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July 16, 2013 2 minute read

Inter-company billing process

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In normal business, we may decide to source our selling products from group companies to cover excess
demand, or to op mally use excess capaci es of group plants. When we source our selling product from a
plant of another company within the group, we can use inter-company billing and generate required
documents for both selling company and supplying company.

We assign plant of other company code to designated sales area (distribu on channel for inter-company
sales) of our company code, and we can use standard SAP inter-company pricing for the same. Here we can
specify any special prices applicable via condi on types IV01 & IV02. There are condi on types PI01/02
which serve as reference condi on types for IV01/02.

IV01 & IV02 are used with subtotal 9 (gross value) and rou ne 22 (inter-company billing) as shown below.
Now, we will look at two company codes 1002 & 3000. Go to IMG–>Sales & Distribu on –> Billing –>
Intercompany Billing

First, we define order types for inter-company billing. Specify IV (standard billing document type) in
required sales document type inVOV8.

or IMG–>Sales & Distribu on –> Billing –> Intercompany Billing –> Define order types for inter-company

Here, I have assigned 2010 plant (company code 3000) to sales area 3031/71/00(company code 3000) for
internal cos ng.

I have created a customer id (XD01) in 1002 and assigned the same to the sales organiza on of 1002. This
customer id will be payer & represent 1002 for inter-company billing of plant. IMG–>Sales & Distribu on –
> Billing –> IntercompanyBilling –> Define internal customer number by sales org

Customer places an order on company code 1002. 1002 decides to deliver from plant 2010 belonging to
company code (3000). I have created normal sales order and saved. Inventory pos ngs for the delivery are
in plant 2010 & company code 3000. Further, two billing documents are generated with reference to the
same delivery document. Document flow is as under:

First billing document created in company code 1002 and payer is customer.

Create second invoice with reference to the same delivery document number. This second invoice is the
inter-company billing document created in company code 3000 and here payer is the first company (1002
here) for sales area 3031/71/00. Price (IV01) will be ac ve for inter-co bill where as PR00 will be ac ve for
customer bill.

Related accoun ng documents & excise documents can be generated as per pricing procedure with
reference to respec ve billing documents.

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