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(/dota2/OG) N0tail


Player Information
Name: Johan Sundstein

Birth: October 8, 1993

Country: 1/8
1/12/2019 N0tail - Liquipedia Dota 2 Wiki

(/dota2/Category:Denmark) Denmark

Status: Active

Team: OG (/dota2/OG)

Alternate IDs: BDN, BigDaddyN0tail, BigDaddy

Role(s): Support (/dota2/Category:Support_players)

Signature Hero: (/dota2/Chen)  (/dota2/Visage) 


Approx. Total Earnings: $3,729,408

(https://www.dotabu .com/esports/players/19672354) (

( ( ( ( (

( ( (

m/bigdaddydota2) ( les/76561197979938082)

2012-03-30 — 2014-08-27 Fnatic.EU (/dota2/Fnatic.EU)
2014-08-27 — 2015-01-01 Team Secret (/dota2/Team_Secret)
2015-01-05 — 2015-08-14 Cloud9 (/dota2/Cloud9)
2015-08-28 — 2015-10-31 (monkey) Business (/dota2/(monkey)_Business)
2015-10-31 — Present OG (/dota2/OG)

Johan "N0tail" Sundstein is a professional Dota 2 player who is currently playing for OG (/dota2/OG).

Johan was one of the youngest competitive Heroes of Newerth players in the world, where he played the
solo mid role. After the switch to Dota 2, Johan took on the support role, becoming well known for his
performances as Chen (/dota2/Chen) and Wisp (/dota2/Wisp). It was during this transition he quickly
developed his micromanagement skills, leading to his renowned Meepo (/dota2/Meepo) play. Despite his
age, Johan was the in-game leader of the Fnatic.EU (/dota2/Fnatic.EU) Dota 2 team.[1]

Heroes of Newerth
Starting as a casual DotA and then Heroes of Newerth player Johan, at the age of 15, met Jascha “NoVa”
Markuse and Tal “Fly (/dota2/Fly)” Aizik in-game where they decided to start playing together. The group
became an unsponsored side project of Fnatic (/dota2/Fnatic) manager Danijel "StreeT" Remus. After 2/8
1/12/2019 N0tail - Liquipedia Dota 2 Wiki

changes in the existing Fnatic HoN roster and the promising performances of Johan and his friends the
group merged with Fnatic players Henrik "FreshPro" Hansen and Kalle “Trixi (/dota2/Trixi)” Saarinen. The
new Fnatic squad almost immediately began to achieve wins in online tournaments, and soon after
obtained their rst LAN victory in DreamHack Winter 2011. Along with his team Johan was able to secure
1st place victories in four consecutive DreamHack events.[2]

Dota 2
As a result of the decreasing activity in the competitive HoN scene Johan transitioned from Heroes of
Newerth to Dota 2 with his team-mates Jascha “NoVa (/dota2/index.php?
title=NoVa&action=edit&redlink=1)” Markuse, Tal “Fly (/dota2/Fly)” Aizik and Adrian "Era (/dota2/Era)"
Kryeziu on March 30th 2012, remaining under Fnatic.EU (/dota2/Fnatic.EU) banner. Persevering through a
di cult start in the competitive Dota 2 scene Fnatic eventually won the Thor Open 2012
(/dota2/Thor_Open_2012) LAN event, and have since consistently placed top positions in many major
online and LAN tournaments. In April of 2013 Johan and his team were invited to compete at Valve's The
International 2013 (/dota2/The_International_2013) in Seattle. On the months leading up the event Fnatic
participated in a Bootcamp in Belgrade Serbia, and ultimately achieved a top 8 nish in the tournament.
On the 27th August 2014 BigDaddy bid farewell to Fnatic and had this to say:

“Today I'm leaving Fnatic, this has been my rst and only organization to play under, but all good things must
come to an end. I would like to thank everyone who has supported me through the years, as long as you're
watching I will be playing :)”[3]

Johan is very keen on dogs and other animals.[4]
Was previously known as N0tail before he changed his name to BigDaddy on June 21st, 2014.
However, after creating OG (/dota2/OG) in 2015 he dropped the BigDaddy name and returned to
using N0tail as his nickname.
Along with Fly (/dota2/Fly), he is the rst player to win 4 Valve sponsored events.
He is the rst player to win 4 Valve sponsored events and The International.
He is the rst Danish player to win the International.

