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From the maelstrom of a sundered world, the

Eight Realms were born. The formless and the

divine exploded into life. Strange, new worlds
appeared in the firmament, each one gilded
with spirits, gods and men. Noblest of the gods
was Sigmar. For years beyond reckoning he
illuminated the realms, wreathed in light and
majesty as he carved out his reign. His strength
was the power of thunder. His wisdom was
infinite. Mortal and immortal alike kneeled
before his lofty throne. Great empires rose and,
for a while, treachery was banished. Sigmar
claimed the land and sky as his own and ruled
over a glorious age of myth.

But cruelty is tenacious. As had been foreseen,

the great alliance of gods and men tore itself
apart. Myth and legend crumbled into Chaos.
Darkness flooded the realms. Torture, slavery
and fear replaced the glory that came before.
Sigmar turned his back on the mortal kingdoms,
disgusted by their fate. He fixed his gaze instead
on the remains of the world he had lost long
ago, brooding over its charred core, searching
endlessly for a sign of hope. And then, in the
dark heat of his rage, he caught a glimpse of
something magnificent. He pictured a weapon
born of the heavens. A beacon powerful enough
to pierce the endless night. An army hewn from
everything he had lost. Sigmar set his artisans
to work and for long ages they toiled, striving to
harness the power of the stars. As Sigmar’s great
work neared completion, he turned back to the
realms and saw that the dominion of Chaos was
almost complete. The hour for vengeance had
come. Finally, with lightning blazing across his
brow, he stepped forth to unleash his creation.

The Age of Sigmar had begun.

thousand battle cries mingle with screams as they rise to the
storm-lashewd skies. Blades and hammers crash upon armour,
sink deep into flesh, take heads from necks. Peril and strife are
constants in these Mortal Realms, these tortured kingdoms that stand so
close to the precipice of disaster. Only an army of demigods could hope
to pull them back from the brink.

Such an army exists, forged for this very hour by Sigmar and his broken
pantheon. That numinous host fights with every iota of its god-given
strength to deny the final victory of Chaos, to save those pockets of
humanity that can still be salvaged and bring them back into the fight.

Civilisation must rise again and, in places, it is taking root once more.
But the towers and spires of progress cast long shadows of their own…
WORLDS OF LEGEND .................................................8 Hysh, Realm of Light.......................................................110
Collecting Citadel Miniatures .........................................10 Ghur, Realm of Beasts.....................................................112
Building and Painting .......................................................12 Azyr, Realm of Heavens..................................................114
Playing the Game...............................................................14 The Realm of Chaos.........................................................116

THE TALE OF AEONS ..........................16 FACTIONS OF THE

MORTAL REALMS ..............................118
THE AGE OF MYTH ...................................................18
THE FORCES OF ORDER ........................................120
THE AGE OF CHAOS .................................................30 Stormcast Eternals...........................................................122
Daemon Incursion............................................................34 Fyreslayers.........................................................................128
The Breaking of the Pantheon ........................................36 Kharadron Overlords......................................................130
The Battle of Burning Skies.............................................38 Sylvaneth ...........................................................................132
Dominion of Chaos ..........................................................40 Daughters of Khaine .......................................................134
Idoneth Deepkin ..............................................................136
THE AGE OF SIGMAR ...............................................44 Seraphon............................................................................138
The Tempest Breaks..........................................................46 The Free Peoples ...............................................................140
War Unbound....................................................................48
The Godbeasts Arise.........................................................50 THE FORCES OF CHAOS .........................................152
Gates Are Lost and Held...................................................52 The Everchosen.................................................................154
The Seeds of Hope.............................................................54 Slaves to Darkness ...........................................................156
Light in the Darkness.......................................................56 Khorne ...............................................................................158
Claws of Chaos ..................................................................58 Tzeentch ............................................................................162
A Hidden World .................................................................60 Nurgle ................................................................................164
The Quest Immortal ..........................................................62 Slaanesh .............................................................................166
The Stolen Souls .................................................................64 Skaven ................................................................................168
Nagash’s Ire.........................................................................66 Creatures of Chaos ..........................................................170
Magic Without End ...........................................................72 Brayherds & Warherds ....................................................171

THE MORTAL REALMS .............................................76 THE FORCES OF DEATH .........................................180

Reality Under Siege ...........................................................78 The Deathlords .................................................................182
The Cosmos Arcane...........................................................80 Nighthaunts ......................................................................184
Spheres of Existence ..........................................................82 Flesh-eater Courts ...........................................................186
Aqshy, Realm of Fire .........................................................84 The Soulblight Curse .......................................................190
The Great Parch..................................................................86 The Necromantic Hosts ..................................................191
Ghyran, Realm of Life.......................................................90
The Everspring Swathe......................................................92 THE FORCES OF DESTRUCTION ..........................200
Shyish, the Realm of Death ..............................................96 Ironjawz .............................................................................202
The Prime Innerlands .......................................................98 Bonesplitterz....................................................................206
Chamon, Realm of Metal ...............................................102 Beastclaw Raiders ...........................................................208
The Spiral Crux ................................................................104 The Savage Tribes .............................................................210
Ulgu, Realm of Shadow ..................................................108


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NARRATIVE PLAY GAMES.....................................278
FIRE & THUNDER .............................220
Introducing Narrative Play ...........................................280
War in the Glymmsforge Catacombs ...........................282
BATTLES IN THE MORTAL REALMS ...................222 Historical Battles ............................................................284
Introduction .....................................................................224 Quest for Ghal Maraz ....................................................286
The Core Rules .................................................................226 Campaigns in the Mortal Realms................................288
Battleplan: First Blood ....................................................237 Beneath Skull Mountain.................................................290
Sieges in the Age of Sigmar ............................................292
CONQUEST UNBOUND..........................................244 Siege Warfare ....................................................................294
Allegiance Abilities: Order ...........................................246 Battleplan: The Relief Force ...........................................296
Allegiance Abilities: Chaos ...........................................248 Battleplan: The Great Wall .............................................297
Allegiance Abilities: Destruction..................................250 Darkest Depths ................................................................298
Allegiance Abilities: Death ............................................252 Battleplan: Tunnel Wars ................................................300
Realm of Battle: Shyish, the Realm of Death .............254 Battleplan: Underground Ambush ...............................301
Realm of Battle: Aqshy, the Realm of Fire ...................255 Triumph & Treachery! ....................................................302
Realm of Battle: Chamon, the Realm of Metal ...........256 Battleplan: Right of Conquest ......................................304
Realm of Battle: Ghur, the Realm of Beasts ................257 Battleplan: Argument of Kings .....................................305
Realm of Battle: Ghyran, the Realm of Life ................258
Realm of Battle: Hysh, the Realm of Light ..................259 MATCHED PLAY GAMES .......................................306
Realm of Battle: Ulgu, the Realm of Shadow .............260 Introducing Matched Play.............................................308
Endless Spells ...................................................................262 Pitched Battles..................................................................310
Balewind Vortex ...............................................................263 Battleplan: Blood and Glory ..........................................312
Battleplan: Escalation .....................................................313
OPEN PLAY GAMES.................................................264 Battleplan: Border War ...................................................314
Introducing Open Play ..................................................266 Battleplan: Three Places of Power .................................315
Open War Battleplan Generator ...................................270 Battleplan: Gifts from the Heavens...............................316
Coalition of Death ...........................................................272 Battleplan: Take and Hold..............................................317
Battleplan: Race to Destruction ....................................273 Battle Strategies................................................................318
Battleplan: Night March .................................................274 Pitched Battle Army Roster............................................320
Battleplan: Changing Priorities ....................................275
Ladder Campaign ............................................................276 WHATS NEXT?.................................................................321
The Age of Sigmar is an epic setting populated by myriad armies, powerful heroes and magnificent monsters. It
plays host to vast, realm-spanning wars between the forces of Order and Chaos, Destruction and Death. Read on
to explore these battle-torn landscapes and learn of the many peoples and creatures of the realms.

GLORY COME TO LIFE looking over the serried ranks of of battle that is the Mortal Realms
At the heart of the Games your freshly painted army is always you’ll find yourself wanting to
Workshop hobby lies a vast range a proud moment. Arranging them return again and again. As you do so
of Citadel Miniatures. From upon a lavishly detailed tabletop you will explore the rich landscapes
shining heroes to lowly soldiers, battlefield ready to face the foe is of the Warhammer Age of Sigmar
virtually every daemon, warrior often the next logical step, and for hobby – eight new worlds plunged
and creature depicted in the Age many, this is the very essence of the into an era of battle, each with its
of Sigmar is represented in the Games Workshop hobby. own warriors, monsters, hazards and
form of a beautifully rendered treasures. By delving ever deeper
model. Even the architecture of into this book, you will embark upon
the realms is replicated in intricate TELLING NEW TALES the adventure of a lifetime.
detail, ready to take its place as Warhammer Age of Sigmar follows
a spectacular backdrop for your the realm-spanning wars between Exploring the background and
displayed miniatures. a dozen richly detailed factions and character of your miniatures is
more. The Stormcast Eternals are a deeply enjoyable element of
The motivations behind each striking protagonists, heroes taken collecting an army. Throughout
collection are as diverse as the from amongst the ranks of humanity battletomes and campaign books,
models themselves. They are almost and reforged as superhuman beings you will find in-depth accounts of
invariably a magical alchemy of with celestial lightning running in histories and heroes, which between
the aspects that define the hobby their veins. Ranged against them them weave a rich tapestry of the
– namely collecting, building, are their arch enemies, the twisted Mortal Realms and the races that
painting and playing games with armies of Chaos, mortal warriors war across them. Once you have
Citadel Miniatures. and daemons alike given unnatural learned about your chosen
strength by the Dark Gods. All warriors, and played out
There are no guidelines to dictate the while the forces of Destruction the battleplans that
how much time or emphasis to rampage across the lands, whilst epitomise their way of
place on each – it’s your hobby. So the chilling necromantic hosts of war, you’ll be ready to
instead, we’ll take a look at just what Death emerge to claim the souls of write the next chapter
makes each facet so compelling. all living creatures. These factions yourself. There are
As you delve deeper into the constantly vie for supremacy in the no limits to the tales
unfolding legends of the Age of bloodiest era of battle yet seen – the you can tell – let
Sigmar, your collection can take Age of Sigmar. your imagination
you far beyond the vantage point run wild!
of a mere observer. The fate of the Whether you take the role of
Mortal Realms is far from decided, avenging hero, bloodthirsty villain,
and your miniatures are the means rampaging raider or some more
by which you become both author nuanced force of arms is up to you.
and protagonist in that epic war. Whatever you choose, once
Your collection can be as expansive you’ve braved the maelstrom
as you wish, drawing heroes, war
engines and warriors from many
distinct races. Alternatively, you
may focus on a single element – such
as a Stormcast Eternals Warrior
Chamber – building it up, unit by
unit, into a formidable tabletop force.
As any seasoned collector will attest,

This majestic, multi-level board represents a part

of Glymmsforge, a city in the Realm of Death. A
force of Stormcast Eternals rallies before its gates
– only to be assailed by Nagash and a horde of his
necromantic minions.
The worlds of Warhammer Age of Sigmar offer infinite possibilities for any avid miniatures collector. Their
soaring landscapes, vast armies and fantastical battles will fuel your imagination – from your first few models and
their journeys in the Mortal Realms to impressive collections and truly epic conflicts on the tabletop.

With such an array of incredible of which can be found on that model certain force. These are great sources
miniatures to choose from, how do or unit’s warscroll – gauging their of inspiration, and show a wealth of
you settle on which army, faction or capabilities on the field of battle. colour schemes and heraldry. They
characters to collect first? Sometimes Others relish the challenge of piecing also include allegiance abilities –
you’ll be drawn to a force through together the ‘perfect’ army, which is including battle traits, command
the books that recount the battles a hobby in itself. These sorts of forces traits and more – that lend new
and tales of its most famous leaders. yield the most competitive gaming powers to your army. As you learn
Alternatively, you may find yourself experience when deployed, so for more about strategy and tactics,
inspired by a particular army’s those with a taste for gritty warfare, you may find that special rules and
colours and heraldry, or perhaps the this may well be the impetus that synergies between units inform your
wondrous creatures that fight for it. drives their collection. There’s no next purchases. Of course, there’s no
right or wrong way, and it always need to restrict yourself to a single
Tabletop battles should always be boils down to whatever ignites your army. You might be torn between
friendly affairs, but at the same hobby spark. the heroic Stormcast Eternals and
time, there’s nothing wrong with the mercenary Fyreslayers, for
wanting to emerge victorious from You’ll find as you delve further example – in which case, just collect
the games you play. Many collectors into the Age of Sigmar hobby that both! They look great alongside each
will look for inspiration in the rules almost all factions have battletomes, other, and can easily fight together in
for individual models or units – all exciting books that expand upon a your battles.

The Stormcast Eternals of the Sacrosanct Chamber are warrior mages, each adept at slaying
supernatural foes. Just as well, for they face hosts of horrifying Nighthaunts.
It is quite common for collectors of
Citadel Miniatures to arrange them
on a shelf or in a cabinet, formed up
on parade with just as much care as
they were assembled and painted.

Warhammer World in Nottingham,

UK, has an extensive museum full
of displays and dioramas where
thousands of expertly painted
miniatures take pride of place.

Over time, collections tend to grow

as the owner adds more units and
lavishes many happy hours over
ever more impressive centrepieces.
Adding allied factions and diverse
units bound by a strong theme can
be a very rewarding way to expand a
much-loved host.

The army to the right includes mortal

followers of Khorne bolstered by the
daemonic allies they summon to war.
The first steps into the Warhammer Age of Sigmar hobby usually involve building and painting your first model.
Though you will not get perfect results straight away, with a bit of practice you will find that you have a fantastic
band of warriors of whom you are rightly proud. So begins a voyage that can see whole legions brought to life.

One of the greatest joys of collecting booklet supplied with your models, There’s no right or wrong way to go
Citadel Miniatures can be found but as your confidence grows, you about this – you should go wherever
in the modelling and painting of may find yourself trying more your inspiration takes you, and do
your collection, as you assemble ambitious methods, leading to more whatever you think makes your
and recreate all of the great heroes, personalised results. miniatures look great. Take your
terrifying monsters and amazing time to consider; the paint scheme
landscapes of the Age of Sigmar. There’s real satisfaction to be had you select will help you to imbue
Nothing beats seeing a fully painted in making your miniatures your your models with character and
army arranged in a carefully crafted own, bringing them to life with story, and to define who they are.
setting – whether as part of an epic a paintbrush and teasing out all Why has this particular chamber of
fantasy world recreated in miniature, of their finely sculpted details. Stormcast Eternals got pockmarked,
with all the pageantry and spectacle Some people revel in treating battle-scarred armour? Why do they
that comes with it, or set up in a each miniature as its own work paint the shafts of their hammers in
display case to be admired by all. of art, lavishing attention on shining silver? What are they doing
every millimetre. Others prefer to in a mysterious landscape of glowing
Before painting your models, you’ll assemble vast legions of warriors in ice sculptures and blue flame? With
first need to assemble them. To matching liveries, focusing on the an ever-growing range of evocative
begin with, you’ll want to follow spectacle of massed ranks, armed Citadel Miniatures to choose from,
the advice given in the construction and ready for war. the story is yours to tell.
The first stage of bringing your miniatures to life is to have Once the model is assembled and the glue is dry, you will
a really good look at the frames, absorbing all the cool need to undercoat it – this means painting it all one colour
details and deciding on how you want to assemble them. as a foundation on which to build your chosen paint
Then, whilst consulting the assembly guide, clip the right scheme. Citadel spray paints are ideal for this. Then, once
component parts from their sprues. After that you will this undercoat is dry, use your chosen colours to paint on a
need to put them together. Most models will need Citadel basecoat. Advanced techniques include using layer paints,
plastic glue – a dab or two on both sides of each join, and shades, highlights, glazes and technical paints to achieve
with a little practice the parts will bond perfectly. truly stunning results.

Essential viewing, Warhammer TV’s painting
tutorials have insights for everyone. These guides are
available for free on and can
also be watched via the Warhammer TV YouTube
channel. Painting techniques for all kinds of models
are covered, from individual warriors and squads to
mighty war machines, monsters and even battlefields.
And while the videos are a boon for newcomers, they
come packed with a host of tips, inspiring ideas and
handy techniques that make them equally popular
amongst even the most expert miniature painters.
The Mortal Realms are replete with tales of mighty heroes, bloodshed and betrayal. Your own games of
Warhammer Age of Sigmar can evoke these epic stories upon the tabletop battlefield. Social, strategic and
endlessly varied, the unique thrill of a good wargame cannot be overstated.

The rules presented in this the fantastical landscapes of the available in many of these
publication give you a framework to realms can be as many and varied as publications, or drawing inspiration
make the tales of the Age of Sigmar you like. The only limit to the fun is from the events they cover, you need
your own. More than that, though, your imagination. On pages 226-243 never play the same game twice.
they enable you to tell your own of this book are the core rules with The more games you play, the more
stories set in the Mortal Realms, which to play your Warhammer Age ideas you will have for what to do
and to use your collection of Citadel of Sigmar games. With these rules, next. From laying siege to towering
Miniatures in glorious battles of you can pit any army against any Chaos Dreadholds or duelling with
your own devising. Some will fight other in whatever exciting scenario conclaves of wizards amidst the
to free the realms from the horror you choose. However, these rules are raging heart of a magical storm, to
of Chaos rule, others to crush the only the beginning of your journey. holding a perilous bridge over a river
upstarts who dare challenge the Dark Games Workshop offers an ever- of boiling lava or fighting out the
Gods. Others still may be driven by expanding range of battletomes, desperate last stands of ragged bands
personal agendas of conquest, glory, campaign supplements – such as of bloodied heroes, your games will
or simply the enjoyment of a suitably the books detailing the tumultuous become more immersive by the day.
grand and violent clash. Whatever period known as the Realmgate Wars Each new encounter will generate
your goals, these rules allow you to – and thrilling novels that tell tales spectacular war stories that you and
play out one exciting tale of battle from the Age of Sigmar. Whether your gaming group will reminisce
after another. Your exploits through by utilising the exciting battleplans upon for years to come.

The Realm of Fire has long been in the grip of Chaos,

but since the dawn of the Age of Sigmar, the Stormcast
Eternals have begun to seize vital sites across the realm.
This fantastical battlefield is hotly contested by warring
factions, and resounds to the rattle of dice every week!
Some people become expert in using their collection
on the battlefield, giving their units names and taking
note of their victories and defeats over many years of
gaming. You’ll find the vagaries of fate make heroes of
the unlikeliest characters – and betray the mightiest
warriors at the most inopportune times! It is these
stories that collectors and gamers love to swap over a
beverage when the dust of battle has settled.

No gaming table is complete without scenery. The

battlefield itself should be as fantastical and impressive
as the armies that spill their blood upon it. To help
achieve this, Games Workshop sells a variety of scenery
kits ranging from simple Sylvaneth Wyldwoods to Realm
of Battle boards and imposing Chaos Dreadholds over
which many a deadly siege can be fought.

Some gamers have regular opponents with whom they

build a friendly rivalry. Each hones their strategy against
the other until they know their opponent’s army almost as
well as their own. Such a relationship can end in a kind
of arms race where one gamer will add a new unit to their
arsenal for the next game, only to find his nemesis has
done much the same – but that’s part of the fun!

Many see the peak of the wargaming experience to be a

gaming tournament, where like-minded generals gather
for a day or weekend of several close-fought games.
The type of gaming known as matched play lends itself
perfectly to this aspect of the hobby. In these gatherings,
the standard of painting and the sportsmanship with
which you play the game can be every bit as important as
the results of the games themselves.
he breaking of the world-that-was, the Great Victory
of the Chaos Gods, the End Times – that forgotten
epoch has many names. Only the gods of yore and the
inhuman slann remember it vividly, and the truth of its demise
is buried in the dust of history. Yet there are those who still
abide, their essence or spirit having survived the cataclysm
that swallowed their world, or been resurrected by the powers
bound to their soul. The God-King Sigmar is foremost
amongst them. His world was shattered, its core hurtling
through the aetheric void, but he clung onto it still, and was
borne toward the Mortal Realms. In them he found a set of
realities crystallised from the scattered energies of his world.

It is said Sigmar was awakened in the void by the Great Drake.

Introduced by that zodiacal godbeast to the Eight Realms, he
embarked upon many great voyages of discovery, exploring each
in turn. He journeyed long and far, finding enclaves of natives
and overcoming the monstrous beasts that preyed upon them.
Sigmar taught the scattered tribes of mankind many things, and
soon they worshipped him as a deity above all others. The light
of civilisation was conjured from the stuff of the lands. Over the
course of a few generations, nomads with flint-tipped weapons
ceased their wanderings and instead learned to build. At first
their efforts were just rough huts, but as the centuries slid past,
they built townships, cities and teeming metropolises. Trade
flourished, and spires pierced the skies in every Mortal Realm.

Guided by inner knowledge and fate itself, Sigmar located and

awakened other gods – those he recognised from his former life
– with mixed consequences. Using strength as much as wisdom
he formed a new pantheon around himself. Amongst its ranks
were the duardin gods Grungni, the Great Maker, and Grimnir
the Furious. They were joined by darker presences – Malerion of
the Shadow Realm, and even Nagash, the Great Necromancer, for
they too desired worlds of order and progress over which to rule.
Alarielle the Everqueen saw the hope of new life in Sigmar, and
the twin-headed brute Gorkamorka was won over to the God-
King’s cause after a duel that flattened mountains. Each gave
unto Sigmar a godly gift in return for giving them new life, and
Azyr, the realm he had chosen as his own, thrived like no other.

But so disparate were these gods that their common causes

did not bind them for long. Over time, the fractious alliances
faltered and broke apart. Worse still, another pantheon had set
their covetous eyes upon these fertile lands. Slowly, insidiously,
the whispers and promises of these fell powers sowed division
and treachery throughout the lands until they were ripe for
conquest. Sigmar, bearing the light of civilisation ever on, did
not see many of the dangers that coiled in its shadow until it
was too late. Though that light can still be seen whenever some
relic or crumbled architecture is uncovered, the secrets of
such splendours have been crushed beneath the heel of Chaos
oppression – or else hidden away by the gods themselves.
It was Dracothion,
the Great Drake, that first
beheld Sigmar. The God-King was
clinging to a lustrous sphere of sigmarite
that hurtled unchecked through the aether.
Entranced by its gleam, Dracothion chased the
careening orb, seeking to capture it and set it in the
heavens to better admire its beauty. Only then did
the celestial drake notice the battered form of Sigmar
gripping the pitted metal. Sensing a kindred spirit,
Dracothion revived the god with a warming breath.

Sigmar thanked his saviour, bestowing gifts

upon the Great Drake in gratitude. In turn,
Dracothion showed Sigmar star bridges and
crystalline passageways that led to each
of the Eight Realms. Thus began
the fabled Age of Myth.
The Age of Myth
is shrouded in legend,
remembered in song as a time of
great alliances, mighty works of magic,
the taming of zodiacal beasts and the founding
of colossal cities. Sigmar’s claim to godhood was
unassailable, his twin-tailed mark made upon domains
still covered in the dew of creation. Yet he encountered
much that was ancient even then. He wandered in
amazement, finding portals between the realms and
exploring each in turn. There are many tales of his
supremacy: his slaying of the hydragors that guarded the
gates to Shyish, his overthrowing of the volc-giants that
once ruled the Great Parch of Aqshy, and the smiting
of Ymnog, grandfather of gargants and sire of
the godbeast Behemat. Even Auroxis the
World Beast fell to a blow from his
hammer, Ghal Maraz.

Despite their differences

an accord was struck between
the gods in those early days. Each of
the Eight Realms was appointed a divine
protector, and various oaths of domain and
allegiance were sworn. Grungni taught mankind
of metalcraft, and Nagash imposed order upon the
spirits of the dead whilst his lifeless thralls laboured
ceaselessly to build even grander edifices. Trade
flourished by means of portal-like Realmgates.
Even savage Gorkamorka worked long at his own
task – to clear the wilds of monstrous things
– for it suited him well, though ultimately
his quest was consumed by the
random violence so beloved
of orruk-kind.
Whilst exploring
Chamon, Sigmar climbed the
Iron Mountains and there freed two
gods enchained. Of how crippled Grungni
and raging Grimnir repaid their debt to Sigmar,
many songs are sung. Grungni joined Sigmar in his
quest to forge a world free of evil, but Grimnir wished
his debt settled then and there, and demanded Sigmar
name a foe worthy of his blades. That same night Grimnir
tracked Vulcatrix – the Mother of Salamanders and the
mythic creature that first birthed flame into the worlds – to
her lair. Endlessly, the wyrm uncoiled from her molten
abyss. Grimnir hefted his axes and charged. The titanic
clash that followed flattened hills and created the
Plains of Aqshy, but neither would submit. The
foes smashed into one another until god
and beast alike rained down as a
hail of blazing meteors.
The cities of that
time were raised high, and
the people that dwelt within their
walls as numerous as the stars. For a while,
those born into these worlds of wonder and
possibility knew paradise. The God-King’s might was
beyond question, as was that of his immortal allies from
the World Before Time. In Grungni’s fair city of Elixia,
in the Realm of Metal, the streets rang to the hammers
of a thousand gifted artisans. On the balconies of Thyria’s
arboretums in the Jade Kingdoms, the flowers of Alarielle’s
magic bloomed in every archway. Grimnir’s great lodges
burned hot with the fires of passion, his duardin people
hunting down monstrous beasts until the lands were
safe. Even Nagashizzar in the Realm of Death
was a place of order and progress, a city
where anarchy and warfare were but
distant memories.
In that era, many a weather-torn skald made the bold claim that he had visited each of the Great Wonders of the Mortal Realms in person.
Through the magic of the Realmgates it was thought possible for a man to achieve such an odyssey over the course of a hundred years. The
Crystal Spires of Thrense, the Spear of Mallus jutting from the Coast of Tusks, the Bone Pillars of Antghor, the peak of Deific Mons in the
Shyish Innerlands, the Sky Bridges of Ghur – all these and more were visited by the traders and travellers of that halcyon age.
The Dark God
Slaanesh, glutted on
countless souls after the demise
of the world-that-was, was chained by
the magic of the aelven gods Tyrion and
Teclis. Trapped between the Realms of Light
and Shadow, no more could Slaanesh seduce the
civilisations that sprung up across the lands. His
lustful worshippers cried out in fear and anguish,
for no longer could they feel their direct connection
with the god that gave them meaning. But Tyrion,
Malerion and their allies did not consider their work
complete. By means of painstaking ritual, they used
the arcane bindings that held the Dark Prince to
siphon the souls of many of the aelves he had
consumed, cleanse them of taint, and take
them into the mortal lands of Ulgu
and Hysh to be reborn.
lready the pantheon of Sigmar showed signs of
strain. Nagash sought to rule alone, creating strife
and even open war between the living and the dead.
Gorkamorka’s warrior spirit drew him away from Sigmar’s
sage counsel, forever driving a blade of conflict between
the savage and the enlightened. Lord Tyrion and Malerion
abandoned their duties in order to capture the Dark Prince
Slaanesh whilst he was still glutted with the aelven souls he
had devoured. Elsewhere, stout Grimnir battled Vulcatrix
until both god and monster were torn apart.

From beyond the haunted aether-void, the Dark Gods looked

upon the discord of the Mortal Realms. In the peoples given
civilisation by their old enemy Sigmar, they saw fresh prey. Their
whispered promises and insidious curses turned men against
one another, and in that strife they found their way in. At their
command the Realm of Chaos spat forth its daemon legions once
more in such numbers that all other hosts seemed trivial. Despite
the great valour of Sigmar’s followers, his civilisations were soon
beset. So began the Age of Chaos – a time of death and deceit.

Though his enemies grew in power, and strife consumed the

lands, the God-King Sigmar reforged old alliances and won
many battles. It was not enough. United in conquest, the Chaos
Gods had already proved far too strong. Sigmar was forced to
lead a great exodus to the Celestial Realm, the last place of safety
under the stars. The Gates of Azyr were closed behind him, and
the seven realms that remained were left to their fate.

Life in the Mortal Realms became a living hell. All hope of peace
was ripped away. Every race, people and settlement bled under
the bite of the Chaos axe, their lands dominated by skull-clad
fortresses and blasphemous temples. Even the realms themselves
began to change, twist and fall away, in places corrupted beyond
recovery. Though the descendants of the world-that-was clung
to hope as best they could, only those that embraced the ways of
their overlords survived for long. Honest men fought to the death
in blood-pits for the amusement of their conquerors. Priests of
dead gods turned their unheeded prayers towards viler powers.
Wretches scraped what meat they could from the carcasses of the
fallen. The spectres of betrayal and desperation turned brother
against brother and father against son.

The Chaos Gods laughed in triumph, sure in the knowledge that

there existed no force mighty enough to challenge them.

And yet, on the horizon, storm clouds slowly gathered…

n the Realm of Chaos, the Dark Gods reign supreme. Each has
its own aims and obsessions, consumed by their ancient rivalry
and the Great Game they play with the lives of nations, races and
even worlds. Their twisted armies will fight alongside each other well
enough, so long as they bring ruin to the Mortal Realms. Corrupted
tribes worship these fell entities with maddened zeal, their humanity
traded away for raw power. Encased in hell-forged armour, the
champions of Chaos carve paths of slaughter through the realms.
Mutants and monsters loom amongst their warbands, vying to catch
the eye of the Chaos Gods. Savage Brayherds of beastmen dwell in
the wild places, intent on tearing down civilisation and devouring its
remains. The ratmen known as skaven extend their hidden empire,
gnawing through the fabric of reality itself as they seek their own rise
to dominance. Most feared of all the servants of the Dark Gods are the
daemon hosts, for they are Chaos incarnate.
As the kingdoms of the Age of Myth grew ever more powerful, cracks began to appear in the
foundations of civilisation. Over time, those hair-thin weaknesses were widened and exploited by
the agents of the Dark Gods until they allowed the hellish scions of Chaos to bleed into reality.

The eyes of the Chaos Gods the souls of mortal men. They shower glimmered through the
came to gaze upon the were a source of endless energy skies, granting the wishes of
Mortal Realms with terrible and infinite entertainment – ninety-nine viziers and magi
inevitability, for the attention an arena in which their Great in a storm of contradictory
of the Dark Powers are drawn Game could be fought anew. change-magic that left golden
to the energies of mortal palaces and gardens swimming
ambition much as a shark At first, the way in was barred in blood.
is drawn to blood. Across to the agents of the Dark Gods.
the cosmos they stared with The strange realities of the
hungering intent, the glittering Mortal Realms, when they first
lights of grand cities reflected came to be, were gatherings of
in their avaricious eyes. Here aligned magic so pure that the
were fresh pastures, lands stuff of Chaos found it difficult
replete with magical power and to gain purchase there. The
natives had no knowledge of
the deities of Chaos, those fell
entities that sought to force

n the Great Hospice their way into the waking
of King Thanator, a worlds; those exceptional
healer was driven to few who had survived the
distraction by the bone- destruction of the world-that-
eating plagues that had all was kept silent, never speaking
but consumed her people. of their traumas lest they lend
She prayed for someone, them strength – though for
anyone, to help lift the some, memories of carnage
curse. When a tiny fly still haunted them in the dead
descended from the void of night. Only a handful of In Ulgu’s Grey Paradise, listless
and whispered in her ear souls across the entirety of nobles grew bored with the
one night, she learned the the Mortal Realms had come constant machinations of their
name of one who could aid to learn that these eldritch shadowy realm. Seeking more
her – Nurgle. powers could lend a supplicant intense pleasures yet finding
The Plague God was physical might, skill at arms themselves unable to enjoy
already listening keenly, or the power of sorcery in simple things, they dabbled
and in his generosity, exchange for his allegiance. in dark arts to fulfil their
he answered her next Some amongst these cared not exotic tastes – and in doing so,
eventide prayer by for the cost of such a bargain opened the door to orgies of
unleashing seven diseases – in essence, the petitioner’s destruction brought upon them
that were so strong that immortal soul. These selfish by the daemons of Slaanesh.
the bone-eating plague few, these foolish ones, were
was eradicated in a single the vectors by which the Chaos Watching eagerly over fertile
night. The surviving Gods made their play. Ghyran, the Plague God
people of Thanator’s Nurgle chuckled fondly when
Hospice, wracked inside At first, the methods by which the Warlocks of the Seventh
and out by plague, were the Chaos Gods inveigled their Mulch brewed a cauldron of
amongst the first to be way into reality were subtle. pox, using it to poison the
known as Maggotkin. Treasonous schemers seeking lands of their rivals in order to
They were new believers to overthrow their rightful boast the bigger harvest. Other
of an ancient creed given monarchs worked complex Ghyranite tribes, so beset by
fresh life, each riddled ploys against their betters, their verminous infestation they
with a different strain of prayers for change inviting the were driven to their wits’ end,
Nurgle’s finest contagions. attention of Tzeentch – prayers began to worship the Great
To this day, the Maggotkin that did not go unanswered. Horned Rat, for they saw his
march to war in In Chamon’s Hanging Valleys, baleful eyes glowing in their
Nurgle’s name. courtly intrigues turned to dreams. These supplicants
slaughter when a meteor donned the bloody pelts and
tails of the largest vermin they bloodletting and cannibalism became a way of life. Those
could slay, dancing on all fours spread across the entirety of the who did not join his cause,
around the burning corpses of Parch’s Flamescar Plateau. those who refused to devour
local rat-catchers. When the the slain after battle’s end, were
gravid moon next rose green, Where one savage religion cut down and added to the
their lands were drowned in took root, others were swift corpse-feast themselves. The
furry brown bodies, and they to follow. Shamans and seers intense violence of that time
too were consumed. turned to ever darker patrons reached such dizzying peaks
as they sought to keep one step that reality was stretched to
Though such freakish instances ahead. The civilised domains breaking point. Khorne’s hot
grew steadily more common, it of Aspiria, Bataar and Vostargi breath thinned the veil in his
was in the arid wastes of Aqshy Mont were content to leave anticipation of the red work
that the strongest of the Chaos the savage tribes to their dark to come. Then, one fell night,
Gods made his mark with a work, instead concentrating the daemons of the Blood
daemon invasion. So important on their own thriving trade God broke through from the
was that initial victory against and artifice. Realm of Chaos, invading
the forces of Order, so symbolic the Great Parch amidst a
to the passing of aeons, that Their complacency was to cost maelstrom of magic. For whole
word of it spread from one them dearly. When a warlord generations the once-fertile and
realm to another, shaking known as Korghos Khul rose to painstakingly irrigated lands
dozens of civilisations to their prominence, he led his battle- ran with rivulets of gore. It was
core. There, a rivalry between hungry tribes in an endless the beginning of a dire epoch
the forces of Khorne and contest of bloodletting that of Chaos ascendancy.
Sigmar had begun – a bitter
enmity that would define the
long wars to come.

The sulphurous lands of

Aqshy’s Great Parch have a long
history of violence. A volatile
and passionate realm even in
times of relative peace, Aqshy is
famous for the vitriolic temper
of its people. In prehistoric
times its clans and tribes used
any excuse to seek out war. Yet
over the course of the Age of
Myth, Sigmar’s influence upon
the citizens of the Great Parch
saw them learn to sublimate
their extreme emotions with
competition, athleticism and
regulated conflict.

As civilisation took root, their

boundless vigour and drive saw
them push each other to ever
greater heights of progress.
Yet their tinder-dry passions
were to ignite like wildfire
when rivalry inevitably turned
to war. There were those in
that land who could not put
aside their pride and their
aggression, who were so in
love with violence they could
not forsake it. Blood cults and
murderous savagery became
ever more common. At first,
only the most primal barbarian
tribes worshipped at the altar of
carnage, but over time rituals of
For a time, Sigmar’s alliance had been a force powerful enough to reshape the Mortal Realms. The
fact the gods shared a commonality of origin – the world-that-was – proved a strong bond. As the
rise of Chaos slowly put their kinship asunder, however, disaster loomed.

For a long and productive anger were so profound she slid brawl that shook the earth
period, Sigmar’s Pantheon into despondency and decline. of Ghur for twelve days and
of Order met in the grand Alarielle blamed Sigmar twelve nights. When the dust
conclaves of Azyr. Their as much as herself for the settled, the two laughed long
heated debates and miraculous disaster. She became a recluse, and loud, for they recognised
interventions shaped the retreating to those remote areas in one another an indomitable
realms into places where native of Ghyran still untouched and warrior spirit that could not
cultures and survivors could resolving to die there if she be extinguished.
thrive. Yet the insidious lure of must. She led the resistance
Chaos proved hard to deny, as it against Nurgle’s invasions, Gorkamorka, indebted to
had ever been, and over time its but always foul forces found Sigmar, agreed to direct his
tendrils corroded the integrity her sites of power. Over the temper at the enormous
of the pantheon just as they centuries, Nurgle’s influence predators that roamed the
tore at the stuff of reality itself. waxed mightily, and the battle Hinterlands of Ghur, the better
for Ghyran was slowly lost. to give the tribes of men a
Alarielle had long proven a Using all her enchantments, chance to thrive. The titanic
powerful ally to Sigmar, for Alarielle withdrew to the skeletons that dot the Realm
wherever she sowed the seeds of hidden vale of Athelwyrd and of Beasts from end to end are
growth and strange harmony, prepared for the worst. said to date back to that long
those lands remained fertile rampage. So much blood was
and verdant forever more. spilt, so massive were the skulls
Wherever she walked, the littering the land, that Khorne
ground blossomed and became could not help but look upon
lush. Even the most hostile Gorkamorka’s grand hunt with
realmscapes were rendered approval. But when the Blood
habitable in the wake of her God learned that Gorkamorka
footsteps. Flesh-desiccating was doing the bidding of
deserts became oases of exotic Sigmar and the Pantheon of
life and sentient plants; arid Order, the skies boomed with
salt flats became tillable fields mocking laughter. It was not
that sang with life. At Sigmar’s Gorkamorka, that primal force long after that Gorkamorka,
behest she ventured far and of destruction that exemplifies frustrated beyond measure
wide, and where she passed the battle-lust in the heart of by the debates and politics of
new civilisations were founded every greenskin, was a reluctant the Azyrite councils, roared
in her wake. But as the seasons member of the pantheon at suddenly in animalistic wrath
changed, and her sojourns the best of times. He had been and left Azyr forever, launching
became longer as she sought freed by Sigmar when the God- into a violent crusade that
peace amongst the lifeblooms, King and his ally Dracothion stormed across reality with
the heartlands of Ghyran came had encountered him trapped the force of a hundred natural
under attack. within the mountainous disasters. He led the Great
glacier of primordial ooze Waaagh! from one side of the
The Plague God Nurgle known as Drakatoa, the living cosmos to the other, leaving
had long coveted Alarielle’s avalanche. In shattering that utter mayhem in his wake.
paradises of fecundity, seeking vast entity even as it held
to infest them with grotesque Gorkamorka prisoner, Sigmar Grungni had his own reasons
forms of life that they might freed the greenskin god, but for working so long at Sigmar’s
become part of his vile garden inadvertently caused him to side. The duardin never forget
in the Realm of Chaos. By the vent his pent-up anger on a debt, and the same can be
time Alarielle returned and those closest to hand. Within said of their stalwart gods,
truly began to fight for the seconds, Dracothion was struck but so long did Grungni work
lands of Ghyran, the realm was down. Sigmar, enraged, fought to further the goals of Azyr
already infected. Her guilt and Gorkamorka in a colossal that he repaid that debt three
times over. By the forge-god’s and philosophy as his brother barbarians to fight to the
hand was the Sigmarabulum Teclis taught them the arts death, drown in lakes of blood,
raised to embrace the core of science and magic. When or slay one another in ritual
of the world-that-was; by the twin brothers found their combat so they might reach
his hammer was the Anvil own arcane studies leading the underworlds of Shyish
of the Apotheosis hewn and them towards the fringes of en masse. Archaon led his
the Crucibles of Reforging reality, and more specifically Varanguard elite through the
brought into being from void- the region where their nemesis Gate of Bones, with them the
cold nothingness. His breath Slaanesh could be found, skaven clans that gnawed their
mingled with the metallic they spent less and less time way into the Outerlands, and
by-products of his godly work, working with Sigmar, instead the daemon legions called forth
forming aether-gold, the arcane joining forces with Malerion to by the Gaunt Summoners. This
element that would become so locate and perhaps even rescue grand host proved unstoppable.
central to the existence of his the lost souls of the aelven race. Sigmar, ostensibly Nagash’s
Kharadron children. ally, was nowhere to be seen.
As for Malerion, the shadow
Grungni stayed long at his king needed little coaxing Though the Great Necromancer
work. He knew his people, like to split away from Sigmar’s Nagash ultimately forced
the coal of the earth, became Pantheon. He had laboured many of these Chaos hosts
hardiest and shone brightest hard to create his gift to the from Shyish at great cost, his
under extreme pressure – as God-King. The Gladitorium slow-burning anger at what he
the duardin say, peril is the it was called, a many-layered saw as Sigmar’s betrayal was
father of success. He let his arena of illusion so vital and undiminished. This came to
sons and daughters fend for convincing that the Azyrite a head at the Allpoints, that
themselves even when the warriors that trained there interstitial zone in the aether-
scourge of Chaos saw every could fight at full tilt, even void where eight vast portals
mountain kingdom toppled, slaying one another in battle, allowed the passage of entire
every hold shattered and bled only to walk out unharmed at armies to the heart of each
dry. Many of the survivors took day’s end. Malerion knew well Mortal Realm.
to the skies, becoming far more how valuable a gift this was.
successful in their endeavours Seeing his duty as done, he was The Allpoints was a location
than they had ever been as the first to distance himself key to the battles to come.
people of the mountain, but from the pantheon in order Alongside Nagash’s legions,
they bore scars in their souls to pursue his own agenda – Sigmar had sent a great host
from their race’s long trauma. reclaiming his aelven kin from of his Azyrite armies to lay
Grungni could never tell them their demise. claim to it in the name of the
how he had aided them in not Pantheon of Order. Yet the
helping them, for the grudge The alliance between Nagash forces of Archaon were there
his people held against him ran and Sigmar had once already. There, even as the
too deep. In the end, the guilt been strong, for both gods battle against Chaos hung in
he felt at turning a deaf ear to recognised in one another a the balance before the great
his people’s desperate prayers major force in the cosmos. portal known as the Shyish
overcame him. He passed his Without the tireless work arcway, the hosts of Nagash
duties onto the Six Smiths of Nagash’s thralls, there turned upon the Azyrite armies
that he had assembled to work was no way their respective without warning. This betrayal
alongside Sigmar, and from civilisations could have grown was to send Sigmar into a rage.
there he faded into legend, for it so strong so fast. Those tribes In his blind anger he took his
was beyond his ability to mend that came upon empty towns warrior aspect, and battered a
the wound in his mighty heart. and cities ready for settlement path across Shyish in search of
Not even the most intrepid did not ask too many questions, retribution. He did not find it.
duardin explorers know where though there were dark
he is now. whispers of skeletal figures In leaving his warriors to the
stalking in the night. But when mercy of Archaon’s blades,
The aelf gods Tyrion and the Realm of Death came Sigmar set in motion events
Teclis had rejoiced to find under attack by Chaos forces, that would see the Allpoints
Sigmar – and later his aelven Nagash was quick to defend his conquered by Chaos entirely.
allies in Azyr – after their long holdings, and the building of Chaos threatened to consume
travels. For a time, the gods of the cities slowed to a crawl. the Mortal Realms. The
light lent him the aid of their fulcrum of destiny was nigh,
matchless minds, with Tyrion Seeing opportunity, Archaon cemented by the calamitous
teaching the people of Azyr had invaded Shyish by forcing clash known as the Battle of
in military acumen, athletics tens of thousands of enslaved Burning Skies.
Where one daemon infestation flourished, more sprang up nearby. Many mortal cultures turned
their coats purely in order to survive. As years slid by, hundreds of Realmgates were claimed by
the Dark Gods, opening new portals for the daemon hordes. Sigmar’s wrath was thunderous.

