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Name: David Lituma

Date: 15/12/2017

VillonaKo, Group that begins after the constant search of forming a serious group, with
clear and big ideal goals. Each of his members possesses a great artistic career with
influences that include kinds as the ballad, pop, blues, jazz, reggae, rock, managing
fusing with style and own personality each of his musical creations going out of the
harmonic current monotony and proposing a work of quality capable of covering the
expectations of the public who listens to his compositions. Moved by the zeal to fulfill
his goals Villonako it appears as a solid group, with professional members in constant
development and in search of a dream jointly ¨que his music sounds without imitate not
even borders ¨ demonstrating that in this country there is talent and that it is possible
to achieve the success

Luis Jaime Torres Aguirre is born on January 2, 1987 in Loja, at the age of 7 it begins his
musical study, always inclined towards the guitar, at the age of 9 he studied in the
conservatoire "Anton Bruckner".
Felipe Guerrero, principal Voice and The Villonako's second guitar, is born in the
decade of the 80 to the age of 8 years Salvador Bustamante Celi enters to the National
Conservatoire of Music, where it starts interfering in the music and starting composing
his first songs.
Paul Andrés Valarezo Ortega, to the age of 19 years moves to the city of Buenos Aires,
Argentina to develop as professional musician in battery and percussion, to more of
realized credit his studies in music it has dealed the career of plastic arts and cultural
management. Nowadays he is an owner of KANDA, a musical promoter who to more of
this service offers classes of music, room of test and rent of instruments and sound.
Roberto, penetrates into the world of the music to early age being the piano the
instrument that I stimulate his taste for the artistic world, with to happen from the time
to 15 years decides to penetrate into a different instrument finding in under his passion
for the music, since then a musician has been self-taught with a long artistic path being
a part of several groups recognized to local and musical level of accompaniment of big
local and national artists.
Villonako is producing at present his first CD, where the simple ones are included " Tie
to your legs ", " I love You close to My ", " Funky Girl " and " You Are you ", whose
promotion already was realized obtaining very good critiques and acceptance in the
different mass media of the country and public in general. The members of the band in
Torres Records realize the compositions and recording.