibilities

Managing Director

 Makes strategic decision on behalf of the company and ensure its implementation
 Represents the company especially in areas of contracts and negotiation with high level clients
 Controls overall resources and expenditures
 Ensure that the business is financially secured

Admin Manager

 See to the day-to-day running of the business

 Handles the sourcing and recruitment of able hands to run the business
 Communicates the vision and corporate culture of the business to employees
 Sees to the welfare and promotion of employees

Marketing and Sales Executive

 Create a workable marketing strategy and plan for Koko garri business
 Develop a workable budget in collaboration with the Managing Director and Accountant
 Responsible for using conventional and non-conventional means to attract clients
 Carry out market research so as to have a better understanding of the target market

Purchasing Manager

 Sources for reliable vendors and suppliers for the business

 Prepare purchase orders and requisitions on behalf of the company to suppliers and vendors
 Maintain accurate report of goods ordered for and those received
 Develop a workable budget for the purchasing department in collaboration with the Managing Director and


 Carry out a thorough analysis of the income and expenditure of the business
 Works with the Managing Director to prepare a workable budget for the business
 Resolve discrepancies that have occurred by reconciling bank statement with cash statement
 Work with the purchasing manager and offer advices and suggestions where necessary

Store Manager

 In charge of store and inventory by keeping an accurate logbook detailing stock levels
 Ensures that the store is conducive and well maintained
 Ensures that the racks and shelves are stocked properly so that products do not fall off unnecessarily
 Ensures that the store is well secured to prevent theft

Front Desk Officer

 Promptly answers phone calls of customers either for orders or inquiries

 Responsible for scheduling necessary appointments
 Ensures that guests sign in and out so as to verify their identity
 Acts as a liaison between management staffs and clients

Security Guard

 Responsible for securing the premises and properties of Koko quality garri processing venture
 Prevent any security related incident from occurring especially within official premises
 Report any suspicious activity to the relevant department
 Be alert at all times especially at entry and exit points within the premises

 Ensure that the premises is kept clean at all times

 Ensure that the restrooms are clean for staff and customers
 Replenish restroom with necessary facilities
 Report broken or spoilt facilities to management

Van Driver

 Ensure that the products are transported and delivered to its proper destination
 Keep detailed records by maintaining a log book recording distance traveled and fuel consumed
 Ensure that van is in good shape to take the journey
 Carry out regular maintenance and light repairs on the delivery van

Garri Processing Business Plan – SWOT Analysis

Even though garri might be a very popular food taken by almost anyone, starting the business and becoming
profitable is another ball game altogether, as this is a business that is both capital and labor intensive. Since we have
the required cash in starting and operating the business, we also intend to hire the best hands that will help run the
business profitably.
However, just like any business out there, we know that we have certain strengths that will ensure we become
industry leaders, and several weaknesses that we would need to work on if we intend to become successful. To this
end, we hired a reputable business consultancy firm to carry out a critical examination and help us identify these traits
(strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) so that we might avoid certain pitfalls as a young business.
Below is a preview of the critical SWOT analysis that was done on behalf of Koko Quality Garri Processing Ventures;

 Strength

Our location in Ijebu, Ogun State is one of our greatest strengths as it means we are close to mega cities like Lagos
State which is a thriving market, as well as other important states. While most garri processing businesses focus on
producing only Ijebu garri or plain white garri, we are going a step further to ensure we produce yellow garri as well,
this action alone has attracted more customers to our business and give us leverage over our competitors in the
same industry.
Also, in addition to our products, we offer training and consultancy services for small scale start-ups. Our other
strengths lie in the fact that we have employed the best hands in the industry, who not only understand the garri
business perfectly but also understand our vision and working towards it as well.

 Weakness

Our perceived weakness stems from the fact that we are operating in just one location which will seriously limit our
vision of supplying to our target markets all over Nigeria. However, we are determined not to see this as a business,
as we intend to expand as soon as we have begun making profit and are stable enough.

 Opportunities

Due to the fact that we are amongst the first garri processing businesses to offer more than white garri, this has
cemented our role in front and has led to many start-ups requiring trainings from us, which will help boost our revenue
base, especially as most of them are not close competitors. This has also led us to consider the benefits franchising
might bring to us in the near future, should we continue getting requests such as these.