The God-King Sigmar had of Ruin. Amongst the flames of lords in a common cause.
long dwelt upon the nature of Aqshy, Sigmar cast down the They had been beaten when
the Chaos Gods, and how best Exalted One, An’ggrath, and apart, but together they would
to defeat the daemon hosts destroyed his armies of Khorne. become unstoppable.
and mortal worshippers that He hunted the Great Unclean
served them. In person he was One Feculox to the City of At the Battle of Burning Skies
unstoppable, glowing visibly Branches in Ghyran, following that alliance was to bear
with the magical energies of the trail of slime before dealing fruit. Upon Aqshy’s endless
the Broken World that he had him a debilitating blow. With Fireplains, each of the thwarted
called his home for so long. the God-King on the rampage, greater daemons met Sigmar
When his innate power was the Lord of Change known as in battle once more. United
focused through the ancient Kiathanus eschewed a direct by the leadership of the
hammer Ghal Maraz, Sigmar fight, but bound Sigmar in a grand marshal Archaon the
could hurl back armies with loop of deception that would Everchosen, the size of their
a bellowed war cry or flatten condemn him to search the hosts blackened the earth. The
mountains at a stroke. Yet the same labyrinth for the rest of sorcerers in Archaon’s employ
struggle against the Ruinous time. Through the steel of his had wrenched open a rift in the
Powers already took place on warrior soul, Sigmar broke air itself – a portal to the Realm
a thousand battlefields. Even the spell. of Chaos through which entire
as he secured a lasting victory armies of daemons could pass.
in one theatre of war, a dozen
more fell to the ever-growing Against this daemonic alliance
numbers of his enemies. Whilst stood Sigmar and the twelve
manifest physically in the mortal tribes of Bellicos. The
vastness of the Mortal Realms, fiery nomads and barbarians
he could no more coordinate that had stood against Chaos
an eightfold campaign than he from the beginning had
could slay the gods themselves. taken up arms once more and
Worse still, Sigmar’s alliance gathered behind the banner
had shown the first cracks in of their godly liege, Sigmar
its foundations, for even the Heldenhammer. With them
deities of Order had their own were oath-bound duardin,
agendas and obsessions. Still aelves in glittering armour,
the God-King fought on, alone battle-hungry orruks, ranks of
when he had to. Luxcious the Keeper attempted living dead and stranger things
to seduce the God-King with besides, for Sigmar had many
The first daemonic incursions worldly desires in the name allies of his own to call upon.
to make their mark upon the of Slaanesh, but Sigmar’s
Mortal Realms saw cities, loathing for Chaos kept his As the sonorous call of war-
nations, even whole sub-realms will strong, and ultimately horns rang out in the hot,
fall to the onslaught of Chaos, the Keeper of Secrets found ash-choked air, the Battle of
for not even the greatest warrior herself withering in the face Burning Skies began. On raged
nation could stand before the of his contempt. With each the conflict, with no quarter
relentless attacks of the daemon victory, however, Sigmar made asked nor given. Dusk led to
hosts. Soon after disaster came a powerful enemy. dawn and to dusk again. So
revenge, for the armies of great was that clash of mortal,
Azyr – largely untouched by Archaon the Everchosen, monster and daemon that the
Chaos invasion – were swift to Chaos warlord supreme and a pyres of skulls raised to the
reinforce their embattled kin. conqueror of great vision, saw glory of the Dark Gods were as
The greatest assemblages of in these defeats an opportunity. mountains. So relentless was
Chaos were led by the daemon Though it took long decades to the carnage that for a year after
kings known as the Tetrarchs achieve, he united the daemon the battle, the seers of the other
realms saw a burning death’s close enough to strike. It was
head when they looked to a mistake with consequences
39 Aqshy in the night sky. that would ripple through
Seven steps took Sigmar, striding
as a giant;
the centuries.
Though he did not fully None could stay him, nor stand
commit his strength, Nagash before his wrath.
summoned vast necromantic
armies from the battlefield Again and again his foe-
dead. Gorkamorka raged cracking hammer wrought
unstoppably, clubbing gaping crimson wreckage.
holes in the oncoming hordes.
The burning light of Teclis Yet Archaon, the Three-Eyed
banished foes unnumbered, yet King, the World-Ender, had
it was mighty Sigmar, always at united the Four Foes of Old, the
the pantheon’s fore, who turned greatest of their kind.
the tide again and again.
Across the aeons Sigmar had
Crowned by thunderheads, vanquished each before, as well
titanic in his rage, the God- An illusion conjured by the they remembered.
King could not be stopped. Everchosen as he drew close
Each swing of Ghal Maraz had tricked Sigmar into So great was that battle, it set
hit with meteoric force. The throwing the warhammer not the skies aflame;
hurricanes that swirled from at Archaon as he intended, but
every impact swept foes into the very rent in the reality So began the red dawn, the
aside in waves and banished from which the daemon hordes sword time, the wolf age.
daemons howling back to the had invaded.
Realm of Chaos. - Excerpt from the
The skies cracked and boomed Saga of Burning Skies
Seven times Sigmar led the as Ghal Maraz the Great
charge, his coalition crashing Shatterer ploughed from one
deep into the enemy ranks that realm to the next, waves of
passed beyond the horizon. destruction spreading in its
Seven times they threw back wake. Through space and time Near endless was that day’s
their Chaos foes, reaping a Ghal Maraz hurtled on, leaving slaughter, so great that it
great tally with each clash. ripples in the aetheric void that ushered in a new era. Sigmar
On the eighth time, Sigmar would spread out through all blamed his allies as much as
shouted his earth-shaking war the realms. Its passage left a himself for the ruinous defeat
cry and charged forth to meet series of cosmic fault lines that of that day, and channelled his
the four greater daemons he would one day be exploited anger into a series of desperate
had defeated long ago – the in the name of conquest. The clashes. The disasters of the
Tetrarchs of Ruin. hammer eventually came Nexus Wars, which culminated
to rest in distant Anvrok, in the War of the Allpoints,
Sigmar bore down on the attracted to the dense magic ensued soon after.
daemonic commanders, a that flowed through the strange
killing light blazing in his valleys that hung in Chamon’s The crowning victory of
eyes. One after the other the edgeward skies. But already it the Dark Gods came when
Tetrarchs tasted Ghal Maraz’s was hidden from Sigmar’s sight. Sigmar, seeing no other option,
wrath, for in their monstrous The God-King felt his heart retreated to the Realm of
pride, they still would grow cold with a sickening Heavens and sealed the gates
not fight as one. But there feeling of doubt as the calamity of Azyr behind him. Only by
remained another who would became clear to him. laying down the mantle of the
challenge the God-King, one warrior-god and embracing the
whose cunning had undone Archaon’s laughter was long sceptre of the godly monarch
entire worlds. and cruel that day, for bereft could he succeed.
of that relic Sigmar was much
As Archaon the Everchosen diminished. The God-King For years Sigmar dwelt upon
rode to oppose Sigmar, the despaired as the thunder of the his losses, his rage simmering
God-King hurled the hammer Dark Gods’ triumph rang in as he brooded on how best
Ghal Maraz – for he knew of his ears. Without his mighty to retake the Mortal Realms.
old that Archaon’s blade, the hammer, the battle was all None could have foreseen then
Slayer of Kings, could kill even but lost. He fought on, but his just how far he would go in
a god should its wielder get armies were slowly decimated. order to succeed.
Without Sigmar to hold it back, the scourge of Chaos spread across the Mortal Realms like an uncontrollable
infection. As decades stretched into centuries, the lands themselves twisted into terrifying new vistas – and in
places crumbled away entirely. To live in these terrible kingdoms was to know purgatory beyond tolerance.

The corrupting touch of the forced to do their bidding laughing manically and
Dark Gods had seeped into the in exchange for a handful of crying in despair all at once
Mortal Realms through the brackish liquid. The earth of as they carved the symbols of
tiniest cracks at first, exploiting entire nations became hard Slaanesh into their bare flesh.
the ambitions and passions as brass, unyielding to the These playthings begged to
of the common folk as well as spade and the ploughshare, join the carnivals they had
those born into wealth and for the faithful of Khorne are once avoided at all costs, and
power. Over time these cracks sustained by the flesh and found themselves received with
widened, allowing trickles of blood of their victims, and have cruel pleasure.
Chaos energy to manifest in only contempt for such luxuries
reality. Via tainted Realmgates as bread, fruit or crops. Where The Plague God seeks always
and the haemorrhaging spells once wheat and maize had to expand his domain, to push
of incautious wizards, great swayed in the summer breeze, the tendrils of his daemons’
rivers of daemonic filth gushed the land was flattened, scorched paradise into new territories
through. As more foolhardy and bled dry. Grand engines the better to increase his power
mortals opened the way, of destruction and skull-lined – for he had always sought to
these rivers joined together to fortifications were raised upon claim the lands as much as the
become a flood. Those who had the sites of shattered temples people who populated them.
once claimed ownership over by corrupted, metal-masked His repugnant generosity was
the lands paid the highest price, duardin and the human work- boundless. At first, the signs of
their legacies torn apart and gangs that toiled beneath their supernatural plague were few
swallowed by a rising tide of whips. As the decades slid in number, though they grew
unrelenting anarchy. past, the sovereign lands of the as steadily as a pimple swells
Blood God were wrought anew, to bursting point. Cattle were
It was not just the legions of the a hundred empires of pain and born covered in foul buboes, or
Dark Gods that invaded, not misery founded on the bones of with heads at either end of their
only the daemon, the traitor the pure. bodies which vomited noxious
and the monstrous beast that fluids. Entire tribes would rot
wrought such violent change The lands in the wake of from the inside out, melt away
upon the prosperous nations. those that scoured for signs into slurry in their sleep or
It was the raw stuff of Chaos of their errant god Slaanesh swell to become grotesquely
itself. As the years trickled past, were perverted by the clawed obese, bloating horribly with
the domains of men became feet and cloven hooves that each morsel they consumed.
ever more like the surreal, danced upon them. The ground Arable fields and bluebell
hellish dimension from whence became fleshy, pallid and soft, woods in which lovers had
the daemons had emerged. splitting here and there to form once strolled became noisome
tooth-lined fissures and chasms swamps, each filled with
In many of those places that yawned like open wounds. grasping, spit-slick pseudopods
infested by the crimson hosts Obscene flowers pulsed that snatched the unwary under
of Khorne, the rivers that had soporific musk, rendering the surface.
once irrigated the lands ran their prey lethargic before
red with gore, fast-flowing at burying needle roots into the In the places closest to the
the centre, clotted and stinking fallen. Maddening music filled corrupted Realmgates that led
near the banks. Wherever the air, the trills and hoots of to Nurgle’s realm, poisonous
there was little to no potable Slaaneshi daemons mingling miasmas and waves of raw
water left, the folk of those with the maniacal piping and toxicity rippled across the
lands slowly died of thirst, or shouted blasphemies of their lands. Even the most beautiful
else gave in to their growing acolytes to linger long after the citadels and towers crumbled
rage, lashing out in murderous, Seekers had passed. Those who under the slow but unstoppable
despairing frenzies and in heard such strains upon the onslaught, their foundations
so doing adding their own breeze found the serpentine undermined by the questing
tributes to the skull throne. The melodies winding into their roots of diseased plants, and
most cruel of tyrants hoarded minds, where they could not stinking puddles of slop that
the water for themselves, the be dislodged. In time, they too grew with each downpour of
populace of the arid lands found themselves dancing, oily, infected rain.
Where the lands under Nurgle’s Most surreal of all were those Summoners’ Silver Towers
baleful influence were fecund domains claimed by Tzeentch. found themselves plucked
41 and overgrown, those claimed Without Sigmar to bind the from reality and thrust into
by the Horned Rat were dusty lands under the rule of Order, a labyrinth of ever-escalating
wastelands where the ash of the mages that worshipped the terror, their lives begun
fallen empires was carried Architect of Fate had wrought anew as puppets for the dark
on the breeze. The scars of dramatic and hallucinogenic amusement of their captors.
pestilence dug deep; in places change wherever their
not even a single blade of spells were unleashed. Rock Over it all reigned the Three-
grass could be found that was formations and even entire Eyed King, Archaon, he whose
not yellowed and gnawed by mountain ranges were reshaped sadistic genius had brought
vermin. Dagger-toothed rats into mazes of mirror-like about the death of worlds. His
and twisted insects scurried crystal that refracted every Varanguard agents loomed
through the ribcages of those doubt and fear, and brought at the side of almost every
that had starved to death; the nightmares of the viewer tyrant and dark king in the
even those who somehow to life. At dusk, sky-rays of lands. Perhaps there was some
clung to life were skeletally every hue and size screamed grand design behind his great
thin and eternally ravenous, the last words of those mortals work, his orchestration of
cursed never to be sated in they had chased down and the downfall of the Mortal
their hunger even should they slashed apart, feeding on life Realms and the slaughter and
fight their way to the table of energy as a flock of swallows enslavement of its peoples.
a noble’s feast. Everywhere feeds on the insects at the day’s But even to those who had
skaven of all sizes scampered, end. The glittering fronds somehow escaped or endured
hunted and roared in triumph; of sentient plants snared the the curse of Chaos – to those
those that worshipped them as thoughts of those who sought men and women still eking out
gods were allowed to live for to escape these lands, stealing a semblance of a normal life
the sake of amusement, but their intent and sending – there was but one immortal
even they were put to death them staggering back into truth: Chaos had come, and
or used as fodder for hideous the hellscape. Those who fell it had claimed a victory that
experiments before long. under the shadow of the Gaunt could never be undone.
he talons of Chaos dug hard into the peoples of the Mortal Realms. In every land, across every generation, those who
had grown strong under the rule of Sigmar’s Pantheon found themselves cast into the dirt to grovel under the iron heels
of their oppressors. As easy as it was to see the terrors inflicted upon the people as gross misfortune, or as the act of a
malevolent outside force upon an innocent populace, the wise knew that was not the case at all. Here was the darkness in the
hearts of every man and woman made manifest, the nightmare lurking within every soul given form and set against the people
they once called kin. For the Chaos Gods were formed of the hopes, lusts, fears and urges of mortal souls. Their worshippers
too were people; those who not only turned from their own kind, but who sold themselves to eldritch forces so they might gain
instead of suffer from the onslaught.

Amongst the nations of men were those who fought back with blade, spear, hammer, even tooth and nail, refusing to give in.
Most ended their lives impaled, hung as grisly adornments, or beheaded in the dirt, their pike-mounted skulls a warning to those
who would rebel against their masters. The most tenacious of these warriors, those that spat in the face of Chaos even unto death,
would one day meet a different fate – but for many decades these doomed heroes were visited by the worst punishments of all.
igmar’s vengeance against the Chaos Gods was slow
in coming, but when it arrived, it did so with epoch-
shattering fury. From the threshold of disaster had
Sigmar snatched those champions strong enough to defy
Chaos, and in Azyr he had remade them. One by one these
heroic souls were reforged as warriors of storm-wrought
fury. The first amongst them had to endure centuries of
anticipation, meditation and training, readying for a moment
of revenge that seemed never to come. Painstakingly had
Sigmar worked to create his new armies, and with the greatest
artifice had Grungni laboured to forge the divine lightning
that would carry them.

On the day of reckoning, the skies of every realm were lit by

Sigmar’s Tempest. Down from the heavens came the chambers
of the Stormcast Eternals, warrior hosts borne within each blast
of lightning. Columns of heavenly energy slammed into the
bloodstained earth of the ravaged Mortal Realms. They each
struck near the long-sealed Gates of Azyr, for those barred
portals could not be opened from one side alone – the Reforged
warriors of Sigmar would have to cast them open from without
as well as within. Each bolt of celestial force sent to the Mortal
Realms faded in a glow of azure to reveal a retinue of champions,
each clad in shining battle plate.

Straight into battle charged the Stormhosts, joyous war cries

upon their lips. The Long Wait was over. These warriors had been
made not to negotiate or build, but to slay those with evil in their
hearts. They proved perfectly suited to the task. The lightning
hosts had been hurled by Sigmar’s hand into the most desolate of
lands, the better to strike at the architects of their ruin. Sigmarite
hammers and swords clashed against ensorcelled blades and
axes carved with dread runes – and for the first time in living
memory, the hordes of Chaos knew fear.

Time and time again the Stormhosts hurled back the minions of
the Dark Gods. Each Realmgate they flung open saw the armies
of Azyr march forth, not only reinforcing the chambers of the
Stormcast Eternals but consolidating and building upon those
lands they had emancipated. As the new era dawned, fortified
cities and civilisations were built upon foundations of broken
bone and shattered keeps from the Age of Myth.

The fate of the Mortal Realms had been changed forever more.
Together, Sigmar and Grungni had crafted an army of miracles, a
host of armoured angels created from the souls of the finest men
and women the Mortal Realms could provide. Their devotion,
their singular vision, had been so powerful it had proven enough
to challenge the dominion of the Dark Gods.

Only later did the cost of that godly ambition become clear.
The first of the God-King’s hosts, the Hammers of Sigmar, manifested upon the Brimstone
Peninsula in the south of the Great Parch. There began a deadly rivalry between the immortal
warriors of the God-King and the flesh-eating maniacs of Khorne.

By the time Sigmar’s Tempest The pincer attack that Vandus THE QUEST FOR
gathered over Aqshy’s Great coordinated with his Lord- GHAL MARAZ
Parch, the continent was all Relictor, Ionus Cryptborn, In Chamon’s Hanging Valleys,
but lost. Even the warrior saw Khul’s brass towers torn the Celestial Vindicators –
smiths of the Direbrand Tribe, down. The Bloodbound warlord most vengeful of all Sigmar’s
most redoubtable of all the himself was brought to bay atop hosts – sought signs of the
Flamescar Plateau’s kindreds, the pyramid of skulls he had God-King’s ancient ally,
had their defiance finally raised to Khorne’s glory. On the Grungni. They found not
broken at Scorched Keep. Only cusp of winning his ascension duardin in the deserted
scattered remnants of the to the rank of Daemon Prince mountains of Anvrok, but
once-great societies were left. by using Jactos Goldenmane’s the taint of the Tzeentch-
They fought or fled each day decapitated head as a capstone, worshipping forces that had
before an ever-growing throng Khul found he could not refuse driven them away and caused
of Korghos Khul’s followers – Vandus’ challenge to single the land to be in thrall to the
known as the Goretide for their combat. Khorne has only corrupted godbeast Argentine.
habit of turning the lands red contempt for cowards, after all. There, under the skyborne
in their path. Those who once glow of the silver drake’s fires,
prayed for deliverance had lay the ruins of the once-great
given up hope, for even should metropolis Elixia.
their prayers somehow be
answered, the people of those At the heart of that tumbled
lands were too broken in body city was a dread fortress of
and spirit to be worth saving. impossible scale, and Thostos
Bladestorm, Lord-Celestant of
That salvation came the Celestial Vindicators, was
nonetheless. Vandus quick to attack. His impetuous
Hammerhand – formerly assault led him to disaster.
Vendell Blackfist of the After wrenching a breach in the
Direbrand Tribe – was the first walls of the Eldritch Fortress,
to lead the Stormcast Eternals he was blasted by the change-
to battle. The golden armour magic of the sorcerer Ephryx,
of the Hammers of Sigmar turned to living metal, and
gleamed as heavenly energies slain. Yet he was reforged in
bore them to war. Soon enough, glory. Through that breach
that burnished sigmarite was Thostos had witnessed the light
splashed with hot blood. The Lord-Celestant was on of a divine artefact – nothing
the brink of death at Khul’s less than Sigmar’s lost hammer,
The Hammers of Sigmar were hand for the second time – for Ghal Maraz the Skull-Splitter.
not alone in taking the war Khul was strong, and had
to the Bloodbound servants slaughtered the Direbrands So it was that both Vandus
of Khorne; helping forge long ago. Vandus called upon and Thostos were sent by
their beachhead upon the Sigmar’s lightning to strike the God-King himself to
Brimstone Peninsula were the hard at the Gate of Wrath, that reclaim that most divine of
Anvils of the Heldenhammer, dread portal his nemesis was artefacts. At the head of the
the Lions of Sigmar and the using to summon his daemonic Heldenhammer Crusade they
Celestial Vindicators, who allies. Sigmar heard his plea returned to Anvrok, only to
were to become close allies that day. A great skybolt find the fortress wrenched from
over the coming years. Vandus’ blasted down, tearing apart the lands by Chaos magic and
fellow Lord-Celestant, Jactos the Gate and the Red Pyramid transported to a crucible-like
Goldenmane, paid dearly for alike. Without recourse to his crater of molten metal heated
his headlong assault upon daemon hosts, and with the by Argentine, a shimmering
Khul’s warbands, meeting his heart of his Bloodbound armies Tzeentchian godbeast that
end upon the blade of Khul’s torn out, Khul was forced to coiled in the skies high above.
reality-splitting axe. His cede the Brimstone Peninsula The Stormcast Eternals
sacrifice was not in vain. to the Stormcast Eternals. fought through embittered
ghosts, Slaves to Darkness Vandus, given time by Thostos
and ambushing skaven that Bladestorm’s headlong assault,
scurried out from gnawholes in took up Ghal Maraz and smote
reality, but only won through the Tzeentchian lords that
by convincing Dracothion sought to pervert its power.
‘This night we ride the storm.
himself to intervene in order
This night we smite the savage
to fight the drake Argentine. That hammer, returned to Azyr
and the daemon. This night, we
Whilst the sky burned above, against impossible odds, was
fling open gates long closed.
they reached the Eldritch presented in great ceremony
Fortress. There they found not to Sigmar. The God-King gave
The fallen will be avenged a
only Ephryx but also Korghos it the next day to another, for
hundredfold, and the Dark Gods
Khul awaiting them – he too the purpose of a weapon is to
themselves will feel our fury.
was an agent of the gods, and be wielded, not be used as a
hungry for revenge. Once more symbol of rulership. Though
This night, brothers, we bring
Vandus matched wits against none knew it, Sigmar had
his nemesis, and once more long ago created the hand that
Khul was overcome, this time would bear it in his name.
by his own rage. The Lord- From a hidden chamber was - Vandus Hammerhand,
Celestants fought on through summoned the Celestant- Lord-Celestant of the Hammers
daemons and warlords until Prime, first and most puissant of Sigmar, before the invasion of
they saw the divine light of of all Stormcast Eternals. the Brimstone Peninsula
Ghal Maraz. The magic of Finally revealed, he was given
Sigmar’s hammer was being the Great Shatterer, and
used to spirit the Eldritch entrusted with a most sacred
Fortress from Chamon into the duty – to lead the war against
Realm of Chaos. the scions of the Dark Gods.
In loosening the stranglehold the Dark Gods had upon the Mortal Realms, Sigmar opened a
new chapter in the history of mankind. Old allies and former nemeses alike rejoined the fight,
invigorated by the thrill of war and conquest – or by a much-needed breath of hope.

The successes of the Stormcast In reaching the Everqueen’s The allies’ numbers dwindled
Eternals in Aqshy and Chamon haven, the Lord-Celestant with each engagement. Only
were remarkable indeed, and his Hallowed Knights when the Celestant-Prime
but perhaps more so were succeeded where the forces of descended in a storm of
the actions of the Hallowed Nurgle had failed. The invaders energy did the Stormcast and
Knights in Ghyran. Here, that had long searched in vain, but Sylvaneth forces find the flames
purest of all Stormhosts went those with the taint of Chaos of their defiance blazing anew.
to war against the scions of upon their souls could not
Nurgle that were suffocating even perceive the Everqueen’s Torglug the Despised was laid
the Jade Kingdoms. Their sacred retreat of Athelwyrd. low when the Celestant-Prime
duty was to find Alarielle the However, as ill fortune would struck him with Ghal Maraz.
Everqueen, and to convince have it, the Stormcast Eternals In that moment, the part of
her that the time was right to had inadvertently led the his soul that was still pure was
put aside despair and strike armies of Nurgle straight to snatched from his rotting body
back against the dominion of their quarry – for the skaven and taken up to Azyr. There he
Chaos. For her part, Alarielle spies and beastmen trackers was reforged into the winged
did not wish to be found, for of the Plague God’s forces Knight-Venator known as
she was lost in the winter of her were tenacious. Into the once Tornus the Redeemed. He was
desolation, and wished only pure River Vitalis ventured to be the first of a new breed of
to hide away. There were those the armies of Stormcast and warrior – those whose essence
amongst her legions, however, Chaos worshipper alike, still had a glimmer of valour
who would see the pall of and battle was joined in the within them. Here was hope
Chaos lifted from Ghyran – other-world beneath. Leading that even corrupted souls may
foremost amongst them the the Nurgle hordes were the be reborn in glory by the power
Lady of Vines, a Branchwraith Plague God’s favoured generals of Sigmar.
grown from Alarielle’s own – amongst them Torglug the
severed right hand. Despised, former guardian of The Chaos Gods looked in
the Lifewells, and the diseased anger upon this new force in
The first Stormcast strike in mutant triplets known as the Mortal Realms, this new
Ghyran saw the Hallowed the Glottkin. challenge to their rapacious
Knights attempt to seize the intent to claim or devour every
Gates of Dawn from the forces As her enemies breached her land and kingdom they could
of the Plague God. They took sacred stronghold, Alarielle find. In this they were not
on seven Great Unclean Ones faced the crisis she had long alone. Archaon the Everchosen,
in the process, and would have avoided. She could hide no the Three-Eyed King, architect
been doomed but for the fact more from the fate of her of a thousand wars and
the Stormcast leader, Lord realm. The Everqueen fought mastermind behind the fall
Gardus, ventured into the hard for her refuge, but with of the world-that-was, saw the
noxious Garden of Nurgle in the rains of Nurgle’s Deluge threat of the Stormcast Eternals
order to lure the titanic daemon filling the valley, she had clearer than any other.
Bolathrax away from his men. no option but to flee. In her
Such was Gardus’ purity that he despair, she took the form The Storm of Sigmar
made it out of the garden alive, of a gestating seed, and was represented the first real
if forever changed. The Lady of borne from Athelwyrd by challenge to the stranglehold
Vines saw him reunited with the Lady of Vines. Seeking to of the Chaos Gods. Though
his kin, in doing so establishing make amends, the Hallowed Khorne’s followers had been
an alliance between Stormhost Knights formed her escort. struck hard, the Blood God was
and Sylvaneth that persists to The Sylvaneth and Stormcast greatly pleased by the eruption
this day. Eternals fled with the armies of battle and strife across
of Nurgle hard upon their the cosmos. He hungered
Armed with knowledge he heels. The running battle that only for blood, no matter
had gathered during his followed saw many gruelling its provenance. Archaon,
arduous exile in the Garden of days and nights of fighting, meanwhile, saw a great deal
Nurgle, Lord Gardus led the crossing frozen seas, living of opportunity for his own
Stormcast Eternals to Alarielle. glaciers and foetid forests. ambitions in the new era.
Before he put his plans into daemon into his service as his Archaon led his Varanguard
motion, Archaon sought a personal soothsayer. Vandus in the slaughter. In a single
magical boon that would ease Hammerhand and his warriors, bloody day, every one of the
his path to victory. He knew sent by Sigmar, rode to stop Hammerhands was slain.
that inside the hollow world of him – and met their doom. Archaon bound the Oracle
Golgeth was a land so redolent Kiathanus into the form of
with transmutative energies Atop the peak the generals a bracelet, and in doing so
that time itself flowed in duelled, but the Lord-Celestant partook of the daemon’s
anarchic eddies. There, atop the could not truly hope to match knowledge. Even in the face of
peak known as Mount Kronus, Archaon. Vandus was bodily Sigmar’s finest, the Everchosen
was a temple to the Oracle ripped apart by Archaon’s had proven all but unstoppable.
Kiathanus, the Lord of Change fabled daemon sword, the But the Hammerhands’
that had matched its powers Slayer of Kings. His essence sacrifice did not go unnoticed.
against Sigmar at the Battle of returned to Azyr, but such Their deaths roused wise
Burning Skies. By gathering was the violence of his death it Dracothion to action, and saw
the syllables of its true name, would be long years before he the Extremis Chambers opened
Archaon sought to bind the could be properly reforged. in Azyr for the first time.
Many would-be conquerors yearn to rule over neighbouring kingdoms, or even to subjugate entire
civilisations, but only the Everchosen sought to bind every realm and domain to his command. To
break open even Azyr itself, he aimed to enslave zodiacal beasts of terrifying size to his cause.

Sigmar’s grand strategy seemed illumination and thereby upon which four Chaos nations
to be working. In several escape the ghoul-things that vied for supremacy. Khul
Mortal Realms his warriors prowled the humid night. It aimed to unite these warring
had consolidated their early was Archaon’s intent to break factions and, in doing so, amass
gains. Some had even started to those huge god-chains, and to a world-conquering army.
build cities around those vital corrupt Ignax’s mind so that
Realmgates they had seized. she would fight at his behest. Khul first took his axe to
Though each was but an island the warhosts of the Daemon
of Order in a sea of mayhem, Prince Skinskein. By feigning
they were growing fast. But weakness in a duel with the
in putting all his hope, all his Khornate lord, Khul found an
efforts, into his great crusade, opening – with a blow from
Sigmar had nearly emptied the his enchanted axe, he broke
Heavens. With the Stormhosts the towering fiend’s power.
abroad in the Mortal Realms The Khornate legions bowed
and the free armies of Azyr to him as their new leader, and
fighting in support, the walls of with sheer force of will and
Azyr were largely denuded. unremitting violence Khul
united the daemon hosts of the
Herein lay an unprecedented Orb. Next, he struck against
opportunity for Sigmar’s the Seraphon that had long
enemies to land a telling harried that world, and then
blow. It was Archaon’s intent against the denizens of the
to invade Azyr itself, that Ashlands below. When Khul’s
realm so long barred to the invasion reached the Land of
hordes of Chaos, even as his the Chained Sun, Archaon’s
chosen champions crushed Archaon sent two of his long-running scheme
the warriors of Sigmar’s champions to pave the way for came to fruition. There the
Tempest into the dirt upon the his conquest. Appearing from Fyreslayers of that region found
battlefields of the realms. To a cloud of flies, the maggoth- themselves caught between
breach the walls of the Realm of rider Bloab Rotspawned spread the heavy cavalry of Archaon’s
Heavens, he intended not just a vitality-sapping plague across Varanguard and the daemons
to summon chosen warriors the Ashlands. The disease was under the banner of Khul. They
to his banner, but also to bind designed to subdue the native fought hard, but were already
titanic beasts – mythical terrors populace and any warriors doomed to defeat.
that could each rival the power hoping to defend the region.
of a deity – to his will. Ultimately, however, the Nurgle In desperation, the Runefather
sorcerer failed in his mission, of the Austarg lodge allowed
Near the Realm’s Edge of his plagues burning away when his hot-blooded sons to make
Aqshy lay the Ashlands, a Lord-Relictor Ionus Cryptborn a grand sacrifice. Climbing
region of islands floating on an and Lord-Celestant Victrian Ignax’s titanic chains upon
acidic sea. Above them hovered Cyrocco of the Tempest Lords their Magmadroth steeds,
the Land of the Chained Sun, harnessed the fiery rage of the they hammered an ancient
a floating crescent-shaped daemon Skarbrand against Rune of Binding into the Solar
isle bound to the lands below him. In fleeing to Ghyran, Drake’s hide, even as their flesh
by titanic chains. It was lit by Bloab instead spread his melted away. Ignorant of their
the godbeast Ignax, the Solar plagues to new lands – the sabotage, Archaon corrupted
Drake, whose fire burned so Scabrous Sprawl. the godbeast’s mind and caused
bright that many on the lands her to break her bonds by
below thought her to be a sun. Meanwhile the mighty lord plunging the Slayer of Kings
Korghos Khul, second of into her vast cranium. With his
She too was chained, bound to Archaon’s emissaries, took his goal complete, Archaon made
the crescent isle by Grungni armies to the Orb Infernia. This for the Allpoints. He knew not
himself so that the duardin was a cadaverous once-world that another’s mark had already
below might live in eternal that hung above the Ashlands, been made upon his victory.
ather to me, children,’ said the ‘To stop the Three-Eyed King,’ said the girl
half-crone. The wizened side of her reverently, eyes wide in her rot-smudged face.
face puckered as she was jostled by ‘That’s right, my sweet,’ crooned the hag.
the traders bustling behind. ‘Gather and ‘The Everchosen wanted to enslave Behemat
learn. This great ribbed vault, this pillared with the Torc as a chain-collar, for he wanted
cathedral of trade and opportunity, once held to conquer all. He sent Bloab, the Lord of
the heart of a giant.’ Swarms, to sap the energy of Behemat as
The swamp urchins, each of whom bore his he slept, infecting him with an insect-borne
or her own strange disfigurement, feigned plague. But he had reckoned without the Hosts
indifference. But none of them left. The of the Tempest.’
child-teller continued. ‘The Storm Kings!’ shouted one of the
‘He was called Behemat, the World Titan. urchins, smiting the air with an imaginary
He walked this land even before Sigmar the hammer. The crone grinned, exposing a rotten
Thunderer brought light to the Scabrous graveyard of brown teeth. ‘Yes, greenling.
Sprawl.’ The hag bunched her hands, knuckles Down they came from the skies, with lightning
popping. ‘His fists were mountains, and his in their eyes and thunder in their fists. The
bald head touched the sky.’ Stormhosts drove back Bloab and his maggoth
One of the children snorted in disbelief and even as Behemat awoke. They were too
picked his nose, only to be elbowed sharply in late – the World Titan was already infected.
the ribs by his little sister. It was the Knights Excelsior that dealt the
‘When he opened his cave-like maw, out deathblow, summoning Sigmar’s Great Bolts
from his throat crawled the fathers of the to blast Behemat’s mind apart,’ the half-crone
Swamp Tribes,’ continued the half-crone, flicked the nose-picking urchin hard upon the
gesturing at a gargant lumbering drunkenly forehead, ‘and deny the Three-Eyed King his
through the eastern halls. ‘It was the Giant prize. He fell down dead. Time claimed his
King Brodd that took the monolith from the life, as it claims all of us.’
Temple of Tor Crania,’ at this, she pointed at Black spots of rain began to fall from the
a distant hill, ‘and he that struck down the Torc, and the children slunk away. The crone
Umbilicus pillar leading to the Great Green smiled, then coughed wetly as she shuffled on,
Torc. But why?’ a fat fly crawling from her bloodied lips.
The grand invasions of Chaos that had seen so much of the Mortal Realms conquered owed much
to the strange island of reality known as the Allpoints. Through its mighty portals marched
armies of world-breaking size. Both Archaon and Sigmar knew it was key to any lasting victory.

The arterial Realmgates that led Eternals and their allies sought walls using the lava-magic of
from the Eight Realms to the to win lasting supremacy. The their Fyreslayer allies. There
Allpoints – or the Eightpoints, victors at each gate would Archaon himself rode his
as it had been known since travel through the arcways monstrous steed Dorghar into
Archaon’s conquest of that to reinforce their allies at the the fray. Thostos wounded the
place – were called arcways. Eightpoints, under the shadow Chaos warlord in a duel, only to
Each was protected by a of the Varanspire. If fate was be ripped apart and devoured
fortress known as an All-gate. with them, they could align the by Dorghar, never to return.
Here was war writ large, a gate’s innate magic so that only
struggle for ascendancy that they and their kin could pass In Aqshy, the Brimfire Gate
would forever recast the Mortal through it from then on. was closed to the scions of
Realms and the balance of Chaos. Archaon unleashed
power amongst them. At the Mercurial Gate of Ignax the Solar Drake, but
Chamon, Thostos Bladestorm the Fyreslayers triggered the
Across eight vital battlefields and the Celestial Vindicators secret Rune of Binding that
within the Mortal Realms, war attacked the impregnable they had hammered into
raged on the far side of the Ironholds from below, the godbeast’s hide, turning
arcway portals as the Stormcast tunnelling under their serried Archaon’s slave into a deadly
enemy at the moment of his In Shyish, the Endgate known as Fangathrak. As
triumph. Vandus Hammerhand remained in Archaon’s hands. the violence of the Megaboss
fought the exiled Bloodthirster Though the Anvils of the Gordrakk’s orruk attack
Skarbrand as the forces of Heldenhammer believed escalated, Fangathrak was
the Blood God matched their they had re-established an battered, hewn and unchained
might against the Stormcast alliance with Nagash, history from the fetters with which
Eternals and their allies, but repeated itself when the Great Archaon sought to control it.
through valour and strength Necromancer forsook Sigmar’s When the dust settled over a
Vandus emerged triumphant. armies in their time of need. corpse-strewn wasteland, the
That realm still belonged to The Realm of Light had seen gate remained unclaimed.
Khorne, but the Blood God wars beyond counting, but
suffered a major defeat in no aid came from there to Whilst gods, tyrants and lords
failing to control that vital gate. the Eightpoints. The strange of fate consolidated their
denizens of Hysh had their own gains and planned their next
Nurgle, too, found his prize dire wars to contend with. moves, the cosmos aligned
snatched from his clawed to the new order that Sigmar
grip at the last. In Ghyran, Ulgu, the Realm of Shadow, had brought. In lands broken
the sacrifice of the Hallowed was difficult to perceive as free of the shackles of Chaos,
Knights won the beleaguered ever. Of whether Malerion and new civilisations rose from
Sylvaneth a chance to rally. Morathi had won their own the ashes like phoenixes
From the brink of disaster, long war against the forces of given fresh life by the flames
Alarielle’s mood turned from Chaos, there came no word. of their demise. The forges
a winter of despondency to In Ghur, the Realm of Beasts, of the Sigmarabulum rang
the rage of a spring tempest. the forces of Destruction loud with the energies of
Resurgent, she cast down and Chaos clashed over the reforging, for Sigmar did not
Nurgle’s champions – the Mawgate – no normal portal, rest idly. The true battles for
Brothers Glott – and her but the yawning gullet of a control of the realms were only
crusade began in earnest. segmented, crawling godbeast just beginning…
The Realmgate Wars had seen the choke-hold that Chaos had established broken apart in a
hundred war-torn kingdoms. Sigmar and his pantheon wasted no time in raising new cities, each
as much a statement of defiance as a practical power-base around which to shore up the war effort.

From prophecy-rich Excelsis For fourteen days and nights, genius, the boundless wisdom
in the Realm of Beasts, to the ground shuddered and the of the aelven enchanters, and
volcanic Vindicarum in the forests swayed as Alarielle went the pragmatic skill of the
Realm of Metal, the cities of about her work. Eventually, Ironweld engineers, history
Order were many and varied. a new city of prodigious size was made in Greywater Reach
Most took decades to build, stood atop the plateau, a as a deposit of Ghyranite
growing slowly from fortified mighty fastness to watch over realmstone was harnessed with
encampments to huge and the Hollow Forest. Alarielle arcane machinery.
bustling hubs of civilisation. knew that her children were
There were three cities that too fey and mercurial to be Suddenly, the forces of Order
sprung up far more swiftly, confined as the garrison for had all the power they needed
however, known as the Seeds such a place. Instead she offered and more. The bog-grot
of Hope. it to her mortal allies, a place tribes that had harassed their
of safety to call their own in stockades were driven back by
In the Realm of Life, with the exchange for watching over the crackling war machines. The
Season of War burgeoning, the Everqueen’s wondrous forest. swamp waters were drained
forces of Order sought to follow Though some feared this city of away in a matter of days, and
their victory at the Genesis plant and stone, many accepted the land baked to hardened
Gate with swift and purposeful Alarielle’s offer and became clay. Walls rose. Towers
construction. Much of the wardens of the Living City. spiralled upward. Trees were
realm still festered beneath felled by the hundred, and
Grandfather Nurgle’s rancid The second of the Seeds of the region’s resources were
touch, but with the Everqueen’s Hope could not have been plundered to fuel the lightning-
armies driving the pestilent more different from the first. fast growth of the Greywater
hordes back every day, the Led by the visionary architect Fastness. The children of
forces of Order were filled Valius Maliti, a collective of Alarielle looked on in horror
with confidence. artisans and labourers poured at this rapacious industry,
through the Festermere some even coming to blows
It was Alarielle herself who Realmgate into Greywater with their erstwhile allies in
raised the first of the Seeds of Reach, ready to build a fastness their sorrow and anger. Yet still
Hope. In the Jade Kingdom of against the powers of Chaos. the Fastness rose, a towering
Thyria, the Everqueen defeated Guarded by the Anvils of the stronghold of ironclad walls,
the skaven swarms of Clan Heldenhammer, the spellcraft roaring furnaces, sorcerous
Morbidus and drove them of the Eldritch Council and wards and lowering cannon
from the Hollow Forest. Once many regiments of Freeguild batteries that dominated the
a trackless ocean of vibrant soldiery, the work began region all around.
flora, this immense woodland in earnest.
had come by its bleak name The third of the Seeds of Hope
after the Clans Pestilens Throughout the Mortal Realms was the Phoenicium. Before it
gnawed away its roots and left existed concentrations of raw became a symbol of rebirth,
it to desiccate and die. The magic, coalesced into disparate the Phoenicium was a vast and
Everqueen restored it to life, substances known collectively sprawling ruin that dated back
her purifying energies flowing as realmstone. Whether the to the Age of Myth. Ancient
through the rattling husks burning coals of primordial and enigmatic, it sat at the
of ghost-elms and sighing anger found in Aqshy, the foot of the tree-like Arborean
willows. Amidst the reborn meteoric stardust of Azyr, or Mountain, its structures
woodlands, Alarielle raised the steaming, jade-hued ice haunted by strange entities and
a mighty city through the found in Ghyran, realmstone inhabited by bands of brigands
power of natural magic. Her had always been seen as and wanderers. During the
song soared high and lilting volatile. It was Valius Maliti early stages of the Chaos
as it brought forth bulwarks of who first made the intuitive invasion, a fierce battle was
ironoak and bedrock. Towers leap of suggesting that its fought amidst the nameless
and fortifications she fashioned hazardous manifestations ruins and a terrible catastrophe
from thorn-studded vines and could be used as a source of engulfed everyone involved.
seams of song-forged metal. power. Between the architect’s Whether by some mighty spell
or weapon, the wooden slopes Slowly, impossibly, the amber In founding the Seeds of Hope,
of the Arborean Mountain were began to melt away, becoming however, Sigmar and Alarielle
torn open, and an oozing tidal a beautiful golden mist that had overreached themselves.
wave of sap was released. The rolled out to surround the Where most of the new cities
sap-tide rolled inexorably down ruins. Though it took many of Order were built steadily,
upon the nameless citadel, hours, and the Phoenixes were carefully, under the watchful
immersing it entirely before exhausted by the time they eye of countless Stormcast
setting as a glacier of amber. were done, the nameless ruins Eternals, this trio of enclaves
So was the nameless citadel were fully revealed, empty and had risen with breathtaking
preserved, like some prehistoric ready to be reclaimed. speed. Each was isolated,
insect, for hundreds of years. so far away from the others
Perhaps it could have stayed Aided by the children of that the cities might as well
that way forever, untouched by Alarielle, Sigmar’s Stormcast have been in different realms.
both the corrupting power of Eternals and many of the Though they could be reached
Nurgle and the healing magic Azyrite peoples, the Phoenix by forces moving through
of Alarielle, but such was not Temple resettled the nameless Realmgates from Azyr, the
the ruined city’s fate. city and raised it up from the lands around the cities were
twilight limbo in which it had still corrupted by the touch
It was the Anointed of the languished for so long. So did of Chaos and swarming with
Phoenix Temple who found it become the Phoenicium, a myriad foes. Those dwelling
the preserved ruins, after their city where the inner ruins and within the Seeds of Hope found
defeat of a Rotbringer host deep tunnels still harboured themselves fighting daily to
at the Dreamloss Realmgate. many strange secrets, and repel attacks not only from the
Battered but victorious, the whose borders were veiled in a servants of Chaos, but from
aelves marvelled in silence magical golden mist. other powers also.
at the incredible spectacle
before them. It was then The Seeds of Hope had been These new cities were a
that their Flamespyre and planted, and though each was statement of intent, symbolic of
Frostheart Phoenixes took different to its counterparts, a new order. They were enough
to the air, crying out to one all three cities were enclaves of to kindle the flame of hope
another as they began a mystic civilisation amidst the war-torn in the hearts of some, and of
aerial dance. Back and forth bedlam of the Realm of Life. jealousy in others. The storied
the magical creatures flew, They swiftly became symbols of annals of their histories were
sorcerous fires and whirling what the forces of Order could to be stained red with blood
cold trailing across the achieve in spite of the Dark over and over again in the
encased ruins. Gods’ malice. coming years.

Though the lands remained in the grip of Chaos, Stormcast Eternals raised towering Stormkeeps
to watch over key Realmgates, whilst processions of the faithful and arcane cleansed the land
through their blessed blood and magical skill. The greatest of all the new cities was Hammerhal.

