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Taking Your Examination BCSP Certifications About BCSP

BCSP recommends you complete the tutorial Certified Safety Professional ® BCSP is recognized as the leader in high-quality

to help familiarize yourself with the computer- • has been in operation for more credentialing for safety, health, and environmental
delivered examination process. When you are than 40 years with 25,000 plus practitioners. BCSP establishes standards for and
CSPs certified

ready to begin the actual examination, you will verifies competency in professional safety practice
• is the premier certification in
sign on. You also must agree to comply with and evaluates certificants for compliance with
the safety profession
recertification requirements. BCSP also operates
BCSP’s examination security and non-disclosure • covers a wide range of safety,
rules. Once you complete these steps, your health and environmental practice technician, technologist, and supervisory SH&E
examination time will begin. disciplines certifications that provide additional career paths for
safety practitioners.
ASP 5 hours Occupational Health and Safety
Since 1969, over 40,000 individuals have achieved
CSP 5 ½ hours Technologist®
• provides practitioners with partial the CSP, OHST, CHST, STS or CET credential. BCSP
OHST 4 hours
responsibility in SH&E with a high is a non-profit corporation chartered in Illinois, with
CHST 4 hours quality certification headquarters in Champaign.
STS 2 hours
CET 4 hours Construction Health and Safety
Technician® Career Information
You will schedule your own breaks. You must take • offers a certification for individuals
these breaks outside the secure testing room, who work in a construction craft or For details on careers in safety, health and
but inside the building (or part of the building) are construction safety specialists environmental, download from the BCSP website:
controlled by Pearson VUE. When you leave your • Career Guide to the Safety Profession (booklet)
Safety Trained Supervisor®
workstation for any reason, you must sign out and • provides a quality certification • Career Paths in Safety (brochure)
sign back in. Your examination clock continues for work group leaders who are
to run during self-scheduled breaks. You are not responsible for the safety and For a comprehensive list of U.S. academic programs,
health of their workers and who search the BCSP Academic Database.
allowed to leave the building or the part of the
are not safety and health specialists
building controlled by Pearson VUE for any reason • is a leading indicator of safety If you have questions, please email us:
while your examination clock is running. performance
BCSP examinations are closed book, except • has led to reductions in injuries
and workers’ compensation claims
for your authorized calculator(s) (for those and has created productivity gains
examinations that allow calculators) and the in participating companies
materials provided by testing center staff. Once
your examination clock starts, access to any Certified Environmental, Safety
materials beyond those given to you by testing and Health Trainer®
• a certification held by those
center staff is prohibited. BCSP invalidates with experience and expertise
examinations and pursues disciplinary charges in developing, designing, and
if you access prohibited materials, have contact delivering safety, health and
with anyone except testing center staff, leave environmental training
the building while your examination clock is When choosing a certification it is important to verify
running, or engage in unethical, disruptive, or whether it holds accreditation through independent,
unprofessional conduct at a testing center. third-party evaluations. The organizations below list the
certification bodies holding their accreditation:
• American National Standards Institute (ANSI),
If you have questions related to your appointment Advancing the Safety, Health and
or examination locations, please visit www. [ISO/IEC 17024, General Requirements for Bodies Environmental Professional Since 1969
Operating Certification Systems of Persons] 2301 W. Bradley Avenue, Champaign, IL 61821 USA
pearson For other questions or P: +1 217-359-9263 | F: +1 217-359-0055
concerns, please contact BCSP by phone at • National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA),
+1 217-359-9263 or by email at
• Council of Engineering and Scientific Specialty Boards
The Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP) examination, you may schedule and change need to use external assistive devices, you will not and signature, you will be refused admission, and
has contracted with Pearson VUE to deliver all your examination appointment over the be permitted to use those devices in the secure you will forfeit your examination authorization fee.
of our certification examinations by computer at Internet. Visit testing room. If you fail to keep your scheduled examination
their testing centers throughout the world. appointment, if you arrive more than 15 minutes
You need your Candidate ID from your Rules for Your Appointment
beyond the starting time of your scheduled
Examination Authorization Letter Examination Authorization Letter to schedule To change an existing examination appointment, appointment, or if you fail to present acceptable
Review the Examination Authorization Letter or change your examination appointment you must follow strict rules. If you fail to follow identification when you arrive for your scheduled
you receive from BCSP after paying for an online. these rules, you forfeit your Exam Authorization, appointment, you will be refused admission, and
examination. You must make an appointment and • Phone: You may also contact the appropriate and you will have to register and pay for a new you will forfeit your Examination Authorization
