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Important Points

1. Instead of one particular or specific topic there must be

one core Topic under which sub topics must be there so
that Diversification exists and canvas become vast.

Example: “Role of farmers in Economic Growth”

a. Agriculture
b. Fishing
c. Poultry
d. Dairy

2. We can invite different corporate heads which can help us

in several ways under their CSR Activities.

3. We have to line up the speakers before Program, Define

the time for each Speaker, Must take PPT’s 1 or 2 days
before program, visit the venue one day before and check
everything. Define the rules Like: PPt must not be more
than 10 Slides; each speaker will get 15 Min to Speak Etc.

4. Not only facilitate the people who has done well but to
give them a chance to speak and share their experiences.

5. Decide the goal what we want from this summit or what’s

the aim of it and at the end analyse whether we
successfully achieved those goals or not. If not what
needs to be done in next so that we can do it.
6. Define the category and invite peoples accordingly.

7. Big people, more coverage, more reach.

8. People who want to come together first tell them what

your profit is if we come together.

9. As elections are near try to organize Seminar in those

states big people will come at that time easily and
chances to achieve our goal must be more.

10. Identify Who need what and who can give that, then the
platform become successful.