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Winter The Huntsman

By Osbert Sitwell

Through his iron glades

Rides Winter the Huntsman,
All colour fades
As his horn is heard sighing.

Far through the forest

His wild hooves crash and thunder,
Till many a mighty branch
Is torn asunder.

And the red reynard creeps

To his hole near the river,
The copper leaves fall
And the bare trees shiver.

As night creeps from the ground,

Hides each tree from its brother,
And each dying sound
Reveals yet another.

Is it Winter the Huntsman

Who gallops through his iron glades,
Cracking his cruel whip
To the gathering shades?

Summary: In this poem, 'Winter The Huntsman,' the poet Osbert Sitwell
describes about Winter The Huntsman who rides on his noble steed in the
middle of the forest during winter to search for his next prey. That time all
colours are fading as he runs through his iron glades. His horn is heard
sighing while he is running through the cold wind. The crash and thunder of
wild hooves heard from far away until mighty branches are divided. The red
reynard moves to its hole near the river, the copper leaves fall and the bare
trees shiver during that time. When night comes each tree hides from others,
but at the same time each dying sound reveals another.