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Business Presentation

Planning a Presentation
Nervous? Pls keep three
points in mind :
Being nervous is
actually a good thing
Everybody gets it means you care
nervous when about the topic, your Practice make perfect
speaking in front of audience,
and your career

Using the three-step writing

7 Public Speaking Tips From Gina Barnett
1. It’s not about you. As a public speaker, you’re in a service position
2. Connect with your audience
3. Pls keep in mind “ I LOVE BEING IN STAGE”, “ THIS IS FUN”
4. Relax your body
5. Breathe correctly
6. If your voice is soft or high, try this exercise
7. If u think that you’re introvert. Pls feel like a musician training to be a maestro. An introvert
Organizing A Presentation

Defining Your Main idea

a successful presentation starts with a

clear picture of the main idea you want to share with your
audience.Examp : “Executive Committee on our product
development schedule” (see Pict)
Organizing A Presentation

Limiting Your Scope

1. For most presentations, you must work within strict time

2. The longer you speak, the more difficult it is to hold the
audience’s attention and the more difficult it is for your
listeners to retain your key points
Organizing A Presentation

Choosing Your approach

Use the direct approach if :

1. the subject involves routine information or good news;
2. the purpose is to inform
3. the audience is receptive
use the indirect approach if :
1. the subject involves negative news or persuasion
2. The purpose is to analyze, persuade, or collaborate
3. you expect the audience is resistance
We opted for an indirect approach to lay
out the reasons for the delay before
sharing the news.
How to Deliver Information?
Building Reader Interest With Storytelling Techniques
Stories help readers
and listeners
imagine themselves
living through the
experience of the
Storytelling helps readers personalize person in the story
the message and understand
causes and consequences.

A key reason storytelling can be so
effective is that stories help readers and
imagine themselves living through the
experience of the person in the story