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aos Medieval Church History Lesson 24- Theology and Universities (ir) ss sinter cree Home Approved Topics for the Term Paper Grading System Lesson 24 - Theology and Universities EARLY SCHOLASTICISM voxowens changed in consecration, but only received supernatural strength. Mombere sranoanton, alia ANSELM OF CANTERBURY (+1109) _" Faith cold be supported by the intlect,andin fact required it fides quaeren intellect Faith secking undertandng), TOTAL 7 "Exkseace of God ean be shown aot only through revelation but abo by the use ofthe intelect > Ontosie! gall ~ In the doctrine of redemption and Christology, he went a new way > Doctrine of Satisfaction 9,052 PETER ABELARD (1079-1142) ‘BLOG ARCHIVE rane} hod ofS tno fa aN) bane te ine even th andi ee “ Site ean aan conn b. Liber Sextus Deeretalium by Boniface VIII (1298) FINALS 4. xrevapamtes ie. papal decrees of ater times Media rere ee aay of Pind ts ap oe 2 Coneilan voasnus ‘medictlchurchtistory.blogspet.com20121essor-24-theolog -and-universites him 16 pans Medieval Church History Lesson 24 Theology and Universities HIGH SCHOLASTICISM. AVICENNA (+1037), AVERROES (1398), and MAIMONIDES (+1204) ~ ‘Through these Arab and Jewish thinkers, the West learned more about the Greck philosopher Aristotle ALBERT THE GREAT (+1280) = Doctor Universalis scholar of aniverel erudition ~The wisest ofthe saints and the most sialy ofthe wise™ + Hetaught in Cologne and Paris and was the profesor of Thomas Aquinas in Paris (1243-1247) = "Thomas Aquinas aecompaniad him in Cologne w found the Studium Generale ~ First to apply systematically the Aristotelian philosophical and Theological method to Christi “THOMAS AQUINAS ((41274) = Doctor Angelicus- mos ited Theologian ofthe mide age, mystic and sin. = He was born in Rocea siea in 1226/1227 and entered OP in 1244 + Me taught in Rome, Fars, and Naples, = Hituatls: Summa Theologize, Summa Contra Gentiles, Quaestiones Quodibetales, Quaestiones Disputata, ‘Commentaries on the Holy serpture, Aristo, ete “MEISTER ECHART (+1928) BONAVENTURE (+1274) ~ Doctor Seraphicus his Theology isinfluenced by mysticism + He was born in 1217/:218 near Viterbo and entered the OFM in 1243 ~ He studied and taught together with Thomas Aquinas in Pars + Augustinian and Paton thought = Bis Warks: Brevdoguium (1275) ~ a compendium of dogmatcs ineraraen ments ad Deurn (1259) ~ devotional and mystieal Vita maior S.Francisc~ to aioe tensions betwecn conventuals an spiritual = White Thomas Aquinas worked principally with the inlet, Bonaventure was more infuenced by the wil fe Jnowledge of God is Thomas’ concer, his concern islve of God DUNSSCOTUS (+3308) = Las reat figure ofthe High Scholastiam = He was boen in 1265 in Scotland = Aprofesor in Pars and Cologne + Many’simmaculate conception is prior sedemption by Christ, ~ He emphasizes the primacy of the wil, freedom and love (CREATION OF THE UNIVERSITIES = Universes were the center of Theological studies and scence + 1200 = profesor in Paris formed a corporation > Universitas Magistrorum - Gregory IX gave the corporation Independence from Bishop (292) and granted numerous privileges = AUniversas developed in Bologna bat here the student conte the incorporation > Universitas Scholoium ‘ spot. com2012/1lesson-24-theolog -and-universites hind essen, ‘The Pape from Innocent toon lesson "Theol essona "The Gree Mendica Onders lesson "The New Spistot esson 14 ‘ono the Greats, the Rejuvens pot eso 35- Inperiar heen olthe The Pauperis sn. lesson - The Grades lesson 38 ‘Gregoria Reforms the Invest Iason 13 - The Stoculon Obecuns ofthe eso 2: Pope Fottoey tar9e dhe aca. ‘Synod Sotniane Rome 088) essen 9 ‘Great Eastern Schismo ose esson17 ‘cuss inde Reform Mow. Randa ueparr o7/a2-07 a 7/080) » os/ae orion o6/17-06 8 26 pans Medieval Church History Lesson 24- Theology and Universities ~ Many of such corporations were formed and were simply called Universes = The University of Paris s the “Mather of Sciences" withthe greatest prestige and numberof sudents + ‘There were monastic schools coleiate schools, and cathedral sehoos but not univers = Robert de Sorbon (1258) founded eolleye Tor poor students of Theology. La Sordone de Pars > College of Theology for poor students + Paris Philosophy and Theology; Bologna > law; Padua > Medicine ~ Philosophical faculty facultas atrium) is prerequisite in choosing especially: Theology, law or meine ‘STUDIUM PARTICULARE ws, STUDIUM UNIVERSALE = Unlike lea schools (Stadium pariulare), the universities were characterized by accepting students and rotors from ‘everywhere and their degrees were unversilly recognized in Une Christan west (Studivm Universal) ‘CONCLUSION ~ University studios were regarded as an independent Thi Power in adtion to Sacerdotium and Imperium = Cologne canon Alexander of Roes in his clever parable ofthe Pavo in 1284 attelted the sacerdotiu tothe Malans, the imperium to the Germans, andthe stuium to the French, as particular functions ofthese people inthe srvice af the western community = The acquisition of « doctoral degree from one ofthese univestes meant equality with the nobility. Learning truly ‘ennobled a person! 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