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A Moonlight Night

A moonlit night is one of the beautiful phenomena of nature. It

occurs when the moon rises in the sky. It is very romantic to both
male and female. The moon may be crescent or full, but it is
beautiful in both forms. We count six seasons in a year. In each
season we see the moon for two fortnights with a break in
between. But the moon in Autumn appears in its best. In Autumn
the sky remain quite clear. So, the silvery light over floods
everything. The autumnal moon beams its silvery light. The moon
is gloss like a piece of glass. The full moon looks like a silvery
plate. It looks beautiful in the blue autumnal sky. The sky in
Autumn is clear. Here and there a few patches of white clouds
float swiftly. The moon plays hide-and-seek with these bulging
pieces of clouds. It is very pleasant to look at the sky at the time
and to hear the night-birds play their sweet notes in the moonlit
sky. The earth seems to be washed with moon-light. The moon
reflects on the ponds and tanks. The blue water in them looks
glossy. The lilies bloom in them. Little children sit round their
grandmamma to hear the fairy tales or the tales about the
wizards. Sometimes they play hide and seek together and have
fun themselves. A moon light nigh is very romantic to the newly
married couple and who where in love. The poet of all language
praised highly. A moonlit night is nature's sweetest offer to
mankind. It has a lasting effect the human minds. Even the grand
old ladies remember their green youth when they sit alone in the
moonlit night.

Our National Flag

Every country has a national flag of her own. It symbolizes the
independence and sovereignty of a country. Like other countries
we have a national flag of our own and it is very sacred to us. We
are really proud of it. We achieved it after a sanguinary war of
liberation in 1971. It bears a great significance. It is the pride and
symbol of our nation. It is rectangular in size and is very nice to
look at. It may be different sizes but its length and breadth must
be in ratio of 10:6. The middle portion of it is round and red
which symbolizes the rising sun. It indicates our prosperity and
bright future. The remaining portion of it is bottle green in
colour. It stands for the everlasting freshness of our youth and
vitality of our nation.
It is the symbol of all our hopes and aspirations. It is our duty to
uphold the honour of our national flag and pay homage to it. All of
us should remain ever vigilant to safeguard its honour and
sanctity even at the cost of our life.

International Mother Language Day

In the history of our country, people of the country have many days
to remember. 21st February is mentionable one. The day is observed
as the International Mother Language Day. It is a red letter day in
our life. It has its own background. Our Language day, “Omor Ekushe
February” was declared as International Mother Language Day by the
UNESCO On November 17, 1999.This great occasion reminds us of
those heroic sons of the soil who sacrificed their lives for the
establishment our mother tongue ‘Bangla’ as the state language in
1952. Rafiq, Salam, Jabbar, Barkat were among those who sacrificed
their lives for this great cause. On this day, at dawn people wearing
black badges on their shoulders go to the “Shaheed Minar”
barefooted with flowers to pay homage to the martyrs. They sing the
mournful song “Amar vaiyer rokte rangano…….”. We observe the day
to mark the importance of the day. It has great image and tradition
in the country. This is a national holiday. We observe this day with
due honour and dignity. The day is celebrated with proper status and
amusement all over the country. On the occasion of this day social,
political and cultural organizations arrange different cultural
functions. Newspapers bring out special supplements while radio and
satellite television channels air special programmes. This day is a
source of inspiration for us. We are proud

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