Amongst the cities built by It was not uncommon for the savage attacks through the
the forces of Order following cities to be named to honour Realmgate. The greenskins
the Realmgate Wars, none was those immortal heroes. Thus were purged in both Aqshy
greater than Hammerhal, the was Hammerhal originally and Ghyran for leagues around
Twin-tailed City. The Cities named for those Hammers that mystic portal. Amongst
of Sigmar – as they came to of Sigmar who claimed the the ashes of the greenskins’
be known – were mostly built Stormrift Realmgate. To ensure territories the Stormcasts
around fortified Realmgates, their people’s safety, Sigmar’s raised the first foundations
claimed initially by chambers warriors crushed the vast orruk of what gradually grew into a
of Stormcast Eternals. tribes that had long launched singularly spectacular city.
Hammerhal is named the crackling lightning shield forms a wall of fire that protects
Twin-tailed City because, to and keeps its mobile forts the city’s celestial spires and
all intents and purposes, it is lumbering ever outward golden domes. In return, a
two metropolises ruled as one. to extend Hammerhal’s steady supply of water and food
The great city sprawls out on boundaries, while the self- flows through the Realmgate
both sides of the Realmgate, flagellating throngs of the from Hammerhal Ghyra, the
occupying both the Ashlands Devoted cleanse the hard lands endless abundance keeping its
of the Realm of Fire and the around the city. Aqshian districts fed.
Jade Kingdom of Verdia in the
Realm of Life. Hammerhal Ghyra is a Hammerhal is governed by
stronghold of aelf-kind, though a Grand Conclave of lords
Hammerhal Aqsha is a harsh it houses many other Free chosen from amongst the best
and heavily fortified place, its Peoples besides. To hold back and brightest of Azyrheim.
myriad banners and pennants the aggressively exuberant It is defended by countless
dancing on hot, angry winds. growth of the Realm of Life, armies – including no less
The Ironweld Arsenal maintain this side of the city channels than twelve chambers of
a strong presence amongst lava through the Realmgate Stormcast Eternals. Without
Hammerhal Aqsha’s towering from Hammerhal Aqsha. doubt it is the spiritual capital
bastions and batteries. Their The molten rock flows along of the Cities of Sigmar and the
genius maintains the city’s carefully cut trenches and greatest of their number.
Sigmar had hurled back the encroaching darkness in many lands and kingdoms, and new
civilisations blended with the remnants of those from ages past. Alliances were forged, and hope
rekindled. Yet the Dark Gods were mustering their strength for a devastating counter-blow.

The deities of Chaos, having Sigmar’s conquests was fertile Nurgle had suffered a crushing
been so close to their ultimate ground for his insidious setback in the Realm of Life,
victory, found their plans schemes and manipulations. for the goddess of Ghyran had
in disarray. The balance of Every pauper praying for a spurned his generous gifts
power between them had better life, every refugee or and cast aside much of his
shifted massively, and a new downtrodden soul who looked hard work in the process. The
phase of the Great Game had for an easy solution to his glorious annex to his garden
begun. Arguably the one to predicament could find one was withering on the vine
profit most from the turmoil in Tzeentch – though it would as the Sylvaneth and their
was Khorne, the Blood God, cost him dearly. Slowly, the Stormcast Eternal allies fought
whose meat is warfare and Great Conspirator inveigled back from the brink of disaster
whose drink is spilt blood. In his tendrils of influence into to win dominance in one
Aqshy, his followers had spread the new cities as he had with Jade Kingdom after another.
so far, and grown so strong, those that came before. Hidden After a long period of sullen
that none had been left to cults met in basements, secret introspection at this rejection,
oppose their supremacy. Many societies thrived beneath the Nurgle gathered his spirits once
warbands hunted day and night masks of aristocracy, and more and embarked upon a
without finding any centres of lunatic scholars penned arcane new crusade – to deliver his vile
resistance, and had been forced tomes that could drive the blessings across all the realms,
to make war upon themselves; reader to madness. conquest by conquest, until
with the lands reduced to gore- every land bore the stigmata of
clotted wastes and the mortal his virulent touch.
kingdoms laid low, the chances
of finding a glorious war had The Great Horned Rat, least of
become vanishingly small. In the Chaos powers in strength
rising to the utmost heights of but by no means in cunning,
power, Khorne had risked his followed his own path. The
own dizzying descent. skaven spread starvation and
blight wherever the people
The coming of the Stormcast of the Mortal Realms dared
Eternals had changed to believe themselves free of
everything. Now every realm hardship, turning once verdant
resounded to the din of lands into lifeless sprawls
clashing battle lines, every of twisted stalks and rotten
land was stained once more vegetation that teemed with
with fresh blood. A new age vermin. Swarms of ratmen,
of war had begun. Khorne left to multiply as the great
frothed with anticipation at and the good warred amongst
the slaughters to come, for in The architect Valius Maliti, themselves, bred until they
Sigmar’s armies he had found a under the cover of his sheer were beyond counting. All
worthy foe once more. competence and unalloyed the while they gnawed at the
genius, worked the designs roots of existence, working
Tzeentch also profited from of his secret patron Tzeentch towards an uprising that would
the age that was dawning into a dozen free cities. The overturn every realm at once.
across the Mortal Realms. His Enemy Within had a thousand
agents had met violent ends faces, but invasions of robed Though they would never
in a hundred new wars, and Acolytes, shrieking Tzaangor admit it to themselves, each of
Sigmar had reclaimed Ghal beastmen and kaleidoscopic the Dark Gods was united in
Maraz from the Tzeentchian daemons were never far a single goal – to divide and
strongholds of Anvrok, but behind. Tzeentch would have conquer the Mortal Realms,
the Architect of Fate had no his prize, for the lands were pouring their malevolence
equal when it came to turning rich in the stuff of magic. But through every portal they
misfortune into advantage. first he would show Sigmar could seize or fashion until
Every city and culture that that nowhere was safe from the their anarchy and horror
sprang up in the wake of predations of the Dark Gods. capsized reality entirely.
Whilst Sigmar capitalised on his new victories, Malerion and Teclis travelled at will between the lands of light and
dark. Long ago, during the Age of Myth, they had found a region called Uhl-Gysh, the Hidden Gloaming. It was
this strange cosmic anomaly they had used to entrap Slaanesh, and rescue the souls of their kin.

By the time Sigmar’s Tempest broke kind, yet finding nothing, Tyrion and Malerion find common ground.
across the Mortal Realms, the magic and Teclis had come to believe that They combined the knowledge they
of the aelves had seen many of their their people had met a final demise. had gleaned from the raven monks
number saved from the most terrible Thinking to find them in the Realm and the other ancient peoples of
of fates. By using the magic of Ulgu of Death, Tyrion climbed the highest Shyish, and in doing so uncovered
and Hysh as one, the aelven gods dune of Hysh’s Desert of Ending a secret that had been buried
had extracted the souls of their lost – and descended the other side in deep. Forgotten by almost all, that
kin from within their nemesis, the Shyish. But the missing aelven souls knowledge had drifted into Shyish,
Dark Prince Slaanesh – though those could not be the found even in those where all things find their end. The
that emerged from this ordeal had desolate lands. secret was the truth of Uhl-Gysh, the
been changed irrevocably by the Malerion had a similar experience Hidden Gloaming – a sub-realm that
unimaginable trauma. in Ulgu, Realm of Shadow. There he was neither of light nor of darkness,
had found only his mother, Morathi. and yet of both at the same time.

ong ago, the gods Tyrion and They too ventured into Shyish in Existing between Ulgu and Hysh,
Malerion had been borne to search of their aelven brothers and the Hidden Gloaming occupied a
the Mortal Realms as beings sisters, emerging whole from the Pool place in the cosmos between the two
of light and shadow respectively. of Midnight in a slick of iridescent great realmspheres that formed its
So anathema were these energies oils. They roamed the underworlds constituent parts. That penumbral
that one could not enter the other’s for many years, hidden from state of half-shadow is the meeting
domain for more than a few Nagash’s far-seeing gaze by a pall of point of lucid wakefulness and
moments. Yet with the aid of their magical shadow. It was in the distant dark dreams, the state in which
closest kin – Teclis, who acted as reaches of Bonehallow that Malerion something is simultaneously known
confidante and advisor to Lord found hope. There lived an order of and unknown.
Tyrion, and Morathi, who fulfilled a raven-worshipping monks that had In learning of this ephemeral
similar function for Malerion – they recently offered aid to Tyrion and non-place, Tyrion and Malerion
located a middle ground within Teclis. Willingly, these monks led the found a way to consult with one
which they could meet. aelf gods to one another, and spoke another on neutral ground, for in
Having searched the length and of their order’s secrets. this interstitial twilight they saw
breadth of Hysh for signs of aelf- Only after much debate did Tyrion great potential. Here was a place
only they and their chosen acolytes the aetheric void between realities, Tyrion, Malerion, Teclis, Morathi
could reach, for only the aelves had the better to digest the souls of his and their allies in one single gulp.
the spiritual focus to pass their victims. There he had become so The realmstone obelisks imbued
minds into such an eldritch place. vast he was effectively immobilised with soul-stuff that Tyrion had
They spoke long upon the matter of by his own gluttony. The prospect of prepared, each standing upon a
their mutual nemesis, Slaanesh, and a princely feast would stir him into levitating island within the Hidden
together devised a plan. motion once more, however, for to Gloaming, flared bright as Slaanesh
Over the course of the Age of consume the most powerful of aelven grew close. As one they sent out
Myth, Tyrion and Malerion became souls would form the crowning glory binding, luminous light-nets of
practised in casting their minds of his conquest over that proud race. Hyshian magic. At the same time,
into the twilight of the Hidden And in the far distance, there they the grey web-like tendrils of Ulgu
Gloaming. In their searching of the were – glimmering within wisps of blossomed from spheres of distilled
realms, they had at last discovered light and shadow in the darkness. darkness, reaching out to wrap
a few aelven souls, mostly in Azyr, Slowly, longingly, the Dark Prince themselves around the energy-rich
and they gathered the magically moved closer and closer towards incarnation that was Slaanesh. The
adept of these and tutored them in Uhl-Gysh. There he could make distilled magic of the two realms
the same arts. Together with these out the souls of two young gods, mingled, each unleashed in exactly
protégés, they raised a great arcane lithe and potent, each a delicacy the same measure by the aelven
engine of mathematically precise that would empower him beyond monarchs who had laboured so long
construction, using not stone or measure. Around them a small to construct them.
metal but the energy of that secret constellation of talented aelven souls Caught in the paradoxical trap,
place and the power of their own added their power to that of their Slaanesh was held fast. In that
minds. Decades rolled past. On the masters, engaged in some mystical moment, the Dark God found that
eve of the sixty-sixth new year, they process that they likely believed hid his power had been undone. With
worked a great spell that would them from their enemy’s attention. a scream of rage he fought against
change the cosmos forever. Slaanesh’s predatory hunger could his bounds – but to no avail. He
Slaanesh, still gorged on soul not be held at bay forever. In slid the was captured, and his worshippers
energy after the demise of the Broken Dark God like a serpent, taking an the realms over were thrown into
World, was glutted and all but approximation of physical form with turmoil at his loss.
insensible. He had ventured into jaws yawning once more to consume
The Stormcast Eternals are shining angels of the tempest, this much is known. What did not come
to light until years later was the price they paid for their immortality. Over years of war unending,
Sigmar came to recognise the flaws in the reforging – and sent forth new agents to find the cure.

When a Stormcast Eternal In Sigmar’s cities, those Sigmar dwelt long on the
dies, his essence is snatched up who had been reforged too dilemma that had befallen his
into the heavens by the magic many times became totems chosen warriors, for it galled
of Sigmar and the art of the of awe and fear. Though they him to admit he may have been
soul-smith. In Azyr it will be were fierce and determined, too hasty in his reforgings.
reforged anew, an agonising they had lost much of what Already the implications were
process that may take hours, it is to be human, and with unfolding across the realms.
or may take years. Upon each that, any sense of judgement
reforging there is a chance the or discernment regarding In Vindicarum, the sparks
Stormcast Eternal may become right and wrong. For these of conflict became a raging
less human. Over the course of post-human beings, only an bonfire. Singing as they slew,
several deaths, many of those existence of black and white the Celestial Vindicators
reforged become numb to the remained, of Order and Chaos, brought a terrible judgement
horrors of war. They lose sight with no shades of morality against those citizens that
of subtler virtues – concepts in between. They existed harboured even the smallest
such as compassion, pity and only to oppose darkness and seed of corruption in their
mercy become eroded by the corruption, no matter how fair souls. A full three-quarters
burning heat of the forge. a form it took. Though these of the inhabitants were slain
This makes them daunting transfigured warriors made in a single night, rivers of
opponents indeed. for excellent shock troops in blood trickling down the
the war against Chaos, their volcano city’s caldera. That
Though the God-King Sigmar reduced humanity made them event became known as the
knew that the reforging may very dangerous for those who Purge of Vindicarum, and
carry a cost, he did not realise strayed from the true path of its implications have echoed
the full scope of the strange Sigmar’s teachings – and of through time ever since.
curse that would come to these, there were many.
afflict the Stormcast Eternals Those who survived the
as their reforgings became When the great new cities of purge banded together into
ever more frequent. Known Order were painstakingly built an army of zealous faithful,
amongst the Lord-Relictors across the Mortal Realms, marching to war alongside
as the transfiguration, this each with a Stormhost’s the wrathful warriors that
phenomenon became ever keep at its heart, the had let them live. Yet beneath
more pronounced in those terrifying implications of that solidarity, there was a
warriors who were reforged the transfiguration became hidden undercurrent of fear.
time and time again. clear. Humanity is complex, Stories of extreme measures
and its morality more so. abounded. Excelsis, guarded
Something had been lost in the When murmurings of unrest by the Knights Excelsior, was
process. Over time, many of inevitably began within said to be surrounded by chains
those who had been reforged these new-found settlements, of celestial lightning through
too many times were altered not all of the Stormcast which only those of pure soul
in body as well as in spirit, guardians were best equipped could pass. Was this, too, a
whilst others became ever to deal with them. In places, kind of slavery?
more powerful creatures of murmurings led to riots. These
the storm. For long years none were viciously put down by Sigmar ordered the upper
spoke openly of their fears, the more hard-line chambers, echelons of his temples to
for it is all but forbidden to who saw them as precursors investigate further. To bolster
doubt the God-King. Vandus to Chaos cults and uprisings. them, the Sacrosanct Chambers
Hammerhand was the first to So began a cycle of retribution were sent forth from their
put into words his concerns and rebellion that led to many guardian duties at the Anvil
of the dire future that awaited cities being riven by civil war of the Apotheosis. They were
him. He was plagued by visions and brutal suppression. The reforged not from the ranks
of a soul he came to think of as Chaos Gods stoked the fires of savages and tribesmen, but
the Lightning Man – a figure of where they could, but in many from the finest battle sages and
crackling energy that he feared places they simply watched in warrior mystics in the realms,
represented his future self. sadistic glee. and they were wise indeed.
Somewhere in the divine In secret the Sacrosanct Many paid the ultimate price,
process of reforging, a small Chambers searched every their souls snatched away by
portion of each soul was corner of the Mortal Realms Nagash’s ethereal agents. It was
escaping into the aether. It for knowledge of soul-stuff, a willing sacrifice, for should
was the appointed task of monitoring not only the forges the curse of transfiguration
these arcane brotherhoods of Azyrheim but also the continue unabated, every
to solve this quandary – or at translocation that occurred Stormhost of the Stormcast
least allay it for a time. They whenever a Stormcast died in Eternals would slowly drift
theorised that some of those battle. To fully understand the further from humanity until
mortals the God-King had magic of the soul and the cycle they were truly lost.
taken to Sigmaron were strong of life and death, the storm-
enough to withstand the sages dabbled with matters best The transfigured were growing
process of reforging once, but left to the necromantic arts. too stark in their demi-
not adamant of spirit enough In doing so, they risked the godhood. In becoming both
to pass through the apotheosis wrath of Nagash. That ancient more and less than human, in
over and over again. liche-god considered the dead so thoroughly embodying all
his sole province, and had long that was ordered and lawful,
Perhaps Sigmar had known harboured a grudge against they had abandoned the ways
this all along, but had no other Sigmar. The existence of this of normal men and become
choice – had he not mustered new breed of warrior mystic pitiless killers. A question hung
such numerous armies when he would be seen an insult, for in the air, though none dared to
did, the Mortal Realms would the war sages strayed upon ask it out loud. Was it possible
likely have been lost forever. Nagash’s territory, fighting for a warrior to become so
Only now was the cost of his hard against all manner of pure, so holy, that to the eyes
last-ditch attempt to save them unquiet spirits. In this, their of the mortal man, he would be
becoming clear. story was only just beginning. the embodiment of terror?
It was not only Sigmar who had taken souls from Nagash’s clutches as the aeons slid by. Some
amongst the gods had defied him long before Sigmar visited the Mortal Realms for the first time,
whilst others had stolen from him in the ages of Myth and Chaos. And all would pay, in time.

In the Mortal Realms, magic truly great men and women are Though not even Malerion
saturates reality. Those who can the strongest in the afterlife as truly realised the extent of
manipulate it find there is little well as the living world, and her subterfuge, his mother
they cannot do; even the power the finest of Nagash’s captains Morathi was drawing souls
of life and death can be bound and lieutenants are those who from Slaanesh’s recumbent
to the desires of a magical led their kin whilst still mortal. form in her bid for true
adept. Yet doing so carries Nagash was at first content to godhood. Her skills in the arts
many risks – mishaps that can keep a tally, knowing that one of illusion saw her create whole
leave an individual trapped day the bill would be called past armies of aelven soul-hybrids
between life and death, bestow due, but as Sigmar denuded the without coming to the notice
an eternity of raw madness, or realms of its finest warriors, of Lord Tyrion and his kin.
turn the would-be conjurer of Nagash set in motion a dark Unfortunately her secretive
souls into a wraith that howls mirror of the Azyrite muster. deeds bore a terrible cost, for
in pain and frustration forever the roaming scions of Slaanesh
more. But even the most dire The Great Necromancer sent were drawn to Ulgu, attracted
spell, the most grievous curse, forth his shambling legions to by the concentration of souls
cannot compare with the fate find the greatest mortal heroes, that had been stolen from their
of those who draw the pitiless not only in the Realm of Death, missing lord and master. They
gaze of Nagash. but further afield, and had fell into an obsessive frenzy
them cut down the champions of ecstasy at finding the scent
of men wherever they could of the Dark Prince upon the
CALL OF – for even the most proficient winds. Their heated excitement
THE HEAVENS swordsman can be brought stood in stark contrast to the
Scholars, bards, shamans and low if enough undead are sent cold-burning hatred of Nagash,
skalds in every realm have against him. These champions for in taking those souls,
heard tell of the Stormcast too were reforged, after a Morathi had invited retribution
Eternals. Word has spread far fashion – not into shining from not one, but two deities.
since their tumultuous crusade heroes, but into mindlessly
against the forces of darkness obedient thralls, living dead In the deep places of the realms
began – and in the wake of that were ready to fight in the dwelt the mysterious Idoneth,
each story, hope has blossomed. retributive wars to come. amongst the first aelves to
Though Chaos still rules the have been torn from Slaanesh’s
vast majority of the lands, over immense godhood. Free from
time, parts of Sigmar’s grand OF LIGHT, SHADOW a nightmarish existence, they
scheme have fallen into place. AND DEEP PLACES fled even from their saviour
Humans were not the only Teclis, seeking the darkest and
Yet not everyone has welcomed folk in the realms to defy coldest realms they could find –
Sigmar’s intervention. The most Nagash’s claim upon the dead. for what better place to escape
bitter of elders and rabble- In Ulgu and Hysh, the souls the god of sensuous excess
rousers claim there is treachery of those aelves rescued from than a place where sight, sound
in the God-King’s methods, Slaanesh’s essence were given and even touch were all but
for it was he who stole away the focus, taking form once more. impossible to experience? The
heroes of the realms as they Many of these aelf-things were Idoneth sequestered themselves
defied Chaos, and in doing so humanoid, appearing much in the abyssal depths of seas
brought an end to many mortal like their former selves but for and oceans so deep and
bloodlines and settlements. a faint glow of lambent energy. remote that not even Nagash
Others were remade in stranger thought to look for them there.
None have learned so well forms, the magic that coursed But they could not remain
of these acts, nor paid such through their being writ large. hidden forever.
obsessive attention to the Some of those born to the
details, as Nagash. From the Realm of Light were luminous When the ploys of the Dark
very first soul Sigmar snatched beings, angelic creatures of Gods thrust the Idoneth
from the threshold of death, pure reason. Those given new into the light, the Great
the Great Necromancer has life in Ulgu were majestic and Necromancer turned to look
been watching. The souls of terrible all at once. upon that most well-hidden
of aelven kindreds. To his can cause corporeal echoes
mind, by escaping the pull of to manifest at will. Even the
the grave and the afterlife that Chaos Gods impinge upon
followed, even they had defied Nagash’s rightful tithe. Their
his claim upon their souls. minions willingly sell their ‘The Mortal Realms are known
They too would answer for souls in exchange for power as such for good reason. Those
their crimes. and long life, and in doing so that live there may do as they
either damn themselves to an please with their natural span;
existence of surreal horror, or that too is worth fighting for. Yet
THE ESSENCE OF ascend to the immortal rank each thing that lives, from the
GODS AND MEN of Daemon Prince. Even the merest insect to the mightiest
In each realm the story was least of those so corrupted behemoth, must ultimately meet
much the same, for in every are ultimately bound not for the end of its days. When it does
race, there are those who seek the Realm of Death, as is the so, it becomes one with death.
to cheat death. The shards of proper order of mortality, but At that point it is the property of
Grimnir’s soul, shattered by for the Realm of Chaos. one being, and one being alone,
Vulcatrix and reduced to the to do with as he sees fit for the
priceless material ur-gold, Each anomaly, each exception, rest of time.
are jealously hoarded by the Nagash took personally. Was he
lodges of the Fyreslayers. not the Lord of Death? Was he That being is named Nagash.’
The Seraphon are a race long not the master of the afterlife?
departed from the physical Soon enough, there would be a
plane, yet their Starmasters reckoning, for though Nagash
keep them from oblivion with has the patience of the grave,
memories so powerful they even he would not wait forever.
Though the Great Necromancer has a hundred dire spells at his command, and though his mighty
blade has slain kings and warlords by the dozen, some say his most potent asset of all is his ability
to wait entire generations for the right moment to strike.

The being known as Nagash is its energies dissipate or it is the hunger of Slaanesh as
a true immortal, a god-eating somehow returned to life. All well as that of Shyish. Most
horror who has died over things must end in Shyish, it is other aelven souls had been
and over again. He resurrects said, even the energy of souls, sequestered or stolen away
after each demise, coalescing though it may take centuries by the aelf gods Tyrion and
once more into another or even millennia for a spirit Malerion, each seeking to
ghastly form, even if it takes to fade away completely. The rebuild the societies over which
millennia to do so. To Nagash, energy of a normal spirit, the they once ruled.
the passing of the centuries animus of each departed soul,
is as the passing of years to a can vary wildly. A basal coward Perhaps the most grievous
mortal man. from a backwater human offender was Sigmar of Azyr,
village may have little in the the Soul-Thief, Taker of Heroes
However, his patience is way of spiritual energy, his and Betrayer of Trust. The
not infinite. ghost no more than a faint and God-King had convinced
moaning shade. A martyred Nagash to join the Pantheon of
When the spiritual essence of hero – especially one of potent Order in the name of bringing
Nagash solidified in the Mortal lineage, such as an aelven or civilisation to the realms and,
Realms after the destruction of duardin warrior – glows bright reluctantly, Nagash had agreed
the world-that-was, the Great with immortal power, its – up to a point. He had no
Necromancer was immediately spirit a powerful essence in its intention of engaging in direct
convinced that he had finally own right. conflict with the Ruinous
come to his birthright. Here Powers, who together could
was no solitary paradise like undo even his great works.
those once promised to the After the Battle of Burning
nobles of Nehekhara, land of Skies, where Nagash’s absence
his birth. Nor was it a singular angered Sigmar greatly, the
purgatory devised to punish God-King usurped the Great
former sins. Shyish was a Necromancer in the most
reality that revolved around a grievous way. Whenever a
hundred different afterlives, heroic soul was upon the
each built to a greater or lesser threshold of death in the fight
extent upon the energies of against Chaos, Sigmar would
death. Visiting each of the snatch that being away in a
lands in turn, Nagash laid his flash of divine lightning. In
hollow eyes upon every corner doing so he stole one of the
of Shyish, and everything that mightiest assets that Nagash
dwelt there, and considered it could hope to bind to his own
his. Even the gods that ruled cause. The Great Necromancer
over each underworld of watched this happen again and
the realm he considered his again. Worse still, Sigmar had
property, there to be consumed These were the souls that the audacity to take a number
at leisure after he had raised his Nagash coveted the most, of souls who had long dwelt in
undying legions once more. and the souls that were stolen the Realm of Death. In fact,
from him by the deities that the God-King created an entire
When divorced from the the Great Necromancer saw Stormhost from the heroes of
flesh and blood of its mortal as his rivals. The vast majority ancient conflicts – the Anvils of
incarnation, the spiritual of aelven souls were absent the Heldenhammer, who were
essence of each dead mortal from Shyish, for they had been forged under a dark moon. To
entity – often known as the consumed by the Dark Prince Nagash, this pillage of Shyish’s
soul – will usually find its in a gluttonous feast that finest souls was blatant theft,
way to one of the Shyishan had seen Slaanesh rendered a calculated insult for which
underworlds. In the act of insensible by his own greed. Sigmar would be made to pay.
dying, it is drawn irrevocably Others had sunk into the Yet Nagash knew better than
to the Realm of Death, there black depths, passing through any other that revenge was a
to while away the aeons until sea-portals and escaping dish best served cold.
The Great Necromancer energies is to invite all manner THE GREAT
seethed in silence over Sigmar’s of catastrophe. BLACK PYRAMID
insolence, but he did not intend As his numberless minions
to do so forever. Behind a To one such as Nagash, who retrieved the stuff of Shyishan
shroud of secrecy, he had his embodies the energies of magic, Nagash laboured night
followers labour ceaselessly, undeath, grave-sand is but and day upon his defining
day and night, on a great work another kind of clay with monument. It would be
of surpassing potency. Nagash which to build his empire. His imbued with a grand spell
had long ago devised a method numberless skeletal minions that would eclipse even that
to harness the darker forms stalked slowly to the Realm’s which had stripped all life from
of magic, and the building of Edge, walking through Nehekhara. This endeavour
great black pyramids was a hurricanes of amethyst energy was no ode to pride or vaunting
hallmark of his art. In the very that would have flayed a mortal ambition, but the beginning
centre of the Realm of Death man in seconds. Amongst the of a carefully planned arcane
he had his minions construct dunes they gathered every coup. The structure was
a vast inverted pyramid out of deposit of the realmstone they hidden amongst the ruins of
monolithic blocks, each made could find, often one grain Nagashizzar’s citadel keep,
from Shyishan sand that had at a time, going to and fro that immense reflection of
been vitrified by necromantic in long thin processions like Nagash’s immortal ego that
witch-fire to appear much ants gathering sugar to take had been toppled by the forces
like volcanic obsidian. No back to their nest. Over long of the Dark Gods during the
normal sand was used in the generations, Nagash ensured Age of Chaos. The monolithic
construction of these giant the greatest concentration of wreckage of shattered libraries
segments, but the magical grave-sand in Shyish was no and broken palaces had not
substance that some call grave- longer at the edge of the realm, been rebuilt, but instead
sand, or the sands of time. but at its centre. winched into place to form the
The purest deposits were used pyramid’s scaffold. The bones
to make the capstone of that of a million broken skeleton
inverted pyramid – that which warriors, those who had failed
would one day form an awl to to defend Nagashizzar against
burrow through the substance the forces of Chaos, were
of Shyishan reality. repurposed as mortar. No
sacrifice was too great, for the
pyramid’s construction was a
GRAVE-SAND work of such surpassing artifice
Grave-sand is the naturally that all in its shadow was
occurring realmstone of rendered irrelevant.
Shyish, a granular crystalline
substance that once trickled Though Nagash had created
down the dunes of the lonely black pyramids as centres of
deserts and bluffs at the dark energy before, this was
Realm’s Edge. Each stream and undoubtedly the grandest. It
rivulet of grave-sand is said to was also the most geometrically
be attuned to the lifespan of perfect. Every tunnel, every
a living creature – once every corridor and finger-thin
single grain of a particular As the centuries rolled by, the conduit inside it was shaped
trickle is still, the lifespan of Great Necromancer’s fortress, to the most stringent arcane
that mortal being is over. Some Nagashizzar, was steadily piled formulas known, for Nagash
say it is possible for a being with mountains of granular had long ago mastered the
to extend their own lifespan realmstone. In this manner hermetic arts of his birth-land.
by seeking the Realm’s Edge, Nagash was able to build his With an eternity in which to
finding their personal stream finest masterwork. It was to be perfect them, he had raised
of grave-sand, gathering up an echo of the Black Pyramid his arts to hitherto unheard-
the grains in an enchanted he had once raised in the arid of levels, and with legions of
hourglass and inverting the lands of Nehekhara, the most mindlessly obedient skeletons
artefact so the sand flows back evil structure ever to mar the working tirelessly to fulfil his
upon itself. Very few know surface of the world-that-was. every exacting specification,
the truth, for to strike out for Yet this, the greatest of all black he had the means with which
the Realm’s Edge is to seal pyramids, was built inverted – to put his knowledge into
one’s own fate – it is a place its capstone, and the energies practice. Chip by chip, chisel-
of raw death magic, and for a that poured into it, was to blow by chisel-blow, the black
mortal to dabble with those pierce Shyish entire. pyramid took shape.
At all times this monolithic The skaven race know well drowning entire generations of
edifice was inverted, held aloft the value of realmstone. Their skaven and carrying a billion
by complex energy fields. Its tip stronghold sub-realm is so bloated sea-zombies along with
hovered but a hand span above vast it has its own crystalline the ratmen’s wet furry bodies.
the earth, while its immensity equivalent, the malignant Eventually, a tsunami of filthy,
loomed upward so high it made green-black substance known corpse-choked water burst into
even Nagash himself seem like as warpstone, which they use the workshops of the Clans
an insect by comparison. to fuel their arcane inventions. Skryre in Blight City. On that
The Warpseers reasoned that if day the Year of the Drowned
a treasure trove of realmstone Rat began, and the ensuing
THE DRAINING OF was somewhere at the heart battles of extermination still
THE KHAPHTAR SEA of the Realm of Death, they rage on in parts of the skaven
The construction of this could snatch it away from its capital even now.
colossal site of power caused dim-witted undead keepers,
fluctuations in the aether-void, and in doing so earn great By undermining the Sea
ripples of events to come that power. The Warpseer council of Suicides, the skaven had
haunted those with the power gave their orders to the rest done more than empty an
to scry the future. Amongst of the Masterclan, who in underworld of its rightful
them were the Warpseers, turn brought their fearful souls. Hidden away in the
monstrous daemonic skaven influence to bear upon the impenetrable depths of that
that constantly sought ways to other great skaven clans. Before strange ocean was an enclave
advance the agendas of another new moon had passed, of Idoneth Deepkin. For well
the Great Horned Rat. the ratmen of the half-real over a thousand years their
verminopolis known as Blight borders had been kept safe
City were burrowing their from sea-zombie attack by
gnawholes through the aether circling patrols of eel-riders.
once more, this time bound So adept were they at stealth,
for Shyish. and so powerful was their
shrouding memory-magic,
This endeavour, as with so that even Nagash had been
many others undertaken by the unaware of their existence
skaven, proved to be far more – until now. With one of the
ambitious than it was practical. Great Necromancer’s demesnes
The first skaven gnawhole, all but emptied, and the
tunnelled by drill-armed Idoneth city upon its bed soon
Stormfiends and a menagerie to be exposed, the Deepkin
of burrowing machine-beasts, courted disaster.
breached the underworld of the
Khaphtar Sea – also known as One of the aspects shared
the Sea of Suicides. between the aelves of Ulgu and
those of the deep places was
An ocean so titanic it held the an aptitude for distraction.
floating, ever-damned corpses Running out of time, the
of every soul to have drowned Idoneth of Khaphtar sent
itself in despair, the Khaphtar a diplomatic delegation to
Sea had become populous their cousins in the Laebrea
indeed since the Age of Chaos Basin. The basin was another
bit deep. Nagash had defeated underworld – not of men, but
that underworld’s deity, the of great beasts – that took the
Brine-God, and taken the form of an ocean of peaty tar.
entire domain for himself. There the great mammalian
Shortly after, the pallid corpses titans of Ghur emerged
that floated there came to life, whenever they passed through
grasping at nothing in the cold one of the pitch-black pits that
and inky depths. formed the primal Realmgates
of the Ghurish Hinterlands.
By burrowing into that sunken Upon the basin’s clotted bed
underworld, the skaven caused dwelt the silent, pallid Idoneth
the Khaphtar Sea to flood back known as Laebreans, whose
into their gnawhole network. eyes and mouths bled thick tar
The waters crashed and seethed whenever they ventured into
through the gnawholes, Ghur on their soul-raids.
An accord was reached after each larger and more bizarre Realm of Death that few had
the Khaphtar Court pledged than the last. Yet the stouter the the courage to exploit. Yet if
allegiance to the Laebreans resistance, the louder the din of the skaven have one emotion
– together, they would direct battle became, the more orruks even stronger than their innate
the Great Necromancer’s headed for the front line. cowardice, it is sheer greed.
indignant fury before it was With word of mountainous
too late. It would not be their Through the dreams and deposits of realmstone deep in
people that felt the brunt of visions of orruk Shamans back the heart of Shyish, the skaven
Nagash’s wrath. in Ghur, word spread of the sent their agents back along
Fight at the End of the World. the brine-swilling gnawhole
The Laebreans had long grown Ever more tribes sought ways that led from Blight City to the
wise to the ways of the Ghurish into Shyish, either through Khaphtar Sea, determined to
tribes – in truth, there was deathly Realmgates or the seize it all.
not that much to learn. If act of dying en masse in ever
they stayed out of the way of bloodier civil wars. By the
the fierce Hinterland orruks, time the briny, decomposing
troggoths and ogors, they could depths of the Khaphtar Sea
raid the human tribes with had drained completely into
impunity. This time, however, Blight City, Nagash’s holdings
the Laebreans ventured forth were under attack from so
from the slick black pools of the many greenskins that the
primal Realmgates in search Idoneth enclave escaped his
of direct confrontation, the attention entirely.
better to lure the bestial tribes
to their doom. This time, it was Yet Nagash’s master plan
not the Hinterland orruks who had been well prepared. Not
made use of the tar pits, but even the combined assaults of
the Idoneth. skaven, aelf and orruk could
stop the coming disaster.
Over a harrowing month of
ghastly visitations, insidious
lures and black drownings, THE CATACLYSM
hundreds of thousands of OF SHYISH
Hinterland orruks and ogors When the day of the pyramid’s
passed through the tar pits completion grew close, the dust
in the same manner as the of battle was already clogging
mammuts and the rhinoxen the horizon. So delicate was
they once hunted. Having met Nagash’s work, the painstaking
a suffocating demise by sinking finale of his great ritual, that he
into tar, the bestial tribes could not afford the disruption
passed through those strange of open war on his doorstep.
Realmgates – but their journey Perhaps it was the avalanche
did not end there. Using the of destruction grinding ever
magic of their Tidecasters, the closer that caused his lack
Laebreans sculpted the tar to of focus at the last minute,
form a sticky, stinking pathway perhaps even one as intelligent
leading out of the basin’s depths and focused as Nagash can
and into the underworlds make mistakes. But on that
nearest Nagashizzar. day, on the hour in which the
final rune-carved monolith
The greenskins’ rage and lust was laid in place atop the
for battle did the rest. Having pyramid megastructure and
seen Nagash’s citadel on the the last stanzas of the great
horizon, the orruks and their ritual spoken, the Great Black
ogor allies made haste out of Pyramid played host to a
the basin and onto the dry, critical impurity.
crumbling land that was home
to Nagash’s greatest stronghold. When the Clans Skryre
They were met with phalanxes had burrowed into Shyish’s
of Nagash’s finest garrison underworlds, causing the
troops – creatures made from Sea of Suicides to drain, they
refashioned bone and sinew, had opened a pathway to the
This time it was agents of the life, leaving only bleached The mages and wizards of the
Clans Eshin that made their wastelands behind, and every realms found their powers
way into Shyish, entire leagues creature for a hundred leagues increased markedly by this
of the verminous assassins was blasted to dust. realm-wrenching phenomenon,
shrouded in shadows. Slinking and many sought to harness
past the undead guardians of As the Great Black Pyramid the strange abilities that blew
Nagash’s masterwork within became heavier with magical into their minds upon the
palls of enchanted gloom, they energy, it began to sink into the gales of invisible force. Most
dived into the larger tunnels heart of the realm, not so much of them paid with their lives
and crawlspaces of the Great drilling into it as buckling, within an instant. None save
Black Pyramid, trusting their stretching, drawing the lands Nagash could hope to harness
uncanny senses and twitching of Shyish down around it, like the colossal energies he had
whiskers to see them to the an iron cannonball placed on unleashed, and even he was
treasure trove they believed lay a sheet of tanned human skin. stretched to the limit.
at its heart. Yet the labyrinth Around the inverted pyramid
inside the pyramid did not was a maelstrom, a vortex, a As for Shyish, the pyramid
conform to physical laws. hungering whirlpool of energy changed it beyond even
One by one, the skaven agents that gathered in everything – Nagash’s expectations. No
squirted the musk of fear as be it living or dead, earthbound more would the souls of
they realised they were utterly, or aerial, physical or ethereal the dead escape the Great
irredeemably lost. – and drew it ever downward. Necromancer’s clutches
At the very bottom was Nagash, so easily – from then on,
When the final stone of the drinking in every mote of everything that made its way
Great Pyramid was put in power and every soul that to Shyish would ultimately
place, and the masterwork slid down into his clutches. be devoured by the eternal
ritual was completed, the The magical energy of Shyish hunger of the Nadir. Some
shadowy agents of the Clans converged on this site, pulled of those mortals with the
Eshin were still trapped inside. down into the infinitely dense wit to comprehend what had
It was too late for them – and point known thenceforth as happened dared to hope that
for the chance of Nagash’s the Shyish Nadir, the End of the Great Necromancer’s
great ritual to proceed as All Things. gambit would see him harness
he had planned. Whether too much power, and in the end
their corruption of Nagash’s bring about his undoing. Their
masterwork was a blessing or a NECROQUAKE hopes were not unfounded.
curse, none can say. With the skaven agents
bodily corrupting Nagash’s The Nadir was so incredibly
A howling hurricane of ritual by the virtue of their rich in energy, so potent in
unstable magic raced presence inside the pyramid, the raw stuff of endings, that
throughout Shyish’s many the energies of the Shyish even Nagash could not dwell
underworlds, summoned inversion were far more there indefinitely. Corrupted
to the heart of the pyramid destructive than even Nagash as it was by traces of Chaos
and converging on a single had envisioned. The bow wave magic, it became a place of
point. With a thunderous, of energy that spread out into insanity as well as death.
mind-splitting boom, Shyish the void crashed across each Even the vampires and liches
underwent a magical inversion, of the Mortal Realms in turn. that strayed there felt skeletal
a change of polarity that would The cataclysm’s energies spread fingers raking down every inch
redefine it forever. throughout time and space, of their skin, and the freezing
and with them went a strange silt of underworlds ground
The arcane energy of the and deadly disruption to the to utter destruction pressed
Realm of Death, so famously fabric of the Mortal Realms, for down upon them. In the
difficult to manipulate, was with the skaven’s interference visions of mages and madmen,
suddenly, irrevocably drawn to the ritual was tainted with it appeared as a pitch-black
a single location. Slowly at first, Chaos. Everywhere, the deathscape crushed beneath
Nagash’s inverted pyramid ordered energies of death the weight of eternity. Any who
began to revolve, getting faster went wild as the metaphysical spoke of it had years stolen
with each gale of eldritch power backlash cascaded across the from their lifespan, for its
it absorbed until it span with cosmos. Twisted gheists of hungry curse crossed reality.
whipping, killing speed. Its all descriptions burst from
dark energies pulsed, blinding the mortal clay they had once A new evil had come to the
in their blackness. The lands inhabited as one domain after Mortal Realms, as inescapable
nearest the heart of Shyish another was visited by the risen as time itself – and with it, a
were drained of all colour and spirits of a billion dead souls. new era of death ascendant.
The coming of the Shyish Nadir not only caused a mass resurrection of undead, but also saw the
stuff of magic itself billow and cascade across the cosmos. Those with the power to channel that
energy found themselves able to cast devastating and predatory spells that lasted in perpetuity.

As the lands were assailed by The magic of a spell usually A cackling skull of flame
baleful phantasms and the dissipates over time. With the shaped from the energies of
spectres of the past, mages right incantations, artefacts Aqshy would burn on and on,
of all kinds found boundless and gestures, a wizard can seeking out ever more victims
power at their fingertips. Many draw motes of a certain type of as it scorched a path across the
a gheist was banished by their eldritch energy into a coalesced lands. Eventually such a hazard
destructive emanations, but form, but those sorceries will would become known to a
always more were there to soon be pulled apart once more region’s native people, named
take their place. Desperate, by the irresistible draw of the for its peculiar dangers, and
sorcerers reached for ever Realm’s Edge. However, the avoided at all costs. Though
more ambitious spells and spells borne on the bow wave the caster might have initially
incantations. These mages drew of the Shyish necroquake were felt a thrill of raw power as he
to themselves the anarchic unaffected by this process. unleashed such a spell against
power rolling across the Shorn of their due demise his foes, it would soon escape
cosmos, shaped it into forms by the backlash of Shyishan his control, consuming his
that resonated with their energies, these spells had no allies and perhaps even himself.
nature, and hurled it back end. They continued to assail
out, more deadly than ever the Mortal Realms long after Many of the spells granted
before. These spells manifested they were cast, with many terrible permanence by the
physically, not for a single feeding on the energies of the necroquake’s energies were
lethal moment – nor even an living in the manner of an intrinsically linked to Shyish,
hour or day – but indefinitely. arcane predator or vampire. for after Nagash’s great spell,
those energies were in the But Nagash’s masterwork whenever a spell proved too
ascendant. Hurricanes of raw had stirred up every form of powerful for human minds to
magic whirled across the lands, magic, not just the macabre banish, riding enchanted steeds
shaped into sentient tornadoes energies of the Realm of Death. and sinuous drakes to hunt
by those with the skill to bind Gnashing maws large enough down those spells that crackled
them. The Purple Sun, a form to swallow a Dracoth emerged beyond the reach of men.
to which baleful Shyishan from Ghur to ravage the lands.
energies are easily drawn, Chronomantic cogs from Azyr Though hundreds of talented
was conjured on a hundred appeared in mid-air to wreak magic users met spectacular
battlefields; those touched by havoc on time itself. Prismatic ends for their trouble, the
the giant spined sphere were walls of purest Hyshian crystal finest minds found their efforts
instantly transformed into burst from the ground to dazzle rewarded. Some of those spells
statues of soulless amethyst. and blind those nearby. that could not be banished
Wherever Nagash’s foremost were instead channelled and
servants walked, empty The sages and seers of the siphoned into enchanted relics,
sepulchres were given horrible free cities swiftly learned the bound to those ensorcelled
life, hungering for creatures to dangers of these rogue spells. artefacts that had long held
bury alive. Entire graveyards After the disastrous Living a magical charge – and were
ruptured and began roaming Inferno of Hallowheart, the now given all the more power.
the lands to crush the living battle wizards of the Collegiate Yet for every spell dismantled
under seismic waves of earth, Arcane combined forces and dispersed to the edges
tomb-slabs and corpseflesh. with the Swifthawk Agents of of the realms through sheer
Discoloured shackles burst their cities, sending covens of willpower, for every sorcerous
from the land at the whim of Bright wizards to channel and manifestation placed in a solid
spiteful Necromancers, their dissipate rogue Aqshian spells physical form, a dozen more
pincer-like manacles grabbing and cabals of Shyishan adepts arcane phenomenons raged on
hold of souls, rather than against the roiling energies across the realms, killing or
bodies, so they might tear them of the Realm of Death. The eternally cursing those foolish
down to the Great Oubliette. Eldritch Council convened enough to approach them.
he creation of the Shyish Nadir changed forever the connection between a cadaver, no matter its state, and the spirit of the
entity that had departed it. The cosmic distortion caused by the Nadir’s power strengthened the silver cords of soul-stuff
that stretched between every corpse in the Mortal Realms and the animus that travelled from it upon the moment of its
death. A trillion gossamer threads twitched and vibrated across the void as the Shyish necroquake shook the Mortal Realms to
their foundations, like a spider’s web set alive by the deathly monstrosity at its heart. Along millions of these silver strands flew
tormented gheists, making haste back to their bodies and using their own mortal remains as a portal to the corporeal world.
Nagash’s eyes glowed with satisfaction as spectres burst forth from every grave and ash-field.