 Threat

Our threats are not really that significant, as there are really no government policies or economic downturn to worry
about, but like every business, we take all threats seriously, and intend to act proactively to reduce or eliminate the
threat. The threat facing our business will be from having a strong competitor operating same products from around
the same location.

Garri Processing Business Plan – MARKET ANALYSIS

 Market Trends

Garri is one of Nigeria’s staple diets and is taken in every home. If you intend starting your own garri processing
business, then you will need a land where you will not only install your facility, but it must also be near as possible to
your source of raw materials – which for this instance is the cassava farm.
This will help decrease the costs that will be spent on transporting your necessary raw materials from a very far
location. Also, you would need to ensure that your facility is hygienic as well as conducive enough for your employees
as well as the clients that would want to visit for business purposes.
A trend in the business is having several storage facilities in strategic locations all around Ogun State and Nigeria in
general; this is so as to be close to customers, increase awareness about the brand and also increase patronage for
the business, thereby boosting revenue.

 Our Target Market

The target market for garri is very huge as almost every home and everyone takes this product. However, more
people are likely to take one color of garri than the other depending on their location. We intend to carry out a
thorough market survey that will allow us determine the quantity that would be needed to be processed for each color
of garri.
Even though almost everyone takes garri in one form or the other, we are still required to market our product so as to
become a preferable brand to our customers, either existing or potential. Our target market includes; households,
schools, restaurants, hotels, caterers, students, single males and females.

 Our Competitive Advantage

Every business that is established with the intention of making profit and intends to compete favorably with others in
the industry knows that it needs to draft competitive advantage strategies that will enable it to have an upper hand
over other businesses in the same industry. Having a competitive advantage means knowing what aspects of our
business are our strengths and would give us the needed advantage we would need.
One of our major competitive advantages is in our hiring or the best professionals in the industry who understands
the garri processing business and has keyed into our vision of becoming the best in the agro processing industry. Our
professionals will work in the best environment and have enviable welfare packages.
Also, we intend to constantly train our professionals so that their skills can be enhanced which will invariably lead to
higher productivity that will be beneficial to the company in the long run. Our excellent customer service is one of our
primary strength that will ensure we have competitive advantage over our competitors. It is a well known fact that
most Nigerian businesses do not invest in their customer service.
However, we at Koko quality garri processing ventures know that a good customer service will increase the retention
rate for our company by over 80%. Our customer service executives are the best in the field and have a vast
knowledge of garri and so will be able to inform customers, attend to requests, orders and complaints promptly and
We intend to participate in community programs and school events as a way of getting close to our customers. We
know that once customers identify with our efforts at integrating into the community through social participations, then
patronage towards our business will increase.
Lastly, we intend to effectively deploy the use of the internet by using our websites and social media platforms to give
customers tips and engage our customers in discourse that will further better our industry and even our customers as
Garri Processing Business Plan – SALES AND MARKETING STRATEGY

 Marketing Strategy and Sales Strategy

Marketing is a very important aspect of any business, for without marketing a business can fail. Marketing has a
double advantage as it not only generates revenue for the company but also ensures that awareness is created for
the company directly or indirectly. It is therefore important that marketing strategies be drafted before a business
becomes operational.
During the course of running the business, these strategies would need to be constantly monitored and reviewed,
with the less effective strategies being dropped or modified by the Managing Director in collaboration with the
marketing and sales team for the growth of the business.
At Koko Quality Garri Ventures, we intend to ensure that we adopt several marketing strategies towards ensuring that
our existing customers are aware of our drive towards success. Also, our sales strategies will be done in such a way
as to ensure we penetrate the market, therefore creating a wider reach.
To achieve this, we intend to ensure that we develop just the right strategies that will not only keep our loyal
customers glued to us but also attract new customers as well. Some of the marketing sales strategies that we intend
to use are:

 Place adverts in local newspapers as well as in local radio stations about our garri
 Visit markets and introduce Koko quality garri to garri traders (wholesalers and retailers)
 Throw a unique opening launch party that will attract interest
 Use our official website to vigorously promote our garri processing business
 Empower our marketing and sales team to positively push and better communicate our brand to customers
 Create unique and engaging handbills and distribute them in strategic locations
 Engage in one on one marketing
 Encourage our loyal customers to refer us to others
 Mae use of our social media platforms to promote our products and services

