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(QUAID-I-AZAM UNIVERSITY ADMISSION DATA SUMMARY SHEET Form No. PAT ‘AUK ‘AZAD JAMMU & KASHMIR Nationality Domicile HLCH | BALOCHISTAN, FATA | FED. ADMINS. TRIBAL AREA. re ciyy Town/Tehsil KPK KIYBER PAKIITUNKIIWA, PHOTO PNJE | PUNJAB District. State/Province. SNDH i) | SINDH (RURAT) 'SNDI(U) | SINDH (URBAN) NOTE: ALLTHE COLUMNS GIVEN BELOW ARE TO BE FILLED, INCOMPLETE FORM WILL NOT BE ENTERTAINED APPLICANT'S NAME (IN BLOCK LETTER) EATHER'S NAME (IN BLOCK LETTER) ‘COMPUTERIZED NATIONAL IDENTITY CARD # Please DATE OF BIRTH SEX BLOOD GROUP | Mention Passport No. in case of Foreign National POSTAL ADDRESS Tel No: email ACADEMIC RECORD. Matric, SSC, ‘O° Level ete. with Equivalence Certificate ICSIF.A/I.Com. °A’ Level etc, with Equivalence Certifieate ‘Total Marks Marks Obtained Total Marks Marks Obtained NOTE: The candidate must mention the box below certify his intermediate TYPE AND PERCENTAGE: ‘Se - Pre - Medical FSe - Pre - Engineering Ics Others % % % % Encirele one of the following, if desired to apply on Reserved Seats 1. | Minority Disabled Person Children of Army Personnel 4. | Sports 8. | Any Other 6. DISCIPLINESISUBJECTS CODE LIST ‘CODE —| DISCIPLINE CODE | DISCIPLINE ‘CODE | DISCIPLINE BSECO BSBBA | Business Administration BHLLE | LL ‘BDPHM BSCHM | Chemistey BSCOM | Computer Science BSGEO | Geophysies BSELE_| Electronics BSSTS | Statistics 'BSMAT_| Mathematics Physies BS IT | Information Technology BS POL. | Political Science International Relations DISCIPLINE PRIORITIES + Applicants are advised to fil’opt the priorities carefully because once filled, the subject priorities shall not be changed in any ease. An applicant can ‘opt fora maximum of tree priorities of subjects ether on regular OR oa sef-finance andéor both basis inthe same subjects (3 +3 S~ 6) + Use separate box foreach Discipline. Wiite either Re ar (R) of Self Finance (8) against each Priority ofthe Discipline you want to apply Priority | __ Subject Code Regular/Seif Finance | Priority | Subject Code Regular/Self Finance r ma 7 a * = + Have you ever been a student of Quaid--Azam Universiy? yes give deals Programme Year... Specify the reasons for leaving (seizedicanceediothers) ‘Are you presenly enrolled in a college/universiy/insttution? If yes, then mention Programme: Discipline ignature of the Candidate DECLARATION BY THE CANDIDATE: Thereby solemnly affirm and declare (@) THAT the information given in this Admission Form is correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and if anything is found incorrect, Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU), shall have the right to cancel my admission and expel me from the University. (b) THATI promise to 2) abide by the Statutes, Rules and Regulations framed by the QAU and any other instructions issued from time to time; i). maintain good behavior during studies and while beingon Campus; (Git) work diligently and maintain dignity and prestige of QAU both on and off the Campus. (©) THAT undertake to be a full-time regular student of the QAU and shall not join any other programme of study or accept any employment for the duration of the programmes registered, (in-service candidates are required to produce NOC/Study Leave duly sanctioned by the employers/authority). (@) THAT further undertake that I shall nt claim hostel accommodation asa matter ofright ifadmitted to the QAU. (6) THAT promise to pay all the QAU dues regularly as and when required by the QAU (9) THAT hereby declare asa binding on me that as long as Tam a student I shall abide by al the Statutes, Rules and Regulations, in force atthe time of joining the QAU and framed subsequently I shall submit myself tothe discipline of the QAU authorities as ised through its various Committees and Officers, (g) THATI shall not clainvapply for any financial support/fee waivers/exemptions once Iam admitted to the QAU on SelfFinance basis. Signature of the Cani DECLARATION BY FATHER/GUARDIAN (applicable for undergraduate and graduate candidates) Tam responsible for the behaviour and conduct of my son/daughter/ward, during his/her stay at the QAU and shall fully cooperate with the QAU authorities in this regard as/when/how required by the QAU, Tam enclosing a signed copy of my CNIC as proof of my undertaking, Signature of Parent/Guardian