The War of Souls had begun.

The Mortal Realms are near infinite in scope, with every conceivable landscape somewhere within their reaches –
from the most dire hellscape to the most gorgeous paradise. Not even the gods themselves can claim to know every
aspect of their grandeur. Yet they remain united by laws of reality that are nigh impossible to break.

The Mortal Realms are vast beyond known as Realmgates. Most of these The daemon dimension, known
the ability of the human mind to already existed even when Sigmar only as the Realm of Chaos, is a
comprehend. Each exists in the laid the seeds of civilisation across domain apart. It is amorphous and
aether of the cosmos, a great sphere- those regions he saw as fertile unimaginable, beyond all notions of
shaped concentration of magical ground for his new order. Since then, order and the attempts of intelligent
energy that in places has crystallised many more have been constructed by beings to depict it. Seeking to grow
into landscapes of impossible those godly powers that understand ever larger, it consumes the Mortal
majesty and scope. In these Mortal the weft and weave of the cosmos Realms wherever the Dark Gods can
Realms, motes of magical energy and the aetheric links that bind it. force an entrance, seeking ingress
can be found in every pebble and through tainted Realmgates and
leaf. At the core of each realm, where Over time, Sigmar learned well daemonic infestations. Inside that
that energy is the least volatile, this of the pathways that spanned the dark reality – and those domains
aetheric power is thin indeed, and Mortal Realms. He had the Mallus already conquered – the Chaos Gods
all but imperceptible even to one Portals built to lead to and from the wage war in their perpetual battle,
gifted with the witch-sight. At each Realm of Heavens – for that realm each striving to conquer the others’
Realm’s Edge, reality is so saturated Sigmar chose as his stronghold. The territory in the Great Game. Thus
with magic that even a curse spoken wise and the brave use them still, far they have met with great success.
in jest can kill a man, and a careless for these are portals of such divine Every Mortal Realm has felt the
sweep of the arm can send bolts of artifice and power that even Chaos touch of madness, every peripheral
energy crackling all around. can neither corrupt nor destroy land has felt the bite of Chaos energy
them. They too have their dangers, gnawing at its fringes. It remains
The lands of the Eight Realms are however, for not all that glitters is to be seen if Sigmar’s great crusade
linked, within themselves as well as gold, and a soul passing through can stop the Ruinous Powers from
one to another, by magical portals might not emerge where they intend. devouring reality entirely.

e die over and over, and for what?’ said
Derrus of the Hallowed Knights. His
sundered sigmarite breastplate slowly
healed under the light of Lorrus Grymn’s long-hafted
warding lantern. ‘One pocket of resistance is saved,
even as another is swamped behind us. When will this
ordeal end?’
The Lord-Castellant scowled. ‘Do not doubt the God-
King,’ he rumbled. ‘He has his plan.’
‘But what is it? How do we finish this? The hooks of
Chaos are embedded too deep for us to save the realms
through simple war.’
‘None truly know,’ said Grymn. ‘But I have noticed
it is easier to pass through those Realmgates that
we have claimed than those left wild.’ The Lord-
Castellant sighed. ‘Perhaps Sigmar has us secure
the Realmgates in order to bind the Mortal Realms
together, using each link as part of a chain. The
more we fortify, the more the forces of Order harden
that link, the more the chain contracts. Perhaps…’
Grymn paused before continuing, and Derrus looked
up curiously.
‘Perhaps if those chains contract enough,’ he
continued, ‘the realms will come together as one,
forming a single great realm freed from the scourge
of Chaos.’
‘That sounds a glorious place,’ said Derrus.


Many strange worlds comprise the
domain of the God-King Sigmar.
The largest by far are the eight
Mortal Realms. These elements
of existence can be imagined as
spheres of reality, coalescing and
breaking apart within the void.

Each realm is made from the raw

energies of creation, with different
magic in each. In the spaces between
them drift motes of unaligned
magic – much weaker in power than
the aligned energy of the realms.
This null-space is known as the
aetheric void, the Great Nothing,
or the Darkness Without. It is this
non-realm that forms the sky of
the realms.

Not all the realms appear the same,

or obey the same laws. Chamon, for
instance, can be seen as a shifting
collection of strange sub-realms
– somewhat like the laboratory of
some godly alchemist constantly
striving to find the perfect creation
experiment. Azyr glitters above all,
a swirl of heavenly energy. Stranger
still are the shadow realm of Ulgu
and the light-realm of Hysh. They
are inextricably linked, for shadow
cannot exist without light, and
illumination cannot help but cast a
shadow. These two realms revolve
around one another in an endless
orbit, chasing their opposite number
in a stately celestial dance. In doing
so, they shed light, then darkness,
then light again across the other
Mortal Realms. Between the two
orbits there exists Uhl-Gysh, a
penumbral sub-realm that has been
used by those of surpassing power to
hide away their victims.

The Mortal Realms have many

habitable regions, some of which
are linked by Realmgates. These
portals can either lead from one
location to another within a single
realm, or from one realm to another.
Over time, the forces of Chaos have
corrupted many Realmgates. These
tainted passageways might take
literally forever to cross, lead to the
dread Realm of Chaos, emerge in the
fabled Silver Towers, or even lead to
the nothingness of the aetheric void.
Long ago, the eight types of magic
gathered separately in the aetheric
void, for kindred energies are
attracted to one another by cosmic
law. In doing so they made orbs
of energy known as realmspheres,
within which lie the Mortal Realms.

Realmspheres are not technically

infinite in size, but to a mortal they
may as well be. A traveller could
spend a lifetime crossing Aqshy to
reach the pure and searing fire magic
that forms its outer edge, only to be
incinerated long before reaching
their intended destination. The
habitable parts of the Mortal Realms
are crystallised from the aligned
energy of each realm. They were
long ago crushed together by cosmic
forces into a collection of landscapes
redolent with motes of magic. Many
of these can be imagined as huge
plates of land that linger within a
sphere of pure essence. These slabs of
solid matter hang in a rich gaseous
swirl, sometimes orbited by smaller
satellite worlds. In truth, each realm
has its own logic of form.

At the heart of the realms are

the kingdoms of mortal humans,
founded during the Age of Myth.
Towards the perimeter of the
realms, the magic that forms them
becomes wilder and more intense.
Some unwise men have launched
expeditions to the edge of their
realm in order to harness the intense
magical energy – spellcrafting
becomes almost too easy there, but
so do the inherent dangers increase.
Each Realm’s Edge is inimical to
mortal life, but is not always a literal
barrier; some areas are endless
deserts, others misty seas. Much of
the Realm of Life’s perimeter is a
jungle of jade so thick with magic
it is impenetrable – those who
approach it may sprout foliage all
over, perpetually give birth, sire new
forms of life, or take root entirely.

Though vastly different, each of the

eight Mortal Realms is governed by
the same cosmic order. But there
exists another, a domain of pure
anarchy – the predatory dimension
known as the Realm of Chaos.
Aqshy’s many land masses are
places of raging passions and
volatile horizons. In this realm
aggression is born and carried
afar on hot, gusting winds, and
life is lived to the full. No realm
has a fiercer outlook, no lands have
cultures harsher or more littered
with invective – especially since the FLOATING CITY
forces of Khorne invaded. That dire OF BATAAR
fate struck first at the Great Parch. A traders’ armada held aloft by
limitless wealth and resource
The lands of Aqshy, known as the
Bright Realm, are formed of dozens
of continents. Each is replete with
its own cultures and history. These
continents hang suspended in the
midst of the Aqshian realmsphere.
Though once they were joined by the
same bodies of water, over time the
energies of Chaos have splintered
many of them apart into islands of
reality all but impossible to reach
without passing through specific
Realmgates. No map details them
all, yet some commonality still
binds them.

There is a widespread philosophy

among the tribal people of Aqshy
to burn brightly and well – life is
to be lived fast, hard and violently.
Coming of age rituals, such as cliff
diving and sulphur running, kill
the aspirants as often as they harden
them into better, braver warriors.
Those that live long enough to
rot and decline are seen by some
younger folk with pity and even
scorn. However, the more mature
souls realise that the elders in their
midst are to be celebrated – they have
passed through the fires of conflict
and lived to be tempered by them.
The gnarled and scarred warriors
that lead the tribes have earned their
position a hundred times over, as any
would-be challengers soon find out.
Though civilisations have been laid
low and fallen into disaster across
the breadth of Aqshy, even Chaos
could not extinguish their spark
entirely. With the return of Sigmar in
the form of the Stormcast Eternals,
the hopes and dreams of the mortals
in this realm have been reignited, as
bright as flame in the darkness.

Fortified promontory and
bulwark of sorcerous defiance
City of Brimstone, vassal
keep of the Fyreslayers

Skaven undercity
wracked by deadly
earthquakes, but
thriving still

Bustling metropolis and half of
the Twin-tailed City
The tribes of the sprawling continent known as the Great Parch are bombastic and reckless. Tattooed with scenes
of their own victories, they live to fight, to love and to feast as often as possible. These desert barbarians were the
first to convert to darker ways when hosts of daemons began to infest the landscape during the Age of Chaos.

THE AGE OF MYTH THE TWIN NATIONS RISE vats that can turn a farm’s fortunes
Bataar and Aspiria overcome around in a single season.
DUEL OF THE GREAT WYRMS their need to fight through heated
At the dawn of the Age of Myth, the negotiation, rivalry and athletic SPIRITUAL SUCCESSORS
Solar Drake Ignax fights the father competition. Together they drive The Capilarian tribes, famous for
of serpents, Great Nagendra, for each other to new heights of smith-lords that fight with heavy
domination of Aqshy’s heartlands. progress. Soon the merchant kings iron hammers, are favoured by
The eastern isles are shattered, of Bataar and the wizard lords of Sigmar as an echo of the world-
gnawed and scarred by their Aspiria are trading delicacies and that-was. The clans of Aridian, who
earth-breaking fight. Ignax shreds artefacts ever further afield. The instead make their spears and blades
Nagendra’s flanks, the flesh falling interior regions of the Great Parch from Vostargi Mont obsidian, feel a
away to form the serpents of the are farmed for quaglid jerky and fiery jealousy as a result. This spills
south. Exhausted by her victory, fever cactus, both excellent in a stew, over into border disputes and open
Ignax is caught by Grimnir and and the spined fish known as the war before Varrus Blackfist of the
shackled to the Land of the Chained dappled efreet, which if prepared Direbrands brokers a fragile truce.
Sun so that his people might always badly can cause the eater to literally
have light and fire. catch fire. From the Adamantine THE MARCH OF PROGRESS
Chain comes potent sulphur-vitriol, In the west, Bataar grows ever more
RAGE OF GRIMNIR perfect for etching metal, and from powerful due to its exceptional
After being freed by Sigmar, Grimnir Passion’s Gate comes fine vellum. mercantile skills. The region’s
fights the mother of salamanders, lucrative firesilker textile farms
Vulcatrix, to the death. The volcano and mineral forges fund mining
Vostargi Mont is formed from operations across the Venal
the falling embers of their mutual Peaks. The Gilded Track is paved
destruction. Ur-gold is scattered into Aspiria and Vitrolia via the
across the landscape, and the Gatelands. Not content to wait
scorching of the lands cleanses them for other nations to come to its
of the foul sulphurous dusts that had bustling markets, Bataar builds a
once rendered them barren. seaborne city of traders – known
as the Floating Market. In a grand
RISE OF CIVILISATION deal with Aspiria’s mages, the fleet
Sigmar’s wanderings see order and is ensorcelled, given the power of
culture brought to the Great Parch; flight so it can trade in pastures new.
crops take root and life begins Aspiria soon overflows with exotic
anew as war and rivalry is put goods in return, and grows powerful
aside. Traders move further afield due to its high number of wizards
into different realms, and soon and scholars of the exceptional arts.
great cities are raised, especially in The sea to the north turns a rainbow
the western regions of Bataar and of colours due to the alchemical run-
Aspiria. However, in the shimmering off of their industry, and becomes
tracts of Brazier, Aridian and THE WATERS OF LIFE known as the Polychromatic Sea.
Capilaria, the populace is up in The central regions of the Great
arms so often it falls backwards Parch are so arid that in some places A SAVAGE DIVISION
into atavism. Their barbarian tribes fresh water is considered more The land bridge that links Bataar
begin to worship Sigmar as a god of precious than gold. Barrels full are and Aspiria to the tribal grounds
strength and self-sufficiency. imported from every domain that of Vitrolia, Golvaria and Aridian
can provide it, especially vials of is conquered by orruk warbands.
SEEDS OF EVIL the life-giving, super-nourishing The greenskins set out to slay the
In the east, the Raging Tyrant stuff of Ghyran, traded through giant beasts that cross the bridge
Dromm reigns for eight bloody years the Realmgate around which in search of greener pastures, but
before he is torn from his throne Hammerhal will one day be built. are happy to fight anyone they can
by his own sons and devoured. It Aqua Ghyranis, as it is known, find. Some bother to tax and extort
becomes the way of Drommsend to becomes a mainstay currency of the their victims, others just slay for the
eat their enemies’ flesh in order to region – ranging from phials that thrill of bloodshed. Only when the
gain their strength. might cure a cold to vast greensteel Aspirians ignite the Kindling Forests
– thereby consuming many of the THE AGE OF CHAOS PLAGUE AND STRIFE
orruk tribes – is the Beastbridge re- In the far west of the Great Parch,
opened for commerce between west THE RED FEAST the forces of Nurgle invade from
and east. A challenge of bloodshed is proposed the hard-bitten northern land of
by the Vanxian warlord Threx Cotha – a region which has at its
THE BURNING BRIDGE Skullbrand. Capilaria, Aridian, frozen heart a Realmgate leading to
Without the civilising influence of Demesnus and Flamescar, seeking the now infested reaches of Ghyran.
Bataar and Aspiria, the hot-headed an end to wasteful tribal war, send The Floating Market of Bataar,
tribes of the middle reaches descend their champions to the contest upon along with its escort fleet, the Iron
into civil war. The traders and the Aqshy Clavis Isles. However, Armada, is attacked by a vast Plague
wizards decide to leave them to it, Skullbrand has an ulterior motive. Fleet and its loyal pod of rotting
a decision which proves crucial in The Red Feast goes on and on, with great cetaceans from the depths of
the years to come. The Kindling the mighty lord Korghos Khul of the Bladewhale Sea. The Bataar navy
Forests burn on, a permanent Aridian gradually fighting his way is destroyed in a week-long sea battle.
barrier sustained by magic. The to the top. Its wrecks line the coast in such
only other crossing, the Bridge of number the region is known forever
Brine – a short sea voyage between When the death toll rises to eight after as Armada’s Bane. Weeks
two peninsulas – is fortified and hundred and eighty-eight barbarian later, the vials and urns of sacred
defended by the Aspirian military. champions, the air screams, the water imported from Ghyran and
The area becomes known as bloodied water boils, and a great transported by the Floating Market
Steel Spike. cataclysm erupts. So catastrophic is wash up on the shores of a dozen
the maelstrom of blood and death regions. They are recovered eagerly,
BLADES AND BONE that the Realmgate at the centre but some have become tainted,
Soon after, Aspiria opens trade of the Aqshy Clavis Isles explodes, spreading disease across the lands.
with Vostargi Mont, securing a leaving a gaping hole in reality
source of powerful magic weapons through which legions of howling
by walking through the fires of the daemons emerge.
Beastbridge to deal with the famous
blacksmiths of the Direbrand Tribe THE GORETIDE RISES
and their duardin allies in Vostargi The daemon hosts invade the Great
Mont. Jealous of their power, the Parch as the Dark Gods seek new
necromancers from nearby Golvaria conquests. Khorne is the most
seek to disrupt this trade route, but prevalent, as he lays claim to the
the wizards of Aspiria are always warlike nations and emotional
one step ahead. Golvaria becomes turmoil of Aqshy; he even attacks
the butt of jokes and humorous tales Nurgle, Tzeentch and the Horned
across the Great Parch. Rat to ensure his supremacy. The
tribes of Golvaria, Capilaria, Aridian
The Golvarians make an alliance and Flamescar are brought to battle
with the red-headed tribes of nearby by the daemon armies of Khorne.
Vitrolia, and cross the Skyheim Protected by their walls of fire
Peaks to slaughter an Aspirian and steel, the horrified lords of
caravan with a tide of living Bataar and Aspiria leave them
skeletons. Battle lines are drawn. The to their fate. In desperation,
merchants of Bataar, old allies of the many tribes turn to the
Aspirians, purchase fickle Vitrolia’s worship of these ‘red gods’
allegiance with gold. This causes the in the hope of surviving
latter to turn upon the Golvarians the slaughter. Others turn
at a critical moment, and a deep and quite willingly, seeing an
abiding grudge is formed. opportunity to sate their
savage lusts. First amongst
A GRIM HAVEN these barbaric hordes
The Golvarians are edged out of are the warriors that call
their lands by fierce magic-wielding themselves the Goretide,
undead-hunters from the Aspirian led by the champion Korghos
academies. They flee to the eastern Khul. By forcing their
Isle of Ghouls, and for a while make victims to choose between
common cause with the degenerate dying and partaking in the dark
feudal courts that live there – an cannibalistic feast that occurs every
offshoot of an ancient dynasty whose eventide, Khul and his man-eating
generations of inbreeding have taken fellows ensure their legions grow
a terrible toll. ever larger.
THE TEETH OF TYRANNY forces intensify. The magocracy A ROAD SLICKED SCARLET
The lands south of Godbeast’s Bite, finds it cannot fight on both fronts at The Gilded Track, once the main
lightly defended by the tribes that once, and is forced to retreat to high arterial route of commerce across
hunt there, are conquered by an ground, locking its citadel-cities the Beastbridge, becomes home
army of brass-clad killers. The region behind magical wards and trusting to countless Chaos warbands. The
is decimated, its surviving indigenes to fate that the storm will soon pass. merchants of Bataar, held captive
enslaved and forced to build and driven by the lashes of cruel
strings of Chaos fortifications – the THE RED CENTURY Bloodstokers, are forced to walk
Dreadfort Spines – and the sadist’s The war between the traitorous barefoot along its sharp volcanic
paradise of Calder City. Bloodbound hosts and the barbarian stones carrying all of their carefully
tribes of the Great Parch reaches marshalled gold – a commodity once
AN EMPIRE OF BLOOD fever pitch as the daemons of the valuable, but now worse than useless.
Khul’s vicious tactics see him take a Clavis Eye wade from the Vitriol Sea. This road becomes known as the
great swathe of land from Vostargi A hundred years of war stretch out, Bloodied Track.
Mont all the way down to Vitriolus with the grinding attrition seeing the
Reach beneath the Brimstone faithful of Sigmar slowly dwindling. WAR IN THE EARTHSCAR
Peninsula. The southernmost regions Where once the seas teemed with Over the course of an especially ill-
are renamed Khul’s Ravage. The Isles aquatic life, now only waves of blood omened year, the Bonesplitterz of the
of Gaitan – once the home of warrior lap the shores, choking the beaches Klarikkaz Earthscar engage in fierce
monks who sought enlightenment with grisly flotsam. Capilaria’s fighting with the daemons spilling
through fury – are ransacked, irrigation networks – once laced north from the Clavis Eye. The
and their ever-flaming pagodas with potent Aqua Ghyranis – run orruks are slowly driven back into
extinguished with the blood of their with gore, choking the lush plant life the depths of their canyon. Fighting
keepers. Unopposed, Korghos Khul that once fed the native tribes. The a guerrilla war as best they can, the
stacks the bones of his victims high. channels come to resemble veins and Wurrgog Prophets of the Klarikkaz
He raises the Jagtooth Forts along arteries filled with clotting blood. tribes pray to Mork for a way out.
the coastline of Khul’s Ravage in Worse still, the heroes of the most
order to reinforce his coastal slave bellicose tribes vanish in the midst THE BLOOD GOD STRIKES
routes and protect his power-base of war, stolen away in a flash of azure Above the Flamescar Plateau,
from invasion via Vitriolus Reach. energy. Bereft of their leaders, the the mage elite of Ahramentia – a
starving and desperate people are province in the west of Aridian –
The Red Pyramid of Khul is raised, easily conquered and forced to resort eliminates an entire army of Khorne
a structure made from millions of to cannibalism. daemons with a vast doomsday
skulls taken from the tribes north of weapon they call the Prismatikon.
the Brimstone Peninsula. The lands Thinking themselves safe on their
between the Duardinia mountains flying island, the Agloraxi are
of the Brimstein Hearthlands and tragically visited by cataclysm when
the Flamescar Plateau become tough, Khorne himself takes exception
cracked and brown due to the lakes to their posturing. The Blood
of blood spilt there. They are known God manifests a giant red fist in
thereafter as the Scablands. order to strike their island, and it
crashes spectacularly into the arid
Far to the west, on the shores
of Aspiria, a magical war rages Without the Agloraxi and their
between the scions of Tzeentch magical constructs to oppose him,
and the spellmasters of the native Selpher Zaronax rises to prominence
magocracy. The fighting is so intense in the north-east of Golvaria after
that the land itself begins to crumble driving off the unquiet spirits there
under the ceaseless onslaught. All – even the dead fear the intensity of
along the cliff-line watched over by his rage. He begins a reign of terror
the Agloraxian Citadels, the land under the title ‘the Hand of the
crumbles away, known ever after as WRECKER’S ISLE Everchosen’, for it is none other than
the Disintegrating Shores. Aspiria All along the coast of Vanx in the Archaon himself that has dispatched
itself is diminished, physically south-west, warbands of Chaos Lord Zaronax to keep a stranglehold
eroded by the violence of Chaos. worshippers lure fleeing Aspirian over the Great Parch. Such is the
Less than a week later Aspiria comes vessels to their doom upon Vanx success of Zaronax and his fellow
under attack from the legions of Littoral and the reefs of Wrecker’s lords that Khorne’s minions are
Khorne that have marched past the Isle. Emboldened, they join the fight forced to hunt far and wide for
Obsidian Fortress to cross the Bridge to conquer Aspiria, taking many their victims – and in places, turn
of Brine. Steel Spike is besieged just of the Aspirides islands on the upon themselves to sate their
as the invasions from Tzeentchian south coast. addictive blood-lust.
THE AGE OF SIGMAR them as holy warriors and therefore THE LOOMING ORB
potential kin – though in a tragic Just as civilisation is re-establishing
THE TEMPEST BREAKS twist of fate, the Stormcasts attack itself, a terrible sight grows large
Sigmar casts his lightning over them, thinking them to be yet more in the skies – it is Orb Infernia,
the lands of the Great Parch. cannibalistic reavers. A powerful power-base of the once-banished
Led by Lord-Celestant Vandus alliance turns into a deadly rivalry. Korghos Khul and his daemon
Hammerhand – formerly Vendell legions. Blood rains across the lands
Blackfist of the Direbrand Tribe THE CLEANSING BEGINS as the forces of Khorne muster for a
– and the Hammers of Sigmar, a Wherever Chaos is beaten back, massive counter-offensive. Khorne
dozen Stormhosts take battle to the citizens of the Great Parch does not really want the Great Parch
Korghos Khul and his Goretide. petition mages of the Aspirian utterly and completely for himself,
Khul’s warriors are broken and tradition to burn those regions but rather the war for it to continue
the warlord himself defeated at the clean with magical flame. In indefinitely. In many ways Khul
Red Pyramid, forced into exile by many places this works – with the sees the coming of Sigmar’s new
Vandus Hammerhand. Though the lands scoured, new life can grow, civilisation and order as a boon – it
battle costs the lives of thousands of like plants that germinate after a gives his legions something to attack,
Stormcast Eternals, including that of wildfire. The Jagtooth Forts, erected and more blood to spill.
Lord-Celestant Jactos Goldenmane, by Khul’s bone masons and their
the Brimstone Peninsula is legions of slaves, are replaced over
conquered and its Realmgates painstaking years of labour by Azyr’s

manned by the Lord-Castellants. stonecutters. The new lighthouse- gnax, she was called. A
By demolishing the Jagtooth Forts style buildings are known as the dragon so vast she coiled
that secure the region and using the Brimstone Keeps. around the sun.’ Japeth
defensible peninsula as their staging the minstrel raconteur grinned,
post, Sigmar’s armies take the fight THE LEGACY OF GLORY hot spiced ale swilling from his
to the Chaos scourge in a hundred Statues to Vandus Hammerhand, tankard. He posed heroically
different theatres of war across the Ionus Cryptborn and Jactos as people turned to listen at
Great Parch. Goldenmane are raised across the the sound of his raised voice,
land now known as the Brimstone then gestured grandly at his
THE HAMMER STRIKES HARD Beachhead. The Stormcast Eternals embroidered waistcoat where
Through shock assaults, long- consolidate their grip on the godbeasts and stormbolts
rehearsed tactics and raw skill at southern territories of the Great intertwined. ‘If not for her,
arms, the Stormcast Eternals retake Parch. As the wars against Chaos and the Lightning Warriors
swathes of Aqshy whilst the Chaos proceed, some tribes see the that rode alongside her, Aqshy
forces are still reeling. From the Stormcast Eternals as abominations, would have burnt out long ago.’
renamed Hammerhand Coast in the for they do not truly die and turn to ‘She was the sun,’ said a
south all the way to the Reclaimed ash as all things must, but come back gnarled duardin at the back of
Demesnes in the north-east, the again. Others see them as saviours, the taverna, his face a mass of
Stormcasts stake their territory. and do everything they can to fight scars under a hood of sackcloth.
alongside them. Few indeed realise ‘And it was we duardin that did
Every Realmgate claimed by the that the Stormcasts pay a hidden cost the saving, not just Sigmar’s
Stormcast Eternals becomes the with each death and rebirth. storm-whelps. Without the
centre of a new fortified town, then Rune of Binding, Archaon the
a small city, as the Lord-Castellants HOPE FROM THE ASHES Thrice-Damned would have
of the Stormhosts perform their New cities thrive in those lands had her turn us all to ash.’ At
stalwart duty in conjunction with reclaimed by Order. Art, philosophy the mention of the Everchosen’s
the Dispossessed duardin of Azyr and fashion begin to develop once name, many of the people
and the Ironweld Arsenal. Soon, more, not just in Aspiria and recoiled and made the sign of
these centres of resistance become Bataar but in Hammerhal Aqsha the comet.
the crucibles in which new warrior and Callidium also. The oranges, ‘And how does a hideous
tribes and foundling cities are forged yellows and reds long favoured by beggar know so much about it?’
– and hope with them. The cities the Great Parch tribes are still much said Japeth, features twisting.
of Hammerhal Aqsha, Tempest’s in evidence, though the richest and He was fast losing control of
Eye, Anvilgard and Hallowheart most privileged dress in the whites, the audience.
are founded. blues and silvers of Azyr in the ‘I was there, you prancing
hope of being thought as civilised fool,’ said the elderly duardin,

 and celestial rather than fiery and throwing back his hood to
The courts of the Isle of Ghouls, now volatile. But whatever pretensions expose a face seared to the
fully in the grip of the Flesh-eater the city-dwellers might adopt, they skull. ‘I was there, I broke her
delusion, sally forth against the find that Aqshian emotion still chains, and I will see her burn
Chaos oppressors. They intend to simmers beneath, their lives burning bright once more.’
aid the Stormcast Eternals – seeing as bright and short as ever before.
Ghyran burgeons with all forms of life, from the most massive gighemoth to the tiniest parasitic spore. Known as
the Jade Kingdoms, the realm’s people vary wildly in form and temperament. The Ghyranites have suffered much
under Nurgle’s invasions, and none more so than the denizens of the Everspring Swathe.

Once, the Jade Kingdoms were Even the richly scented air seemed to spread their foul taint across
glorious to behold, wonders of to pulse and throb with glorious life those lands during the Age of Chaos.
verdant majesty enhanced still force. The many seasons of the realm Where once there was verdant
further by the seamless blending of – not only spring, summer, autumn harmony and rebirth, the power of
civilisation with the natural world. and winter but also the burgeoning, Nurgle introduced blight, disease,
Those areas nearest the core of the the reaping, secret remorse, the and a vile fecundity that saw only
realmsphere were cultivated gardens great lack and up to a dozen more foul things born, breaking down
and sun-dappled lawns, where the – saw the cycle of existence revolve the most beautiful life forms and
kingdoms at the edges of Ghyran’s over and over again. This endless majestic living cities into repulsive,
vastness were overgrown with lush carousel of life drew the eye of the daemon-infested slop. The coming
jungle to the point of being utterly Father of Plagues; he coveted the of Sigmar’s Tempest has allowed
impenetrable by anything other than Jade Kingdoms above all others, and Ghyran a reprieve – in time, it may
Ghyran’s multitude of insects. sent the greater portion of his forces yet heal from some of its wounds.

The land itself has
recoiled from the
city’s foulness

City of Amber


Grown to glory in a matter of days by the magic of the Everqueen
The twin Jade Kingdoms that form the Everspring Swathe were once a haven for the cycle of life. During the Age of
Myth, Alarielle made her home there. The blessing of Alarielle’s presence drives the twin isles into new heights of
burgeoning fecundity, and a reproductive cycle takes place in the lands themselves.

THE AGE OF MYTH TO STEAL AWAY THE YOUNG that of coin, but labour. The people
In freezing Decrepita, few children of the Swathe nations trade time – a
THE BIRTH OF NEW LANDS are born. Every new year the ice- minute, an hour, a day, or a week
Intrigued by the unusual quirk of people of that realm take to the of hard work in exchange for goods
Verdia’s diverse ecosystem, Alarielle Tendril Sea and raid the shores and services, each promise kept by
takes up residence within that sub- of Neos, capturing newborns and oral tradition and hearsay alone. At
continent. There, all the life-forms soulpods with which to give life first, this loose honour system is all
are female, and every birth season to their own barren shores. The that is needed, such is the trust and
they mate with the inhabitants of the doe-eyed people of Neos are usually harmony among the races.
land’s counterpart, Thyria, where kind, naïve, and quick to forgive –
all the life-forms are male. Thyria though the theft of their children FROM HARMONY, SLOTH
enjoys divine patronage too, for this they cannot ignore. Over time they For a while, the Swatheling honour
is a land where the Hunter God is learn to hate the gnarled warriors system works, but human laziness
often seen, migrating over from the of Decrepita and to fear the sight of and complacency sees hostility break
eastern land of Kurnotheal. Each their wolf-ship sails. out amongst several tribes as trade-
spring the lands themselves mate, covenants are broken. Old debts and
and the seeds of new domains are accusations resurface – in all five
planted, the sub-continent of Verdia of the Swathe nations, the darker
making geological congress with Sylvaneth kindreds are accused of
its neighbour, linking with Thyria stealing animals and even snatching
via the stamen-like promontories away human children in the night.
known as the Triske Isles. From this Cracks appear in the relationship
union is born the spring island of between the races, and some tribes
Neos, a thriving new kingdom that begin to mistrust or even bear
rises from the waters in the east to hostility towards certain others.
reveal at its heart a huge geomantic
birthmark in the shape of Ghyran INVASION OF THE DEAD
itself. That same season sees the Decrepita, being a land where every
rise of Neos’ strange siblings – the living thing freezes and dies every
Isle Decrepita, a land where the year only to be reborn again each
dwindling of years rules supreme, spring, is coveted by Nagash. Under
and the undulating island of Irridia, the guise of a mass diplomatic visit
where even the soil itself is pregnant he brings his armies to that region
with new life. in person via the vast vertebral
THE OAK OF AGES PAST structures known as the Gates
ROOTS OF DISCONTENT Perhaps attracted to Alarielle as Mortis. At first, his vanguard is held
Though fertile Irridia is largely an echo of old realities, the Oak of at bay by the Dreadwood. However,
left to its own devices by Alarielle, Ages Past drifts through the void, seemingly endless undead pour
the newborn nations of Neos and coming to rest in the south of Verdia through the gate and, ultimately,
Decrepita are seeded with soulpods near the hidden vale of Athelwyrd. the Sylvaneth cordon is breached.
from the Everqueen’s amphorae. Sigmar sees this strange visitation A wide-scale eruption of violence is
They are soon inhabited by fresh from High Azyr and, recognising only halted by the direct intervention
glades of Sylvaneth – the proud the great oak as a symbol of of Sigmar.
Oakenbrow in Neos, and the defiance, he makes haste to Verdia,
shadowy Dreadwood in Decrepita. A bringing the gift of civilisation to the CELESTIAL ALIGNMENT
rivalry quickly springs up between humans there. As the God-King spreads human
the two lands, for the cold-hearted civilisation across the lands, he
humans and bitter Sylvaneth of A TIME OF PLENTY enlists the aid of Alarielle and
Decrepita are jealous of the joyful, With an ever-growing accord Nagash – albeit separately – as part
youthful tribes of Neos, who live fostered between Alarielle’s of his Pantheon of Order. They both
in harmony with the Dryad groves Sylvaneth and Sigmar’s humans, agree to his requests, but essentially
that sprout there. Over the years, great cities are built amongst the for selfish reasons, doing so in the
this rivalry is to turn sour, with treetops and groves of the Everspring interests of fostering civilisations
the Princelings of Irridia caught in Swathe. The currency that comes that they can later harness and
the middle. into being across these nations is not mould in their own images.
During the dwindle-cycle after the The Sons of Behemat make a They gain a foothold with relative
summer of new growth, Alarielle civilisation of their own across the swiftness, for the lands have not seen
seeks parley with Nagash. She Harmonis Veldt, ruling from the their like, and Nurgle has learned
points out they are both part of Great Green Torc high above that well of the Everspring Swathe.
Sigmar’s wider plan, and they agree swathe of land. Behemat himself,
to a compromise – Nagash will take exhausted from his great feat of In a matter of scant seasons their
Decrepita as his sovereign territory, procreation, rests upon the land. influence is such that they can be
but in return he swears to be content There his lumpen form crusts summoned by means of a relentless
to keep his legions there and stray over and hardens into several downpour, the storm of tainted
no further. mountain ranges. water with which the Lord of Plagues
often favours his chosen ones. In
The spring isle of Neos, no longer ERUPTION AND northern Thyria, the blessings of
raided and harassed by the wolf- ENTRAPMENT the Great Unclean One known as
ships of Decrepita, burgeons with The giant geomantic birthmark upon Rotigus drench the lands. Such is the
new energies. The hyper-verdant Neos pulses with Ghyranite energy violence of Nurgle’s Deluge that the
realm gives rise to a thousand new upon the Jade Equinox, causing once-sunlit upper lands, saturated
species. Nourished by the Heaving life-quakes across the land and a with plague magic, crumble away to
Rapids, they cross the Great Shear rash of immaculate conceptions. form the Slidecrown Isle. The land
to the motherlands of Erosia and In the north, the Sap Volcanoes of left behind is thereafter known as
southern Verdia. Alarielle’s lush Erosia erupt, filling the skies with the Sog. Many human tribes, having
green continent sings with life more translucent tree-blood. In the west, long worshipped abstract rain gods
than ever before, and for a while, all the arboreal Quogmia Mountain as a source of fecundity, turn their
is paradise. heaves so mightily it splits its sides. loyalty to Rotigus within the passing
Tidal waves of sticky amber entrap of a single moon.
THE HUNTER GOD ancient Aelfgrove, a city elegantly
The far eastern island of Kurnotheal built upon the mountain’s flanks.
becomes the favoured haunt of
Kurnoth – a land where he and
his Wild Hunt can chase down THE AGE OF CHAOS
spiralhorn, vernadyr and goliath
alike, indulging their bloodthirsty DIVINE VISITATIONS
instincts without fear of disapproval The Plague Lord sets his rheumy
from his paramour Alarielle. Every eyes upon the Swathe nations,
spring, however, he makes his seeing a great crucible of life but a
pilgrimage to Athelwyrd, the sacred season’s journey from a region of
valley where Alarielle makes her wintery death. Nurgle is jubilant,
most beloved bower. for he has found prime territory
waiting to be annexed to the garden.
VIOLATION OF ACCORD The Dark God sends out swarms of
Neither Nagash’s lieutenants nor spy-creatures, the compound eyes
the native Dreadwood Sylvaneth of plague flies watching with avid
abide by their truce with Neos for interest whenever a relationship
long. Violence breaks out amongst between Sylvaneth, human
the evergreen forests, and a battle and aelf goes sour. They
for Decrepita’s soul rages in the largely go unnoticed, for
shadows. The shapeshifting dove- insects of all kinds are
maidens of Neos watch with baited ever-present in these
breath, fearing that the enmity that regions, and not even the
will emerge from the clash will be Sylvaneth are aware of the
more terrible than ever before. infiltration at first. Nurgle
listens with curiosity as
THE COMING OF BEHEMAT his spy-flies whisper and
Attracted by the rich herds of food buzz in his ear.
that prowl Verdia, the titanic gargant
Behemat strides through the sea THE DWINDLING
to the Harmonis Veldt. He eats too BEGINS
much of the local fauna, bringing As the season of the dwindling
several bovine species to extinction. draws in, the invasions of
Stuffed to beyond even his capacity, Nurgle’s forces are unleashed. At
he vomits forth entire tribes of first, they strike through captured
wholly formed giants, known as the Realmgates and the reality-splitting
Sons of Behemat. gnawholes of the Clans Pestilens.
SWATHE NATIONS AT WAR DIVIDED THEY FALL Pits. The daemonic forces of Nurgle
The Sylvaneth are the first to fight Neos in turn is assailed, the pour out from the fortresses that
back hard against the Nurgle south-eastern jungle becoming the spring up around the Canker Pits
invaders. Bolstered by their allies, Rotwoad when Morbidex Twiceborn like scabs around a wound. United
the human peoples of those lands summons a tsunami of Nurglings behind the Grand Cultivator Slimux,
and the aelves known as the that turn the lush vegetation into they conquer the isle entirely. The
Wanderers, their spirited counter- rotting mulch. Without the tribes kingdom is thereafter renamed
offensives cause tremendous damage of the Everspring Sprawl standing Invidia, the Claim of Horticulous.
upon the plague daemon hosts. united, the Nurgle invaders
However, when the Wanderers begin find them easy fodder for their THE GIANT SLEEPS ON
to contract Nurgle’s Rot – foremost rusting axes. In the area that has become the
amongst a clutch of sickening and Scabrous Sprawl – formerly the
disfiguring ailments spread by the THE WANDERING Harmonis Veldt – Behemat the
legions of Nurgle – many aelven Those dissident Wanderers that World Titan sleeps on. Learning of
tribes gather in secret far from believe the battle is already lost his presence through the sorcerer
Sylvaneth ears, and discuss taking a come into pre-eminence in Neos Kraderblob, Archaon the Everchosen
different path. and Verdia, their arguments makes plans to wake the godbeast
strengthened with each region and bind him using the Great Green
CURSE OF THE GLOTTKIN overtaken by Nurgle. In the dead of Torc. The gargants known as the
The eastern reaches of the Sea of night, they lead the population to the Sons of Behemat, driven from their
Elemental Truths become infested root-moulded Realmgate known as holdings by Chaos attacks, are forced
when Ethrac Glott, the sorcerous the Twining Portal. There they enter into hiding within the Sweatswamp
eldest sibling of the Glottkin triplets, the Cascading Path, a mystical web by the massed attacks of the Clans
releases a shoal of cursed hagfish of pathways that criss-cross Ghyran, Pestilens and their Rotbringer allies.
into the water. The piscine terrors and flee upon the hidden ways to The tribesmen that traded with the
grow to a colossal size by feeding on Azyr. In doing so, they abandon the gargants are slain or driven into the
the sacred Aqua Ghyranis of those Sylvaneth to their fate. That slight is sea. Only a handful of tribes survive
waters, and they attack in a frenzy never forgiven. the slaughter.
any who stray near the coast, even
wrecking ships when they gather in THE CLAIM OF HORTICULOUS THE LANDS WRITHE IN PAIN
sufficient numbers. The killer shoal With a great ritual of sullying, Repelled by the Hagfish Curse and
interbreeds and spreads further, Horticulous Slimux turns the the taint ravaging the forests of
forming an impassable barrier of Hind Sea to gelatinous mulch and Slithid Jutt, a large fringe of coastline
diseased sea life that prevents Verdia sends packs of Beasts of Nurgle splits away from mainland Verdia. It
from being reinforced by its allies across it. Kurnotheal is assailed forms the marshy crescent known as
in the north. The area is thereafter by waves of the plague beasts. The the Peel, and becomes a stronghold
named the Gulf of Hags. creatures once hunted by Kurnoth of the mist-dwelling Fimir race.
become infected as Slimux’s Beasts
THE SWARM DESCENDS of Nurgle chase them down and The Triske Isles – the stamen-
As Nurgle’s curse spreads slobber happily all over them. like isthmuses linking Thyria to
further, the isle of Irridia (soon One dark night, the plagued herds Verdia – become divided into three
to become Invidia) is surrounded turn upon those that once hunted sub-realms. They transform into
by the sentient seaweed known as them for sport. The invasion is the tri-lobe structure now known as
spinebladder. Its western sea-link timed perfectly, for Horticulous the Squelchlobe Nations, becoming
to Verdia is clotted to the point that understands the passing of the Vyras, Bloth and Undergut. Each
it flows no more, and the island is seasons well – Kurnoth is in his of the lobes is conquered by one
cut off. wintering phase, and hence at his of the three self-aggrandising
weakest right at the critical hour. sorcerers that call themselves the
COLD SEEDS BEAR NO FRUIT Though he feels a great angst in Sons of Putrefaction. With the
The wintery land of Decrepita is doing so, Kurnoth withdraws to fight Spirits of Durthu that guarded the
assailed by Bloab Rotspawned and another day. sites slain and put to the torch, the
his plague fly swarms, accompanied sorcerers are free to pursue their own
by hosts of Plague Drones and Even as the Beasts of Nurgle arcane agendas, and constantly vie
Pusgoyle Blightlords. Decrepita’s infest Kurnotheal, the Gravidian for supremacy.
undead hold back the invaders whilst Gate is breached by the forces of
the still-living send their wolf-ship Horticulous Slimux. The Garden A DEADLY HARVEST
emissaries to the Dryads and nature of Nurgle begins to grow across the The War of Life intensifies as the
tribes of Neos, seeking help in the island, its curse so potent that the Sylvaneth unite against the Nurgle
face of a common enemy. The people Realmgate buckles and splits into invaders. The Glottkin and their
of Neos turn a deaf ear – their habit three pieces. In doing so, it becomes rivals hunt for Alarielle across the
of forgiveness has long been eroded three massive sores in the crust of lands, but she remains hidden in the
by the violence of Decrepita’s raids. the kingdom, known as the Canker under-realm of Athelwyrd.
THE OAK BEGINS TO ROT Chaos reinforcements from coming THE SEEDS OF HOPE
As the war rages on, the Oak of Ages through. Ultimately, it is Gardus’ The three cities known as the Seeds
Past – a sacred link to the World miraculous reappearance that turns of Hope are established as Nurgle
Before Time – is defiled by Nurgle. the tide for the Hallowed Knights. finds his power waning. Fast-tracked
The great lake around it is converted by Alarielle’s life-magic, the cities
into a putrid, brackish slop, known THE FADING OF of Greywater Fastness, the Living
now as Rotwater Blight. The once- THE EVERQUEEN City and the Phoenicium spring
pure waters of the River Vitalis that The Hallowed Knights search for into existence. Greywater Fastness
poured from the great tree’s split Alarielle, entering the hidden valley becomes a centre of industry and
trunk are tainted by the bathings of Athelwyrd at the end of their an artillerist’s haven, boasting more
of the Great Unclean One, Pupa long quest – and in doing so, lead cannons per mile of city walls than
Grotesse, and become the thick river the warlords of Nurgle straight anywhere else in the Jade Kingdoms.
of sludge known as Gelid Gush. to it. A massive battle breaks out, Valius Maliti, the famed architect,
culminating in Alarielle fleeing encourages the gung-ho attitude of
THE TOLL OF STRIFE along the Cascading Path in search the city’s engineers, incentivising
Across the Realm of Life the story of safety. Such is her despondency deforestation and thereby stoking
is the same – with Nurgle’s power that she becomes little more than the tension between the Free
waxing, there is little the heavily a magical seed, borne by her Peoples and Alarielle’s forces. The
outnumbered Sylvaneth can do to handmaiden the Lady of Vines. militaristic, industrialist mindset of
hold back the tides of decay that Aided by a Jotunberg, a walking Greywater Fastness drives Alarielle
assail them. Alarielle becomes winter mountain, they stay ahead of to the point of rage.
despondent, retreating further into Torglug the Despised’s legions. By
her malaise until her lands are all hastening across the frozen Sea of A BRIDGE TOO FAR
but abandoned to their fate. Serpents and shattering the ice floes When the inhabitants of Greywater
behind her, she almost outruns her Fastness level the verdant ground
THE BRINK OF UTTER DEFEAT pursuers, but the sorcerous Slaugoth around the city during the Season
With his job done and a great part belches forth a bridge of frozen of War and turn it into a desolate,
of the Everspring Swathe now vomit across which the Nurgle hosts chemical-ridden swamp, Alarielle
in thrall to Nurgle, Horticulous charge. Only the valiant efforts of sends forth a host of the Dreadwood
Slimux departs for a new mission the Hallowed Knights keep her from to encircle the city and protect what
– to bring the garden to the Coast being overrun. is left – now known as the Ghoul
of Tusks in Ghur. In his wake, the Mere. Led by a Treelord named
forces of Chaos hunt every day for Pale Oak, the Sylvaneth refuse to
Alarielle, to no avail. They begin let the people of the city into the
to war amongst themselves as they despoiled regions, and the Ghoul
run out of natural enemies to fight. Mere becomes a deadly no man’s
Guerrilla attacks from Sylvaneth land. Only the Eldritch Council of
continue, but it becomes obvious Greywater Fastness are able to strike
that Nurgle has dominance in a deal to stop the city starving to
every isle of the Everspring Swathe. death, ensuring that a single route in
Whole generations pass, with and out of the city can still be used
Alarielle’s verdant fortresses found without fear of reprisal. However,
and conquered one by one. Only VENGEANCE LONG AWAITED the region is shrouded in mist, and
Athelwyrd is left, hidden under the As disaster looms, Alarielle is an unwary traveller who strays far
waters out of the sight of its enemies. replanted in the Grove of Heroes, from the heavily guarded trade road
and there gestates into her war will be snatched away by vengeful
form, ready to wreak a terrible woodland spirits, never to be
THE AGE OF SIGMAR vengeance on the followers of seen again.
Nurgle. With Alarielle’s resurgence
AT THE GATES OF DAWN and the defeat of the Glottkin at THE TWIN-TAILED CITY
The Hallowed Knights are the first the floating Landshoals, the forces Hammerhal Ghyra is established,
Stormcast Eternals to enter Ghyran, of Nurgle begin to break. Over the becoming even larger and more
crashing down before the Gates course of the now-fabled Season influential than the Seeds of Hope
of Dawn to destroy the host of the of War, the Everspring Swathe is due to its thriving trade with the
sorcerer Kraderblob and the seven painstakingly saved from the brink other half of the Twin-tailed City,
greater daemons led by the rotting of utter damnation by the alliance of Hammerhal Aqsha. The magma
monstrosity Bolathrax. Gardus of Sylvaneth and Stormcast Eternals. streams channelled through the
the Steel Soul forces his way into They take the fight to the Chaos Realmgate from Aqshy keep back the
the Garden of Nurgle, Bolathrax intruders on a hundred different endless growth of Ghyran, allowing
hard upon his heels – the gate fronts, and though it costs millions the city and its lush gardens to be
crumbles under the Great Unclean of lives, islands of Order begin to cultivated into one of the wonders of
One’s bulk, preventing further emerge from the darkness. the Mortal Realms.
Shyish is the realm of endings
and silent decline. It is not a
contiguous domain, but a myriad of LAKE LETHIS
underworlds, all coalesced upon the Upon a shore caressed by enchanted
same plane. They are crystallised waters, golden palaces once shone
into being from pure death magic, proud, but since the Age of Chaos
though both Nagash and the Dark they lie tarnished and strange.
Gods have sought to break them
apart, the better to feed upon the
richness of their amethyst energy.

