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Lic Number Agency 12/18/2018

2121 1 Stop Homemaker Services, LLC Issued
10 Management Incorporated, Inc. d/b/a 10
2213 MGMT Issued
2000 1st Choice Senior Homecare, Inc. Issued
1686 A 1 Best Services, Inc. Issued
1872 A Care Home Placement, Inc. Issued
0526 A+ Cleaning Service Issued
1585 Able Employment Agency Issued
1604 Absolute Model & Talent Management Issued
2109 Accessmaids, Inc. Issued
0791 Accredited Domestics Issued
1608 Action Maids Issued
2148 Actors Talent Group, Inc. Issued
2324 Advocate Care Services, Inc. Issued
0252 AF Modeling Services, Inc. Issued
1743 All 4 Care Employment Agency Issued
2018 All Help Health Services , Inc. Issued
1211 Almost Angels, Inc. Issued
2095 Alter Ego Concierge Issued
1123 Ambassador Talent Agents, Inc. Issued
1874 Angelica Employment Agency Corp Issued
0228 Artists of Note, Inc. Issued
Ashley Washington Holdings d/b/a Corporate
Presenters a Division of Karen Stavins
2314 Enterprises Issued
Ashley Washington Holdings d/b/a Karen
2313 Stavins Enterprises Issued
0367 At Your Service Issued
1711 Babes 'N Beaus-Chicago Issued
1595 Barra House Cleaning Issued
1487 Bass/Schuler Entertainment, Inc. Issued
2265 Best Care For You Issued
1489 Better Homecare Service, Inc. Issued
1957 Big Mouth Talent, Inc. Issued
2316 Bline Agency Issued
2082 Blocks Babysitting, Inc. Issued
1674 BMG Model & Talent Issued
1810 BMG Talent Group, Inc. Issued
0691 By Necessities Cleaning Service Issued
Burns Entertainment & Sports Marketing,
1016 Inc. Issued
0691 By Necessities Cleaning Service Issued
Caring Hands Health Maintenance Services,
0659 Inc. Issued
1995 Caring Hearts Issued
0398 Chepov's Domestic Agency, Inc. Issued
2304 Chicago Collegiate Nannies, LLC Issued

1 12/18/18
Lic Number Agency 12/18/2018
1891 Chicago Nannies, Inc. Issued
2321 Chicago Talent Network Co. Issued

2320 Child Care Services of Wisconsin, Inc. Issued
2040 Chosen Care Providers, LLC Issued
1455 City & Suburban Home Care Services Issued
1968 College Nannies & Tutors Issued

2105 College Nannies & Tutors Of Ne Chicago Issued
1088 Country Homecare, Inc. Issued
0985 Creative Impact Group, Inc. Issued

1918 CRS Care Referral Service, Marie Levina dba Issued
0983 Cupkake's Family Fun Time Clowns Issued
1309 Custom Comedy Capers Corporation Issued
1634 Custom Maid Cleaning Issued
2154 Daffe Models, Incorporated Issued
1460 Dalia's In Home Care Agency, Inc. Issued
1591 David Manna Modeling & Talent Agency Issued
2327 DDO Artists Agency Issued
0489 DeSanti Talents , Inc. Issued
0505 Dial-A-Maid I, Ltd. Issued
1433 Diana Services, Inc. Issued
1350 Dignified Home Care Corp. Issued
1862 Domestic Service Agency Issued
0925 Don Pancho Employment Agency Issued
0572 Electric Blue Entertainment, Inc. Issued
1431 Elegent Ensembles Issued
0528 Emilia's Cleaning Agency, Inc. Issued
1910 English Maids Cleaning Service, Inc. Issued
2073 English Maids Cleaning Service, Inc. Issued
2078 English Maids Cleaning Service, Inc. Issued
2237 English Maids Cleaning Service, Inc. Issued
2241 English Maids Cleaning Service, Inc. Issued

1633 ER Homecare and Employment Services, Inc. Issued
2212 European Best Care, Inc. Issued
0417 European Servants Agency Issued
0404 Eve & Vic Cleaning Services, Inc. Issued
0870 Eva's Domestic Agency Issued
1335 Eva's Home Care, Inc. Issued
0404 Eve and Vic Cleaning Service Inc Issued
1341 Family Care Agency, Inc. Issued
1318 Family Home Care Link, Inc. Issued
1493 Family Perfect Care, Inc. Issued
0245 Fantastic Fantasy Issued

2 12/18/18
Lic Number Agency 12/18/2018

1426 Fantastik Polish Cleaning Service, Inc. Issued
Fashion Productions Modeling Agency &
0438 Finishing School Issued
1970 First Time HomeCare Issued
1477 Ford Models, Inc. Issued
Forest City Domestic Caregivers Agency,
1449 Inc. Issued
0011 Frank Curtis Attractions Issued
0663 Friendly Domestic Employment Agency Issued
0603 Globe Domestic Agency Issued
2027 Gray Talent Group, Inc. Issued
0890 Grossman & Jack Talent, Inc Issued
Grossman & Jack Talent, Inc. d/b/a G & J
2061 Models Issued
0880 Halina's Home Care Agency Co. Issued
0523 Handy Home Helpers, Inc. Issued
2228 Hayes Talent Agency, LLC Issued

0621 Helena's Polish Cleaning Service, Inc. Issued

1079 Home Care & Industrial Services, Inc. Issued
1725 Hope & Help Agency, Inc. Issued
0616 Hour Maid Cleaning Service, Inc. Issued
2312 Inspired Home Care Company Issued
2312 Inspired Home Care Company Issued
Intercare Chicago, Inc. d/b/a A+Domestic
1864 Agency Issued
1536 International Jobs, Inc. Issued

