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JA/ os SY LSS SV / S/o SY fo y / C4 é y" eco Vator JS / e = s y J Lo “Get Epic, Take Strain” MFG. ALL TYPES OF ELEVATORS ENT aus EpicElevators is one of the leading and accomplished companies in the production and manufacturing of elevators in the market today. But what sets the company apart from others is the quality and high precision products and the prompt after service to customers without any delay. Established in 2012, Epicis being managed and supervised by Mr. Hiren H Bathani who isin this industry forthe past many years. The duo has come up with the latest technical procedures and practices, The company has an EUG e CCT CRC USe Ons It gives the customers best ofall services along with cost effective, economical and affordable price range. Epic employees and experts are always engaged in continual innovation and quality improvement all processes and products. The Company boasts of theit 24 X 7 service available with Seer er eRe ee eae ean ee On eR MT CORR CRU Ey eee Rt eer Embrac ity and take on changes pos Cree MEUM Mme Ne rite city Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator | j PAGE 02 For Bungalows TECHNICAL DATA: Speed 0.151 seconds No.of Stops —Uste3 Doors n bei ine rotated trough 90° 80 Power Sup 17A, 20 ols, Single Phase MoiorPower 3 1 see a) Ener janie BR am Elevator Epic Capsule Elevators act as Architectural highlights on prestigious buildings. They can be called the omaments of a building as they enhance its beauty and bring life into it ts design, features and infinite options add its optimum travel comfort. It has aesthetically attractive interiors with large glass viewing panel. Capsule lifts ‘demand specialized knowledge and had the experience of EPIC atts best. EPIC capsule lifts are inspired with creative flair to suit your particularidea Option B Z ‘Mine Room Dea or eine Ream Wat Parameters for ‘pion Poon Ke A 8 J G CG D FH &E sa 6801001300400 6802200 125 1390 1100 400 1284120040650 TOD 2400125 1430 1100900 1 10881300 15001700750 «2500 1580 1530 1200 1000 pion 8 Peron Kis A 8 ae) o eae 0 gato 2502200 450 THB 5800 ‘3 gt 400 400802400 1550 1650 650900 we tose 1580= 1500507800 1780 1650 790 1000 7 | PAGE 03