Most understand Shyish to be a flat

disc with a deep pit in the middle
that pulls everything else in towards
it, much as a whirlpool drains the
flotsam of a shattered fleet into its
depths. It can be depicted as a vast
torus on which everything at the
edge is pulled in towards the centre.
However, some civilisations instead
depict the underworlds of Shyish as
continental plates suspended, one
atop another, in an inverted pyramid
of magical energy. Many ogor tribes
see it as an impossibly huge mouth
that devours all things, whereas the
Spiderfang grots see it as the lair
of a titanic arachnid that draws all
mortal creatures into its web. Such
is the nature of trying to define that
which a mortal mind cannot hope to
fully comprehend.

As a new mythical underworld ZHARR V YXA

gains ground in the belief system of The infernal industry of twisted
a mortal society, the magical stuff duardin siphons the raw energy of
of Shyish coalesces at the edge of death from within dark waters.
the realm to form a reflection of
that afterlife. Shapes crystallise in
the amethyst clouds of the Shyish
realmsphere, becoming ever more
real until a new land is born, settled
by the souls of those who believe in it
upon their death. Though the nature
of Shyish has been forever changed
due to Nagash’s baleful influence,
this process continues unabated.

An underworld that thrives, grieves

but a little and remains content in
its fate can remain at the Realm’s
Edge almost indefinitely. One that
is downtrodden will instead splinter
and come apart until it is sucked
towards the Shyish Nadir, ground
down to little more than a silt rich
in death magic by the unstoppable
tidal forces that swirl and spin at the
realm’s heart.
To approach the lands north-west of the Deserted Peaks
is to witness Mannfred’s morbid legacy writ large. Those
who walk that road will pass scattered bones and once-
cherished artefacts lying broken in the dirt.
Since the great cataclysm of
Nagash’s making turned Shyish
inside out, the Prime Innerlands
have been drawn irrevocably
towards the mouth of the
Shyish Nadir.

Jutting from the
Desert of Bones is
the bleached corpse
of a once-great city
cursed by Nagash.
The Prime Innerlands are a swathe of Shyishan countries and island regions already in thrall to the Shyish Nadir.
Though the edgeward lands – those furthest away from the Nadir – are temperate and, in places, even verdant, the
coreward lands are moribund and lethal indeed. Only the dead can truly thrive there.

THE AGE OF MYTH Ossia, another underworld of the was, Nagash’s essence had been
Innerlands, thrives. It is a place of naturally drawn to Shyish. Sigmar
THE STARLESS GATES peace, with the living coexisting in deliberates long upon the correct
The First Great Change comes harmony alongside the dead. Many course, but sensing an opportunity
upon Shyish when the Starless thousands of graveyards cover its he chooses to revive the Great
Gates – defended against the lands, and every ghost-soul that Necromancer, just as Dracothion
living by giant skeletal hydragors travels there from the mortal lands had revived him in turn. It is a
– are flung wide by the God-King of Fleizch finds an echo of their decision he will come to regret.
Sigmar. The hydragor guardians are grave transported with them. They
shattered by the mighty hammer feel little grief, for they are often Upon his awakening, Nagash swears
Ghal Maraz, opening the way into sought out by living relatives visiting to align himself with Sigmar’s
the underworlds for the living as their true graves in Fleizch, and agendas, but in secret he covets
well as the deceased. Gnorros, the take succour in hearing of those still the power of the underworlds and
Father of Hydragors, is so enraged living as the news echoes into Shyish. wishes to consume them all. He
by the slaying of his guardians that makes his home at the exact centre of
he stabs his claws into the Prime BOUNTY OF THE SEAS the Shyish realmsphere, and builds
Innerlands in an attempt to slay The waters of the Shyish Innerlands the fortress complex of Nagashizzar
Sigmar. The God-King escapes, but thrive with pale-skinned forms of at its core. For long centuries he
the indentations form the Chained life, amongst them massive eater-fish crafts his armies with bone, spirit,
Lakes, as well as the giant whirlpools and greater scuttlefish that prey on amethyst and the stuff of death itself.
known as the Sea Maw and the Black all things that drift down to the sea When his legions reach the heights
Nihil. Luckily, Gnorros, who has a bed. Though it takes the settlers of of magnificence, he sends his undead
very short attention span, leaves for the Innerlands many perilous years minions across the Innerlands to
pastures new. to learn how to catch these omni- locate and gather as much Shyishan
predators safely, they pull in hauls realmstone as possible. Over the
THE QUICK AND THE DEAD of such number that in the northern course of long centuries, many
Under Sigmar’s watchful eye, lands no soul need ever go hungry. monolithic deposits are unearthed
mortal folk settle and populate by legions of skeleton slaves. Purple-
Shyish’s Prime Innerlands – those LIFE IN THE REALM OF DEATH black structures of vitrified magical
least saturated in the energies of The people of the Innerlands, sand take shape at Shyish’s heart.
death. Slowly, cities are built and taught the arts of civilisation
civilisations thrive. Great obsidian by Sigmar himself, thrive and LANDS OF THE MORTARCHS
towers are erected, the finest tall innovate. Dirgesong, soulful music Nagash sends his lieutenants, the
and grand enough to rival even the and amethyst sky-lanterns fill the Mortarchs, to expand their own
star-spires of Azyr. Amongst the underworld night. Gemstones, realms. Arkhan the Black takes
most impressive regions are those of created from the crushing pressures a stronghold beyond the sight of
Stygxx, a mountainous underworld of the subterranean strata and mined mortal men, whereas Neferata
where gods and mortals freely by gifted duardin and human guilds, extends her dominion to an
interbreed; Hallost, the Land of Dead become so commonplace that they unclaimed underworld, naming
Heroes, where those who believe in are considered of less value than it Neferatia, and builds the city of
eternal battle are reincarnated with good meat – a fattened bull is worth Nulahmia there as a memento of
each new day; and Athanasia, where a year’s wages in the Innerlands, her old strongholds. Mannfred von
the mortals live only a set span for fauna is scarce. Trade with the Carstein also annexes a part of the
before willingly going to their deaths Realm of Beasts, established by the Innerlands, naming it Carstinia, but
in a great rite of ending – only to be Amethyst Princes via the Penultima the land is a mere echo of his former
reborn with the next rising sun. Realmgate network, sees much salted glories. Mannfred sits on his overly
meat and livestock imported every huge throne, corpses fashioned in
The richest of the Innerlands are year. For several generations, the the likeness of Vlad, Konrad and
the Amethyst Princedoms – a Innerlands enjoy harmony. Isabella at his beck and call, but in
domain where precious minerals his heart he knows it is an artificial
glitter everywhere. The Amethyst THEN COMES NAGASH thing he has made, a reminder of
Princedoms thrive above all, with In the course of his travels, Sigmar his failure to claim the old Empire
the ven Denst dynasty acting as finds Nagash’s soulless shell buried for his own. He soon abdicates,
benevolent kings that trade through under a cairn of magical realmstone. leaving a hollow mockery of Sylvania
a well-defended Realmgate network. After the demise of the world-that- behind him.
THE FATE OF SHADESPIRE A DEADLY TOLL The island of Ossia is invaded by the
Penultima is a thriving and populous Nagash’s grip on Shyish becomes devoted of Nurgle, for the Plague
land of mortal men. Its people revere tighter and tighter. Many of the God sees Ossia’s endless graveyards
their ancestors and build great cities older, more traditional underworlds as a fitting annex for his garden.
of learning and understanding. are conquered by legions of undead
One of these is Shadespire, where and their energies harnessed to feed As the plague legions win battle after
the civic luminaries known as Nagash’s undying hunger. Across the battle and the claw of Chaos grips
Katophranes lead the pursuit of Innerlands, primitive civilisations the land, the once-vibrant populace
science, alchemy and magic. cower as Nagash hunts down the of Ossia begins to lose hope. They
lords of each underworld and are ill matched against the hosts
The Katophranes even manage to devours them, one at a time. of Chaos, and almost all of their
harness the power of grave-sand, the warriors succumb to the daemon
near-black substance that is laced It seems that nothing can stop hordes. The remainder surrender,
throughout the realmstone-dunes the Great Necromancer, for in the becoming slaves of the new order.
of Shyish, each rivulet representing deathly lands of Shyish his power is Beneath Chaos oppression they
the lifespan of a mortal creature magnified tenfold. The underworld become stagnant and mindless,
in the realms. It is said that one nations pray, in their own ways, for trudging through each day without
who halts the flow of their personal something – anything – to break the variation or rebellion. As the spined
sand-stream will put off indefinitely curse of evil that has fallen across citadels of Chaos rise from basalt and
their own demise. The Katophranes their homelands. ground bone, spirits and hopes sink
succeed in this, vitrifying the sands ever lower. As the people of Ossia
of time into a brittle material known lose their will to fight, the land itself
as shadeglass. With this invention, THE AGE OF CHAOS grows stale under the heel of Chaos.
they live on in magical reflections
long after their natural life’s end, A TIME OF NEW STRIFE
the better to teach their pupils the The Dark Gods invade Shyish. Not
secrets they long ago uncovered. content with his pre-eminence in
Ghyran, Nurgle seeks dominance
Innovation and even technology over the entire cycle of life and
becomes commonplace in death, and sends his daemon hosts
Shadespire, as does the pursuit of the through the oceanic Realmgates that
arcane. The city becomes famous, lead to Shyish. Plague fleets in great
and its spires rise high indeed. Its number emerge from the Sea Maw
thriving trade in ensorcelled items and the Black Nihil. Athanasia, the
fills the city’s coffers to bursting, but Amethyst Princedoms, Ossia and
over time, Nagash becomes incensed Stygxx are all invaded in one fell
by the arrogance of the Katophranes month as Nurgle’s power waxes.
of Shadespire and their methods of
escaping his clutches. He works a Khorne, for his part, covets the Land
great spell to wrench the essence of of Dead Heroes, and seeks an eternal
the city from its physical incarnation war there. The quality of battle
and hurl it into the aether, where to be had in Hallost gives the
it will abide forever as a ghostly Blood God a great source of
echo of its former self. The city’s power as deceased hero and
essence comes to rest in Uhl-Gysh, daemon clash anew each
the Hidden Gloaming, the twilight morning in an unending
realm between Ulgu and Hysh. war. Gravesites are raided,
the heads taken from
QUIETUS INTERRUPTED revered bodies and used
Assassin’s Rest, a land shaped like to decorate the crenellated
the hook symbol of Shyish, is home Chaos Dreadforts that
to the ghosts of some of the most are erected across the
notorious killers of the age. These Innerlands. Some of the
souls roam the island eternally, each lands’ departed gheists are
convinced by the island’s peculiar even forced to exhume their
magic that they are completely alone. own mortal remains and to
They find a kind of peace as a result. place their skulls in the walls
Slowly, however, the land falls under of the cities they once inhabited.
the sway of Nagash’s necromancers. All across the Innerlands the yoke
With a legion of undead assassins of Chaos weighs heavy indeed, and
at his command, he destabilises a all joy and life seems to flee these
dozen nations in a single night. deathly territories.
THE WAR OF BONES to reforge. However, with their THE AGE OF SIGMAR
Nagash strikes back hard against the brightest and best taken up to Azyr,
Chaos invaders and, for a time, he the people of Hallost feel fear and A RAY OF HOPE
claims dominion over many fallen doubt for the first time. They fight Sigmar’s Tempest breaks, and
lands. The skaven, ever watchful and hard against the Chaos invaders lightning strikes across the lands.
with an ancestral grudge against nonetheless. For a time, they manage The Hallowed Knights and the
Nagash from ages past, counter- to keep from being overrun. Anvils of the Heldenhammer invade
attack the undead legions from in great strength, hurling back
newly burrowed gnawhole tunnels. THE SCOURGE INESCAPABLE the legions of Khorne, Nurgle and
The War of Bones erupts across Such is the strength and Tzeentch on a dozen fronts.
Shyish and, though it is ultimately determination of the Chaos assault
fought to a standstill, it leaves that they even hurl back the undead As the Age of Sigmar begins in
Nagash further weakened. legions of Nagash. With the Dark earnest, the God-King’s debt to the
Gods pouring their power into the people of the Innerlands is repaid
Nagashizzar itself is toppled by realm through every Realmgate and in full – the Tempest strikes hard
Nurgle daemons immune to the summoning ritual they can utilise, here, with Stormhost after Stormhost
morbid, desiccating curse of Shyish’s the works of Nagash are torn down. arriving to turn the tide wherever
innate magic. For a time, Nagash is Many of those lands in thrall to evil gathers darkest. In the northern
forced to relocate to a secondary base his magic are abandoned as a great lands of Stygxx, the Amethyst
of command in dank and clammy exodus of people flees edgeward. Princedoms and Hallost, Sigmar’s
Stygxx. The deathly rage he feels at legions prove so capable at hurling
this dislocation is so strong it could back the forces of Chaos that the
freeze mountains. Nagash sends mortals – and ghosts – of Shyish that
Arkhan the Black to oversee the fight alongside them begin to feel
building of the Great Black Pyramid, hope rekindling within them.
and the legions of Deathrattle slaves
labouring at the heart of Shyish THE DEVIL YOU KNOW
redouble their pace, working night The God-King seeks to re-establish
and day to complete their master’s the mutually beneficial alliance of
grandest work. the Pantheon of Order. Though he
hates the Great Necromancer for
BATTLE OF BURNING SKIES his betrayal at the Battle of Burning
The Amethyst Princedoms, holding Skies, he realises he cannot win
out well in the battles against against the Dark Gods without
Chaos due to their wealth and Nagash’s help, and so sends the
infrastructure, answer Sigmar’s call Hallowed Knights to treat with him.
to action by sending a great many However, after dealing with the
armies to the Battle of Burning Skies. RAID AND PILLAGE Mortarchs and reaching Nagash’s
The Princes of that realm acquit In the far east, the unending stronghold, the Stormcasts leave
themselves well, but most are slain festivalia of Satyr’s End is brought without success.
after Sigmar’s forces are overcome to a gory conclusion when the war
– facing the forces of Khorne for Hallost spills over onto that THE TRUTH COMES OUT
and Nurgle at one time, they are once-hedonistic isle. The sadistic After slaying a tide of monstrous
outmatched on a dozen fronts. warlord Thorro Splinterthigh turns Chaos beasts alongside the Astral
to Khorne as soon as possible, Templars and Anvils of the
A STORM GOD’S WRATH and orders every captive crippled, Heldenhammer, the warriors of
Enraged at the failure of his rather than slain, that they might Hallost hold a great feast. There they
pantheon Sigmar thunders into the be bled anew each day. He rises find out that many Anvils were once
Innerlands in search of Nagash, high in the Blood God’s favour, for Hallost warriors, and that they were
seeking to call him to account over he understands the value of spilt torn away by Sigmar for this very
the perceived betrayal. Many of gore. A similar spectacle unfolds in counterstrike. The survivors of the
Nagash’s lieutenants and heralds are Bacchanalia, at the southernmost original Hallost tribes feel a fierce
obliterated at Sigmar’s hand before point of Stygxx, though it is the hatred for Sigmar growing within
he finally relents and heads back Seekers of Slaanesh that bring doom their breasts upon learning this, and
through the storm to Azyr, leaving to that land – and they do it through several tribes swear then and there to
the mortals of Shyish to their fate. an excess of debauchery rather than oppose Sigmar the Betrayer.
its cessation. Bacchanalia becomes
THE STOLEN HEROES home to the court of the Great BACK FROM THE BRINK
Sigmar musters a new army in Pretender, a Slaaneshi warlord who The living fight alongside the dead
the heavens. Hallost in particular hopes to wed the Stygxxian Goddess once more as the Stormcast Eternals
provides the God-King with a of Plenty and hence become the settle old grounds in the name of
great plunder of truly heroic souls father of an entire tribe of demigods. hope and progress. Chaos’ grip on
the Innerlands remains tight and energy roils across the cosmos, Ossia also begins to descend to
unforgiving, but here and there the causing the spirits of the dead to rise the Shyish Nadir, and becomes
cracks begin to show as the forces of in every Mortal Realm. The lands ever more terrible of aspect. In
Order gain momentum. Realmgates of Shyish begin to move towards its drawing nearer to that swirling,
are claimed and new cities are core, pulled by the irresistible weight crushing vortex, the land becomes
built in the far north of the Shyish of concentrated death magic into the saturated with magic. Great armies
Innerlands, while some of the more Nadir like flotsam to the mouth of of wraiths, banshees and spirits
established underworlds begin to a maelstrom. rise from the earth – the souls of
break free from the oppression they those who called Ossia their home
have endured for so long. A glimmer THE END OF ALL THINGS long ago – and attack their Chaos
of civilisation is kindled, although Those afterlives that have fallen into oppressors. Ill equipped to combat
the long dark night is far from over. repetition and stagnation under the these ethereal hosts with blade
pall of Chaos slowly drift inward and spear, the Chaos armies strike
THE TRAGIC FATE OF OSSIA towards the Nadir. Most mortals back with sorcery and daemonic
Upon Ossia, the Stormcast Eternals are unaware of this at first – a man power. Here and there the mortal
appear in a storm of lightning. They who is content simply to sweep populace rises up with blade and
launch scores of retributive strikes the same floor day after day does shield in hand, given hope by their
against the forces of Chaos, casting not notice that his movements are ethereal ancestors, but most are
down their citadels and freeing the becoming more synchronised and too downtrodden and have already
land. The spell of Chaos over Ossia mechanical. Over time, he wastes become half-dead husks. The fate of
is broken. However, in post-battle away completely as his homeland is Ossia hangs in the balance.
parleys with the few surviving mortal drawn closer to the Nadir. Eventually
leaders of Ossia, the Stormcast that man becomes little more than
Eternals are told that they are too late. a skeleton with a broom, cursed to

If they had arrived fifty years ago, repeat the same task for eternity. igmar was right to
perhaps Ossia would still have had a smash them cities down!’
chance of redemption – but now it is THE SEARCH FOR ETERNITY shouted Alaf, corded
a place of dark and haunted pain. Years after Nagash’s act of betrayal veins standing out on his neck.
left the Stormcasts without support ‘The Grave God betrayed him
BATTLE OF GOTHIZZAR at the battle of Gothizzar, Sigmar, twice over!’ Alaf ’s brother
Chaos-seized Gothizzar is besieged having recalled his legions and Doln had always said that
during the battle of the All-gates. delegations from the Anvils of the Alaf could shoe horses with his
Nagash’s forces do not arrive to Heldenhammer, sends them to the own two fists, and right now
reinforce Sigmar’s hosts at the Innerlands once more to enact a he had them wrapped around
critical time. The Endgate remains in retributive strike against Nagash. Old Nicero’s pale and wattled
Chaos hands. This time, the God-King’s wrath throat. It was all he could do
does not burn out so soon. A new era not to squeeze the life out of
SINISTER OMENS of war between the factions of Order the traitor.
As Nagash’s secret schemes near and Death begins. Some whisper Over Nicero’s shoulder, Alaf
completion, echoes of the future that there is more to Sigmar’s could see a crooked, robed
ripple through the Mortal Realms agenda than simple vengeance, for man emerging from behind the
in an escalating series of malign the Stormhosts have a new breed of market square’s corpse-stocks,
and ominous portents. Visionaries, Stormcast with them. Appearing stopping to delicately peel open
heralds and emissaries from each of more wizard than warrior, they the eyes of a gormless-looking
the Grand Alliances gather armies seek to uncover the true secrets of cadaver as he went.
bound for Shyish. immortality in an attempt to perfect ‘But Sigmar broke his troth
the reforging process. first, did he not, Fat Alaf?’ said
A MAGICAL SINGULARITY the newcomer. ‘Gods are just as
By channelling a great sorcerous THOSE WHO BURN BRIGHT fickle as men. And men betray
spell through his carefully aligned Hallost had long thrived above all as each other all the time.’
black pyramid, Nagash reverses the a vital and glorious place untouched Alaf ’s eyes widened in
flow of death magic so that it gathers by fear or doubt. Its warriors still recognition as a shout of pain
not at the edge of the realmsphere, fought the hideous creatures of and shock escaped his lips.
but at its centre. The hideous weight Modrhavn every new day, and those Skeletal snakes were winding
of all the gathered death energy who died were still reborn. Nagash up his legs at terrifying speed,
collapses a hole in the centre of the once found he had little influence constricting as they flowed
realm, and the magical polarity of there – even his finest generals around his body to form a
Shyish reverses completely. were seen as another military cage of bone. The last things
challenge for the fearless populace Alaf saw were Nicero’s smile
THE SHYISH NECROQUAKE to overcome. Yet the Nadir’s pull and the glint of his long-lost
As Nagash’s great work is completed, is irresistible, and over time even brother’s dagger.
a thunderous pulse of aetheric Hallost slips slowly southward.
Full of transmutations and alchemical wonders, Chamon is a realm where impermanence is the only certainty.
Blessed with riches beyond the wildest imaginings of misers and kings, it promises immeasurable power to those
who can harness its resources. Tzeentch covets this realm, and the region known as the Spiral Crux in particular.

The Realm of Metal is ever shifting, Small wonder the realm’s treasures pure water in abundance, especially
but certain sub-realms abide, giving are coveted by so many monarchs in those sub-realms nearest the
shape to the so-called Lands of Gold. and warlords. Yet so mutable are realmsphere’s core. Here and there
Chamon is not a set of plates, islands its reaches that only those able to the trees may have glinting, iron-
or continents crystallised in the embrace change can thrive there hard bark, the earth may bear a
central plane of the realmsphere, but for long – each of Chamon’s tribes, ferrous sheen or the hues of exotic
rather a dizzying variety of domains cultures and civilisations has learned oxides in places, but by and large it
that hang in the Chamon firmament, to adapt and evolve as the lands shift remains habitable. On the outskirts
each linked to the others by portals and meld, their fortunes rising and of Chamon, however, the lands
and mystical bonds. In Azyr it has falling with every new generation. are ever changing to the point of
been depicted as the laboratory of madness. Many of these fantastical
some godly alchemist, glittering with Though much of Chamon is metallic regions are further corrupted such
potential and hope. in nature, it has verdant reaches and that they are utterly inimical to life.


An endless caravan of
nomads snakes through the
wilds of Odrenn.

The spoils of war are piled
high in Ayadah, a land now
teeming with orruk tribes.
Long ago, a metallurgic
catastrophe twisted the
heart of Spiral Crux
beyond recognition.

The Spiral Crux is rich
in aether-gold. Many
Kharadron Overlords
brave its airborne dangers.

Here the sorcerers of
Tzeentch practise their most
mind-bending spells.

The beaches near Galleon’s Bane
SPIRAL CRUX echo to the squawking calls of
beastmen on the hunt.
A land of jagged coastlines and sharp promontories, the Spiral Crux was once a land of Order and unbound
creation. Since it caught the eye of the Dark God Tzeentch, the Crux has been visited by a grand cataclysm, twisted
into a labyrinth of impossible landscapes long abandoned by the duardin empires who once called it home.

AGE OF MYTH supply of Chamonite ensures every deals with the artisans of Azgal, the
clan of the western isles – be they Sigyorn and the Crucible Prongs,
GRUNGNI’S GIFTS duardin, gholemkind or human – collectively the most advanced
After being freed from his bondage has an abundance of magic with engineers amongst all those who
by the God-King Sigmar, Grungni which to power their forges. It have made their homes in Chamon
fashions the Nineteen Wonders of becomes a widespread currency of under the auspices of Sigmar. The
Chamon. His exertions are such sorts, with a single droplet roughly ever-smiling Mintners of Azgal’s
that his breath mingles with the equal to a good-sized chest full of Royal Orchard, they who specialise
dust of his forges to form sky-borne gold coin. in harvesting coin from the Glinting
clouds of aether-gold. Amongst his Groves, spread their influence far
creations are the steel city of Maraz Claimant operations and land and wide through the ignoble arts of
Drang, the cog-people of Odsin – stakes reach fever pitch, with the money-lending. A contract is struck
later disowned after the Winding tribal federations that shift and between the trio of flourishing
Storm – the World Hearth, and the flow across the land competing and regions, with the nations of Azgal,
perfectly straight Godwrought Isles. even warring amongst themselves the Sigyorn and the Crucible
Each of these islands, pleasing in to strip-mine the land of its magical Prongs now known as the Brothers
form and a rich paradise, is bestowed resources before their rivals can Adamant. It becomes the fashion of
upon one of Grungni’s worshipper do so. the Adamants to wear garments of
clans. The linear isles and ordered sheeted flowstone laced with beads of
mountains of this region are soon this glittering substance.
linked by curving bridges, each
a glorious and perfect arc. Trade THE GAZE OF TZEENTCH
between the duardin and the human Tzeentch catches sight of Chamon,
smiths that seek to learn from them a collection of glinting sub-realms
begins to thrive, as do magma farms hanging like fruit waiting to be
and burgeoning forms of technology. picked in a colossal realmsphere of
Satisfied that his folk are walking heavy and potent magic. Perhaps
the path to self-sufficiency, Grungni if the rich people there had not
departs to repay his debt to Sigmar. revelled so much in their wealth
He joins the Pantheon of Order and sophistication, the change-
and dwells long in Azyr to forge the prayers of those less fortunate
fabled Sigmarabulum. would not have been so fervent,
and not attracted the eye of the
Over eighty generations of prosperity Great Conspirator in the first place.
and relative peace are to follow in the But with so many flaunting their
Godwrought Isles, but even Grungni wealth, the poverty-stricken – the
could not fashion a society proof THE FORGE TURNS COLD northern tribes of Cold Iron Anvil
against the crippling curse of greed. The far northern land used for foremost amongst them – are quick
Grungni’s forge finally cools from to pray for change. As Tzeentch’s eye
CHAMONITE boiling volcanic heat to its former lingers upon the Godwrought Isles,
Across the most central regions of arctic climate. Only the strong those who desire a new order hear
the Godwrought Isles, the globular, survive as the lands of Cold Iron the barely discernable whispers of
quicksilver-like realmstone of Anvil freeze over. Landmasses cleave daemons promising a better world
Chamon – known as Chamonite – off like ice chunks from a melting at the cost of another’s misfortune.
is discovered in abundance. It is a berg, forming the Brittle Islands. The seeds of disaster are planted,
source of near-limitless alchemical The tribes there are forced into a life yet it is the arrival of another godly
power for those with the art to of barbarism, hunting great white force that twists the land beyond
manipulate it. After the invention bears and taking their fur in order to all recognition.
of the syringe-like device known survive the deadly cold.
as the aether-glutton in the Azgal A GODBEAST DESCENDS
Mountains, Chamonite is harnessed TRADE AND PROGRESS Attracted by the glamour of
in great measure. Siphoned, Around the circumference of the glittering clouds and the shimmer
categorised and rationed by the region, the art of endrin-barter and of so much unearthed Chamonite,
gifted duardin aethermancers of trade in pure metal ingots of all the zodiacal beast known as the
Azgal and the Sigyorn, the ready kinds thrives. The duardin strike lode-griffon descends from the
void towards the Godwrought AN UNTENABLE CURSE The ninth mage, revealed by the
Isles. Chased from its home in The Cruxian duardin, realising that haywire magic to be the Gaunt
the Hanging Valleys by the silver their dream of a perfectly balanced Summoner known as the Watcher
wyrm Argentine, the fortress-sized society is in tatters, retreat to King, flees on a flying disc-daemon
creature makes its nest upon the kingdoms high in the mountains to his Silver Tower in the far west.
central island. The tremendous to better escape the dread pull of Yet the great spell is cast. The
magical weight of the lode-griffon the lode-griffon and the destructive godbeast is transmuted to solid
distorts the lands with pulses of raw greed of the human tribes. They gold inside its lair, and its magnetic
magnetism. Over time, the straight become insular and divided, and curse ended. Though the duardin
landmasses forged by Grungni trade amongst the duardin and aethermancers rejoice to see their
buckle and rip apart, forming the human nations slows to a crawl. instruments and war devices
continental sprawl known as the Coffers begin to empty around the restored to normal function, the
Spiral Crux. As they change shape, Crucible Prongs, and tensions rise. act carries a cost so profound that
every bridge and pipeline snaps and With many tribes’ financial survival it alters reality across the Spiral
twists until it is wrenched into the on the line, this territorialism leads Crux forever.
sea, the molten realmstone they once to open conflict.
transported floating free to gather as THE SKY-RIFT OPENS
clouds in the Chamonic stratosphere. To add insult to injury, the lode- The lode-griffon’s death scream
griffon’s magnetic blood drives the tears a hole in the sky high above
REVERSAL OF FORTUNE instruments of duardin artisans the Crux, a rift through which spill
The tribes of Odrenn, Adayah and haywire. Many of the duardin, legions of flying daemonic horrors.
Viscid Flux – those islands furthest robbed of their livelihoods, consider A new age of terror unfolds with
away from the site of the metallurgic how they might end the lode- horrible swiftness.
apocalypse that surrounds the lode- griffon’s curse upon the lands. As
griffon – capitalise on the downfall the moons above wax full, these
of the Brothers Adamant and the dreams bleed into waking life. Vexed
great reversal of fortune that has beyond measure, they gather their
befallen the realm. Their artifice is wealth and place a bounty upon the
largely unaffected by the coming of godbeast’s skull. Within the week,
the lode-griffon, and their hallmarks warbands of duardin monster-
become worth more than those of slayers fight their way to the lode-
the Adamant Brothers in the space of griffon’s lair and work to inflict adaz
a single moon. kronn – death by a thousand axes
– upon the slumbering lode-griffon.
By securing beneficial contracts with Unfortunately, the metallic godbeast
the desperate refugees of the inner is all but impervious to mortal
isles, the artisan tribes of Odrenn, weaponry. Awoken in a rage, the
Adayah and Viscid Flux rise to beast slays its assailants and wreaks
ascendancy in the arts of forging havoc on every tribe within a dozen
and alchemy. The liquid-core blades leagues before retreating to its nest.
of Odrenn’s singing bladesmiths
become famous amongst the warrior DEATH OF A GODBEAST
fraternities, second only in value to The nations of Azgal, the
the living swords forged by Celemnis Sigyorn, Patina, Prosperis
of Anvrok. and Viscid Flux convene
a great conclave of their
Settlers from Viscid Flux found the mightiest aethermancers,
nation of Prosperis, building high hoping to find a way
with their near-limitless wealth. to slay the godbeast
Their prosperous trade in clockwork in the midst of their
automatons and fluid-metal pets – realm. Together, nine
from giant ripple-skinned ferrosaurs of their representatives
to small tin-dogs – sees their make the perilous trek
fortunes eclipse even those of the to Griffon’s Eyrie. Each
Azgal Mintners. taking one of the points
of a nonagonic ritual star,
The Fluxkin fund expeditions they work a powerful spell of
into the famously dangerous transmutation. As the spell comes
Impassable Peaks in search to its earth-shaking conclusion,
of yet more Chamonite. Their a great avalanche is triggered, and
search is successful beyond their eight of the nine magi are consumed
wildest hopes. in a wave of molten Chamonite.
THE AGE OF CHAOS Soon after, the disparate airborne and sea are twisted into horrible new
forces forge a loose confederation for forms that take wing, or simply rise
TZEENTCH’S HAND REVEALED mutual protection. But, as the sky- into the skies as if by invisible hands,
Though all the Dark Gods make ports grow, so too do their rivalries. to fall upon those duardin that have
their plays for regions of Chamon, All seek to mine the same aether- dared to stay and fight. A new age of
Tzeentch concentrates his forces gold that has laced the skies ever oppression and madness takes root
here more than in any other realm. since the coming of the sky-rift – it as Tzeentch claims the lands of the
He takes special interest in the proves a versatile power source and, Spiral Crux with wave upon wave
sub-realms most saturated in though no substitute for Chamonite, of daemon invaders, new tides of
magic – amongst them the Hanging it keeps their societies flourishing Horrors either tumbling from the
Valleys of Anvrok, where the and afloat, not to mention hidden skies or born from the still-burning
sorcerer Ephryx has hidden away from the warmongers on the warpfire at the heart of the lands.
the hammer Ghal Maraz; the Spined lands below. The competition for
Sphere Golgeth, where time itself aether-gold becomes so fierce that A NEW WORLD ON HIGH
is malleable; and the Spiral Crux, relationships between many of the The Forge-City of Grungni is
where the air is laced with the stuff duardin clans turn sour. On the overrun with skaven when a
of change. verge of civil war, the leaders of each gnawhole opens under the peaks now
sky-port meet in council. It is this known as the Verminvaults. The last
SLAUGHTER FROM ABOVE Conference of Madralta – named of the duardin’s Great Karaks falls
With the daemon hordes spilling after the floating isle where the during the battle of Zaruk. Forcing
out of the sky-rift, every fortress meeting takes place – that produces themselves to look forward instead
and bastion wall created by the rich the document known as the Code. of back, the Kharadron Overlords
nations of the Crux proves worse The predecessors of the Kharadron ply the clouds near and far in their
than useless – for with the daemons Overlords are born, and their ancient search for new seams of aether-gold,
swooping down everywhere they culture of statutes and contracts put their ingenious constructions seeing
can smell the magical perfume into motion. They retreat high into them slowly but patiently found the
of Chamonite, the defenders find the Chamonic stratosphere, and are six aerial cities that will come to
themselves trapped within their not seen again by the eyes of men or dominate the region’s skies.
own defences. mutant for long generations.
Within the year, the Hydrox
THE KHARADRON CODE THE HAND OF THE CHANGER Wars are brought to a victorious
The duardin that escaped the coming Pleased by the Chamonite his conclusion by the fleets and new-
of the sky-rift and the besiegement followers have consumed in his found wealth of the sky-port Barak-
of their old mountain kingdoms name, Tzeentch himself works a Nar. The corpses of the many-headed
spend years simply fighting for great spell that rains transmutative aerial predators known as hydroxes
survival. At first, their insular warpfire from the skies in a terrible are piled high in Barak-Nar’s wake,
defences hold back the scattered cataclysm. The aether around the though the fishy stench that results
assaults, but over time Tzeentch’s Spiral Crux is shot through with means they are soon jettisoned into
minions begin to coordinate their multicoloured meteors of tainted the sea instead.
attacks from within the mountains crystal and bloodglass. Jagged knives
as well as without. The infestation of translucent stone claim thousands THE WARS OF MEN RAGE ON
of the ancestral holds leads to many of lives, whilst Whirling Bay and the The wealthy and well-armoured
duardin factions taking to the Kaleidos Expanse no longer provide armies of Odrenn, Ayadah, Viscid
skies, militarising sky-ports and fresh water, but run thick with Flux and Prosperis go to war against
Gyrocopter launch platforms until molten metal that boils at the touch the daemon hosts, the traitorous
they can lay claim to the satellite of mortal flesh. humans of the Kairic hordes and
kingdoms that stand apart from Tzaangor warflocks that pour across
each mountain peak. The science of THE LANDS TRANSMUTED the lands, sacking and setting fire to
air travel, further bolstered by the The Crystal Isle is wrenched into every city or township they can find.
aether-gold mined by the steamhead being around the island Realmgate The Steel Dervishes of Scimitar Point
pioneers, progresses to the point that of Seedgate. A huge landmass of hold out for months against waves of
several duardin holds boast entire shimmering kaleidoscopic crystal, it Chaos Spawn and the Horrors that
fleets of skyborne vessels. A new surrounds the Seedgate Isle, choking create them from the beasts of the
conflict erupts as the disc-riding the passage from the Alloy Ocean to land. Their fate is twisted when the
vassals of Tzeentch and their winged the Amethystine Ocean and forming Argent Nail, the vast Silver Tower of
daemon allies seek to prey upon the Interrupted Sea. The central isles the Watcher King, descends from the
the duardin air navies, but duardin of the Crux are further twisted by void to loom over the Alloy Ocean.
war-technology has advanced by an the terrible change wrought upon The Gaunt Summoner that rules the
incredible degree since the opening them, becoming a tangle of jagged Argent Nail rains curses upon the
of the sky-rift, and the armies of coasts and curling promontories. Steel Dervishes for nine days and
Chaos find themselves hurled back Sky-sharks and flying chariots haunt nine nights. They die to a man before
on dozens of fronts. the clouds, and beasts of the land the month is out.
THE AGE OF SIGMAR from hiding to swell the ranks of Hammers of Sigmar allies. Those
the faithful. Together with a host of duardin furthest from the war-fronts
THE TEMPEST ROARS Free Peoples from Azyr, they muster return to the business of sky-mining,
Sigmar’s Tempest roils across the strength enough to hunt down and abandoning most of the lands below
skies of Chamon, driving potent surround the fractious Tzeentchian to their fate.
veins of aether-gold before it. The warbands. Slowly, as one Realmgate
Kharadron Overlords scramble to after another is conquered, the seeds BALEFUL REVELATIONS
mine this bounty before the storm of civilisation are planted and begin The Kharadron of Barak-Zilfin
disrupts their plans entirely. to bear fruit once more. New cities discover a chain of crystalline
sprout up around each island of sky-castles near the edge of the
NOTHING BUT DUST sanity and strength, and trade routes Crux’s known atmospheric limits.
The agents of Sigmar seek the – although frequently embattled – The duardin high council’s fears of
duardin across the Spiral Crux, are established across the isles. a Tzeentchian plot in the making
hoping to reinforce ancient alliances prove well founded as the sky-castles
that they might win a significant ALL THE GOLD IN THE SKY descend and the war for Chamon
beachhead on the largest of the inner The Angelos Conclaves of the reaches new heights of violence.
islands. Though they fight their Hammers of Sigmar join the
way to the peaks of many ancient airborne wars that rage between the
duardin holds, they find nothing but Kharadron Overlords and the flying
corpses and the echoes of an empire daemons and Tzaangor disc-riders

long forsaken. of Tzeentch. An alliance is struck h, but this is a Celemnite
between Captain Hrolf Alespitter of blade,’ said Odo Thring,
VICTORIES HARD WON Barak-Zon and Vindt of the Gilden eyes wide with false
The Stormcast Eternals strike Pinion, Knight-Venator of the wonder. ‘Forged by the Silver
the hateful tribes of Chaos with Hammers of Sigmar, resulting in the Banshee’s own fair hand, and
such speed and force that many banishment of a large daemon horde blessed by Lord Cryptborn
strongholds are breached before from the skies above Spinrikk’s himself.’ The broadsword
their denizens can muster a cogent Forest. Such compacts become gleamed in the light of a crackling
defence. The sorcerous warlords of more and more common, resulting eel-globe from the Bataari
Tzeentch are not wrong-footed for in the newly coined Aetherstrike markets. ‘My contact went to
long, however. Working their arts of Force battle formation entering the great lengths to acquire it from
prophecy and foreknowledge, they legislation of the Kharadron Code. the Hanging Valleys.’
anticipate where the next thunderous ‘You take me for a fool? The
assaults will land and lay their traps FALL OF THE THANTANIK sword-hag is a myth,’ sneered
accordingly. Teeming Tzaangor The mighty super-ship known as the Odrennite duellist, feigning
herds, armies of heavily armoured the Thantanik is hit amidships by a disinterest. ‘The Anvrok saga is
warrior thralls, and entire tribes of devastating sorcerous strike when a fancy song to keep new recruits
Ogroids rush from cave and swamp engaged in aerial battle with the from soiling themselves when
to fall upon the proud Stormcast Silver Tower of the Watcher King. they see a Stormcast in the flesh.’
Eternals wherever they appear, each Scuppered and sinking fast, the Odo smiled, gold glinting from
cursed horde further bolstered by the Thantanik rams the Silver Tower every other tooth. ‘See how well it
pyrotechnic magic of the sorcerers with such force that the Tzeentchian handles, my friend,’ he said. ‘As
themselves. Only when the sky is lit citadel’s magical wards activate, if the sword-maiden were guiding
by dozens of columns of heavenly sending it blinking out of existence your hand.’ As he proffered the
light do the Stormcast Eternals as it teleports back into the void. The hilt, he saw the reflection of
bring enough force to bear to scour Thantanik ’s pyrrhic victory ends something moving in the sword’s
the Tzeentchian legions from with the colossal ship plummeting perfect surface.
Scimitar Point, the Barrier Peaks down to crash in the north-east of Odo turned to see a puddle of
and the Gnarwhal Coast, forming a Moltania. It is used as a salutary what looked like spilt quicksilver
strongpoint from which to expand lesson against the practice of sliding towards them through
their territory. building too large a vessel – as the the forge. It flowed upward to
Overlords have it, only a rube puts form the gaunt face of a woman
UNSTOPPABLE MOMENTUM all his aether-gold in one aerostill. framed by long straight hair.
Sigmar’s hosts are reinforced by A torso manifested beneath,
those who fell in the first wave, THE GREAT SKY PURGE reaching down to the waist.
reforged and sent back by Sigmar, Though the lands of the Spiral Crux The thing distended its maw
but the grinding battle of attrition are still infested by Tzeentchian impossibly wide like that of
is only tipped in the God-King’s daemons, cult uprisings and a snake. The scream from its
favour when the survivors of the Brayherds, the airs above the silvered throat rendered Odo
indigenous people – the warriors of inner islands are all but cleared of deaf, blind and mute a moment,
Ayadah, Odrenn, Azgal, Viscid Flux invaders by a united push from the before his heart burst.
and even Cold Iron Anvil – emerge Kharadron Overlords and their
Ulgu consists of thirteen vast regions, each more distant and unknowable than the last. A realm of secrets and
riddles on the wind, it is called the Grey Realm by many, for its true name can only properly be pronounced as a
whisper – and never in broad daylight. Here, half-light and half-truth are the best a traveller can wish for.

