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Article 115 of the Political Constitution of the United States of Mexico in its section III. It empowers the
States and / or Municipalities of the Federation who will be in charge of the functions and public
services necessary for the development of each of the communities in our country; Among them some
of the most important ones since its adequate administration has repercussions in the direct benefit of
each one of the citizens and their homes such as the realization of public work in streets and avenues
asphalted duly each road providing an adequate vehicular traffic and of pedestrians in Its majority is
considered one. At the beginning of each period of a new Municipal administration, the newly elected
Mayor is obliged to present before his council that is the collegiate body that is in charge of the
municipal administration a municipal development plan and an Annual Work Program in these 2
important projects Results of studies about the state that the locality must be made in regard to the
needs of public work, patching and marking of streets and avenues shall be understood as the
realization of a new public work in that street or avenue that completely lacks the Service is to say that
it is of land without having any material of asphalt or pavement by what will be realized a whole
program of alignment and flattened to be able to construct a new road on the other hand the works
known like programs of bacheo
They are those that especially in rainy seasons are of paramount importance since they consist in
providing timely maintenance to avoid that the potholes or potholes that are formed by the wear
caused by the rain and the vesicular traffic arrive to completely deteriorate a road.
Finally we have the works known as beaconing which is nothing more than painting the trimmings of a
color seen usually takes up the yellow capufe. Also the signaling of pedestrian stops and crossings
also with that color seen. These works must be permanent and free as they are the responsibility of the
Municipality itself that has its own resources and state and federal funds for its realization. While
noting that citizens must timely comply with the payment of taxes as appropriate to each person.


In order to collaborate in the preservation of the environment, the government of Ecatepec joins the
first stage of the Campaign Mexiquenses in Favor of the Environment Recycling with Cause
Áurea Martell Peralta, Human Rights Defender of Ecatepec, reported that this campaign is being
coordinated by the area under her care and have the goal of delivering to the CODHEM 750 to a
thousand bags and packaging material, so invited the population , Private companies and public
servants to join efforts for this noble work.
He explained that Recycling with Cause consists of picking up wrappings and packaging that are not
recycled, its time of degradation becomes up to 100 years as the toothpaste tubes, and that their
destination is the municipal dumps or their incineration, causing with it environmental pollution.
Martell Peralta added that these waste will be sent to the company Terracycle to be exchanged for
economic resources that will be used for eye exams and buy lenses for indigenous children.
Terracycle is an international recycling company that collects non-recyclable wrappings and
post-consumer products and reuses litter to develop innovative products such as lunchboxes,
backpacks and containers, among others.
The material that will be receiving are:
Gamesa and Quaker cookies in any presentation, candy and box bread bags, half nights or Bimbo
burgers and Sabritas packs.

Human beings live in a space in a natural, rural or urban environment and we mustunderstand that it is
a duty we have as citizens to respect this environment.
People modify the environment with our activities: cutting down trees, burningfuel, to cultivate the
land, since we are thousands of millions of people and have great technology, these modifications can
be very important and in general, affect allecosystems. In recent years we have participated
responsibly in the conservation ofthe environment, aware of the importance of its conservation.
because we have themeans to achieve it.
Care for the place where we live our streets garbage in place, supporting organizations that are created
in our community.


What is water pollution?

is the pollution of water bodies (for examples lakes, rivers, oceans, aquifers and groundwater), very
often by human activities.
Water pollution has become the second most imperative environmental concern along with air
Humans have now realised the importance of clean water as a foundation for life. In recent time, more
and more organisations and councils had worked hard to educate, protect, restore waterways and
encourage practices that help to keep away waters from pollution, and also to preserve water
ecosystems from destruction.
In ecatepec there are some programs about of caring for water that "Me late cuidar el agua"
The Government has given some recommendations to prevent water pollution. If you want to help
keeping our waters clean, there are many things you can do to help.
Conserve water by turning off the tap when running water is not necessary
Don’t throw paints, oils or other forms of polluting agent down the drain.
Take great care not to overuse pesticides and fertilisers.
Don’t throw trash into streets, parks or other publics places, if you can pick it up, you should do it
if you don't want to help , please don't make it worse