sit for your examination before the Authorization call center for the region in which you plan Examination Authorization, if eligible. fee. To sit for the examination after having
Expiration date. The Examination Authorization to test (not the region where you live, if it is • You may change your appointment only if been refused admission, you must pay a new
Letter is a receipt of your Examination different). there are one (1) or more full business days Examination Authorization fee, if eligible.
Authorization. before your existing appointment date.
United States/U.S. Territories, Canada As you sign in, the testing center staff provides
+1 866-717-3653; 8:00AM-8:00PM EST, M-F you with materials for working out calculations by
CSP , ASP , OHST , CHST , STS Time Limit
® ® ® ® • You cannot reschedule your appointment
TDD: +1 866-717-3653; 9:00AM-6:00PM EST, M-F hand.
to a date on or beyond your Authorization
From the day you register and pay for your
Contact information for international Pearson VUE Expiration date or your Authorization Extension Other than the materials provided by the testing
Examination Authorization, you have 120
locations can be found at Expiration date (not available for the CET center staff for working out calculations and
days to make an appointment and sit for your
BCSP. exam). your authorized calculators, you cannot take any
examination. If you find you cannot schedule an
appointment before the Authorization Expiration Do not call a local testing center to schedule • If you need an exam extension, you must notes, books, papers, purses, hats, coats, jackets,
date, you may purchase a one-time, 60-day your appointment. Local testing centers are not purchase it from BCSP at least two business pagers, mobile telephones, or other materials or
extension. To take advantage of this option, you authorized to schedule, reschedule, cancel, or days before your authorization expires. Before electronic devices into the secure testing room.
must register and pay the nonrefundable 60- confirm BCSP examination appointments. Save doing so, you must cancel any currently You may access stored medicine, food, drinks, or
day extension fee at least two (2) full business all examination appointment confirmation emails scheduled appointments with Pearson VUE. tobacco products during self-scheduled breaks
days before your Authorization Expiration date. until after you complete your examination. you take outside the secure testing room. You
Plan to arrive early for your appointment. If may not access other personal belongings until
You will receive an Examination Authorization If you fail to schedule an appointment and sit for you are 15 or more minutes late for your
Extension Letter with a new Extension Expiration you complete your examination.
your examination, you forfeit your Examination appointment, you will forfeit your Examination
date. Additional examination extensions are not Authorization. You will have to register and pay for Authorization. CSP®, ASP®, OHST®, CHST®, STS
available. another Examination Authorization, if eligible.
You must bring a valid, unexpired government- Calculator Rules
CET® Time Limit issued identification document bearing both
Special Accommodations and Assistive *Calculators not permitted for CET Examination
your picture and signature. Your name on this
Your Examination Authorization is valid for one Devices identification document must exactly match the Pearson VUE will verify that your calculator(s)
sitting during the remaining length of your name used when you applied for certification with
If you require special examination facilities comply with BCSP’s calculator policy.
eligibility. You must make an appointment and sit BCSP.
or arrangements because of one or more You may bring two calculators into the secure
for your examination during that length of time.
documented disabilities (consistent with the If you are not a citizen of the country in which testing room as long as they both are among the
Extensions to the CET Examination Authorizations
Americans with Disabilities Act), you must inform you are testing, the only acceptable identification brands and non-programmable models listed
are not available (see for
BCSP of these needs at the time you purchase document is your valid, unexpired passport. below:
more information).
an Examination Authorization. If, at that time Examples of acceptable identification for testing
you fail to inform BCSP of your need for special • Casio models FX-100, 200 or 300 series
Appointment Scheduling within the country of your citizenship include your
accommodations, you will not receive them when • Hewlett Packard models HP 10, 12, or 17 series
valid, unexpired passport or your valid, unexpired,
You are responsible for scheduling and keeping you arrive for your examination appointment. • Texas Instruments models TI-30 series
non-temporary North American state or provincial
your examination appointment with Pearson
If you routinely use (or expect to use) external driver’s license/identification card, military Different versions of the models listed are
VUE. BCSP recommends you schedule your
assistive devices or equipment such as crutches, identification card, national identification card, permitted.
appointment eight (8) or more weeks in advance
a wheelchair, a cane, an optical prosthetic, or European Identity card, or permanent resident
of your preferred appointment date. There are two
a hearing aid, you must inform BCSP of your card.
options for scheduling your examination:
need to use these devices in the secure testing If the identification document you present is
• Internet: Regardless of your location and room at the time you purchase an Examination expired, invalid, or does not have both your picture
the country in which you plan to sit for the Authorization. If you fail to inform BCSP of your