Locked in a twin orbit with the Over time, however, the lands have Consumed by fell energies after the
realmsphere of Hysh, the lands of become changed by the invasions destruction of the world-that-was,
Ulgu have neither night nor day, of Chaos, and they have changed the Shadow King was borne in spirit
but range from gloom to pitch black for the worse. At first, Ulgu itself to Ulgu – for although Malerion is at
depending on region rather than reacted to these incursions much heart a creature of Order, darkness
time. This is the domain of secrets as a living thing might react to a and lies are like meat and drink
and lies, of twisted reason and mind- verminous infestation – by scouring to him. When he awoke in Ulgu,
bending illusion, and it conforms it, drowning it, suffocating it and stirred to consciousness by Sigmar’s
not to the laws of logic. Ulgu can confounding it wherever possible. It presence, his physical form was
swallow an invading army just as is a testament to the hunger of Chaos gone. Only slowly did memories
morning mist obscures the dawn, that all thirteen of the Dominions return to him. He could not control
and leave nothing behind but their are still scarred by the blades and his corporeality, manifesting more
screams. Not even those who have bootprints of those who are in thrall as an inky black shade than as flesh
lived there since birth dare to trust to the Dark Gods. and blood. How long he wandered
their senses for long. across the forbidding landscapes he
Each of the Thirteen Dominions knew not, but he feared his fate was
All the shrouded countries of boasts many rulers, inevitably with to forever be less than shadow. Yet as
Ulgu are saturated with illusion viziers, loremasters and shadowy his anger and frustration mounted,
and lurking menace. It was not puppetmasters arrayed around them. his own rage gave him form. With
always this way – once, many They are tied together with invisible fury came solidity and a measure of
of Ulgu’s Thirteen Dominions webs of intrigue and manipulation godly power.
were synonymous with refuge, that shift with each new day. The
philosophical introspection and the closest thing to a supreme monarch Malerion discovered many strange
bliss of lucid dreams. is the godlike being Malerion. creatures abroad in Ulgu, yet felt
no true kinship with any of them.
Only when he came upon a glade
harbouring a writhing coven of
shadow daemons did he feel a spark
of recognition. At the centre of that
bacchanal was his mother, Morathi
– she too had transcended the fall
of the world-that-was, but here she
flickered in form between that of the
maiden and the monster.

The reunion between mother and

son was full of recriminations.
Neither trusted the other, and
the scars of their former sins and
betrayals were not fully healed, but
in this foreign land they at least
understood one another. An uneasy
truce was reached. Together, they
put aside their tragic pasts, uniting
under Sigmar as part of his Pantheon
of Order – for a time, at least. With
these two great minds to guide them,
the mortal cultures of Ulgu thrived.

This realm of secrets and whispers

proved alluring in the extreme to
Tzeentch. Through the convoluted
schemes and hidden societies that
entangled the Thirteen Dominions,
the Changer of Ways found his way
in. Slowly, insidiously, those who skaven, especially those of the Clans
sought power through change spread Eshin, sent their shade-scuttling THE AELVES OF ULGU
their influence across the lands. hordes and shrouded assassins to It was into Ulgu that many aelven
They were the weak points in Ulgu’s every corner of the realm on fell spirits fled after being rescued
defences, and flung its gates wide. missions that only the Masterclan from Slaanesh’s endless thirst for
claimed to understand. Though souls. The first to be drawn from
When the Age of Chaos broke across outnumbered, Malerion and Morathi the god’s immense, gluttonous
the lands, Khorne was quick to waged a guerrilla war with such shade were those straining to be
invade Ulgu, hoping to steal a march skill that the realm was not overrun free, those aelves most nimble of
on Tzeentch by sending his legions entirely by Chaos. Even the coming thought and razor-sharp of wit.
through Realmgates corrupted by of the Age of Sigmar has done little Those taken by Malerion and
secretive blood cults. His armies felt to break the deadlock. Morathi were not humanoid in
scorn for those that skulked in the the way they once were, for they
mist rather than fought in the glory had been changed irrevocably.
of the open field, but that contempt The first had bat wings, fine
would be their undoing, for any who horns and long, dexterous
underestimates Ulgu’s secrets does tails, their devilish appearance
so the cost of their own life. Khorne’s hinting at the ordeals they had
invading hosts were swallowed by endured in the nether-realms
Ulgu’s magical fog banks, and when – yet they had been cleansed by
that miasma dissipated, all that was Hysh’s light, and hidden from
left was carrion. retribution by Ulgu’s shadow.
Morathi, as hungry for influence
Yet the forces of Chaos are legion. and power as a panther is for
The disciples of Tzeentch brought meat, has begun to secretly
the intrigues and arcane politics extract more souls for her own
of the Thirteen Dominions to a burgeoning priesthood than she
violent climax, plunging dozens stated in her Oath of Salvation.
of civilisations into anarchy. The
The energies of Hysh shine so brightly they light up even the most distant parts of the cosmos. At its best, the
Realm of Light is a place of unbound intellect and universal illumination. At its worst, its light is blinding and
hypnotic – those dazzled by their own obsessions find a strange darkness there instead.

The history of Hysh is a peculiar one, The magical energy of Hysh does not realm – there was a certain level
and not truly understood by any coalesce into realmstone deposits of competition. Some were above
mind save perhaps that of the Lord of as with the other realms, but travels such mortal concerns, becoming
Lumination himself. The realm was the lands and skies as beams of pure so enlightened and pursuing
once as multifaceted and ordered yellow-white illumination. When their arts to such refinement
as a finely cut gem or delicate paper the seers of Hysh learned how to that they transcended mortality
structure, its many composite lands harness these beams in magically entirely. So it was that the most
intersecting like wide shafts of light translucent prisms, the composite advanced and heroic minds became
that could shift or flip with each leap realmstone-equivalent known as numinous beings far removed from
of logic or pure thought made by its aetherquartz was devised. It quickly earthly concerns.
inhabitants. It was once the most became a sought-after resource, and
virginal of all the realms, its white gem-like beads, jewels and necklaces Others, however, found their
magic unsullied and free to shine out strung with that incredible substance personal weaknesses brought out
wherever there were mortal senses took the form of currency across into the light by the power they held
to detect it. Yet no realm save Azyr the lands. in their hands. The lure of pride and
is safe from the greed of the Dark the pursuit of perfection blended
Gods, and even the Ten Paradises of together to create a spectrum of
Hysh have long suffered under the unhealthy qualities. These were
grinding maleficence of Chaos. hidden at first, but as the contest
to become the purest and most
A realm of symbolism and mind- intelligent grew fiercer, they were
expanding arithmantic lore, Hysh’s soon revealed. At first, the friendly
interlocking planes are inhabited by rivalry between two scholars might
people elevated to higher thought by see them raise the pillars atop which
the very nature of their homelands. they meditated to ever greater
The most part of their number have a heights, or make their robes grow
love for reason and symmetry. Even whiter and more luminous than
the wordless tribes of the crystal those of their contemporaries.
caves are given to long periods of
introspection, and the walls of their As they became ever more self-
artfully sculpted tunnels are covered centred and arrogant, as they
with intricate images and diagrams. leaned upon aetherquartz for ever
greater leaps of mental agility and
Since the wakening of Lord Tyrion understanding, their noble quest
and his brother Teclis, and the became more akin to an addiction.
spreading of their influence and Image was everything, and no trick
dominion, the Ten Paradises of or act of sabotage was off-limits
Hysh became home to many new in the crusade to appear the most
cultures of aelves, while the empires Those who wore jewellery made from enlightened. Such obsession drew
and cities founded by Hysh’s human aetherquartz found that they took its the followers of Slaanesh, whose
architects and scholars were for a light into themselves, the gemstones influence found its way into the
time the greatest in all the Mortal growing dull as their intellects hearts of those who dwelt in the Ten
Realms. The tall pillars dotted blossomed at incredible speed. Even Paradises, and the corruption of
across the deserts and alabaster their movements became swifter and Hysh’s pure light began.
plains were once legion, each topped more dexterous, for the stuff of Hysh
with a cross-legged seer seeking lends the speed of thought to body as Since the coming of the Age of
enlightenment through denial and well as mind. Sigmar, Hysh has gone from a land
asceticism. Yet those cities have of logic and order to a wilderness of
since been cast down, and those With unbound progress and success broken dreams and shattered statues.
pillars toppled, by the anarchy and coming easily to the rulers and That which was not cast down by
slaughter visited upon the realm by leaders of each paradise, the towers the subtle curse of Chaos has been
the savage hordes of the Dark Gods. and pillars of Hysh were raised high. smashed by the violence of open war.
Their conquest of Hysh was far Amongst the most scintillating It is said that Lord Tyrion musters
more insidious than the blood-mad minds, however – the most inventive his forces for a great reconquest –
invasions of Aqshy, Ghur and Shyish. scholars and wizards of that but, as yet, salvation has not come.
The gods of the Mortal Realms
are not omniscient – even Lord
Tyrion, who is physically blind
yet can reach out into the aether
with a dozen other senses, cannot
pluck visions from across the
void. A deity cannot influence
a realm without having some
kind of presence there, and it is
most commonly through their
worshippers that they extend
their powers. Faith is a two-way
street, they say, for just as the
worshipper is empowered by
their deity in times of need, the
deity is given power by the acts
of belief and devotion practised
by those who believe in him.
The more people pay homage to
a god – the more souls commit
themselves to his creed – the
more powerful that god becomes.
Just as a Realmgate allows a
person to move from one realm
to another, a faithful soul allows
a god to move a measure of his
power into a mortal world. A
shrine or site of worship might
have a similar effect, but there is
no substitute for the fiery faith of
one who truly believes. Through
such people the gods can work
true miracles. More than that,
they can see through their eyes
– quite literally, in some cases.
The God-King Sigmar could not
well perceive the Tourmaline
Spires, those blinding geometric
pillars in Hysh, until the ever-
faithful Lord-Relictors of the
Tempest Lords braved the deadly
beams of light that refracted
between them. In bringing
the faith of Sigmar to those
benighted reaches, the priests of
the God-King’s creed gave him
focus and extended his reach,
allowing him to gather a mighty
celestial tempest in that region.
In doing so, Sigmar tipped the
balance between aelf, Stormhost
and Slaaneshi hedonist that
had deadlocked the region
for months. Similar bonds of
spiritual energy bind every priest
and deity in every realm. So
it is that true faith can change
a world.
The Realm of Beasts is a near-endless string of jagged continents, each awe-inspiring in its primeval splendour.
Here, every creature is red in tooth and claw, and every animal, insect and plant is both predator and prey. Even
the landscapes are possessed of a hungering animus. Primal violence lurks everywhere, in man and beast alike.

The prehistoric reaches of the Realm lands themselves. A traveller might The larger settlements on the
of Beasts tend towards rugged, seek refuge in a cave one night and amber plains of Ghur tend to be
wide open places where winged emerge the next morning to find the surrounded by concentric rings of
raptors wheel in the clear blue skies. horizon has changed, the landmarks palisades where every stake is sunk
Sweeping savannahs, craggy valleys having slid slightly, but discernibly, deep to jut diagonally outward. A
and open plains are split by fierce out of position. Here, the mountain stone wall would soon be smashed
white-water rivers and yawning moves in search of ice with which to down by a rampaging mega-beast,
chasms that open and grind closed armour its flanks, just as the open but a sharpened stake, at just the
like impossible mouths. Great plain grinds the mountain’s edge to right angle and with the strength of
migratory trails criss-cross the sharp gravel, the better to protect stone behind it, can force even the
lands, made not only by herds of its crust from the feet of those who hungriest creature to leave well alone
prowling megafauna and hunting seek to traverse it. The river conquers lest its own charge be its undoing.
behemoths, but by the features of the the hills, gradually carving them Those too frenzied or dim-witted to
apart with the rocks it has ripped learn the danger of such traps will
from the high peaks. The hills shiver spit themselves through in an instant
free those forests that seek to take – all the people of the settlement
root upon them with avalanches of need to do is set a large bonfire
rubble and burrows of root-gnawing beneath it and the creature will
stonelings. In places the weather- likely feed the whole tribe it intended
beaten bones and ribcages of to devour.
gargants and vast saurian monsters
litter the lands, used as frameworks Gnawed, cracked and pitted bone
for everything from bivouacs to is a common sight in the Realm of
primitive townships. Strung with the Beasts, for natural and unnatural
furs of recent kills, they are daubed creatures are in great abundance,
with charcoal, chalk and terracotta. and to die there is to be devoured.
Even the realmstone of Ghur takes
a similar form, the amber-hued
substance naturally occurring like
fossils in rock. Deposits that range in
size from tiny magical phalanges no
bigger than the finger bone of a bat,
to huge thigh bone pieces like those
of a Thundertusk, are sought after by
the shamans and ambermantic seers
of Ghur. Those who become attuned
to these artefacts can unleash the
beast inside, and even transform into
massively muscled, primal versions
of themselves that fight with the fury
of enraged predators.

Where there’s bone there’s meat, as

the hunter-tribes of the Great Coil
say, and Ghur’s is the best in any
Mortal Realm. As a result, good
quality sea salt is a hugely valuable
commodity, as it is used by hunters
and coal-claimers to preserve the
vast slabs of meat they ship out to
other, less bounteous realms. A
good-sized rock-lion haunch fetches
such a high price it can be traded for
a batch of blades from the Realm of
Metal, or a dozen barrels of flame-ale
from Aqshy – the real difficulty is in the heartlands. Ravenous ogors
keeping the would-be trader from instead tend to migrate across the REALMSTONE
eating the goods before the exchange landscapes nearer the Realm’s Edge – In places where there is great
can be made. In the Realm of Beasts, known to some as the Hinterlands – metaphysical pressure – usually
the demands of heart and stomach denuding the lands of sustenance as because of some traumatic
trump those of the mind almost they go, before heading back to start event – magical energy becomes
every time. all over again. Those known as the compressed into realmstone.
Beastclaw Raiders bring with them Every realm has a different
The heartlands of Ghur are host to the Everwinter – a supernatural version of this substance. In
a great many tribes of savage and blizzard so intense the lands become Ghyran, it takes the form of jade
brutish species. Here the orruk and icy and inimical to life in each ice that constantly melts, turns
the ogor thrive more than anywhere tribe’s wake. to steam, condenses and then
else, their might-makes-right freezes once more. In Chamon,
philosophy and reckless aggression The coming of Chaos to Ghur began it is globular, something like
lending them the edge they need first with the great skull-gathers quicksilver shorn of gravity. The
to survive amongst the wilderness. and gore-hunts of those human quartz-like realmstone of Hysh is
Gorkamorka is worshipped in a tribes who worshipped Khorne, prismatic and can concentrate or
variety of different ways across for though they knew not of that dissipate magical energy. Ulgu’s
every continent, even by many of dread moniker, their behaviour realmstone is a grey gossamer
the human hunter-gatherers that opened the door to the Blood God’s said to be lies given form. There
eke out a nomadic existence there minions nonetheless. When Chaos are still stranger minerals
– entire wars have been fought over daemons and their inadvertent allies mortals see as analogous – the
whether he is cunning but brutal, claimed great swathes of Heartland malefic warpstone that accretes
or brutal but cunning. Though the and Hinterland alike, the tribes in the bowels of Blight City,
Ironjawz can be found enforcing of Destruction met them with an and the prophetic glimmerings
their hierarchy of raw strength avalanche of violence in return. traded in Excelsis, for instance.
across every landscape of the pan- Ghur still exists in a state of tension Regardless, those who tamper
continental Ghurish landmass, the – with the Pantheon of Order joining with realmstone usually find that
Bonesplitter orruks make up the the fight, there is no telling what fate disaster lurks close behind.
majority of the greenskin tribes is in store for the realm’s reaches.
The Realm of Heavens is ruled by Sigmar and Sigmar alone. Life in celestial Azyr was once a glorious existence,
endless days of wonder and possibility shared by deities, demigods and mortals. Though the realm still remains
sacrosanct, since the Battle of Burning Skies it has turned to the business of war.

The God-King has always had a deep the other Mortal Realms, and spread and citadels reached ever higher,
connection to the Realm of Heavens. humanity throughout them. These glinting in the benign starlight.
It was there that he first entered would be his kingdoms, and Azyr Every iota of the mortal races’
the Mortal Realms, borne upon would be the jewel in their crown. artifice was bent to its creation,
the core of the world-that-was and their ambitions and ancestral skills
given new life by the breath of the In his wanderings through the new combining to form a domain fit for
celestial Great Drake, Dracothion. realms shown to him by Dracothion, the God-King’s chosen. Over long
Over the course of the Age of Myth, Sigmar won the awe and allegiance millennia, Azyrheim became the
the God-King explored the reaches of the scattered peoples who lived stellar metropolis that now shines
of Azyr. He strode the lands high there. He led the strongest of them in brightly at the heart of the Celestial
and low, each kingdom lit by nearby the Great Founding of Azyr. Legend Realm. It was known by many names
Hysh during the day and the High tells that Azyrheim’s first foundation – amongst them the Eternal City, the
Star Sigendil at night. He discovered stones were laid at the place where First City and the City of the Lost,
mortal tribes there, and fanned the Sigmar initially arrived in the for to Azyrheim fled the refugees
conflagration of civilisation among realm, in a wide valley encircled by that Sigmar mustered after the
them. Long ago, he had raised a mountains. Slowly, incredibly, the critical Battle of Burning Skies and
mighty empire from barbarian city of Azyrheim was raised upon the Nexus Wars. It was the last of its
tribes, so he had mastered the art of that mountainous domain, bathed in kind, for even the greatest cities of
nourishing new societies – and he the strange light of Mallus – the orb- the Mortal Realms crumbled before
knew well the secrets of men’s hearts. like core of the World Before Time. the Chaos onslaught. As generations
His influence over the inhabitants of The city’s grandeur was such it made came and went, Azyr became the
Azyr was so profound and positive the settlements of the world-that- fortress of the lost, the stronghold
that he vowed to bring his light to was look humble. The golden spires of the dispossessed, the pride of
Sigmar’s vengeful sons.

A new history was stitched like a

tapestry across the fabric of space,
with entire civilisations rising and
falling throughout the fantastical
realms that Dracothion had revealed
to Sigmar. Wars were fought
against the living and the dead, the
monstrous and the cunning. Before
Sigmar ordered the Gates of Azyr
shut, at the height of the Age of
Chaos, people from every realm had
sought sanctuary there, swelling the
numbers of the city from what was
already a vast and diverse population
to a cauldron of civilisations – some
new, some of which could trace
their ancestry back to the oldest of
humanity’s great nations. There they
coexisted, united by their common
hatred of Chaos and their dreams
of one day reclaiming their lost
lands. The echo of that which had
gone before grew not softer, but ever
louder and more strident, until the
clamour of warlike souls filled the
heavens. Though some had been
driven from their homelands, and So it was there that he bent the
others cast adrift on the tides of time, divine power of his pantheon to the CRIME AND
every one of those displaced peoples creation of a structure like no other – PUNISHMENT
dreamed of taking their revenge the Sigmarabulum. Sigmar’s tolerance for
upon the forces of Chaos. lawbreakers is famously low.
Through Grungni’s artifice, Lord Through lawlessness comes
Tyrion’s mastery of the metaphysical disorder, and that way lies
arts and Dracothion’s power over Chaos. It was not always this
the heavens, a ring was built around way, for Sigmar originally
the Broken World so vast it could hailed from a tribe of
house the population of Azyrheim barbarians who fought, loved
three times over. There was founded and lived as they pleased. But
the Vault Celestial, home of the with uncounted billions of souls
pantheon in times of crisis. There looking to him for salvation,
too shone Sigendil all the brighter, its his methods have become ever
light illuminating the dark moon of more extreme. Long ago, in
Dharroth below. The forges of the Six allowing peoples from every
Smiths were created there – the very realm to seek safe haven in
Anvil of the Apotheosis whereupon Azyr, he also allowed an influx
the Stormcast Eternals were created, of hidden agents of Chaos to
and from whence they were sent to infect his city. Matters came
THE SIGMARABULUM reclaim the Mortal Realms. Since to a head, and he descended in
The God-King found that he was its construction, the Sigmarabulum wrath, not only slaying every
irrevocably drawn to the dark sphere has rung to the hammers of a legion citizen who bore the mark of
of Mallus, core of the world-that- of warsmiths, those who create not Chaos, but destroying all those
was. Where Dracothion had set that only the sigmarite weapons and who harboured hatred in their
burning, tortured orb in the skies armour with which to wage war hearts. It was a statement of
of Azyr, Sigmar felt his connection against Chaos, but the warriors to intent that few could ignore.
to the past most strongly of all. wield them.
The Realm of Chaos is not truly a Mortal Realm at all, but a vile and nightmarish reality only tangentially linked
to the rest of creation. It is the home of the Dark Gods and the legions of hellspawn that are formed from their
power, each cursed daemon – from the most spiteful imp to the fiercest monster – created from dark emotion.

The Chaos Gods and their heart is the Brass Citadel, the fortress Beneath its mildewed and sagging
dominions are one, for they are of Khorne himself. Decorated with beams, Nurgle works eternally at a
formed of the same aetheric energy. red-veined marble, the metal walls huge rusted cauldron, a receptacle
As a Chaos God’s influence over of the unholy fortress are broken large enough to contain all the
other worlds and realities expands in by jagged outcrops, encrusted with oceans of the realms. Chuckling
power, its corresponding influence blood and armoured with serrated and murmuring to himself, Nurgle
upon the Realm of Chaos broadens, spurs of burnished brass. Outside, labours hard to create contagions
and its territory grows. As extensions hideous gargoyles leer from every and pestilence, ladling them out to
of the gods, the appearances of these parapet, ready to spew scalding rain into the Mortal Realms so those
domains are shaped by the same streams of fiery metal across lands too might rejoice in plague
emotions that created their masters: those foolish enough to besiege and putrescence.
Khorne’s realm is founded on anger the fortress. The moat of the Brass
and bloodletting, Tzeentch’s lands Citadel is filled not with water, but The Palace of Slaanesh was once a
are constructs of change and pure with the boiling blood of those who six-fold realm of uninhibited glories
magic, Nurgle’s territory is a haven have lost their lives to war. and unbound pleasure – though
of death and regeneration, and beneath its glamorous facade, doom
Slaanesh’s dominion is a paradise of Of all the outlandish landscapes and vileness have long lurked. Since
damning temptations. Though realm of the Realm of Chaos, Tzeentch’s Slaanesh’s capture by Tyrion and
and god are one, the Chaos Gods domain is the most bizarre and Teclis, this realm has fallen into
each have a form that embodies incomprehensible. His realm faded glory, its once-dazzling palaces
their personalities and dwells at the is woven from the raw fabric of now derelict and crumbling. None
heart of their territories. Surrounded magic. The Crystal Labyrinth, as truly know whether this realm will
by their attendant daemons, the it is known, sits upon an immense dwindle to nothing or flourish once
Chaos Gods watch over their vast iridescent plateau, and its presence more should Slaanesh’s followers
and sprawling domains, whilst also is felt across all the daemonic succeed in their long and rapturous
seeking any opportunity to invade realms. Shifting avenues made from quest – all that is known is that
the Mortal Realms. realmstone of every kind criss-cross Slaanesh’s minions, his daemons and
Tzeentch’s domain as it contorts his worshippers will never rest until
Much of the Realm of Chaos is through nine realities at once. the Dark Prince sits on his rightful
random, constantly churning and Hidden pathways built from lies and throne once more.
reforming; rivers of burned souls schemes infiltrate the territories of
flow through petrified woodlands Tzeentch’s rivals and the Mortal
under crimson skies, great stairways Realms themselves, binding the

lead up to the sky only to bend back lands of men to the insanely complex alan Swordseer squeezed
impossibly to join themselves below plans of the Great Conspirator. the young prince’s heart,
in an everlasting loop, castles made the blood offering filling
of bones and fortresses of hardened The domain of Nurgle is not a his scryer-bowl. He incanted the
ichor stand amidst tangled forests barren wasteland, but a macabre words of his forefather, smearing
of limbs that clutch and grasp at paradise, a near-infinite jungle of hot crimson liquid across his eyes
those passing by. Every dream and life, death and grotesque rebirth. with a brush tipped with silky
nightmare, every lunatic vision Tended by the Lord of Decay, this human hair. ‘Blood-lord, King of
and deranged fancy, finds its home unwholesome realm is home to Carnage, show unto me the place
somewhere in the Realm of Chaos, every pox and affliction imaginable. of my soul’s fate.’ For a while, the
but those of the Dark Gods are the Twisted, rotten boughs entangled bowl remained flat, its coppery
most powerful and abiding of all. with grasping vines cover the stink filling his nostrils. Then
mouldering ground, entwining something shimmered – a vision
The domain of Khorne is a land of like broken fingers. Spectacular of a citadel, hard to discern at
fury and violence. It is built upon fungi break through the squelching first, but growing clearer. The
foundations of murder and conflict, mulch, puffing out clouds of choking figures marching from that fell
and is home to every form of battle. spores. Jutting from amidst this fortress’ gates were daemons all.
This blood-soaked dominion echoes primordial mire is Nurgle’s Manse. Valan screamed as he was drawn
with Khorne’s bellowing anger and Decrepit and ancient, yet eternally into their midst. Then he was
the clash of weapons, the cracking strong at its foundations, the gone, and the brush of human
of whips and the clarion calls of mansion is an eclectic structure of hair clattered to the flagstones.
innumerable brass war horns. At its rotten timbers and broken walls.
n the eternal battle, the forces of Order will always stand
against the darkness of Chaos. They are a shield wall
protecting that which is still whole and sound, a bulwark
against madness and misrule. Law and stricture govern them,
duty and oath guide their blades. They guard the civilians
of their cultures and man the walls of their cities against
whatever horrors the Dark Gods unleash, no matter the cost.
In such times, compassion and morality are often seen as
dangerous luxuries; Order is not synonymous with good. Yet
these enclaves advance the cause of civilisation, and in doing
so, bring harmony.

Once, these forces formed an alliance so strong they brought

illumination to the far corners of the Mortal Realms. But the
many weaknesses of man, duardin and aelf were cracks through
which Chaos filtered its corruption, widening the divisions
between allies, friends and brothers until ambition and resolve
became blind pride and hateful stubbornness. The worlds of
Order were shattered, their works torn down. Only now, as the
God-King Sigmar casts his lightning across the firmament, do
the disparate races of Order come together as one in the hope of
defending the fabric of reality once more.

The hosts of the celestial tempest; the Free People of Sigmar;

the aelves of forest, shadow and deep water; the duardin of the
mountains and of the sky; the Seraphon from beyond the stars
– they fight together for the first time in aeons. In doing so, they
may yet break the stranglehold that Chaos has maintained over
the Mortal Realms for blood-soaked centuries. But the dominion
of the Dark Gods is endless, and victory will not be won without
terrible sacrifice…
From troubled skies blast the shining warriors of the Stormcast Eternals. Born of celestial Azyr, these
indomitable warhosts blaze into the Mortal Realms as twin-tailed thunderbolts hurled by the God-King Sigmar
himself. Theirs is a fighting force without equal, for they are created to destroy Chaos in all its forms.

With the power of the Realm of Though they stride the realms with To High Azyr such souls are
Heavens crackling in their veins, the the surety of living legends, each taken. Three days of feasting in the
Stormcast Eternals are demigods Stormcast Eternal began as a mere Heldenhall follow, a riotous welcome
in comparison to the kin they once mortal. Throughout the realms there to the afterlife where the claimed
called their own. Long has Sigmar are those who fight valiantly against ones build their strength for the
Heldenhammer waited to unleash the Chaos brutes who grind their ordeals to come. Then the mystical
these exemplars of battle upon his nations and cultures under the iron process of transformation begins in
ancient foes, summoning his power heel of tyranny. Whether by guiding earnest. These warriors make their
as a tempest gathers on the horizon. their people from corruption in the way to the Chamber of the Broken
face of anarchy, undoing the works World, where they are blasted apart
Now, as the Chaos-blighted realms of their oppressors, or taking up by unknowable powers. In this way,
crumble away and reality itself arms against those who force them their spirits are purified, ready to
teeters on the edge of catastrophe, into servitude, these heroes come to receive Sigmar’s ultimate gift. Those
uncounted thousands of these elite the notice of Sigmar. Just as it seems that endure this ordeal are reforged,
paragons stand ready to answer the they will be slain for their defiance an agonising process by which
call to war. The Age of Sigmar has against the Dark Gods, their souls every mote of their body and soul is
come, and vengeance will be meted vanish, plucked from battle in a flash imbued with celestial magic. After
out on a colossal scale. of aetheric energy. being visited by the violent blessings
of the World Hammer, they become
powerful indeed, forged into beings
as much of magic as of flesh.

All Stormcast Eternals wear armour These living embodiments of

of blessed sigmarite, a formidable Sigmar’s will are far stronger, faster
magical metal that can transmute and more resilient than the warriors
into lightning along with its wearer. they once were. But still their
transformation is not complete. Over
the course of a gruelling initiation
in the Gladitorium, these novitiates
learn battle arts that temper their
deadly skills still further. There they
strike down those that will be their
brothers, and are struck down in
turn, only to rise again unharmed at
the end of each day’s fighting. They
learn of their own enhanced abilities
from each painful experience, but
also how to watch each other’s backs.
To fight united is far better than to
fight alone.

Each Stormcast Eternal is girded

with sigmarite, an arcane metal
drawn from Mallus, the preserved
core of the world-that-was. Armour
fashioned from this metal is proof
against the sharpest blade or the
heaviest axe; when burnished to a
high sheen, it affords protection not
only to the body, but also the soul.
No less remarkable are the hammers,
swords and glaives wielded by the
Stormcast Eternals. They too are
made from sigmarite, and to feel
their touch is to meet a swift end.
Each Stormcast Eternal is one aspect blaze as living lightning from Azyr Eternal that was slain. Though this
of a far greater war machine. A to any one of the Mortal Realms. process is imperfect and never easy,
successful initiate will soon become It was Grungni, creator-god of the sight of a fallen Stormcast is
part of a wider organisation known the duardin, that gave Sigmar this rare indeed.
as a chamber, of which the Strike thunder-gift, and the God-King
Chambers are the most numerous. has used it well. When Sigmar This process has spawned rumours
Together with the Tempest wishes to smite his foes, he hurls that Sigmar’s supernatural warriors
Chambers – most notable of which bolts of meteoric light, pure and walk in the shadow as well as the
are the Vanguard Chambers, who incandescent, down from the Realm light. There is not always time for the
roam the worlds of men at will, and of Heavens. Shining champions reforging to run smoothly, for the
the Extremis Chambers, who are stand in their afterglow where none forces of Chaos are potent beyond
one with the celestial children of had stood before. sane limits, and the domains of the
Dracothion – these are formed into realms numerous beyond measure.
indomitable Stormhosts. The journey back to Sigmar’s For many, this transformation causes
halls is far more gruelling. Once a them to lose a part of themselves,
Stormhosts are gatherings of well- Stormcast Eternal has taken form and each time they return to
trained and like-minded souls with upon mortal soil, they cannot ascend Sigmar’s forge, there is a higher
the military strength to conquer once more without either passing chance they will emerge altered
entire nations. Not only are each through a Realmgate portal to Azyr, in mind as well as in body. This is
Stormhost’s retinues and conclaves or dying in battle. When such a troubling in the extreme for the
schooled in battlefield tactics and warrior is killed, in all but the most Stormcast Eternals, for under their
manoeuvres, they also learn how extreme circumstances, he is not shining battle armour, they are still
to bind the power of the storm, truly lost. His body discorporates in part human, with all the hopes,
bolstering and augmenting each in a heartbeat, transmuting into a fears and ambitions that come with
other’s prowess so that every assault crackling cloud that flashes upwards that birthright. Many feel the duty
hits home in a hurricane of force. in a blur of mystical force. When this of their new lives weighing heavily
soul-stuff reaches Azyr, it is drawn on their shoulders, and are unable to
Because of their bond to the celestial back to Sigmar’s vaults, where it is prevent their mortal flaws rising to
tempest, the Stormcast Eternals can painfully reforged into the Stormcast the surface.
Some Stormhosts, such as the relinquish one’s former existence
THE FORGING Blackhammers, suffer from altogether, becoming something that
OF HEROES sudden and profoundly powerful is both less than human and far more
In the midst of battle, the destructive impulses, while others, at the same time.
mightiest of mankind’s warriors like the Hammers of Sigmar, are
were transported away, for unable to accept anything other The future of the Stormcast Eternals
they were needed for a greater than unalloyed success, striving is as unpredictable as the rage of the
cause. With rolling thunder and no matter the cost for total victory. tempest that forges them. Perhaps
a blinding flash, each of these Many Stormhosts, the Celestial they will rise ascendant to usher
aspirants was taken to Sigmaron Vindicators foremost amongst in a new era, returning notions of
amongst the stars. It was there, them, are single-mindedly driven justice, honour and freedom to the
in the Celestial Realm, that by an unquenchable need to wreak shattered peoples who have cast aside
their true trials were to begin. bloody revenge upon those who such luxuries in the simple struggle
butcher and enslave the innocent for survival. Perhaps they will be
In Heldenhall, the great Hall people of the Mortal Realms. Others found wanting in the direst test of
of Heroes, can be found the find lightning crackling from all – the battle to drive back the
endless feast. For three days their gaze when their ire is raised, forces of Chaos. One thing is certain:
and three nights each warrior or thunder rumbling under their the Stormcast Eternals strike with
must build up strength for the every word. Some amongst these unstoppable vigour, and by their
trials ahead. troubled individuals whisper that hammers and blades, the Mortal
to be reforged too many times is to Realms will be changed forever.
In the Chamber of the Broken
World, barbarians and
technocratic nomads alike are
blasted apart by lightnings.
They are reforged anew – an
agonising process that can
last anywhere between a few
heartbeats to long centuries.
Even time turns molten in the
Forge Eternal. Not all survive
the process.

Seven times seven are the

Cairns of Tempering, where
body and soul are blended with
the Gifts of the Gods. Those that
endure these ordeals awaken for
the final test.

Upon the Anvil of the

Apotheosis are the Stormcast
Eternals finally wrought. If
they endure the shock waves
from the last blessings of the
World Hammer, they awaken
imbued with the energies of the
Realm of Heavens, bequeathed
a portion of the God-King
Sigmar’s own divine powers.

Stormcast Eternals strive to keep their former cultures alive. Though they are
united by the heraldry of their Stormhost, and though they are renamed after
their reforging, few wish to relinquish their former identity entirely.
First to be Forged, Never to Fail Steeled by Hatred, Bound by Revenge
The first of the Stormhosts to be hurled into the The Celestial Vindicators are vengeance incarnate.
Mortal Realms, the Hammers of Sigmar bear the Stern and unforgiving, their hearts burn with an
responsibility of that honour with strength and enmity for Chaos which knows no bounds. While
nobility. They of all the Stormhosts have been soaked in the blood of the enemy, as mortals these
reforged time and time again, for they are ever warriors had prayed to Sigmar – not to be saved,
at the forefront of war. Some amongst them, the avenged or transported to the safety of Azyr, but for
vision-plagued leader Vandus Hammerhand strength enough to smite those who had wronged
included, have begun to pay the price. As one of the them. They were granted that wish. During their
largest of the Stormhosts, the Hammers of Sigmar reforging they have to pass through the Sturmdrang
can call upon almost all of the breeds of warrior Gate, and many do not return. Those who survive
Sigmar has entrusted with leading his crusade. As are given a measure of holy rage. Only by the
the first to be forged, they fear nothing except their chanting of grim war songs are the Celestial
own failure. Every man, woman and child across Vindicators able to channel and focus their fury, but
the realms looks to them for salvation, and they in the heat of combat that hate becomes a wildfire
cannot be found wanting. that cannot be extinguished.


Only the Faithful We are the Hammer, We are the Anvil
Zealous beyond measure, loyal beyond question, Reforged as the Broken World span sinister beneath
the Hallowed Knights are driven to fight with a fell aspect, the Anvils of the Heldenhammer
unrelenting fervour. They consider the war against are the dark and brooding heroes of an elder age.
Chaos to be a sacred crusade for which no sacrifice Ominous and archaic, they fight like spectres out
is too great. They go to battle clad in burnished of legend, preserving practices and battle rites long
silver armour and the royal blue of Azyr, and those lost to mortal memory, yet all the more potent for
who have been reforged many times in Sigmar’s it. They know well that Nagash would shatter the
service – of which Lord-Celestant Gardus is realms to reclaim their souls, and make them his
unquestionably the most holy – emit a lambent servants for all eternity. The Stormhost’s Lord-
celestial light. They fear no evil and welcome a Relictors brood long on the subject of how best to
martyr’s death, for their trust in the God-King escape that deathly destiny, creating weapons that
is absolute. Hence they are armoured spiritually can capture errant souls and fighting to the darkest
as much as physically, often able to shrug off the corners of the realms to claim vital knowledge on
baleful sorceries of evil-hearted warriors. Sigmar’s behalf.
he Whispering Gate was shunned by the hillfolk as a place of great evil. Darksome idols were raised before it, and ravager
warbands enacted debased rites in its shadow. Then came the thunder – and with it the Stormcast Eternals, wreathed in
lightning. Hundreds were slain, mauled by claw, melted by daemonfire, or hewn by hellish axe – yet they won victory nonetheless.
Fyreslayers are ferocious duardin that go to war armoured in fiery conviction. Known for their incandescent
temper and stubborn refusal to die even when mortally wounded, the Fyreslayers make extremely valuable allies
– provided the would-be employer has the right amount of gold, of course.

To some, the legendary duardin the lands. Since the duel between – in a process that is every bit as
Fyreslayer is a war-hardened Grimnir and the godbeast Vulcatrix agonising as it sounds – fused into
mercenary who fights with the saw both god and titanic salamander the Fyreslayers’ muscular frames.
passion of an enraged bear and slain, the Fyreslayers have been When the battle-rage is upon a
honours his word above all things. engaged in a desperate quest – to Fyreslayer, he can channel the godly
To others he is a muscle-bound locate and claim the fragments of magic of these runes into his own
maniac who skirts the edge of a their god that glitter across creation body, increasing his physical might
dangerous madness, so obsessed as the priceless metal ur-gold. to supernatural levels.
with gold he will stop even mid-
battle should a glinting auric bounty Only the Runemasters of the Though gold can be looted from
be scattered before him. There is Fyreslayer lodges – elders steeped ruined empires and carved from the
truth in both of these suppositions. in the sacred lore and metallurgic seams of the earth, the biggest hauls
In every land that harbours smoking knowledge of their kin – can tell ur- by far come from the spoils and
volcano chains and fire-bellied gold from its terrestrial equivalent. profits of war. As such, Fyreslayers
mountains, the Fyreslayers are Because of this, the Fyreslayers covet readily wade into the thick of the
respected by warlords and kings all forms of gold, mining it, trading fight, led by Runefathers riding
alike. Their tenacity and fury in for it and even taking it by force vast fire-tongued volcano-beasts
combat are legendary – and as with so their Runemasters may sift the known as Magmadroths, shattering
all duardin, they take oaths and priceless from the mundane. They the enemy battle line in a storm of
honour very seriously indeed. do not let their treasure lie inert claws, fyresteel and blazing embers.
once it has been found, but instead Even the gold of High Azyr has been
Fyreslayers are single-minded use it to empower themselves. The expended to secure the services of
and volatile, for their way of life ur-gold is smelted into its purest these consummate mercenaries;
has endured since the times when form, cast into sacred runes of over the course of the Realmgate
the wrath-god Grimnir walked strength and endurance, and then Wars, many hosts of Stormcast
Eternals fought alongside armies of
Fyreslayers bought with coin more
than with common cause.

When the Fyreslayers go to war

their presence is an assault upon
the senses, even to those who also
hail from the sulphurous lands of
Aqshy, where the duardin’s lodges
are the most numerous. Each
throng marches from great volcanic
strongholds or burrows up from
the parched earth in explosions
of lava, bodies shimmering with
golden flame, steam wreathing their
limbs and cinders venting with each
breath. Even savage blows glance off
their glowing skin without leaving a
mark – but should a foe succeed in
hacking a wound in the corded flesh,
the insult drives the Fyreslayer to the
heights of apoplectic, killing fury.
Their own weapons, master-crafted
by talented artisans and warsmiths
in the belly of sacred volcanoes,
strike with the force of flaming
meteors. These are the warriors of
the forge and the crucible, and they
Vulkite Berzerkers wield fyresteel axes that smoulder with the flames of the bring the scorching heat of their
braziers in their hafts. The stubbornness and fury of these duardin is legendary. homelands to burn away their foes.
ut that’s just ridiculous,’ their feet unhappily, yet the elder To the west of the encampment
said Vandersnitch, the said nothing. The newcomer had was a gaping sinkhole, its insides
magister’s voice high in claimed to be the architect of glowing with molten rock. The
disbelief. ‘How much gold have you their salvation, and bore the same rancid smell of roasting greenskin
stupid ashfeet given away in this celestial symbols as the Lightning was drifting from the hole. The
manner? How many walls and war Gods wore upon their shields. The elder looked around for the last
engines could have been built with elder had witnessed the breaking of his tribe, but he saw only the
that money?’ of the Bloodied Hand, and did not ruddy flesh and tall head-crests
The villagers cowered back, wish to share their fate. The snow- of the volcano people. Gold and
eyes wide in soot-stained faces. swept plains in the valley below silver glowed bright as axe and flail
It seemed to the eldest of them, a were still littered with split skulls. bit deep into painted orruk flesh.
gaunt man with a crown of curling Sheets of fire billowed left and right
firegoat horns, that the finely robed ‘Run!’ shouted the horn-crowned as salamander-like riding beasts
Azyrite wore enough gold upon his elder. ‘Flee, for the love of Sigmar!’ burst from the smoke to incinerate
mantle to see a whole village fed His tribesmen scattered from swathes of bone-pierced brutes.
throughout the winter. their midsummer ritual, coughing Blood flew as several of the volcano
‘The volcano people,’ he replied, in the choking black smoke. people were smashed to the floor
‘they are vengeful. My grandsire Storming through the ceremonial by stone axes but, to the elder’s
told me of the winter-oath. It must yurts was a bellowing mob of amazement, two got back to their
be honoured!’ orruks daubed with bright war feet, laying into the orruks with
‘Nonsense. The outdated paint, roaring in a guttural tongue berserker frenzy. Within a few
babblings of senile old fools are as they set fire to buildings and laid minutes, the orruks were dead.
not evidence enough to waste a into tribesmen too slow to escape. A thick-set duardin, covered crest-
king’s ransom in gold from so rich The bodies of greenskins lay strewn to-toe in blood, strode from the
a seam. In Sigmar’s name, this across the volcano’s flanks, pierced inferno to stare hard at the elder.
behaviour stops, now.’ by the flint arrows of the elder’s ‘Right then, you,’ he said, flames
The tribespeople of the Cinder warriors, but their deaths had not crackling as he levelled his axe.
Bleak muttered and shuffled even slowed the horde. ‘Where’s last winter’s gold?’
Driving down from aether-lit storm clouds, the Kharadron Overlords are masters of technology and the deadly
machineries of war. Endlessly inventive and with a keen eye for a deal, these duardin live by a stringent Code –
though they are not above bending its rules in the name of profit.