Date Placement LP (Liquipedia) Tier Tournament

2018- Premier The International 2018

08-25 (/dota2/Premier_Tournaments) (/dota2/The_International/2018)

About achievements (/dota2/Template:Weight/doc) Complete Results in any Tournam 3/8
1/12/2019 N0tail - Liquipedia Dota 2 Wiki

Date Placement LP (Liquipedia) Tier Tournament

2017- Major MDL Macau

12-10 (/dota2/Major_Tournaments) (/dota2/Mars_Dota_2_League/Macau/2017)

2017- Premier The International 2017

7 - 8th
08-10 (/dota2/Premier_Tournaments) (/dota2/The_International/2017)

2017- Premier The Kiev Major 2017

04-30 (/dota2/Premier_Tournaments) (/dota2/Kiev_Major/2017)

2017- Premier Dota 2 Asia Championships 2017

04-04 (/dota2/Premier_Tournaments) (/dota2/Dota_2_Asia_Championships/2017)

2016- Premier The Boston Major 2016

12-10 (/dota2/Premier_Tournaments) (/dota2/Boston_Major/2016)

2016- Premier ESL One Frankfurt 2016

06-19 (/dota2/Premier_Tournaments) (/dota2/ESL_One/Frankfurt/2016)

2016- Premier The Manila Major 2016

06-12 (/dota2/Premier_Tournaments) (/dota2/Manila_Major/2016)

2015- Premier The Frankfurt Major 2015

11-21 (/dota2/Premier_Tournaments) (/dota2/Frankfurt_Major/2015)

2014- Premier XMG Captains Draft 2.0

12-21 (/dota2/Premier_Tournaments) (/dota2/Captains_Draft/2) (/do

About achievements (/dota2/Template:Weight/doc) Complete Results in any Tournam

Gallery 4/8
1/12/2019 N0tail - Liquipedia Dota 2 Wiki




2018-08-22 | N0tail Interview at TI8: “The deny mechanic takes some of the fun away from the game” (ht
tps:// by Gopya of at The
International 2018 (/dota2/The_International/2018)
2018-08-03 | OG.n0tail: “I feel the hardships of this year will help me, and hopefully help others to play
their best and not fall for the infamous TI pressure that leads to under-performing” (https://www.esport
performing/) by KarY of
2018-05-15 | N0tail Interview: “It matters to me that we lost so much but, it’s not the end of the world” (h
t-the-end-of-the-world/) by Div of at EPICENTER XL (/dota2/EPICENTER/2018)

2017 5/8
1/12/2019 N0tail - Liquipedia Dota 2 Wiki

2017-06-06 | EPICENTER Interview: Notail (OG) (

v=0UcAoqg4Ej0) by Oleg Kulikov of Epicenter gg at EPICENTER 2017
(/dota2/EPICENTER/Season_2) (trans. (/dota2/Category:Russia) by Epicenter gg)

2016-08-08 | TI6 OG Team Interview ( by Kaci
Aitchison (/dota2/Kaci_Aitchison) of Valve at The International 2016 (/dota2/The_International/2016)