Sources of Income
Koko Quality Garri Ventures like any other business is established with the aim of making profit. However, our profit
generation will not only come from one source as we intend to exploit other different means so as to increase the
revenue base of our company. Our main focus while diversifying will still be garri processing.
Koko Quality Garri Ventures intends to generate income from the following sources;

 Sale of processed white garri (Ijebu and normal)

 Sale of processed yellow garri
 Consultancy Services
 Training and Coaching

Sales Forecast
While garri might be a staple diet taken by almost everyone, we are however aware of the fact that everyone cannot
buy from one source, this does not mean that there aren’t garri processing businesses that have a large share of the
market than others. These businesses have certain factors going for them, chief of which is location. We therefore
after having carried out various feasibility studies, have seen that our location is favorably suited to increase our
Another factor in our favor is the fact that most garri processing businesses in Ogun State and around process only
white garri (Ijebu and normal) which limits them to just certain segments of the market. However, our additional
product (yellow garri) is guaranteed to not only enlarge our revenue base but also ensure we make enough profit to
run our business without external injection of funds in the first three months.
Our sales forecast was carried out critically by a reputable business consultant that was hired for this purpose. The
sales forecast is based on information gathered from other already established business and start-ups both in the
garri processing industry in Ijebu, Ogun State.
Based on location, the sales projection for Koko Quality Garri Processing Ventures is stated below:

 First Fiscal Year-: N5,500,000

 Second Fiscal Year-: N9,000,000
 Third Fiscal Year-: N16, 000,000
N.B: The above sales projection is totally in line with what is obtainable in the industry. The projections are also
based on the fact that all factors that were considered during the analysis remain constant – such as the economy,
lack of strong substitutes, and the arrival of no major competitors. Also, it is worthy to note that at any given point in
time, the above projections might be higher or lower.
Garri Processing Business Plan – Publicity and Advertising Strategy
Due to the fact that almost everyone takes garri, there have sprung up many garri processing businesses all striving
to get a share of the market. Even though we believe that our products and services are uniquely different from that
of our competitors, we still believe that we would need an intense publicity so as to ensure increased customer
awareness and also increase our earnings therefore solidifying our spot amongst the leading brands in this industry.
We know how important it is however for us to ensure that we are well known in Ijebu, Ogun State before spreading
our wings and expanding to other states and invariably, the whole of Nigeria. Therefore, most of our publicity and
advertising strategies would first be focused on Ogun State where we not only intend to increase awareness about
our products and services to existing and potential customers but also ensure that our activities leave our business
etched in the mind of the public.
Some of the platforms we intend to use in publicizing and advertising our garri processing business include;

 Using our van in road shows to tell people in targeted areas about our products and services
 Placing adverts in local newspapers and on radio stations
 Distributing fliers and legally posting same in strategic points
 Sponsoring school and community relevant activities
 Creating a website and using the platform to increase awareness of our existence
 Using social media platforms such as Facebook to promote our products and services as well as engage our
 Use recognized holidays to organize socially relevant programs
 Ensure that all our staff wear customized tee shirts that will allow customers know of our business
 Create a unique logo and slogan that can be easily remembered by existing and even potential clients

Our Pricing Strategy

Setting the right price for a product is very important as this can either draw more customers to one’s business or
make them go to over to competition instead.
Garri is priced depending on the quantity that is bought by the customer. We intend to have different pricing options
for our bulk buyers and our normal buyers. We do not intend to charge higher than what our competitors are currently
offering neither do we intend to charge too low so as not to cause an unnecessary price war.
Our pricing will also be done in such a way that all our costs – overhead and running expenses – are adequately
covered, so that we do not run at a loss. We would however consider selling a bit lower than current market price in
our first few months of operation, so as to attract more customers to our business.