The Kharadron Overlords have only the Breath of Grungni – is rich in relative safety of the sky – an act
recently revealed their skyborne Chamonic energy, but invisible to once inimical to their traditionally
society to the peoples of the Mortal the naked eye. Only one skilled in down-to-earth mindset. In that
Realms, but they have already made the aethermantic arts can detect it, great leap of faith and technology,
their mark. So majestic are their let alone turn it to the purpose of however, the forefathers of the
airborne fleets that they fill the mind war. Yet it is the very substance that Kharadron went from the ever-
with wonder – to witness them is keeps the Kharadron cities afloat – to faithful refugees of an ancient
to be dazzled by the spectacle, and the Overlords it is vital, and even a empire to the founders of a secular
even brutish orruks and haughty wisp of it is worth more than a chest new era.
aelves talk in awed tones of the sight. of the finest diamonds.
To see them make war is another For long centuries, the Kharadron
thing entirely – such devastating Long ago, the Kharadron Overlords Overlords traded only amongst
pyrotechnics erupt from each army were as other duardin. They lived themselves, for the embattled
of the Kharadron Overlords that in mountainous holds, mining the remnants of mankind were more
their adversaries are not so much earth for precious substances and concerned with survival than
conquered as blasted apart. perfecting their metallurgic arts. with claim-barter or haggling
But the scourge of Chaos bit deep. over mineral resources. With the
A Kharadron fleet is a free-flying They had thought to join forces with resurgence of civilisation across
armada of metallic vessels, each their allies, but found them absent, the Mortal Realms, however, the
bristling with guns and crewed by and though they prayed for aid skyborne duardin see worthy trade
die-hard duardin warriors. These from their ancestral gods, no help partners in humanity’s teeming
miraculous craft are held aloft by was forthcoming. With the lands cities once more. Lasting alliances
metal spheres, each filled with the consumed by a tide of violence, have been struck, for where there
lighter-than-air substance known and with the anarchy threatening is profit to be made, the Kharadron
as aether-gold. This bizarre material to reach even the highest peaks, Overlords will protect their
– sometimes called sky-gold, or the duardin were forced to seek the interests. The sacred Code is quite

The armour and equipment of the

orvek’s Grundstok Kharadron Overlords protect them
Thunderers opened fire. from the transmutative aetheric
The ratmen swarming up energies they harness to fuel their
the mountain path erupted into impossible craft.
flame, furry bodies hurled in
all directions. On came the rest,
while yet more scaled the cliff
directly behind the duardin.
‘Another volley, then fall
back!’ boomed Jorvek. His
crew obliged, their aethershot
tearing another dozen skaven
apart. Then Grungni’s Brow
hove into view from around
the side of the mountain, its
escort of Skyriggers pulling
the Thunderers to the safety of
the Ironclad’s deck. Mere feet
away was the scurrying tide, its
momentum bearing hundreds
of mangy bodies over the cliff –
and straight into the climbing
rats nearing the cliff ’s edge.
Jorvek smiled wide. Life in the
Grundcorps was never dull.
explicit that a duardin must often even been seen fighting alongside Kharadron do not fire lead shot or
speculate to accumulate, and if aelves – though when pressed on the cannonballs, but blasts of blinding
that means delivering a thrashing matter, they soon change the subject. energy that annihilate anything they
to a rampaging orruk horde from touch. None know whether their lust
on high, or blasting a clutch of As the Age of Sigmar establishes for favourable trade deals will see
Deadwalkers from a mountainside hope across the realms, these the Kharadron thrive at the expense
before it can reach a human fortress, sky-mining duardin unleash their of the God-King’s people, or usher
they will waste no time in restoring fantastical weaponry once more. in a new age of cooperation between
order to their trade routes. Though Though it is designed to defeat the two races. As far as mankind
an unkind observer might conclude floating harkraken, sky-urchin is concerned, when the spectre of
that the Kharadron act only in the shoals and Chimera flocks, it is just Chaos looms long, survival comes
interests of their own material gain, as effective against the enemies of first, and profit later – but to the
they have proved stalwart allies to Order. With the arcane power of Kharadron Overlords, they are one
the Stormcast Eternals, and have aether-gold driving their guns, the and the same.
The Sylvaneth are the vengeful spirit-kin of Alarielle the Everqueen. Sprouted from soulpods that Alarielle and
her most favoured spirits planted in places rich with life magic, they grow tall and strong, taking up sword and
bow to defend the lands against those who would defile and despoil them.

The Wargroves of the Sylvaneth are creatures of tough plant matter Their connection to the aligned
advance with fluid grace. Forest as well as hard flesh. Within them energies of Ghyran is innate, and
spirits of fierce joy and vengeful is the strength to rend armour and they are strongest when in the Realm
anger, they come to life from split stone, just as the green shoots of of Life from which they originally
amongst the tangled woodland, a forest can break through the metal hail. But they are invigorated in body
the air around them buzzing with and masonry of the civilised world. and soul by wild places wherever
verdant energies. The rustle of leaves These are creatures of nature first they go, and their sacred groves can
and creak of branches mingles with and foremost, and they destroy those be found in the life-rich places of
the melody of ancient war-songs who would threaten the cycles of life all the realms. The Sylvaneth are
as they slip and stalk through the with choking briar, ripping thorn, deadly to trespassers, no matter their
shadows of tall trees, the smell of and piercing spear. Left alone, the allegiance, and are death to those
amber sap filling the air. Some of Sylvaneth would have been content who bear ill will into their domain –
these miraculous creatures appear to exist in seclusion for long aeons these creatures are elemental beings
like the spirits of legend clad in – but war has come to their realm, first and foremost, and do not lightly
bark and knotted heartwood, others and they have answered its call with compromise. Given that only the
as towering lords of the forest so devastating force. Sylvaneth truly know the borders
massive they can peer over castle between their demesnes and the
walls – and tear them down with The Sylvaneth are not true mortals unclaimed lands nearby, it is easy to
their gnarled hands. All Sylvaneth at all, but rather creatures of magic. see them as fickle destroyers rather

hy shirker-beasts be
in the wood, say I.’
Emurghan the Foul
took off his horned helm and
secured it to his bicep to save
from getting entangled. ‘I can
sniff them, all a-feared.’
‘Lead on then,’ slurred
Ghougth, a stooped toad of a
man with too many teeth. ‘Or
is it your own reticence that
perfumes the air?’
The Maggotkin lord stuck out
his ulcerated tongue in response
before taking his greataxe to
the tangled foliage and barging
into the clearing shoulder-first.
He was greeted by the sight of a
hundred beastman corpses held
in a writhing net of thorned
briars, fluids drizzling from
their broken legs.
Then the foliage twisted and
came alive. The bark-clad
pillars around them were not
tree trunks, but the legs of
arboreal giants, the branches
cruelly clawed hands.
‘Oh bloggorbs,’ said
Emurghan, raising his axe. A
wooden fist batted it aside just
Branchwraiths are strange arboreal spirit-creatures that have a natural as another staved in his skull.
affinity with the burgeoning energies of life magic.
than stalwart defenders of their own burgeoned and spread – just as the ultimate prize, and as his diseases
way of life. Yet in their hearts the tree becomes the copse, then the took hold across swathes of Ghyran,
majority of the Sylvaneth are good wood, then the forest. But, as with all Nurgle’s power increased, and
and noble beings, staunch enemies of things, they have begun to dwindle the Sylvaneth found themselves
Chaos one and all. away, the reaping of the Age of Chaos fighting a losing battle. But the
taking its toll on their numbers. coming of Sigmar’s Tempest gave
During the Age of Myth the the Sylvaneth chance to regroup.
Sylvaneth became a thriving society, The Sylvaneth’s animosity towards Though the Everqueen had been
growing to colonise vast swathes Chaos is intense. Having become all but consumed by bitterness and
of the natural world. Some believe one with the places they settled, despondency during the Age of
their origins lie in another time, they fought and died for their Chaos, becoming little more than
another place – that their goddess, sacred regions when the invasions a seed of potential futures, she was
Alarielle the Everqueen, survived the of Chaos sought to tear that power able to regather her strength and
destruction of the world-that-was, away for the Dark Gods. Ghyran in flourish into full godhood once
and that some amongst the Sylvaneth particular was assailed by countless more. Now she goes to battle as a
embody the spirits she once called plague-ridden hosts as the maggoty vengeful deity of nature resurgent,
kin. Those spirits were planted as hordes of Nurgle invaded through the spirit-song trilling loud in
soulpods in the most fertile places places abandoned and corrupt. The every Sylvaneth heart as they strike
she could find. Since those early Father of Plagues saw the fecundity back with terrible fury against
days their numbers have blossomed, of Ghyran’s endless cycles as the their oppressors.
Lithe, cruel and swift of blade, the Daughters of Khaine are a religious order of matriarchal aelves hailing from
Ulgu. Though they have enclaves within civilised Azyrite society, in truth they live for the thrill of open war and
spilt blood. Their altar is the cut and thrust of the battlefield and their wine the hot blood of their victims.

The Daughters of Khaine have their themselves – are sustained and given who sought refuge not by hiding
power base deep in the mists of Ulgu, vigour by the act of spilling blood. from their nemesis, but by offering
where duplicity and misdirection Though an echo of the ancient blood their hearts and souls to another
are commonplace and, for some, a cults, this life-stealing practice is god so they would have a measure
way of life. These warrior women just as effective today as it has ever of protection. These are the high
are the inheritors of a long-standing been. The priestesses of this strange priestesses of their cult, those who
tradition built on blood sacrifice and religion have all but perfected their have sought succour in slaughter and
gory battle rites – though this is a art, and some have lived thousands the rich red lifeblood of the realms.
heritage they cannot openly claim, of years on the stolen essence of Yet some suspect even Khaine
lest they incur Sigmar’s wrath and others. By bathing in hot gore or himself is a lie, another mask worn
be cast out from civilisation entirely. drinking in the energies of their by she who would take his place.
Instead, they operate behind an enchanted cauldrons full of blood,
elaborate series of masks, lies and they can transform from stooped Morathi has fashioned a society
schemes – and none more so than and wrinkled crones to lissom in her own likeness, forming a
their doyenne and ruler, the dark- maidens without so much as a dynasty of Witch Aelves that obey
hearted demigoddess Morathi. blemish on their alabaster skin. They her every whim. She claims to be
count among their number some the high oracle of Khaine, using his
These Khainites – as the worshippers of the very first aelves to be freed image and bloody creed to fuel her
of the gore-handed aelf god call from Slaanesh’s dominion – those followers’ devotion, leading elaborate

ellen Candlemar hefted The Daughters of Khaine are
his halberd and did lithe, acrobatic killers that
his best to look fierce. make even seasoned duellists
The aelves were fighting the seem clumsy and slow.
first orruks only a dozen feet
away. The Daughters. They had
haunted his dreams ever since
the gambler’s arena – visions
of loveliness, all alabaster skin,
lithe limbs and flowing hair,
wearing coy smiles beneath
flashing eyes that promised
illicit pleasures. Here on the
field they were hellish banshees.
Lashings of orruk blood
whipped from their blades,
splattering across Vellen’s
heraldic tunic as he advanced.
The greenskins were roaring
fiercely, but each time one
raised its arm to swing, a
Daughter would cut off its
hand at the wrist. The orruks
fell back as the she-aelves
redoubled their assault. One
of the Daughters caught a
backhand blow and flew
through the air, landing close
by. Vellen instinctively rushed
to her aid. She smiled through
a mask of blood before stabbing
him in the heart.
rituals and chants, and even raising found a niche in the free cities as The true reason why Sigmar tolerates
menacing enchanted statues to gladiatorial performers, putting this shadowy organisation and the
his glory. With her new-found on such dazzling spectacles cities it has raised across the Mortal
Daughters of Khaine keen to seek of athleticism and titillating Realms is clear enough. When the
refuge in the arms of an aelven god, bloodsports that their coffers spectre of Chaos falls over the lands,
few gainsay her – and those that do quickly fill with gold. They occupy or should a great push be needed to
soon see the light as they are reborn a half-legal status, performing claim more ground for resettlement,
in the form of blood-maddened in subterranean vaults, empty the Daughters of Khaine come into
Medusae. In truth, however, Khaine warehouses and abandoned libraries their own, and prove their value to
remains silent. Morathi, though as often as they do in sanctioned the forces of Order. They attack in
claiming to be nothing more than a arenas and amphitheatres, but the a wave of razored blades, possessed
humble and devout mouthpiece for a frisson of criminal activity only adds of a bloodthirsty frenzy that sees
greater power, has become the despot to their appeal. The truly rich can them fight with blurring speed and
of a new civilisation moulded to suit buy their way into the more exotic dexterity. To watch the Daughters
her needs. spectacles that follow the main event of Khaine at their bloody art is a
– the impromptu arenas of the Witch privilege for which rich men pay
In forging an alliance with the forces Aelves are home to more than battle- a king’s ransom – though to see
of Order, Morathi has engineered hungry aelf maidens and those them in battle is a truly eye-opening
another level of deception with warriors foolish enough to answer experience, a visceral nightmare that
which to shroud her secret agenda. their challenges, for in the shadows, will be carried to the graves of any
The Daughters of Khaine have unnatural creatures slither and hiss. who witness it.
The Idoneth Deepkin are otherworldly aelf raiders that attack in a wave of aggression before receding into mist.
They dwell in the stygian profundity of the Mortal Realms’ deepest oceans and seas. When they venture onto dry
land they do so in a tide of magic to capture the souls of the unwary for their own mysterious wars.

The Idoneth Deepkin do not see It was Teclis the Illuminator that In cold abysses did the Idoneth
themselves as evil. If anything, they first taught the Idoneth’s ancestors languish for long centuries,
are champions of Order, devoted of their former lives, of the island becoming ever more attuned to
to the overthrow of the Dark Gods. home they had loved so dearly and their aquatic environment with
Tracing their origins to the world- the aelven pantheon they had once each passing generation. They
that-was, they were once consumed revered. He underestimated the communicated through ripples,
body and soul by Slaanesh, but have depths of their trauma, however, for keening songs beyond the hearing
been freed by the greatest miracle even when touched by the healing of men, and eddies in the water,
ever worked by a member of their light of Hysh they were still the same remaining hidden entirely from the
kind. Now they raid the coasts of beings that had been swallowed by wider world. The most powerful
the Mortal Realms, leaving nothing the Dark Prince, and remembered amongst them raised great
behind but the tang of salt and a their ordeal. Upon their release into underwater strongholds somewhere
profound sense of loss. The Idoneth the Mortal Realms the rescued aelves between pearlescent citadels and
are so adept at seclusion they can did not rebuild, but fled as far and as coral reefs, and learned how to
commit acts of spirit-theft without fast as they were able from anything charm the sightless creatures of the
their victims ever realising the resembling Chaos worship. They deep to become their servants and
truth – that their kin have been plunged as deep as they could into guardians. A culture without new
snatched away into the depths, and the incalculably massive oceans of blood will die, however, and the
that they will not return in that the Mortal Realms. There was no Idoneth knew they would one day
lifetime. Wherever there are tales of better place to hide from the god of fade completely in their isolation.
a village’s populace disappearing, a sensory excess than in the crushing,
city plunged into a permanent sleep, inky blackness of the lightless depths Despite being imbued with long
or an area of the ocean where stray – for there sight, smell and taste were life, the Idoneth generations came
vessels enter but never come back, useless, and to find a soul, let alone ever slower, for they were troubled
the Idoneth will likely be the cause. touch one, was nigh impossible. souls indeed, and only one in a
hundred were born wholly sentient.
As their populations dwindled, they
pioneered a way of expanding their
numbers by capturing the essence of
others – not their souls, personality
or memories, but their life force. The
Idoneth royal echelons, those most
adept at seeing the spirits of others,
bound these essences within the
empty shells of their offspring. These
husks, when inhabited by a captive
animus, became a new breed – the
warrior caste known as the Namarti.

Over their long years spent in the

dark, the Idoneth mystics known as
Tidecasters learned how to help their
kin forget their torment-haunted
past with mind-numbing magic
that faded the memories of those
around them. This sorcery they now
turned upon the mortal races that
opposed them, as well as the victims
of their raids. They would pull the
fabric of a memory away so that
reality was forgotten just as a waking
sleeper forgets a dream, then bring
the recollections crashing back in
The Akhelian Kings have hearts as cold as the depths over which they rule. To a bewildering, terrifying tide that
see such a lethal rider in the flesh is to court death – or worse, enslavement. completely overwhelmed their prey.
As the Age of Chaos reached its

zenith, the existence of the Idoneth o. Slow-brains. You smell that?’ Vossak Thrice-Blooded turned
was uncovered. Some say that pre- to his fellows, motioning them to stop their advance upon the
eminent Seekers punished their snow-covered ridge. The Bloodbound sniffed the air, turning
Slaaneshi rivals by sending them to to one another in confusion. The tang of salt and fresh sea breeze was
the bottom of the ocean where they unmistakeable, but they were nowhere near the coast. There was a soft
could experience no more – and in whisper of waves crashing onto dry land, receding for a few moments,
doing so, inadvertently sent them then coming back all the stronger. Plaintive cries haunted the cusp of
against the Idoneth. It is said that Vossak’s hearing.
one of that cursed warband somehow The Bloodsecrator shook his head and resumed his march. Yet now
made it to dry land and brought the his steps were slowed, and it was getting worse. It was as if he waded
message of the aelves’ existence to through an invisible stream. A few steps more, and it felt like he was
Archaon himself. Others believe pushing through a waist-deep river, then fighting against a sucking,
the skaven’s incessant burrowing pulling riptide. Pushing down a rising sense of panic, Vossak drew his
through the fabric of the Mortal axe and ran a finger to blood it, awakening the daemon within. It was
Realms led them to these hidden slow to respond, for the enemy was still nowhere to be seen.
regions, or that the shadowy agents Vossak was on the verge of shouting out a challenge when a wave of
of the Clans Eshin passed through sleek bodies, ethereal and terrifying, came over the ridge – surging,
the Gates of Utter Blackness and boiling, spilling across the land towards him. At their fore were slender
found an Idoneth enclave beyond. knights, riding not horses but strange, darting sea serpents that
undulated through the air as if underwater. He swung his axe at the
Whatever the cause, these disturbing nearest eel-steed, but it writhed out of reach even as its tall-helmed rider
aelves are more active in the Mortal impaled Blask the Sinner through the mouth. Behind the slender knights
Realms than ever before, striking were more creatures mounted on larger sea-beasts, shark-like and
hard before disappearing like the vicious. A living wave rose up behind them, taking form to become an
retreating tide. With each raid they ancient sea god given terrible life. Vossak opened his mouth to cry out,
take more souls, bolstering their only for a wave of invisible force to slam into his throat and fill his lungs.
armies as they take the fight to Chaos Then a jagged spear punctured his chest, and all was black.
with the wrath of a sudden tsunami.
Creatures of Order and celestial light, the Seraphon are anathema to the armies of Chaos. The skies blaze with
glittering constellations as these reptilian killers descend from the firmament, summoned by the slann who
evacuated them from the world-that-was. They are the wrath of the cold stars made manifest.

Sometimes, when all seems lost and strange relics of arcane power raised Storming through the fray come the
the agents of darkness stand upon high. Reptilian jaws snap and tails veteran war leaders of the Seraphon
the cusp of victory, a strange, squat thrash as the Seraphon leap forth, upon terrifying Carnosaurs, the
figure will appear in the middle ripping flesh and breaking bone roars of rider and steed mingling
distance. He is borne aloft on a even as their heavy clubs and spiked as they bear down upon their
floating palanquin, protected by a maces smash armoured fiends into prey. Those daemonic hosts and
magical aegis from the weapons and the dirt. Where resistance musters monsters formed from the raw stuff
spells hurled his way. He raises his heavy, towering Kroxigor line- of Chaos are seared, burned and
spindly arms, and emits a rattling breakers shatter shield walls and ultimately blasted to nothingness by
croak – a feeble sound, but one that crush blood-maddened knights with the celestial energies of the slann,
has heralded the doom of empires. each powerful swing of their mauls. for the sorceries of these ancient
Nimble skink skirmishers harry Starmasters are potent indeed. In
In a strobing flash of light, the the flanks, cutting off the enemy’s this shocking onslaught of violence,
Starmaster’s armies appear, escape as winged predators swoop the battlefield is soon slicked with
summoned from the fleet of stars from the crackling aether, biting and gore, the Chaos host ripped from
that spins high above. Hulking tearing at those skulking behind supremacy and cast to doom-filled
saurian monsters charge headlong the front line. Even a dread fortress defeat. Once victory is assured,
from nothing more than light, the offers little protection against the the Seraphon vanish once more in
tang of ozone filling the air. On thunderous stampede of Stegadons blurs of shimmering light, a sudden
they come, roaring and shaking the and the pulverising mace-tails wind racing across a field of broken
earth, weapons of black celestite and of Bastiladons. armour and fang-scored bone.
okko da Fist, foremost
Skullnob of the Bovva
Boyz, felt a sharp sting
in his neck. He wheeled, his
meaty palm slapping back to
pull a feathered dart from his
weather-beaten green skin. He
roared in anger, his lads doing
the same. Atop the ridge were
strange blue lizards standing
upright, hissing as they lobbed
javelins into the orruk mob.
A dragon-thing spat a gobbet
of liquid fire, setting Drokkit
ablaze. Gokko felt a surge of
war-strength, bellowing as
he charged forward. A dozen
orruks went with him, then a
hundred. When Gokko crested
the ridge, his entire tribe was
close behind.
Down in the valley were two
battle lines, the large one red,
the small one blue. Gokko saw
the lizard creatures down there
in the rocks and charged toward
them. The orruks were running
full pelt when the lizards just
disappeared in a flash of light.
And the orruks hit the red
battle line like an avalanche. The Saurus Sunblood is a creature of iron-hard scales, dagger teeth and
clawed, muscular limbs – every bit the equal of the Chaos Warriors it fights.

The constellation empires of the The Seraphon can descend to the that preserve the tapestry of life
Seraphon exist in the highest parts Mortal Realms as shooting stars, against the forces of entropy and
of Azyr, thriving far from the light shimmering sky-lights and meteor despair. Since the Age of Sigmar’s
of Sigendil. Philosophers of the God- strikes. Whole starhosts emerge dawn, the Seraphon have watched
King’s realms posit that the Seraphon from the fires of their descent. Their the Stormhosts hurl back the armies
are the children of Dracothion, targets are not always the armies of Chaos, and even fought alongside
awakened by his celestial breath, of Chaos, but each action they them on more than one occasion.
or summoned by his tears after take is part of the slann’s greater Though formal alliances have yet
he witnessed a vision of the race’s work against the Dark Gods. No to occur, many a warrior salute has
tragic past. The aelves believe them unthinking warriors are these – each been raised from one faction to the
to be from another time, the slann has a savage animus, and echoes the other, for both fight for hope, order,
that command them but motes of fierce personality of the heavenly and the downfall of the Dark Gods.
light in the darkness, yet powerful constellation from which it came. A
enough to keep the memory of the skilled astromancer could parse the
Seraphon and their war gods alive. glittering skies to divine when and
Some say they have vessels that can where a Seraphon host might strike,
sail between worlds, and that they but only the slann know the truth – ‘They care for neither gold nor glory,
have fought their arch-enemies they move their cohorts and warrior and they fight for neither realm
the Dark Gods in a dozen other hosts across the Mortal Realms as nor king. They are the wrath of the
realities. There are even theories a grand master moves the pieces of slann given form, and theirs is a war
that the Seraphon, somewhat like an elaborate game, always striving without mercy and without end. As
the daemons of Chaos, are conjured to stay three steps ahead of their long as the Chaos Gods exist, the
from raw emotion – not those of the nemeses. Though their numbers are Seraphon will seek their destruction.’
mortal races, but of beasts, or the few, their skill in the ways of strategy
primordial races of an unknowable is such that they have thwarted the - Olwyn of Stratosi, The
order that existed before humans designs of a thousand warlords, Saurians of High Azyr
first crawled from the caves. their deeds glittering points of order
Where Sigmar and his allies have struck hardest, the lands have been claimed in the name of Order and
progress. Generations have gone by since the first Stormcast Eternals descended from the Tempest, and an
alliance of humanity, aelves and duardin has thrived, united in the face of their common enemy.

The sites of Sigmar’s first strike of fending their enemies off whilst his stubborn refusal to let the forces
against the forces of Chaos were civilian constructions were raised of darkness overwhelm the realms.
carefully chosen. By attacking the ever higher by the Dispossessed. Countless thousands devote their
Realmgates known as the Gates of With the adaptable skills of mortal lives, body and soul, to his cause.
Azyr, and in flinging open the routes men at their beck and call, and During the terrible times of the Age
of reinforcement from the Realm with a scattering of aelven artisans of Chaos, the beleaguered populace
of Heavens, Sigmar ensured he had to complement their rugged prayed to him for salvation. Despite
hundreds of beachheads from which constructions with slender works their devotion, for decades those
to wage his new crusade. At first of art, the Lord-Castellants, their entreaties went unheard, for Sigmar
it was the Stormhosts themselves requisitioned work teams and their had withdrawn from the Mortal
that guarded these sites, their Azyrite duardin allies raised fortified Realms and turned a deaf ear to
Lord-Castellants mounting stalwart villages, then townships, then cities their pleas. Some mortals lost their
defences against any great beast or in those areas claimed in Sigmar’s faith, but many others – those who
savage horde that sought to take name. Each phase of construction refused to give in to doubt – finally
these vital inter-realm portals. Then saw the walls built over again in saw those prayers spectacularly
came the next wave, sent by Sigmar a series of concentric rings, with rewarded as Sigmar’s Tempest struck
via his most trusted seconds, the the Realmgate right at their heart. hard at the dark heart of Chaos.
Council of Azyr. Stalwart humans Watching over the portal, or even Now they join with the jubilant
and duardin joined the Stormcast constructed right around it in some worshippers of Azyr in cleansing
Eternals in consolidation and cases, would be the Stormkeep of the their ancestral lands.
defence of each Realmgate site – and chamber that had claimed it – with
in doing so, created a new beginning the Dispossessed working in concert Wherever new settlements spring
with the sweat of their brows and the with the Lord-Castellants, these up, the Devoted of Sigmar march
blood of their calloused hands. structures became mighty indeed, out in great numbers to reconsecrate
capable of repelling a daemonic the soil polluted by the taint of
invasion. Still, even the most Chaos. Led by the Warrior Priests
THE DISPOSSESSED redoubtable fortress or towering of Sigmar and Arch Lectors that
Those gateways that proved stable Stormcast citadel cannot survive ride impressive war altars at the
allowed large numbers of the people without food, nor can it be built heart of each gathering, they sing
of Azyrheim to re-enter the Mortal without access to raw materials. Here rousing hymns in unison. Most of
Realms. Amongst them were the the faithful of Sigmar come into these ardent faithful are clad in no
duardin known as the Dispossessed, their own. more than rags, for they maintain
hard-bitten warriors and masons that no worldly possession can rival
who built new keeps and strongholds the value of their creed. Wild-
on these sites with expert skill and haired and manic of gaze, they
tireless efficiency. They are the lash themselves with spiked whips,
spiritual descendants of the long- barbed chains and iron flails, so that
dead Khazalid empire – the original their blood might be strewn across
worshippers of the smith-god the lands – throngs of Flagellants
Grungni and his fearsome brother and war priests blessing the ground
Grimnir – and by their hands with each bleeding footstep and
much of Azyrheim was built. Their heartfelt prayer. Such is their faith
Warden Kings have proved faithful that the lifeblood actually cleanses
allies to humanity, and though their corruption from the soil. Wherever
armoured throngs are relatively few the Devoted display such acts of
in number, the grudges they hold martyrdom, the earth is spiritually
against the Chaos destroyers who cleansed – it can harbour crops once
brought low their ancestral homes more, and farmers can ply their trade
lend them great strength. without fear of their harvest bearing
noisome fruit.
The vicious counter-attacks of the
Chaos hosts at first dictated the DEVOTED OF SIGMAR Should the Devoted encounter the
building of defensible structures Sigmar has always inspired faith worshippers of the Dark Gods, or
made for war, but the Stormcast and fanaticism in his followers, both the beasts of Chaos that roam the
Eternals proved equal to the task through his natural charisma and wilderness, they will turn their flails
and chains against them, charging city limits to found shanty towns, in profusion of monsters, daemons
pell-mell in a maniacal throng that places doubling the population even and mutated barbarians that cannot
tears apart the enemy no matter the before they start their families anew. not be defeated by sword and spear
cost. It is well that Sigmar inspires alone. This is a brotherhood united
such faith, for the attrition rate The Freeguilds recruit from every not by faith, but by ingenuity,
of these Devoted processions is stratum of society – when the city capability, and science – the
daunting indeed. is under attack, military aristocrats industrialisation and innovation of
from the inner districts and low- mankind twinned with the artifice
The value of the Devoted is not born officers command stalwart and expertise of the duardin makes
confined to the reclamation crusades professional soldiers, ex-criminals for a potent combination. The
and the cleansing of the realms. and even armed militia, their Ironweld artillerists man the walls
Alongside them stand the zealous common humanity uniting them of the largest of the free cities, their
ranks of the Witch Hunters, more against the horrors they must face. great cannons, mortars, volley guns
properly known as the Order of Over time, these melanges of races and rocket batteries seeking out the
Azyr. Held in awe and fear alike and creeds have intermingled, largest of foes whenever dark hordes
by those that have seen their red forming new alliances and factions muster beyond the city limits. Each
work, they root out the taint of thirsty to prove themselves or to of their machineries of destruction
Chaos in Sigmar’s new kingdoms. avenge their predecessors. An army is made to be man-portable, or
Like vengeful shadows they move or garrison from a Sigmarite city at the least towable by beasts of
through the cities, whispering in may include a dozen different kinds burden. The famed artillery trains
the ears of their fellow Devoted and of footsoldiers, knightly orders, of the Ironweld regularly take the
those lords they deem to be worthy beast riders, proven militia and city field in support of the Freeguilds to
of trust, gathering knowledge of guard, all with their own uniforms, blast apart daemon and monstrous
hidden heretical cults. When they traditions and rivalries. Some go predator alike.
have tracked their prey to their lairs, to war in resplendent plate armour,
they will burn out the infection, or others have not even a pair of boots
else slay the corrupted with stake, to call their own, but they are rich in THE COLLEGIATE
fire and greatsword – even should spirit one and all. When their hard- ARCANE
that traitor be of the highest office won way of life is threatened, they High above the city streets dwell
in the land. All must fear the Order put aside their differences, fighting the wizards, mages and sorcerers
of Azyr, for it answers only to as one under the steely gaze of a of Sigmar’s people. The Collegiate
Sigmar himself. Freeguild general. Arcane is mostly comprised of
human mages that follow the
old ways of manipulating magic,
THE FREEGUILDS each dedicating himself to the
Over time, the settlements of Sigmar understanding of one type of
have become the nexus points magic above all others. These form
of entire nations. Though it took the ruling elite of the Collegiate,
decades of back-breaking labour and the most skilled of their number
no small amount of creation magic creating wondrous devices to
to achieve it, the rise of these cities channel the innate magic of the
has heralded a new era, and each Mortal Realms. Where once these
has grown to earn its own proud men of learning poured their efforts
heraldry and military history. into the furtherance of knowledge,
of progress and of the blending of
The roving well-criers, minstrels and magic with technology, the last few
skalds of Sigmar’s realm claim the generations have been obsessed with
cities prospered due to their Azyrite the turning of magic to the business
benefactors, but the truth is more of war. Most mortals are unable
complex – the new settlements have to channel aetheric power at will
drawn on local resources wherever without risking the most disastrous
they can. In some places the ruins of side-effects, and so instead make
ancient cities have been reclaimed THE IRONWELD ARSENAL use of arcane foci and sorcerous
and built anew, those structures Acting in concert with the machines with which to wield magic.
still sound used as foundations or Freeguilds come the gunners, Using celestial orreries, aetheric
inspirational monuments whilst artillerists and engineers of the lenses and enchanted objects such as
those unsafe regions are broken Ironweld Arsenals. The finest masks, orbs, staves and hourglasses,
down into raw materials and scientific duardin and human minds the Battlemages of the Collegiate
repurposed. In other areas, the have combined forces to create the Arcane work devastating spells
scattered tribes that could be saved most potent weapons of destruction that can incinerate foes, turn them
from the hordes of Chaos have been they can devise, for the people of to stone or transmute them to
brought, filthy and starving, into the Sigmar’s new world order face a scattering sand.
THE ELDRITCH COUNCIL a Flamespyre Phoenix or frozen to and fortresses failed them utterly in
More learned still are those of the inert crystal by a Frostheart Phoenix, the past – and so they prefer to roam
Eldritch Council. Comprised of he will rise again after his days- the natural places of the realms. The
Azyrite aelves that have been brought long trial. From that point on this Lion Rangers carry huge war axes so
together by Lord Tyrion, tutored warrior is Phoenix Guard, claimed sharp they can cleave an armoured
by his brother Teclis, and given a by the magic of his resurrection to enemy in two, and their cloaks – the
solemn duty to keep the hermetic serve the cause of his temple – to pelts of celestial lions – can turn
traditions of the ancestors alive, eradicate the filth of Chaos from aside crossbow bolts as if they were
the Council represents millennia of the realms – until his final death. little more than pine needles. Led
arcane knowledge distilled into a In complete and unnerving silence, by veteran commanders in chariots
living body of adepts. Each studies the ranks of the Phoenix Guard pulled by graceful leonine beasts, the
not just one type of magic, but all march forth across befouled lands Lion Rangers have turned the tide
the traditional elemental forces of to cut down the champions of Chaos in many a battle thought lost – for
the aelves to hurl forth flame, frost with shimmering halberds, the though these expert warriors often
and gale. Some of the Council go to magic of the Ur-Phoenix protecting arrive unbidden, their presence
war accompanied by Swordmaster them from the return blows of their always makes an impact.
escorts – aelven scholars of the blade enemies. Overhead, the skies are
so skilled they can cut enemy arrows scored by the glowing flights of
from the sky. Others, usually the Phoenix riders, blazing orange and THE ORDER DRACONIS
most charismatic and hot-blooded brilliant blue, burning and freezing Some of those aelves that were united
of their kin, form lasting bonds with all that fall under their shadows. under Sigmar’s rule in Azyrheim
the draconic denizens of Azyr. These found solace not in men, nor in their
brave Drakeseers ride to war on fellows, but in the noble beasts of the
serpentine dragons, the white flame realms. Forming powerful kinships
of their elemental spells mingling with pure-blooded stallions and wise
with the red heat of their mount’s drakes, they became the forefathers
breath with each deadly pass. of an order of warriors known as
the Order Draconis. Dozens of
Those sites that are so corrupted by generations have passed since the
Chaos that even the spilt blood of the first aelf knights of the order took
Devoted cannot heal them are visited up their lances and hunted the
by the Eldritch Council. Their master scourge of Chaos, but though they
elementalists wield such intense and were deadly warriors indeed, the
searing flame that most sites bearing task they undertook was all but
daemonic taint can be burned clean, impossible. Ultimately they were
the cratered earth rendered sterile forced to rely on their sheer speed
enough to be reconsecrated once and bravery more than their skill at
it has finally cooled. Yet even then arms to survive. Now, as a new era
there are places so supernaturally LION RANGERS breaks across the land, they are able
twisted that only the flames of A warrior brotherhood that can be to take the offensive once more. They
resurrection can hope to heal them. traced to the rangers that hunted the follow the roiling thunderstorms
mountains around Azyrheim during that signify the presence of Sigmar’s
the Age of Myth, the Lion Rangers elite hosts, knowing that to strike
THE PHOENIX TEMPLE are masters of close-quarters battle. alongside such allies is to give
The Phoenix is a potent symbol for Whilst the Azyrite cities rose high, themselves the best chance of
the aelves, for it symbolises rebirth these aelves sought the sanctuaries securing a lasting victory at the least
from the fires of tragedy – and the of their monasteries, retreating to possible cost in blood.
ability to emerge all the stronger. wooded islands and mountain peaks
The temple that bears its image is far from the din and confusion of
a warrior conclave dedicated to civilisation. But even there they SWIFTHAWK AGENTS
the godbeast known as the Ur- were not beyond the reach of Chaos. The Swifthawk Agents spread
Phoenix. These monastic aelven Their order held out until the very messages between the armies of
warriors have been through the last against the tides of disorder Azyrheim to help coordinate their
fiercest fires of war and survived. that battered their once-peaceful grand assaults, whilst cutting the
They have been borne, scarred and domains, and when the Gates web of information that binds the
traumatised, by silent guardians of Azyr closed, only the barest armies of their foes. They are the
to the shrouded top of the temple. handful made it back to the safety fastest and most nimble of Sigmar’s
There, should they prove themselves of Azyrheim. Now, with their order rare aelven hosts, and they are
worthy, each will be chosen by one bolstered by the rise of Sigmar’s fearless in their duty. They are
of the giant, supernatural Phoenixes people, they bring skills long-honed capable and independent, able to
that make that towering spire their to the war once more. They do not outrun those foes they cannot slay.
home. Burned body and spirit by linger long in the free cities – walls Amongst their number are cloaked
Shadow Warriors that swathe necessity rather than design, and ORDER SERPENTIS
themselves in darkness, and chariots none truly knows what manner of Like a dark reflection of their Order
pulled by fleet-footed Purebreed malfeasance might happen behind Draconis kin, the Order Serpentis
steeds and giant Swiftfeather Hawks. their high walls. The rank-and-file tame the cruel-hearted and savage
They are the messengers of Order, of each Darkling Coven acts in beasts of the realms. They are not so
and as the light of Azyr reaches all uncanny synchronicity, almost as much trusted allies of the Azyrite
the Mortal Realms, so too do their if they are bound to a single will hosts as they are living weapons,
warriors roam to every corner of in the manner of an undead horde pointed and loosed at the enemy
civilisation and beyond. – and that is not too far from the as an archer might fire an arrow.
truth. Each coven has at its heart a Once, they were an order of Black
Sorceress of such charisma she can Dragon riders – but now, with
SCOURGE PRIVATEERS enthral hundreds of her own kin; the such majestic steeds dwindling
Raiders and pirates, the Scourge mightiest of their kind can even bind in number, only their leaders can
Privateers are not merely expert dragons to their service. Whether uphold this tradition. The majority
mariners, but also amongst the finest this is done through means fair or ride the saurian predators known as
beast hunters in the Mortal Realms. foul none can say – certainly the Drakespawn, or else steer chariots
They are descended from those lesser footsoldiers of the Darkling pulled by a pair of the scaled and
aelves who sought the solace of the Covens are utterly devoted to their cold-blooded beasts. They are
open seas – not becoming one with mistresses, and will fight to the last relentless in battle, ripping apart
them, as did the Idoneth Deepkin, drop of blood to earn her favour. It their enemies in a storm of dark steel
but learning to sail and master is whispered in the free cities that it and wicked lances. Those that are
them. They still hone their skills is not only aelves that are in thrall to harried by the Order Serpentis will
of navigation and reaving, their these darkly beautiful Sorceresses – be struck anew each night until there
majestic vessels cutting through even yet they fight against Chaos and, for is nothing left but terror, confusion
the most stormy seas to fall upon now, that is enough. and corpses torn by fang, claw
their quarry without warning. and blade.

While once the Scourge Privateers SHADOWBLADES

might have raided indiscriminately, The path of the Assassin has a long THE WANDERERS
since Sigmar united the civilised and proud history amongst the aelf Noble but fierce, the Wanderers are
races, they work alongside the nations. Though the Free Peoples the aelven nomads that once called
nations of human, duardin and aelf look down on the profession as the the wild places their home. Expert
rather than preying upon them. It is remit of thugs and murderers, the archers and talented bladesmen, they
their habit to hunt down misshapen aelves see grace and beauty in the art have always fought for the sanctity
monsters and deadly creatures to of taking a life swiftly and silently. A of the natural world, opposing
capture, whether at sea – in the skilled aelf Assassin is thought given the chaotic forces that would tear
case of their favoured warbeast, form, appearing but for the barest apart the order of life and replace
the Kharibdyss – or on land, where flicker of an eye before receding into it with anarchy. During the Age of
their chariots and corsairs work darkness once more, their target Chaos, that battle was all but lost.
together to run to ground even breathing their last in a pool of their The magical ley lines that link the
the fiercest prey. These beasts they own blood. sacred places of each Mortal Realm
train for their own menageries are shimmering cords cast by the
and prized collections, to sell to Shadowblades are the true masters light of Sigendil that can only be seen
the arenas of the free cities, or to of murder. Some say they can change by witch-sight. In the Age of Chaos
barter with wizards and warlords their faces, the better to move they were shattered by spilt blood
of an unscrupulous nature. Their through cities whilst hidden in plain and dark magic. Now, the Wanderers
Fleetmasters are steel-willed and sight. Others believe they are beings trace their paths to hidden lands,
determined, feared both aboard their native to Ulgu, the servants of some laying waystones to amplify and
armadas and across the ports in ancient tenebrous god that can move restore their power. They have a
which they ply their trade, for every from one shadow to another as easily symbiotic relationship with the free
one is an expert swordsman, and as passing through a door. Still more cities, the sharp-eyed aelves acting
each has a ruthless streak as wide as claim they are a gift from Malerion as scouts and guerrilla strike forces
a shark’s smile. to Sigmar, for they turn their blades when necessary, in exchange for
against the tyrants of Chaos and occasional shelter and succour. One
those city-dwelling traitors that day the Wanderers hope to redeem
DARKLING COVENS do their bidding more often than themselves for their betrayal during
There is something deeply sinister any other foe. All that is known for the Age of Chaos – in abandoning
about the aelven subcultures known sure is that when a sorcerous black Ghyran to the infestations of Nurgle
as the Darkling Covens. They exist mark in the shape of a curved blade and hence leaving the people of the
in the most remote and shadowy appears on a target’s flesh, it will Everqueen to their plight, they have
districts of the free cities, allied not be long before a Shadowblade’s broken a long-standing alliance that
to the hosts of Azyrheim through dagger is at his throat. will take lifetimes to rebuild.
The Hammers of Sigmar lead the forces of Order to claim the Greater Viarshan Portal. Amongst
them is the Celestant-Prime, descending like a comet to smite the Bloodbound from on high.
Stormcast Eternals Stormcast Eternals
Knight-Incantor Evocator-Prime

Stormcast Eternals Stormcast Eternals

Sacristan Engineer Castigator-Prime

Sylvaneth Sylvaneth
Kurnoth Huntmaster Tree-Revenant with Glade Banner

Together with her Stormcast Eternal allies, the Hallowed Knights, the
Everqueen Alarielle unleashes a tempest of violence upon the warriors of
Nurgle that dare intrude upon her sacred Ghyranite havens.
The Kharadron Overlords are masters of aetheric science and cut-throat deals. They ply the aerial trade routes of the
Mortal Realms in flying vessels bristling with arcane cannons, harpoons and drill-tipped bombs.

Fyreslayers Fyreslayers Fyreslayers Fyreslayers

Auric Runemaster Battlesmith Auric Runesmiter Vulkite Berzerker
Seraphon Seraphon Seraphon
Saurus Oldblood Skink Starpriest Skink
Idoneth Deepkin
Volturnos, High King of the Deep

The Daughters of Khaine are a sisterhood of fierce killers so agile and athletic they can flow around the clumsy blows of
their enemies like smoke. They make offerings of spilt blood, punctured flesh and still-beating hearts to their god.
The Idoneth Deepkin surge from magical mist-shrouded seas to slay, steal and capture the souls of their victims before
ebbing away once more, the memory of their attack already fading like a forgotten dream.

Daughters of Khaine
Morathi, High Oracle of Khaine
he sky turns crimson and black. Foul winds bring the
stench of corruption. Savage war cries fill the air as the
tread of countless armoured feet shakes the ground. The
forces of Chaos are here, and they want nothing less than to
complete their conquest – the triumph over reality itself.

The Dark Gods have sent forth their daemonic legions into the
world. The way was first opened by the maniacal, the greedy and
the proud – those so blind to their own flaws or unhappy with
their lot in life they turned to the darkest of solutions. Those
fell gods they prayed to forced the cracks in reality so wide
that a rising tide of anarchy and strife has drowned countless
civilisations. Where the tidal waves of conflict batter home,
the lands themselves are changed in their wake, becoming ever
more like the Realm of Chaos. The utopia Sigmar strove for has
crumbled away, leaving blood-stained ruins behind.

Now whole legions of supplicants, champions and warlords

march to war in the name of their vile patrons, eldritch sigils
carved into their skin. At their side are daemons, creatures of
pure hate and destruction, manifested in abominable forms.
Above them are banners decorated with the grisly remains of
their victims – all too often, those they once called friends, for
through the darkness in men’s souls Chaos can turn brother
upon brother and father against son. Were it not for the
resurgence of Sigmar’s Pantheon, the survivors of this blighted
age would have been consumed utterly. For though the scions of
the Dark Gods are multitudinous in form and chaotic in nature,
they all work towards the same goal – to saturate the Mortal
Realms with so much anarchy and misrule that those lands too
become part of the Realm of Chaos.
Archaon is the Exalted Grand Marshal of the Apocalypse. He is the will of the Dark Gods
writ large, and the lord of every mortal and daemonic warrior of Chaos that marches to
battle across the Mortal Realms. All fear Archaon, for he is the Ruinous Powers given
terrible physical form.

