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The Cause of Eye Disease: Glasses & Tension & Non-movement + Non-lubrication & Light sensitivity \.Wearing glasses Do activities troughout he day without glasses. Order yourself a pair of glasses with weaker prescritions so you go backwards into vision what are the activities where you realy need them? eriving, computer, ete? what are activites where you dont really need them? going to gym, meéctaton, running, vacuuming It you got iow astigmatism below 1, than gel some glasses without angle and axis ll. Tension 11) Palming exercise - one exceptional exercise to combat eye tension and relax eyes. Palrsing can be practiced anywhere, but we recommend doing itn a dark room. The first essental sto find a positon comfortable enough to remain infor twenty minutes or more, Every par of the body should be relaxed and supported, You wll be covering your eyes wth the palms of your hands: i important that you neither lean forward info the hands, which puts too much pressure on the delicate issues around the eyes, nor hold your arms up, as this will [quickly te the arms and shoulders. Tiling the head too far backward will cutoff culation tothe head, 1) Rub your hands together vigorously to make them warm and then pul them on our eyes. 2) Shut out as much ight as possible without putting pressure onthe eyes. 3) Breathe deeply, relax, and imagine otal darkness. How long to palm? -Try fo make your sessions last atleast 8 minutos. That's how long it takes the eyes o olax. Doi atleast 20 miniday the benefits multiply exponentially, so that ten minutes of rest forthe eyes 's much more than fen tes as good as one minute Benefits of palming exercise |-Palming relieves the optc neve, which is used to fring non-stop but also relaxes the rest ofthe nervous system. -Palming relieves the rid of the eye muscles which plays a large part in restcting vision and contributes to disease [Sleep in total darkness - use a sleep mask -there was a study about miopia and the night room lighting. Sleep in total darkness = 10% miopia, night ight on=34% miopia , ight o Eyes are active during diferent stages of sleep and total darkness can realy help with eye lension Keep washing your eyes often |- use water to clean your eyes and imagine waler ogo deep ino the eye and clear eye fluid and Jax tha nerves Breathing deeper An advanced yoay can breath 10 sec in and exhale 20 sec out, This is Ike a max hat an advanced yogy doos, [the adced axigen and other atoms in your breath can be ene any pat of the body , anywhere that needs healing, Ke in and imagine the alomsfenergylar going tothe part of the body and nurturising it the best breath fo tum your vison om fs exnale. Because when you ae breathing in you use muscles but when you exhale you relax and you are releasing waste cut of body (doxlgonatod aire toxic atoms) -when you take a big exhale a few times ina row i can relax you and you can see improvements in eye vision and that is what we want to slowly bul Ts nice todo teary inthe moming wit fresh air and late at evening fo calm down and sleep better or any time troughtout the day -A few deep breaths can improve eyesight but extended deep breaths can make i ast longer. Deep breathing is haw to achieve constant good vision. 28s closed, as you are breathing II. Non-movement + Non-lubrication Install a basic eye chart in your home -A chart was put in a classroom and kids were looking o eae how far they can ead. The % of nearsightedness was dramatically reduced! | Hands down, tension isthe rumber one cause and complication of vision loss. -Tension in our eyes strains the optic nerve, increases eye pressure, degradation of our comeas and maculae, and brings on headaches and migraines -Do not totally quit glasses, just go lower in lenses. Because you dont want your bain to get inlo confor zane and get adapted to having blu! What you wants a clear vision and Just tle tof blur compared to normal sion so that when you do some eye relaxation exereises then you clear out that Blur [Stop staring Everything is moving athe time, The same exact thing happens to our eyes, even at night while we are sleeping. Eyes crave movement and really distke not movement (or staring). We have 6 muscles around the eye and by not moving them , they begin to weaken or even attroy or simply just lose thet Hurction. Also our eyes are filed with quid that need fo be replerished every few minctos. The best way to prevent staring is ough movement, The long ewing, walking running outside, ete ‘Also when you catch yourself staring you should also lubricate them by yawning and Blinkning for 4 min, ‘The second best way fo stop slarng is lo observe yourself when you slare. So rext time you stare, invite you to close your eyes lo break the stare and lwhen you open eyes. you wl rain yourself to move them more and stop staring. Its very beneficial to also frequently change your slare ftom close to far. U ean also use a tmerta remind yourselt. [Vision stretching +) go outside without lasses or contact lenses and fet your gaze relax far nto the distance {for about 6-7 min). Let yourself see how far you can look without tying fo focus seeing leary on just 1 object. Every day notice how fa u can see. Dont ir to see anything, |dont squint your eyes, dont squeeze your eyes, dont expect any of the carly because wien you releave tension on what eyes should do than thy relax. 