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JANUARY 2019 | ISSUGMNID.O1 RECAP THEIR MEMORABLE MOMENTS OF 2018 JULIANNA re RENEE —T TURNS 3 AND SHOWS: OFF HER FAVORITE PICS RUSSELL + JENN TALK ABOUT PARENTING > AND STAYING HAPPY NSS OUR ANNUAL FAMILY MAGAZINE PAGE 2| PAMILYA WHY DID WE DECIDE TO DO THIS? Since Julianna Renee was born, we wanted to start doing an annual family photo. After 3 years, we finally did! We had planned to use that picture for a holiday card, BUUuuuT life got busy. Before we knew it, the holidays had passed and we didn’t get a chance to create that holiday card. Fast forward to 2019; we still wanted to find a way to update our family and friends on what we've been up to over the past year. We were reminiscing on photos when we realized that we had made so many memories in 2018. We couldn't just pick one or two photos to share, So we decided to create a digital magazine. Creating a digital magazine is not only more feasible, it is a better way to share with everyone our past year's, memories and how much Julianna has grown. Girl's Day | Mer 2018 PAGE 3 | PAMILYA Change and growth. These two words pretty much sum up 2018 for us. From new job opportunities, rare family gatherings, Julianna becoming more independent, and us evolving as parents. 2018 started off with a big celebration for Mom Almario’s 60th birthday. We danced, we sang, and celebrated our Mom in a night she will never forget. The party continued into the summer for the Aguinaldo-Garcia family reunion in Las Vegas. We were able to reunite with long distance family and meet relatives for the first time. "A JOURNEY OF A THOUSAND MILES BEGINS WITHA SINGLE STEP." Jennifer received 2 job opportunity closer to home, which made for better work life balance and more time with family. Russell started his second business venture, which peaked both of our interests, bringing us closer together. While Russell managed the business side, Jennifer became part of Tropical Media Group as their primary editor of photography. Julianna is now a big girl. She has exceeded her independence far beyond what we can handle sometimes. She has learned how to Count to 10, potty trained herself, and is an aspiring beauty guru. LOL. making family memories S107 280 | pueousia ‘uoneiaaI@) Aepye pus seUUE ay ‘Aguinaldo-Garcia Family Reunion | uly 2018, Page 4 | Pamilya Ch GWi VE JULIANNA + JENN + RUSSELL FAVORITES OF 2018 Somisomi A list of eateries we love and recommend for 2019 BREAKFAST/BRUNCH Navio | Half Moon Bay, CA Tableau | Las Vegas, NV Guppy House LUNCH Forthright Oyster Bar & Kitchen | Saratoga, CA Sushi Confidential | Campbell. CA DINNER Holl's Kitchen | Las Vogas. NV Thanh Long | San Francisco, CA Flemming's | Santa Clara, CA DESSERT UBAE | Honolulu, HI Fresh Meet | Cupertino, CA Notable Mention ‘Guppies | Anaheim. CA Zippy’s | Honolulu, Hi - lol, they never fail us! Somisomi | Irvine. CA PAGE 8 | PAMILYA Retail Therapy Juliann Fee MR a . , first bag this year. The Palm Springs Mini erie al enc ae ctr this limited, ay Cg M aan Teer ns Cute to pass up! Don't you agree LOUIS VUITTON oleae eae photos of 2018 8 compilatonof photos taken trroughou'the year +< American Girl “J photos of 2018 tere at a PHOTOS TAKEN ON OUR IPHONE “Taking photographs is Like tiptceing into the kitchen late at night ard Waikiki Beach stealing cookies." ~ Diane Arbus Transamerica Pyramid PAGE 13 | PAMILYA POMC ee RCE nursing started when she was a volunteer for hospice. She had no idea what hospice wa Re ea CCR ea nge her career goal to nursing. Jennifer SOC a Te Baris rewarding, fulfilling yea en ae) Cea eee RC eC CRO Ca ELC uns ea rr B COMERS meen Bn eae a De Cee eC POC RC a Une Ree SCO CURLY eA Cee CRC Dg Tropical Media Group, LLC S "Multimedia" Company = Honolulu, Hawaii USA Est. 2018 media artistry Social media - the common theme found in the 5 main jobs that have been keeping Russell busy in 2018. While continuing to build his career ‘repieal media group intoch and markoting at Facebook, he ie focused on growing Akamind and Tropical Media Group to the next level. The challenge of juggling these 5 jobs with the pursuit of success keops him motivated daily, facebook PAGES |PAMILYA cokaming GOODBYE 2018 (Wek Aoki i, SP ar eenrard Perereett or ting this will Porat) coorea rennet Cee) OUR ANNUAL FAMILY MAGAZINE