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1. For the  anatomical  location and description of  tumors  and cysts,  the

surface of the breast is divided into how many quadrants? 
(A). 2
(B). 3
(C). 4
(D). 5
(E). 6

2. A 68-year-old man complained of a swelling in the skin on the back of the

chest. He had noticed it for the last 3 years and was concerned because it
was rapidly enlarging. On examination, a hard lump was found in the skin
in the right scapula line opposite the seventh thoracic vertebra. A biopsy
revealed that the lump was malignant. Because of the rapid increase in the
size of the tumor, the following lymph nodes were examined for metastases:
(A). Superficial inguinal nodes
(B). Anterior axillary nodes
(C). Posterior axillary nodes
(D). External iliac nodes
(E). Deep cervical nodes