2) Variation ofthis i o place hand infront and Took at your thumb (80 we change gaze towards something close). And then do vison streicning for 1 exact leistant object (eg peak of a mountain) and repeat 3 times. When looking a close distance the eye is squeazed by the muscles & when looking ata cstance the muscles relax to make the aye rounder seeing further. tis so importand to balance near vision with far vision, to balance the mes when wa slay en phone tablets, computer, books, etc fo the limes we look fr. Longswing +) with eyes opened swing side to side 90"in each direction, tting the oposite heel 2) Let your eyes be soft and simply flow along the mavements of the body. Let your arms be heavy and swing tral. Notce that everything appears to move Inthe apposite dvecion thal your body moves, Close yout eyes and cantinue swinging, |Visuase everything you saw and how everything s moving inthe oposite direction of yor body. Breath deopy, let yourselt 00s, alow the movement JOpen your eyes back up and continue swinging, IYou can it one of both hands while swinging tith eyes open to accentuate the movement. Either focus on thumb or gazing traugh space between hands. S)Lower your arms and lose your eyes and continue swinging for 10 reps. And ten begin to slow dawn swinging unl you reach a halt Practice lang swing 2-3 mes /day fr 5-6 min or best resus is to stranghte tone the mi foun’ in Nose drawing - pur man )olox your body and especialy the face and do th following ina relaxed manner. Yo can also do it wih eyes closed , draw numbers shapes, otc l2innale~meve ayes & poirl your head up, exhaleemove eyes & point your head down Imagine a line fram up to dawn. Do i3 mes and then bring eyes to center, lose them & take a deep breath. You can also do tis with eyes closed if you want, 240 the same thing horizontal (letright as far as confortable) J2tyou can do diagonal i you want oo l2}ao the same thing by rotating your eyes clockwise (his works other small muscles around the eye) l2vdo the same counter clockwse 3)D0 some PALMING after his o relax and loosen the muscies in case of some tension ww does this work? |-You point your nase and head whore you want to look at and this allows eyes to move unconstously on thir own. By doing it unconstiousy the superior fobique muscle is also used and tis means f works our focusing |-Another aspect ofthis is that head moving releases tension inte vertebres of the spine. The 2nd vertebre of spine (Axs) Is asocate with eyes, optic nerve This right ext to the imbic system which causes your stress response so by moving your head you can acualy swlch your stress response irom fight fight mode Into rest and digest mode, Central Fixation / Centralization 1) ook at an eyechar just under the tne that you can see clearly 12) close your eyes and rest them and when they ar rested open your eyes for a fraction of a second and soe th 5) Close your eyes again and repeat until the lash lasts more and more. line. Fora Nash ofa ec that ne Is clear V. Light sensitivity 2) Sunning - decreasing light sensitivity geting vitamin D full spectrum light ‘Matillumination is the condition caracterised by absence of fll spectrum light. Eyeglasses, home windows, automobile windows are cuting out some of ine spectrum of the sun. Without sunshine we dont get enough vitamin O into aur system and our crcadian rythm is affected. Ideal you want to get outside without glasses and not feel tension in the ayes no matter now brights. But if you can not do it without having lersion into your eyes then itis bast to keep the glasses untl you can take in more sunshine. Anether idea that might work inthis case fs to wear a sun hal nstead ofthe glasses and dont look al objects nat rect sunlight crac to you But instead look at objecs in shades. ook towards the sun with eyes closed and mave your head left to ight (whan max right you shade right eye, when maxft you shade let eye with ur nose}. [This also warms the eyes ard relaxes the muscles and as one eye gets closer to the sun tral pupil constiets and the other one isn te shade so alates, How long to do sunning? From 1 to 5 minutes is enough. Bes isto be done at sunrise and sunsot but you can doit any time of day. Jat sunset when sun i low there isan exception yau can aven do direct sun gazing with eyes opened, ules for sunning: | ALWAYS PALM YOUR EYES after sunning, for atleast the same ammount you di sunning, to allow your eyes to adjust to normal ght Let confort ne your guide, ifs a cloudy Iriny day you can choose net to do sunning that day - but dant do sunning with eyes opened. Also tis belterto do a litle bk more often than a hole bunch al once, Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) Another aspect of tension is that it can make our eyes to not lubricate enough, by not blinking enough - especially at computer screens or reading books because gazing in one place causes us to subcounstiousy blink lees and it bums aur eyas -Yawning gives a teardrop into each eye and keeps them clean and lubricated and blinking cleans our eye, Blinking more frequently when looking atthe sereen Longer blink hold eyes shut 1-5 seconds Yanmning & fake yawning Palming Look away from sereen occasionally 20/20/20 rule after 20 minutes look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. Looking at something very Briefy every one minute off sreen Look aut window or close eyes and visualize something far away. Imagining something inthe gistance visualizing ocean mountain ate Fave a waton or Umor go off ovary 5110/18/20 mine to remind you to look away Good posture and comfortable workspace, na slouching an jating chinfhead forward 0, Make sure no excess glare on seen 15, Don't work in the dark on computer 12 Working on computer on night not good less slaep, insomnia, lesser melatonin production 13, flux software fr eomoutor [itps/erve.qooale. confi 19 lkeayzlP Oxwboi KCVHV.NGPOuNyaXview?usp=sharing 1s: youtube com/watch2v=Q03Ki1dGery ites: www youtube,comiwalch?v=GMUDIet 654