0622 Irene's Nationwide Employment Agency Corp. Issued
1603 Jay Reil & Associates Issued
1603 Jay Reil & Associates Issued
2137 Jenny's Agency, Inc. Issued
2319 Jiao's Employment Agency, Inc. Issued
2302 Joycare Domestic Agency Issued
2071 Judy Venn & Associates, Inc. Issued
2255 K. Grace Childcare, Inc. Issued
1387 Korol Cleaning Service, Inc. Issued
1835 Lake Shore Care, Inc. Issued

1249 Landini Entertainment Productions, Inc. Issued
1490 Law Actors Issued
1448 Lee Ann Marie Productions, Inc. Issued
2037 Lincoln Park Nanny Issued
2076 Lifetime Angels Homecare, LLC Issued
0410 Lily's Talent Agency, Inc. Issued
2329 Line Management Inc Issued

3 12/18/18
Lic Number Agency 12/18/2018

2146 Little Flower Healthcare Registry, LLC Issued
2207 Loretta Sawyer Agency Issued
1152 Loving Care, Inc. Issued
1849 Magnificent Events, Ltd. Issued

2110 Magnifique Domestic Employment Agency Issued
1463 Maids On Time, Inc. Issued
1898 Mahler Enterprises, Inc. Issued
0514 Maid International, Ltd. Issued
0704 Maria's Cleaning Service Issued
1443 Maids On Time, Inc. Issued
1442 Maids On Time, Inc. Issued
1444 Maids On Time, Inc. Issued
1730 Marek Employment Agency Issued
1423 Margaret's Employment Agency, Inc. Issued
1497 Mila's Cleaning Company Issued
2307 Megaphone Agency, LLC Issued
2204 Modelogic Midwest Issued
1844 Midwest Caregivers, Inc. Issued

2264 Mom's Best Friend DBA First Class Care Issued
0485 Miller Broadcast Management, Inc. Issued
1355 Minit Maid Domestics Issued
2311 MP Factor LLC Issued

2264 Mom's Best Friend DBA First Class Care Issued
2317 Mother's Helpers Chicago Issued
1360 Nanny Resource, Inc. Issued
2318 Nannyville, LLC Issued
0089 National Speakers Bureau, Inc. Issued
0978 Neat Cleaning Service, Inc. Issued
0258 North Shore Domestic Agency Issued
1612 NV TALENT Issued
1954 On the Rocks Models, LLC Issued
1499 One Magnificent Model, Inc. Issued
Option One Productions Inc DBA Option 1
2326 Models Issued
0821 Oscar Home Care Agency Issued
2215 Paige Model & Talent Issued
2081 Paonessa Talent Agency, L.L.C. Issued
1384 Parsons Artists Management, Inc. Issued
0660 Perfect Impressions Entertainment Issued
2322 Perfect Nanny Now Issued
2107 Planet Earth Agency, LLC Issued
1879 Platinum Care Group, Inc. Issued
1320 Polish Home Care Service Issued

4 12/18/18
Lic Number Agency 12/18/2018
0099 Pro Promotions, Inc. Issued

Polonia Home Health Care Center Employment
Agency, Ltd., dba Polonia in Home Care
0488 Services Placement Agency Issued
0549 Prism Entertainment Ltd. Issued
Pro Care Agency, Inc., d/b/a All Best
1572 Nannies Issued
0099 Pro Promotions, Inc. Issued
0857 Pro Speakers, Inc. Issued
2328 Promote Talent Agency Issued
1372 Richard's House Cleaning Service Issued
2120 Roma Home Care, Inc. Issued
1807 Roma's Cleaning Service, Ltd Issued
2284 Sensational Supports, LLC Issued
Running Management Services, Inc. , d/b/a
2175 Griswold Home Care Issued
0379 Shirley Hamilton, Inc. Issued
1224 Satisfy Employment Agency Issued
1896 Signature Employment Agency, Inc. Issued
2261 Second City Nannies Issued

0782 Sophia's Cleaning Service Of Illinois, Inc. Issued
0867 Skokie Maid Service Issued
0447 Sparkleen, Inc. Issued
1380 SPS Home/Hospital Care Issued
0098 Stewart Talent Management Corp. Issued
2221 Strollers And Stilettos Issued

1476 Super-Care European Employment Agency Issued
0533 The Anne O'Briant Agency, Inc. Issued
1720 The Emily Agency Issued
1399 Talent Group, Inc. Issued
0125 Tamar Productions, Inc. Issued
1587 Te-Sa Housekeeping Services, Inc. Issued
0533 The Anne O'Briant Agency, Inc. Issued
1326 The Billions Corp. Issued
1675 The Emmrich Agency Issued
1203 The Nanny Agency, Inc. Issued
2315 The Rock Agency Issued
Theresa's Polish American Employment
2278 Agency, Ltd Issued
2225 Top Talent Booking And Promotions Issued
0466 Traycee Home Care Services, Inc. Issued
0423 United Talent Co-ordinators Issued
2185 Tsuruki Promotions II, L.L.C. Issued
0192 Unlimited Care, Inc. Issued
1905 Upstairs Downstairs Issued

5 12/18/18
Lic Number Agency 12/18/2018
2323 Upstairs Downstairs Cleaning Issued
1419 Village Nannies, Inc. Issued
1471 W & Z General Cleaning Issued
2258 Wilhelmina Midwest Issued
William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, LLC
2303 (WME) Issued

6 12/18/18