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Justice for the 9/11 Nine (New York State Bill S3070 and A04364)

On September 11, 2001, hundreds of courageous paramedics and EMTs rushed to Ground Zero to aid victims
of the terrorist attack and help fallen police officers and firefighters. Every last one performed without regard for
personal safety.
Yet nine of the brave first responders who were killed or permanently disabled have been denied the benefits
that other heroes of September 11th received. These nine, and their grieving families, have been left out in the
cold simply because they weren’t public employees. For each of the last three years, the New York State
Legislature has passed a bill to correct the injustice and get the 9-11 Nine the benefits they deserve.
Marc Sullins, EMT, died, 9-11
Mario Santoro, EMT, died, 9-11
Keith Fairben, EMT, died, 9-11
Yamel Merino, EMT, died, 9-11
Bonnie Giebfried, EMT, permanently disabled, 9-11
Scott Beloten, Paramedic, permanently disabled, 9-11
Marvin Bethea, Paramedic, permanently disabled, 9-11
James Dobson, Paradmedic, permanently disabled, 9-11
Michael Roberts, Paramedic, permanently disabled, 9-11

The following is a "9/11 Nine" fact sheet. It's time to rally our strengths and let the politicians hear us.
On September 11,2001 EMS agencies from around New York City were dispatched to the World Trade Centers.
Numerous EMS agencies that were dispatched were owned and operated by Hospitals. These Hospitals are better
know as voluntary Hospitals and make up over 40% of the New York City’s 911 system.
The Voluntary Hospitals are contracted by the City of New York and are obligated under the contract to respond to and
operate at a scene under the direction of FDNY officers.
Contractual obligations required the Voluntary Hospital staff to respond. Failure to respond would have been viewed as
dereliction of duties possibly resulting in criminal charges and loss of certification.
NYS legislation has been passed to provide fair and equitable compensation for Police, Fire, and FDNY-EMS who were
in the employ of New York City. This legislation excluded the 9/11 nine who were employees of the Voluntary Hospitals.
New Legislation has been put forth but was vetoed by the Governor. The Senate overrode this veto and now the
Assembly must vote for an override before years end.
Governor Spitzer claims that he did not sign off on the Bill (S3070 and A04364) because it would create and anomaly
in the workers compensation system. In fact legislation has already changed the compensation rules concerning the
9/11/2001 first responders who were city employees. The only group which has been left out is the 9/11 nine.
Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver was appalled when Governor Pataki failed to endorse the original Bill. Sheldon Silver
stated in an interview on News channel 4 (November 18, 2005) that Governor Pataki was wrong and he would bring
this Bill up again or support an override.
Today it is unclear if Assemblyman Silver will support an override of the very Bill he voted in favor of three times in the
Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver needs to call a special session of the Assembly this month (October, 2007) and
encourage the Assembly to override the Governors Veto.
Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver should follow in the footsteps of State Senator Bruno and keep the 9/11 nine out of
the Albany politics and draw support for them.
The 9/11 nine became victims of 9/11/2001 and should not be victimized again.
Letters of support should be sent by US mail to:

Governor Eliot Spitzer Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver

State Capitol LOB 932 State Capitol LOB 932
Albany, New York 12224 Albany, New Albany, New York 12224 Albany, New
York 12224 York 12224
Please email copies of your letter to
May God bless you for your support, and may God bless the United States of America.

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