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Exercise : Preposition of Direction

1. We went _________ London last week.

2. He sent a message ________ his mother.
3. He lives in Canada but he’s ___________New York.
4. We cycled _________ Paris to Brussels in five days.
5. The hikers walked ___________ the hill.
6. The ball rolled ________ the hill.
7. He put the money _______ his pocket.
8. The man fell __________ the river.
9. During the journey, get your mind __________ learning mode.
10. Make sure your books are __________ your backpack.
11. Put _________your gloves and shoes.
12. Push your way ___________ the crowded subway platform.
13. She took her purse ________ of her bag.
14. She got _________ of the car and walked to the house.
15. The thief climbed ____________ the fence.
16. The cat jumped ___________ the wall.
17. The plane flew _______London.
18. The cat crawled__________ the fence.
19. The secret tunnel ran ___________ the Berlin Wall.
20. The walked____________ the other side of the church.
21. They drove __________ the tunnel.
22. Water runs ___________pipes to your house.
23. It’s time ___________ go to class.
24. The caterpillar changed _______a butterfly.
25. We quickly moved the conversation__________ a new subject.
26. He ran away when he felt that someone was coming ________ him.

to over in through
through In /into out round / around
down onto over
to under from
from on toward

over In/into up
under into onto
into out to