2015-05-16 | BigDaddyn0tail Interview by Hotbid (The Summit 3 by Gigabyte) (
m/watch?v=oLA20WdEMyo) by Hot_Bid (/dota2/Hot_Bid) of Beyond The Summit
(/dota2/Beyond_The_Summit) at The Summit 3 (/dota2/The_Summit/3)
2015-05-16 | Cloud9's BigDaddy at The Summit 3 (Day 4) - theScore eSports (
m/watch?v=nFsqMt1HOmM) by Matt Demers of theScore eSports at The Summit 3
2015-04-26 | Talks with n0tail after third place in Starladder XII (
DeqmFbNXs) by He amoke of at Star Ladder Star Series XII
2015-01-29 | DAC 2015. Interview with C9.BigDaddy (
w) by Ineska of StarLadder (/dota2/StarLadder) at Dota 2 Asia Championships 2015
(/dota2/Dota_2_Asia_Championships/2015) (trans. (/dota2/Category:Russia) by StarLadder)

2014-07-13 | TI4 Interview: BigDaddy and Hot_Bid (
w) by Hot_Bid (/dota2/Hot_Bid) of Valve at The International 2014 (/dota2/The_International/2014)
2014-06-28 | Puppey Interviews N0tail. It was a horrible interview. Deal With It. (http://www.ongamers.
com/videos/puppey-interviews-n0tail-it-was-a-horrible-intervi/2300-725/) by Puppey
(/dota2/Puppey) and CyborgMatt (/dota2/CyborgMatt) of at ESL One Frankfurt
2014-03-05 | Interview with Fnatic N0tail ( by 2GD
(/dota2/2GD) and Bruno (/dota2/Bruno) of DreamLeague (/dota2/DreamLeague) at ASUS ROG
DreamLeague Season 1 (/dota2/DreamLeague/Season_1)

2013-11-29 | 20-20: N0tail (
n0tail) by
2013-11-29 | n0tail Interview - DreamHack Winter 2013 (
n1c_A) by TobiWan (/dota2/TobiWan) of joinDOTA (/dota2/JoinDOTA) at ASUS ROG DreamLeague
Kick-O Season (/dota2/DreamLeague/Kick-O _Season)
2013-11-22 | Fnatic.n0tail @ MLG Columbus (
v=rFu5D7aziqo) by Hot_Bid (/dota2/Hot_Bid) of at MLG Championship Columbus
2013-08-13 | Epi Chats with Fnatic.N0tail about the Dota 2 Meta, Tower Aggro, Fnatics roster stability
and balls ( by Epi of epiCommentary 6/8
1/12/2019 N0tail - Liquipedia Dota 2 Wiki

2013-08-08 | The International 3: Interview with Fnatic N0Tail (

p2P8lNCE) by Kenny of Flipside Tactics (/dota2/Flipside_Tactics) at The International 2013
2013-08-07 | Meet The 1337 Episode 1 - Fnatic.N0tail (
0) by Buttx and Chief of AFK Gaming
2013-05-15 | Interview with n0tail from Fnatic at DreamHack Summer 2013 (
qaY) by at DreamHack Summer 2013 (/dota2/DreamHack_2013/Summer)
2013-04-12 | Ask the Pros, April 12th ( by Blaze
(/dota2/Blaze) of The Premier League (/dota2/The_Premier_League) at The Premier League Season
4 (/dota2/The_Premier_League/Season_4)
2013-03-17 | Ask the Pros: "n0tail" ( by Blaze
(/dota2/Blaze) of The Premier League (/dota2/The_Premier_League) at The Premier League Season
4 (/dota2/The_Premier_League/Season_4)
2013-02-18 | "Ask the pros" n0tail ( by Blaze
(/dota2/Blaze) of The Premier League (/dota2/The_Premier_League) at The Premier League Season
4 (/dota2/The_Premier_League/Season_4)
2013-02-14 | "Ask the pros" n0tail ( by Blaze
(/dota2/Blaze) and Rainmaker of The Premier League (/dota2/The_Premier_League) at The Premier
League Season 4 (/dota2/The_Premier_League/Season_4)

1. Fnatic Dota 2 team bio (
2. Meet The 1337 Episode - Fnatic.N0tail (
3. [1] ( y)
4. Fnatic.n0tail HotBid interview (

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JerAx (/dota2/JerAx) · N0tail
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