 Payment Options

At Koko Quality Garri Venture, we intend to ensure that we have a payment policy that caters to all our different
customers regardless of the category. Our payment options are in line with the financial regulations of the Ogun State
government and that of Nigeria as a whole.
The payment options that we intend to make available to our teeming customers include;

 Payment via Point of Sale (POS) Machine

 Payment via Cheques
 Payment via Cash
 Payment via Bank Transfer
 Payment via Bank Draft

Because we always have the convenience of our customers in mind, we have carefully chosen platforms with our ban
which has a great reputation that will ensure that our products and services are paid for without stress to either us or
our customers.
 Start – Up Expenditure (Budget)

Setting a budget before a business becomes operational is very vital. The budget allows an entrepreneur know what
exactly would be required for the business to become successful and where to allocate resources to.
While it might be in one’s favor to find out what the general start-up budget is for this kind of businesses, it is also
pertinent to note that our own budget might eventually be lower or higher depending on several factors such as
location, existing government policies and economic conditions.
However, since our intention is to start on with low costs when necessary, we intend to ensure that some of the
equipment we would need to use are gotten at fairly used. We do not intend to get the main processor as fairly used
as we want something that would last us for a very long time.
Some of the requirements we would need to fulfill in order to successfully start our garri processing business are;

 Fees for incorporation and other legal requirements – N100,000

 Obtaining of licenses and permits as well as accounting software – N150,000
 Insurance coverage (general liability, property insurance and workers’ compensation) – N50,000
 Facility rent for a year and renovation – N350,000
 Operational cost for at least three months (employees’ salary, bills payments) – N250,000
 Cost of purchasing and installing garri processing equipment – N3,000,000
 Cost for start-up inventory (Cassava, Palm Oil) – N800,000
 Cost of storage facilities (racks, ventilation) – N100,000
 Cost of hiring business consultant – N50,000
 Cost of fairly used distribution van – N800,000
 Other start-up expenses (furniture, phone, computer, printers, stationeries) – N200,000
 Marketing budget (for promoting launch activities and the business generally for at least a year) – N150,000
 Cost of launching a website – N30,000
 Cost of garri processing plant launch – N50,000
 Miscellaneous – N50,000

Based on the above estimate, we would require at least N3.2 million in order to successfully start and run a standard
garri processing plant in Ijebu, Ogun State. The amount accounts for all expenses for at least three months to a year,
which includes employee’s salaries and other operating expenses.
Generating Funding / Startup Capital for Koko Quality Garri Processing Business
Having the required start-up capital for any business you intend starting is very essential. Any entrepreneur who does
not have the capital necessary to start a business might see his business idea remaining just a dream and not
becoming a reality. The necessity of having finance is also necessary so that the business can run smoothly, and
generate enough money to fully run itself.
Koko Quality Garri Ventures is a business owned by the Lateef family, an entrepreneurial family with businesses in
various industries. This has always been regarded as one family business that do not intend to source for external
investors. However, due to growth and expansion plans, we intend sourcing for capital from just two sources.
The areas which we intend to source for start-up capital for our business includes;

 Sourcing for loans from family members

 Sourcing for loans from Micro-finance bank

N.B: Having been able to generate N3.2 million from family members, we were able to get approval for the sum of
N3,000,00 from a reputable micro-finance bank with a good interest rate and repayment option that will not stifle the
growth or our business.
Garri Processing Business Plan – Sustainability and Expansion Strategy
Every established business’ aim is to make enough profit that will sustain the company and also ensure that growth
and expansion takes place. However, before we can make this profit, we know that certain factors need to be in place
to ensure that we have a chance at sustainability.
The reason why most businesses exist is because of its customers, as without having any customers, one’s business
might not only remain stagnant but fail in the end, because customers inject money into the business that will keep it
Due to this fact, we intend to ensure that we treat our customers right by ensuring we promptly attend to their
requests, orders and complaints. We also intend to ensure that our loyal customers and those who refer us are given
discounts on certain quantity of garri they buy from us.
Having customers isn’t enough, but hiring the right people into the right positions is also paramount to us. Our
employees will not only be professionals with vast experience, we also intend to ensure that they have the best
welfare package necessary to improve their productivity, and also the best training to enhance their skills and make
them better than their peers in the same industry.
Aside having the required start-up capital necessary to start the business, we know that if the above factors are
correctly done, we will be successful at not only sustaining the business and also expanding the business in the long
run as well.