There is no mortal champion of So powerful has the Everchosen The Varanguard rise from amongst
Chaos more powerful than Archaon. become that the Gods of Chaos the greatest mortal champions of
He is known as the Destroyer of themselves have tried to kill him Chaos, and must complete many
Worlds, and for good reason – it more than once, sending their trials to prove their worthiness.
was Archaon that brought about greatest champions to cast him Those who survive these punishing
the demise of the world-that-was, down for fear that he might devote ordeals become Archaon’s personal
and as the supreme leader of the himself solely to the glory of one of heralds, enforcers and destroyers.
Chaos hosts, he has conquered their hated rivals. Archaon has killed Mounted upon towering steeds of
many other realities since. Now the every challenger, fighting the greater Chaos, armed and armoured with
Three-Eyed King turns his gaze to war against the Mortal Realms even the most nightmarish wargear the
the Mortal Realms, his sole intention when the gods themselves lost sight forges of the Everchosen can provide,
to conquer every one of them in of their goals. Thus far he has even the Varanguard are Archaon’s
the name of anarchy and misrule. resisted the gift of daemonhood, no ultimate weapon against the forces
Sitting astride his vast daemonic matter how many times it is offered, of civilisation. These monstrously
mount Dorghar, wielding the Slayer for he sets his sights higher still and powerful shock cavalry are organised
of Kings to scythe down his foes, will not submit to being the puppet into eight distinct circles, each great
Archaon is death to all who face of any godly master. The Everchosen in number and possessed of its own
him. He unleashes armies beyond remains the greatest nemesis of broad remit. Some are assassins who
number, mortals and daemons of Sigmar and the tattered remnants of strike down key enemy heroes, while
every description marching at his his Pantheon of Order. Some say that others serve as the punishers who
command. The shadow of Archaon in a former life Archaon bent the make examples of those who fail the
stretches long and dark across the knee to Sigmar, but that he learned Everchosen. Whatever their role,
Mortal Realms, blotting out hope a terrible truth about the God-King, they are a nigh-unstoppable force,
and life and ushering in the end and has striven to destroy him ever and on the charge they sweep all
of days. since. Now the Everchosen will not before them.
consider his victory complete until
The Gods of Chaos cannot lead their all lies broken at his feet. The Gaunt Summoners are potent
legions in person, no more than daemonic sorcerers of Tzeentch,
fire or starlight can command the and are amongst Archaon’s greatest
multitudes of the realms. Neither servants. It is said that he outwitted
can their daemonic generals take these beings long ago, binding them
physical form over the long term, to his will through the power of
for they are creatures of magic, and their true names. He uses them as
their connection to the material spies and seers, prophets of what
plane can wax and wane depending will come to pass. These magical
on place and circumstance. Because messengers manipulate the very
of this the Chaos Gods need mortal fabric of reality to ensure that
intermediaries and – if they are to Archaon’s will is enacted across the
bind the fractious hosts that worship endless battlefields in every region of
them to one overriding goal – a true the Mortal Realms.
king of conquest whose masterful
command over his legions cannot be Archaon’s fortress is the Varanspire,
denied. Archaon is such a man. a hellish fastness that dominates the
fabled Eightpoints. Built to ensure
The Everchosen is the ultimate its master’s control over that most
champion of the Chaos Gods, vital of sites, the Varanspire is not
marked with the favour of each, yet Though he stands at the very apex a single tower, but a collection of
beholden to no single deity. Others of power, Archaon is not alone citadels so tall their tips claw at the
have borne this title in the past, but in his endless war. Every Chaos void. Archaon has not set foot within
none have excelled in the role more warlord and daemonic general them for many centuries, however
than Archaon. Inhumanly cunning, must bow to him, or else pay the – his methods of conquest are those
unutterably evil, and possessing his bloody price. Over and above these of a warrior king rather than a
own labyrinthine plans for glory, agents, Archaon has his impressive politician. He has vowed not to rest
he has made great strides towards lieutenants in the Varanguard and upon his throne of darkness until his
supremacy in the Mortal Realms. the Gaunt Summoners. final victory is won.
The Age of Chaos has lasted for long and terrible centuries, drowning the Mortal Realms in endless war. Though
many mortals have fought to their last breath against the invaders, many more have instead chosen to worship
the Chaos Gods as their masters, and to follow the perilous path to glory.

When the Slaves to Darkness fore. From amidst the marching weapons, using them to hack and
march to war, they bring with hordes rise twisted shrines dedicated smash at the surviving bastions of
them all the cruelty and power to the Dark Gods, and monstrous Order across the Mortal Realms.
of the rapacious Gods of Chaos. beasts drawn from the worst They lay waste to all who oppose
Barbaric marauder tribesmen and nightmares of mortals. Leading them, and for their brutal efforts
armour-clad warriors pour across each of these fearsome armies stride they are rewarded richly.
the lands, ragged banners waving the champions of Chaos, warriors
above them emblazoned with hellish elevated to levels of inhuman power To join the ranks of the Slaves to
runes that burn with inner power. as a reward for their service to the Darkness, a warrior need only
Cruel horsemen and thundering gods. The lords of Chaos wield dedicate himself to one or all of
chariots crash into battle at their their armies like vast and terrible the Gods of Chaos. Some go freely
into such damnation – the mad,
the heartless, the damaged and the
deranged all willingly trade away
their souls in exchange for the
promise of otherworldly power. But
many more, whole tribes, cities and
nations, fall to the worship of the
Chaos Gods through a desperate

nodd the Bear pushed
his spined thumbs
deeper into the giant
orruk’s eye sockets, roaring as
he brought his armoured knee
up under its jaw over and over
again. The beast’s cabled neck
was becoming weak, stringy.
‘Die!’ roared Knodd, spattered
in a crimson baptism as he
wrenched the Ironjaw’s head
from his neck and offered it to
the skies. He felt power surge
through him. His head hurt
fit to burst, but he laughed in
triumph. Finally, he would
ascend to godhood.
A ripping, tearing sound
came from below. Knodd
looked down eagerly, watching
his muscular body ripple and
bulge. Horror took him, for
strange limbs writhed under
his skin like worms in a rotting
stomach. They burst free in a
shower of nameless fluids even
as his head split in half, jaw
flapping as he moaned in terror
and pain. The Knodd-thing fell
upon the orruks once more,
razored tentacles flailing. This
A Chaos Warrior is a merciless butcher clad head to toe in heavy plate. His day, his path was complete.
long and bloody quest for power will end in glory, death or damnation.
need to survive. As the dominion of knights hasten to swear themselves should a champion earn the boons
Chaos spread ever further across the to this champion’s cause. of their chosen patron, these rewards
Mortal Realms, life became darker can themselves spell their doom. For
and more horrific for those beneath Little by little the horde grows, every Chaos champion who rises,
its shadow. For many, the choice was further warbands joining the first as burning with dark might, to claim
simple: submit to the will of Chaos the tales of glorious slaughter spread immortality as a Daemon Prince,
or be slain by those who did. The further afield. Soon enough, what there are countless others whose
Dark Gods are no saviours, however. began as a mere raiding party has bodies twist and buckle under a
Those who swore to serve Chaos swollen into a massive army, led by a bombardment of freakish mutation.
soon found themselves tearing down singularly powerful warlord. Muscles bulge through tearing skin
that which they held dear – often and skeletons sprout hideous nests of
the very things they had made their The obsession of all such chaotic spines until their bodies are reduced
devil’s bargain to protect. Lost to the overlords is the same. They wish to to crawling nightmares. Finally,
corruption and madness of the path please their chosen deity, and in so the minds of the former champions
to glory, most no longer cared. doing, prove themselves worthy of snap altogether and they become
his gifts. This is the Path to Glory, gibbering Chaos Spawn.
So have the ranks of the Slaves to the lonely and selfish road that
Darkness swollen until their blight all aspiring champions of Chaos No matter the terrible dangers they
covers all the lands. One who begins must walk if they wish to earn the face, countless warriors swell the
their journey as a tribal chieftain, or ultimate reward. To proceed along ranks of Dark Gods’ armies with
even a humble warrior of the rank- this metaphysical path, a champion every passing day. In such dire times
and-file, kills and conquers their must destroy all who stand in their as these, they reason that it is better
way swiftly to a position of power. way, and make such offerings of to wear the iron-shod boot of the
As word spreads about their glorious carnage and corruption that, for the oppressor than to be the weak and
exploits, bands of tribesmen, briefest of moments, they succeed terrified victim ground beneath
charioteers and heavily armoured in catching the eye of a god. Even its tread.
Khorne is the mightiest of all the Chaos Gods, for he is rage incarnate. The savage hosts of mortal, daemon and
barbarian that worship him, known collectively as the Blades of Khorne, are frenzied killers one and all – for
those who do not add to the skull-pile through daily slaughter may find their own heads adorning it at day’s end.

Known as Kharneth, Khorghar, of infinite strength and supreme kill even to the daemon-haunted
Kashorin the Skysplitter and a battle prowess that rewards bravery, borders of the Mortal Realms,
hundred other names, the Blood God might at arms and conquest. The delighting in slaughter whether
is worshipped in almost every corner gore-maddened followers of Khorne under the baking sun or by the light
of the Mortal Realms. He is always range far and wide in search of skulls of a Chaos moon. Khorne hungrily
portrayed as an angry, roaring being to offer him – they will hunt and watches the carnage wrought in his
name, and his bellows of bloodlust
can be heard echoing across the void
between worlds.

In the woodcuts and scrimshaw

images that depict him, Khorne
appears as an overly muscled, dog-
headed giant in baroque plate mail.
He sits brooding upon a vast and
ornately carved brass throne, which
in turn sits atop a great mountain
of blood-stained skulls. These are
the remains of not only his faithful
champions, but also those worthy
foes that his devotees have slain in
his name. Their number is beyond
counting, for every minute of
every day, yet more decapitations
are offered unto this most violent
of gods. Khorne’s daemonic Flesh
Hounds gnaw upon each new
offering, ever ready to hunt those
cravens who will not fight in open
battle. There can never be enough
skulls laid at the foot of Khorne’s
throne, for though they feed his
glory, they can never quench his
eternal thirst for blood.

The tribes of Aqshy have claimed

much of that fiery realm in Khorne’s
name, but they are far from alone
in his worship. Many civilisations
revere aspects of Khorne under a
different name – even the ancient
aelven god of murder, Khaine, is
thought by some to be an aspect
of the Blood God. There are few
temples built to Khorne, though,
for conflict is his only ceremony.
The God of War is worshipped on
the battlefield with blades and axes,
not in halls with solemn words.
The indiscriminate bloodletting is
accompanied by little ritual other
than the chilling battle cry that has
become infamous throughout the
The Bloodsecrator is steeped in Khorne’s favour – through his mighty icon he Mortal Realms: ‘Blood for the Blood
can summon the power of the Brass Citadel itself. God! Skulls for the Skull Throne!’
THE BLOODBOUND Khorne looks well upon those who DAEMONS OF KHORNE
The warrior code of Khorne’s mortal sacrifice their friends or allies in the The air shimmers and writhes as if
followers is simple: let the blood flow, name of indiscriminate bloodletting, in pain as the daemons of Khorne
regardless of the source – though and he will punish a worshipper who stalk the lands of men. Summoned
some methods are favoured over fails in his duty as executioner. As by extensive displays of butchery, the
others. Khorne is drawn to duels his followers often say, Khorne cares cohorts of the Blood God delight in
and lethal contests of skill, though not from whence the blood flows. For taking their blades to mortal flesh.
he despises spellcasting in general, this reason, those high in his favour They are not natural creatures, but
seeing it as the refuge of weaklings. are feared and hated even by other projections of their lord’s infinite
There are no wizards devoted to Chaos worshippers. rage, given life and animus for the
Khorne – their role is instead taken singular purpose of murder, and
by Slaughterpriests that can boil the The Bloodbound armies that march unleashed to prove the might of their
blood of the enemy in their veins – to war in the name of Khorne are a divine creator. The most numerous
though magical weapons that aid terrifying sight. The elite warriors are the Bloodletters, lithe and long-
the business of killing are much march tirelessly, menace in their limbed killers who wield greatswords
favoured by his warriors. every step. The brass-bound banners so sharp they can carve stone pillars
of their Bloodsecrators drip with in twain. The most favoured of their
The warriors of the Bloodbound are gore, decorated with disembodied number sit astride the massive,
single-minded in their battle lust, for heads and slicked with arterial brass-bodied daemon steeds known
a day that passes without slaughter blood. Around them, the air seems as Juggernauts, or else ride upon
in Khorne’s name is a day wasted. At to crackle with tension, for the strange chariots and living cannons,
the end of each day’s killing, those longer each warrior keeps his blade the earth shaking as they charge into
of the enemy who have fought well sheathed, the more violent the the fray. But the most monstrous
enough to survive are given a stark outburst when he releases his rage. of all are the Bloodthirsters – the
choice – join the Bloodbound in the When a Mighty Lord of Khorne greater daemons that epitomise
dark cannibal feast that cements reaches the field and battle lines are everything violent, bloodthirsty and
their victory, or die. In this way drawn, his warriors transform into a hateful in the cosmos. Against these
the ranks of the Bloodbound are roaring, charging mass of steel and giant winged monstrosities, even
constantly replenished, though even sinew that slams into the enemy line Stormcast Eternals cannot stand for
this crude ecosystem has its limits. like the fist of the Blood God himself. long – for they are ruin incarnate.
he Black Years, the Reaving Time, the Great Slaughter. The Age of Chaos was called many things. It was an era of long defeat, an
epoch of brutality. Seven of the eight realms were overrun, and spike-walled fortresses raised to the glory of the Dark Gods. Each
drained the land’s essence and spilled forth baleful energies. Yet in the Age of Sigmar, that dominion has been fiercely contested.
The skies above a Tzeentchian warhost writhe and blaze with untrammelled power. The
blades of these eldritch warriors glow with balefire, and their sorcerous leaders rain curses
and spells of transmutation upon their foes until only hideous ruin is left behind. Such
spectacles are pleasing to the Disciples of Tzeentch.

Tzeentch is the Changer of Ways, trivial seed of hate in a man’s heart, colour. When he does take shape,
and he is flux embodied. He has a just as he knows the ultimate fate his skin crawls with changing faces
masterly comprehension of magic, of every star in the cosmos. His that leer and mock the onlooker. As
but also destiny, intrigue, history, plans are inevitably convoluted and he speaks, these faces repeat what
tricks and subterfuge. As change vast, spanning across untold aeons, he says with subtle but important
is inherent in the essence of Chaos inexplicable and contradictory to differences. His head is a puckered
itself, Tzeentch has a strong claim to mortal minds. He is the ultimate and frowning thing in his chest, and
ultimate power over all who worship puppetmaster, pulling the strings his horns seem to spring from his
Chaos. Without change, a warrior of fate and controlling the destiny shoulders rather than his brow. The
cannot ascend to greatness, the gods of his followers and enemies alike. firmament around Tzeentch is heavy
cannot bestow their gifts, and the He does not always guide the lives with brooding magic that winds like
living cannot die. of men towards a specific end, at liquid smoke around him, forming
least not for long; for Tzeentch, the bewildering and interweaving
The entity that men worship as very act of manipulation is an end patterns that are impossible to
Tzeentch has a thousand names and unto itself. follow. To look upon him is to offer
faces. The only constant is Tzeentch’s up one’s sanity – mortal minds are
inconstancy. He is a subtle Tzeentch does not have a single not meant to glimpse infinity, and
manipulator with all-encompassing form, often manifesting as a cloud of Tzeentch sits at the nexus of all
knowledge – Tzeentch knows each magical light that constantly changes possible futures.
TZEENTCH ARCANITES as they unleash bolts of magical – should a Horror of Tzeentch be
As well as being lord of flux, fire that immolate everything slain, it will not return to the Realm
Tzeentch is also master of aetheric they touch. of Chaos, but split into two smaller
energy, and all of his mortal servants daemons bent on revenge.
bear his mark. Known as the Great
Sorcerer and the Architect of Fate, The capering Horrors form the
Tzeentch gifts those who honour multitudinous host of the Daemons
him with superior magical powers of Tzeentch. Only the most
that they use to bend fate to their capricious and steeped in mischief
will. The slighted, the desperate and become the Heralds trusted with
the sly all embrace his creed, asking their command. Above them, the
for predominance over their rivals avian Lords of Change rule the
and the favour of fate itself. daemon throng, sending forth
fire-spewing Flamers and swooping
Though they may be horribly Screamers to assail the foe. All
mutated in form, many Arcanites DAEMONS OF TZEENTCH the while they work their spells of
can change their appearance, for The daemonic manifestations of destruction, sorceries so powerful
Tzeentch is synonymous with Tzeentch are damaging to mortal they can topple empires.
physical transformation. The mutant sanity. They are gangling creatures
beastmen known as Tzaangors are frequently gifted with eerie bird-like The appearance of a host of Tzeentch
amongst the most otherworldly beaks, claws and multicoloured often heralds some drastic change
of all his mortal servants. They feathers. Their skin and armour is in in the ebb and flow of battle – an
are blessed with both exceptional constant flow, changing shape and all-conquering hero finds himself
warrior skills and the arcane powers texture, forming grotesque cackling reduced to a mewling idiot, a safe
of the Lord of Magic. This deadly faces and kaleidoscopes of blazing haven is transformed into a death
combination makes them cunning colour that confuse and disorient trap, or a courageous last stand
leaders and lethal fighters, and their those who look upon them. From becomes a panicked rout. Such
Shamans command Kairic Acolytes their eyes and maws flickers deadly are the spectacles that amuse and
and Tzaangor armies with uncanny warpfire – these energies do not occupy the Great Schemer, for he
prescience. When the Great Schemer burn their targets in the manner of thrives on irony and cruel twists of
is in the ascendant, his warriors are natural flame, but instead change fate. If the changes that entertain
gifted with a preternatural ability them drastically into shapes even him can be wrought in flesh and
to react to a dozen different futures. more disturbing than a scorched blood, then so much the better, for
They draw yet more eldritch power corpse. Yet their most mind-bending the transformation from life to death
into the ranks of the faithful even aspect is their ability to defy death is the most profound of all.

own with the gilded tyrants!’ shouted Iyago and misdirections. But even Iyago’s mentor, the Lord
Farr, ripping away his worker’s smock to Transmuter, had not expected a contingent of fully
reveal the symbol his fellow street scourers armoured duardin to rise up from hidden tunnels
had carved into his chest. ‘Order kills freedom! None beneath the flagstones. Someone had to have tipped
shall suffer the privileged men of gold!’ He donned his the beard-scum off; that vile slumlord Valastein, no
moon mask, brushing its emerald feathers to stand doubt. Too late to do anything about it now.
proud as a vulcharc’s crest. Venta Smaine handed him Mayhem reigned in the courtyard. Iyago desperately
one of the shields she had pulled out from under their fought to keep his calm, but he could not see a single
rubble cart, sharing her secret smile as she donned one of the Changemen still fighting. Now he stood
her own buckler. Iyago found his heart thumping hard shoulder to shoulder with weird avian monsters – the
as he and his fellow Changemen drew their swords fabled Tzaangors, not in contraband woodcuts this
and clashed them together in the Congress of Sparks. time, but in real life. The Lord Transmuter had called
Perhaps this would be the day of his dreams after all. them to him and they fought like wild lions, strange
‘The Sky Tyrants!’ shouted Iyago, ‘They are coming!’ runic weapons leaving traces of pink energy in the
He pointed his curved blade at the glowing figures air. There came a booming voice from behind him,
winging through skies. His fellow Acolytes were and Iyago felt heat on the back of his neck. A shadow
fighting hard, cantrips and firedarts burning overhead fell long. He turned for a moment, eyes widening at
as they pushed back against armoured duardin. the sight of a massive, bull-horned giant plucking a
Their initial attack on the Archimandrite’s Palace, Sky Tyrant from the air before incinerating it with an
with its spell-steel gates flung wide by sympathisers arcane curse. Iyago felt a massive impact in his knees,
within, had started exceptionally well. The corpses spinning back to see a duardin hammer loom high.
of the Freeguild still dotted the courtyard, the A moment later, the last of the Changemen had his
garrison betrayed by carefully planned ambushes brains splattered across the cobbles.
The devotees of Nurgle are horrific to look upon, more so even than other warriors
favoured of Chaos. Their peeling flesh, stomachs bloated with corpse-gas and charnel
stench are a reminder of the eventual fate that awaits all creatures. None can escape them
forever, for these hosts are entropy incarnate.

Nurgle is the Lord of Decay. It is ROTBRINGERS exposed guts spill Nurglings, the
he who unleashes famines and Nurgle’s mortal warriors, largely spiteful mites giggling and cackling
pestilence upon the world, and so known as Rotbringers, are toughened amidst the filth. Around them march
it is to Nurgle that mortals turn by their patron’s favour to such an the Plaguebearers, droll tallymen
when they wish protection from extent that they are nigh impossible whose duty it is to count the diseases
the ravages of disease and the to kill with mortal weapons. that course across the battlefield.
inevitable decline brought by the Although ravaged by disease, they Their task is all but endless; for all
passing years. Sooner or later every are themselves protected from such his hideousness, Father Nurgle has a
mortal feels Nurgle’s debilitating plagues, and have become immune generous spirit. He is never mean or
touch. When the crops are spoilt, to pain and discomfort. While their thrifty with the contagions he brews,
when a child falls feverish, and when bodies may corrupt and split open, and within his putrescent cauldron
wounds begin to fester on the field the spirit of Nurgle sustains them. he has gifts enough for all.
of battle, supplications are offered Thus the warriors of Nurgle can
to Nurgle for him to stay his hand. endure wounds and afflictions that
These prayers are often successful, would cripple others and still fight
but Nurgle’s favour is bought at a on in his name.
terrible cost.
Nurgle’s armies are repulsive indeed.
Known also as Nurglitch, Onogal, Clouds of fat-bodied flies surround
Neiglen and many other titles, them, bathing in exposed sores and
Nurgle is an ancient and well- pustules and clustering into the eyes,
established god. He has claim to nostrils and ears of any who look
the title Lord of All Things, for no upon them. A miasma of pestilence
matter how solid and permanent hangs around the decomposing
something seems, it is always liable legions like a grey-green cloud,
to physical corruption. The palace of all but suffocating any who come
today is tomorrow’s ruin, the maiden within range of their plagueswords
of the morning is the crone of the and pock-marked blades. But not
night, and the hope of a moment all is grimness and squalor amongst
is but the foundation stone of the footsoldiers of Nurgle, for the
everlasting regret. favoured openly rejoice in their
deity’s approval. So it is that the
A darker counterpart to ancient hosts of the Plague God stride to
deities of fertility and nature, Nurgle battle with the exuberance of a
is portrayed as a kindly, almost carnival, phlegm-choked laughter
jovial god, known as Father or ringing out as they bring their deadly
Grandfather Nurgle to his blighted gifts closer to the foe.
acolytes. Though he is the Lord of
Decay, whose body is wracked with
disease, he is full of ebullient energy DAEMONS OF NURGLE
and a desire to enlighten. Nurgle The Plague God’s daemons echo
cherishes all life, be it mewling their patron in form, though they are
babe or bubonic pox. While non- but insects next to his mountainous
believers may moan in anguish when massiveness. Great Unclean Ones
crippling plague sweeps the lands, appear as hugely bloated creatures,
those dedicated to Nurgle laugh and festering with boils, poxes and
dance to see the great works of their suppurating sores. They are
master unfold. They have accepted surrounded by dark clouds of tiny
the futility of defying Nurgle and daemonic insects, each of which
the inescapable dilapidation that carries the symbol of the Plague
he brings, embracing the fruitful God upon its back. Their skin is rent
delights of decay, disease and ruin. and torn, and indescribable organs,
For what use is it to rail against the rank with decay, spill through
onset of entropy, as implacable as the their ruptured skin and hang like
passage of time itself? drapes about their girth. From their
addrox Muckspreader
let a guffaw burst from
his ravaged lungs. After
thirty years of smoking harsh
Aqshian fireweed, laughing
was painful, even with Nurgle’s
blessings – but battle always put
him in a good mood, and the
antics of the Bilepiper daemon
got him every time. Right now
the capering fool was using a
dead aelf ’s disembodied torso
as a puppet, making its mouth
flap and its limp hand stroke
its hair.
Faddrox shook his head and
strode back to the front line.
There his fellow Rotbringers
were hacking rusted blades into
the frenzied aelves that fought
in nothing more than scraps of
armour. He hefted his blade.
There was hard graft to be
done – he had been a struggling
farmer once, and even though
his body had turned to rot, his
work ethic was fine and well.
He chortled as his blade took an
aelf head from its slender neck.
It bounced in the furrowed
soil. To reap a good harvest,
he thought, the seeds must be
sown well.
No one is safe from the Dark Prince, even whilst his power lingers in obscurity. He is not
some foe that can be avoided or met with blade and shield, but the embodiment of the
hidden lusts and desires that nestle in every being’s soul. Those who follow his dark creed
are cunning and quick, the demise of proud empires given form.

Slaanesh, the Dark Prince of Chaos, worship Slaanesh seek him not elegant banners proclaim the glory
is the youngest of the four greater purely for pleasure and the thrill of the lord of the warhost and pledge
Chaos Gods – and though he has of the hunt, but also for personal undying devotion to the Dark
fallen captive to Sigmar’s Pantheon gain. The Dark Prince of Chaos has Prince. Each warrior is tattooed and
of Order, he is worshipped still it within his power to instil in his pierced with obscene sigils and runes
throughout the Mortal Realms. The followers a portion of his radiant that hurt the naked eye, and fine
Lord of Pleasure is the patron of glory. Slaanesh is worshipped in silks and carefully flayed skins are
excess in all things. Master of luxury secret in many of the free cities – draped across polished and bladed
and creative power, his spheres of Hammerhal Aqsha amongst them armour. The warriors of Slaanesh
influence include music, art and – where his principles of indulgence stalk and glide across the battlefield
passion, but also sadism, perversion in every whim and vice enjoy a with a languid and unhurried grace,
and cruelty. He is the embodiment of clandestine following. His allure long tongues flickering as they
indulgence in all its forms, and can is highly addictive, and those who taste the tang of fear in the air. For
be found wherever discipline bows to follow him are quickly overcome by although the minions of the Dark
temptation and virtue falls to vice. the temptations of pride, arrogance Prince indulge themselves in every
and excess. vice, their favourite excess is on the
Divinely beautiful and alluring, field of battle, where they can bathe
Slaanesh exudes a palpable and Slaanesh hungrily preys upon in the hot blood of their victims and
irresistible charm that can leave a these mortal weaknesses, watching rejoice in the screams of the dying.
mortal smitten for eternity. Slaanesh greedily through half-shut eyes as
is depicted in the artwork and verse his playthings fall from grace. How
of the depraved as a radiant and many have inadvertently slipped into

slender colossus, male on the left his tender embrace as they succumb aela Angelica sat in the
side and female on the right, with to the sins of self-indulgence? How window of her father’s
a subtly disturbing voice that can many lords and leaders have turned tower, using her fan to
bind a man as a spider binds a fly. He to the Dark Prince to secure their guide the scent of incense into
loves to tease the souls of his enemies position, or to gain the support and the cool night air. The Ulgu-
from their bodies even as they gaze respect of their fellows? shade swathed Granid City,
with adoration and longing into his keeping it safe from the reavers.
lustrous eyes. How she hated its stifling
THE DECADENT HOSTS embrace. Yet she could already
The lords of the nomadic hosts hear sounds of excitement
THE ABSENT GOD that seek Slaanesh are majestic, rising from the city below.
Being the embodiment of utmost charismatic leaders who are adored And there they were, coming
obsession and greed unbound, by their followers and attract ever through the breadman’s
Slaanesh could not resist feasting more armies to their side. As each quarter – the Seekers. A riot
on millions of aelf souls during the champion becomes more self- of colour in the gloom, forcing
cataclysmic end of the world-that- absorbed, he begins to lose that their way through the streets
was. Many such spirits have since which once made him human. The in a carnival of blood and
been freed from his near-comatose favoured one becomes more distant violence. She could make out
form by Tyrion, Teclis, Malerion and from his followers, his otherworldly fabulous knights charging
Morathi – but like a surgeon teasing persona only furthering the devotion atop serpentine bipeds, bladed
a splinter of glass from a wound, of his acolytes. As the favoured chariots of gold cutting down
they run the risk of aggravating that of Slaanesh slide ever deeper into the Grey Guard, and silk-clad
which they intend to heal. Though the depths of depravity, a little courtesans dancing through
Slaanesh remains trapped in the more of their humanity drips away the carnage, each wearing
Gloaming, every aelf soul taken with every unnatural act, until what seemed to be hideous
from his essence brings him closer to they are reborn as beautiful but masks and mock claws. She
wakefulness – and the dread revenge cruel tyrants. All other creatures wafted more incense from
that will likely follow. become subservient to the will of her brazier, filled to the brim
the champion, there merely to give with the sugared tongues and
Since his incarceration in the adulation or be destroyed. fingers of lovers. They would
Gloaming, Slaanesh has been follow the scent, and life would
missing from the pantheon of The glittering warhosts of Slaanesh begin anew.
the Dark Gods. The devotees that are marvellous to behold. Long,
Scurrying, vicious and entirely malevolent, the multitudinous skaven gnaw at the roots of reality. They are
hunched, mangy rat-things little stronger than men, though they almost always attack in swarms, and their
maniacal inventiveness and cunning make them a threat to the Mortal Realms like no other.

The skaven are a race apart. They are claws scrabbling with the need to The barefaced lie is a time-honoured
creatures of Chaos, and will gladly make their mark upon reality. Yet way of securing status in skaven
side with the victors in any conflict, their ambition far outweighs their society. Should a skaven work his
but they would turn against their reach. Only through trickery and way up to the position of leader, he
allies in a heartbeat if it benefited deception can they overcome the will claim every shred of success
them. Treachery is a way of life for strong. As such, the skaven have for himself, whilst quickly placing
these vile rat-things. Short-lived found a hundred different ways the blame elsewhere if he presides
and prone to fits of aggression due to tip the scales in their favour – over a failure, or somehow turning
to their fierce metabolism, they do foremost amongst them is to attack the situation around to his benefit.
everything they can to climb the in a thousands-strong swarm of A Warlord or Grey Seer who loses
twisted and rickety ladder of their furry bodies more akin to a crashing thousands of lives in a costly attack
society before another aspirant can wave than an ordered military to no discernible gain will claim
tear them down and scramble to advance. Though the greater clans he was betrayed by incompetent
victory over their twitching corpse. all specialise in different ways of underlings, sabotaged by the other
They have a jerky agitation to their destroying their foes, they are all clans, or did it on purpose to
every movement, tails thrashing and underhand and scurrilous. cunningly rid his clan of traitors.

gain! Quick-quick!’
Reequeak pushed at his
human minion, and
the ancient bell was struck for
a tenth time. The barbarian
turned sharply, yellow teeth
bared, but Reequeak showed
his warpstone amulet, and the
human went back to his work.
The tribal warriors swung the
battering ram once more, and
it boomed against the giant
bell. Eleven, now. Reequeak felt
his lips curl as the resounding
boom shivered dust from the
ancient temple walls. The city
above would fall this night, and
he would claim the spoils. The
bell’s twelfth toll boomed.
‘Again!’ said Reequeak, ‘for
the Horned Rat!’
The ram crashed home and
the bell cracked with an ear-
splitting detonation, tearing the
walls of reality with it. Pouring
through came a swarm of brown
bodies so thick that Reequeak
and his humans were buried
in an instant, then ripped
apart by the chisel teeth of a
thousand starving vermin. On
and on they came in a tide of
filth. The way was finally open,
The skaven are a dire menace that infest and despoil every Mortal Realm, and the doom of New Kasvar
craven and opportunistic ratmen whose frantic ambition has spelled ruin for had arrived.
entire civilisations.
Whatever the excuse, he will
do all he can to avoid censure.
Whether anyone truly believes
him is academic, for truth is a rare
commodity. Similarly, the skaven
will backstab one another if they
believe they can get away with it –
their society is a tyranny moderated
by assassination. So numerous is the
ramshackle, duplicitous civilisation
that scurries and swarms in the
dark corners of the Mortal Realms,
breeding hundreds of thousands
of cut-throat ratmen with every
passing moon, that it survives – even
thrives – nonetheless.

The greater clans of the skaven

are present in every realm to
some degree. They include the
Clans Skryre, twisted alchemists
and masters of warpstone magic;
the Clans Moulder, who breed
experimental war-creatures of
terrible genius; the Clans Pestilens,
devout bringers of disease that seek
the Thirteen Great Plagues; the
Clans Verminus, whose teeming
hordes are without number; and
the Clans Eshin, stealthiest of their
kind. Overseeing them all is the
Masterclan – the white-furred,
horned mage-caste known as
the Grey Seers and the daemonic
Verminlords they summon to guide
them. Together they are joined in
worshipping the hateful deity known
as the Great Horned Rat. The newest
addition to the pantheon of the
Dark Gods since Chaos’ victory over
the world-that-was, he is a god of
pestilence, blight and encroaching City into the Mortal Realms,
doom. Whereas Father Nurgle these gnawholes so labyrinthine
lavishes his fecund entropy in order and numerous they can strike
to grow vile new forms of life, the anywhere, at any time. There are
‘There are no giant vermin men,
Great Horned Rat wishes to bring rumours that the skaven have even
laddy-o-mine. Not in either
only desolation and ruin. Where his managed to penetrate the wards of
Hammerhal nor in the wilds beyond.
verminous children grow strong, Sigmar’s palace in Azyr. It is said
Who told you these wild tales? The
they leave barren fields, empty that wherever a person stands in the
baker’s boy, was it? Obsessed with
storehouses and starvation behind realms, they are never more than a
rats, those Vendessens. Any excuse for
them. In half-mad desperation does spear’s throw from a hungry skaven
poor merchandise! I tell you now, boy,
the Horned Rat find his strength. waiting to pounce. In that is a kernel
there’s more chance of you dying to a
His forte is panic and mania, of truth, but so uncomfortable is
loaf of their commoner’s bread than
paranoia and disaster wrought on an the notion that civilised folk prefer
by some filthy rodent burrowing up
epic scale. to denounce the rat-creatures’
from below.’
existence as a myth dreamed up by
The skaven and their cruel god have fevered minds to scare the credulous.
- Nenso de Vinst,
grown strong indeed over the course In denying the skaven’s existence,
Duke of the Merchant Hills
of the Age of Chaos. With sorcerous however, they are lending them
poxes and strange alchemical great power, for it is in the shadows
devices, they burrow tunnels from of civilisation that the skaven thrive
their half-real metropolis of Blight most of all…
If a visionary knew of even a fraction of the hideous creatures bound to the cause of Chaos he would lose his
mind in an instant. Tainted beasts and freakish daemons roam the Mortal Realms, and the champions of Chaos
are quick to exploit their strength and savagery whenever they can.

The coming of Chaos has done phalanxes, tossing broken corpses reversed – usually dwell close to
terrible things to the Mortal Realms. left and right as their mad charge the Realm’s Edge that they might
Nature has been perverted out of reaches its bloody end. Shrieking prey on creatures of flesh and blood
true by insidious energies wherever Harpies swoop down from bruised whilst subsisting on the chaotic
the lands have felt the touch of skies to snatch up the unwary and energies that tear at the foundation
the Dark Gods. The further the carry them screaming into the of reality. Those not aligned to
dominion of Chaos spreads, the clouds. In the thick of the fray, a particular god may escape the
more corrupted a realm becomes, smashing the enemy battle line to summons of their chaotic masters
and the more its denizens suffer the bloody ruin, are the Slaughterbrutes for weeks, months, even years. The
same fate. Predatory beasts that were – massive claw-beasts bound to a sight of a rampaging Soul Grinder
once part of the natural cycle grow Chaos champion by flesh-ritual and or flock of gargoyle-like Furies
into rapacious horrors, swollen and the magical blades that protrude near the shimmering periphery of
writhing with the stigmata of chaotic from their spines. a realm is not uncommon; it is said
transmutation. Once-noble beasts that even Daemon Princes roam the
are twisted into aberrant shapes, edges of each world, glorying in their
their minds broken or filled with an power whilst secretly dreading their
insatiable bloodlust. Worse still are eventual return to the dimension of
the cruel creatures that spill from pure Chaos – and taking that angst
tainted Realmgates to infest the out on anything foolish enough to
realms. From wild and sadistic tribes get close.
of drunken Centigors to rampaging
Chaos gargants, these unnatural
monsters have claimed great swathes THUNDERSCORN
of the realms as their hunting DRAGON OGORS
grounds. Woe betide those who stray From high mountain peaks wreathed
near their lairs, for many of these in magical storms come the
horrors will do worse than merely Thunderscorn, strange centaur-like
kill their prey. The Cockatrice can beasts that are as much drake as they
turn a man to a cursed statue with its are ogor. These looming monsters are
petrifying gaze, whilst the Mutalith ancient beyond human reckoning.
Vortex Beast’s very presence It is said they entered into a pact
brings terrible mutation, reducing with the Dark Gods before mankind
those nearby to gibbering heaps of When a whole army of such even ventured forth into the light –
writhing flesh and flailing tentacles. terrifying beasts gathers, perhaps eternal life for everlasting servitude.
driven by the will of a sorcerer That dark bargain has lasted aeons,
The monsters of the Mortal Realms or demigod, they are a force and is still not fulfilled. Fuelled by
would be dangerous enough were unstoppable. Falling upon armies on the electric ravages of the storm,
they but mindless beasts roving the march or springing from cavern they roar and bark in their ancient
the wilderness, but a warlord with networks and overgrown ruins, tongue as they stomp towards the
sufficient willpower and favour in the they thrash and stamp and gore, foe with bestial faces set in grim
eyes of the Dark Gods can yoke them warriors dying beneath their ripping scowls. The hulking Shaggoths that
to his will. Enlisting such beasts is a claws and piercing fangs until the lead them, each massive enough
perilous game, for they often possess battlefield is littered with torn and to crush a fortified building under
unnatural powers that make them broken corpses scattered as if by the its scaled bulk, are living wrecking
deadly to their masters as well as most violent hurricane. balls sent against the hardiest of
their foes, but such is the carnage the Chaos host’s prey. With their
they wreak in times of war the risk is strange cold-blooded metabolisms
seen as worthwhile. Packs of wolfish DAEMONS UNBOUND invigorated and even healed by the
Chaos Warhounds bay wildly as they Even then, there are worse things lightning that plays around their
flood around the enemy’s flanks to than monsters abroad in the mountainous homes, the Dragon
rip and tear. Centigors, drunk on realms. Those daemons that have Ogors make for a potent weapon
blood-mead and the scent of carnage, entered the material world and against the Stormhosts that seek to
stampede wild-eyed into the foe not yet been banished – perhaps challenge the rule of Chaos – even a
to trample and gouge. Razorgors via a catastrophic magical event Lord-Celestant must respect the raw
plough headlong through enemy or summoning that has yet to be power of the Thunderscorn in battle.
Wild and bestial, Brayherds worship the Gods of Chaos by sacrificing enemies, raiding settlements and
ambushing marching armies. All beastmen are twisted monsters that dwell in the dark and dangerous corners of
the realms, but the Warherds are truly terrifying – stampeding half-bull mutants that live to gorge on hot flesh.

The first sign of an attacking These primitive creatures hate and WARHERDS
Brayherd is a discordant rallying fear the Gods of Chaos as much Huge and hulking, the monstrous
cry that spreads fear and confusion as they worship and adore them. warriors of the Warherds are driven
through the enemy ranks. Warriors Their Bray-Shamans read the gods’ by animal fury. Nomadic and
cower in fear, eyes wild as they look desires in spilled innards and crude supremely destructive, the Warherds
for their attackers amidst gnarled runes, omens and signs, and they rampage across the Mortal Realms,
woodlands or shadowed crags. are invariably violent. The Brayherds annihilating everything in their
Steeds rear and shriek as the stink of seek worthy victims to be brought path. As their Doombull leaders
monsters fills their nostrils. When before the herdstones and forced bellow in a mindless, frothing frenzy,
the Brayherd finally attacks, it does onto the altars in their shadows. the Warherd redoubles its assault.
so from every side, closing with the There the luckless have their throats Towers are toppled and villages
sudden savagery of a beast’s jaws. slit, their hearts torn out, and their ripped apart like matchwood.
corpses strung up so that the gods Warriors courageous enough to
Some believe that the gor-kin of the might be appeased for another day. stand against them are not just slain,
Brayherds are mutant creatures, but rent to shreds and gobbled down
barbarian tribesmen transformed like sweetmeats to satisfy the endless
into twisted monsters by the bloodthirst of the bullgors.
pervading powers of Chaos. Others
claim that they are creatures native Warherds care nothing for
to the Realm of Chaos, who have possessions beyond their weapons
spilled into the Mortal Realms and perhaps a few scraps of battered
along with the invading daemon armour. Their savage hunger drives
armies. Whatever the truth of their them on to kill and kill, gulping
origins, these bestial hordes are down blood gushing straight from
present across every Mortal Realm the artery and swallowing chunks
in great number, and their constant of still-twitching meat as they hack
raids are a threat to those who their way into the next rank of the
stand against the forces of Chaos. foe. It is truly horrifying for those
The Brayherds are primitive and battling a Warherd when they realise
territorial, claiming wild areas and they are fighting not just to defeat a
incessantly attacking all who stray powerful enemy, but to avoid being
close. When a Chaos champion torn apart and devoured. Many
rises, Brayherds may be drawn to his The weak and feeble in gor-kin hideous creatures gather at the
banner, abandoning their monolithic society are swiftly devoured. Their battle-feast of the Warherds, most
herdstones to rampage in search way of life is utterly without mercy, commonly the magic-eating Cygors
of bloodshed. and no gor-kin long survives that and monstrous Ghorgons that follow
is not a capable warrior of some the ragged banners of the bullgors.
The gor-kin are crude and base description. Thus while the hunched These bestial horrors exult in the
creatures in thrall to their own ungors are used as slinking scouts pounding beat of the bullgors’ flesh-
brutish desires. They have little skill and vicious bowmen, the gors and drums and the bellowing war cries of
at the crafting of anything other than Bestigors make up the massed herds the Bloodkine.
war and woe. Whether cowardly of the Brayherd battle line. Led by
ungor or iron-thewed Beastlord, all monstrous Beastlords and sorcerous To face the onslaught of a Warherd
such warriors live to kill, to feast, Bray-Shamans, and with rumbling is to face a charging mass of muscle,
to rut, and to tear down all signs of chariots sweeping around their bone, metal and rock that is all but
ordered society. They are creatures of flanks, the Brayherds charge into unstoppable. As the Warherd drop
Chaos by nature, and their revulsion battle bellowing their hatred for their heads and charge, the ground
for the trappings of civilisation goes all living things. Their attacks are shudders beneath their pounding
beyond mere instinct. Culture and anarchic and brutal in the extreme, hooves. Their foe will break rank and
civilisation of any kind evokes a stampedes of wild animals tearing at flee rather than face the stampede,
disgust and contempt in the gor- their victims and bludgeoning them but this will not save them – once
kin that is all consuming. To the into the gore-stained mud. Soon the Warherd has smashed headlong
Brayherds, such things are signs of enough, the beleaguered defenders through the weakened enemy lines,
revolting weakness, and must be are left as gristle, crushed beneath they run down those who have fled
smashed asunder. the gor-kin’s cloven hooves. without mercy.
Archaon, Exalted Grand Marshal of the Apocalypse, leads the forces of the Varanspire to war.
With him come not only his Varanguard but countless Slaves to Darkness and daemon minions.
Khorne Bloodbound Khorne Bloodbound Khorne Bloodbound
Korghos Khul, Mighty Lord of Khorne Chaos Champion Blood Warrior

Woe to those who witness the daemons of the Blood God! With axe, blade and whip, Bloodthirsters reap a mighty harvest
of skulls in Khorne’s name, whilst the Bloodletters that advance alongside them add more heads to the tally.
The avian sorcerers known as Lords of Change command a motley horde of Tzeentchian daemons, their warpfires setting
reality ablaze. Cackling with glee, they wreak horrific change upon those brave enough to stand against them.

Daemons of Tzeentch Tzeentch Arcanites Tzeentch Arcanites

The Changeling Tzaangor Shaman Gaunt Summoner
Daemons of Nurgle
Horticulous Slimux

Nurgle Rotbringers Daemons of Nurgle

Gutrot Spume Spoilpox Scrivener, Herald of Nurgle

Daemons of Nurgle Daemons of Nurgle

Sloppity Bilepiper, Herald of Nurgle Beast of Nurgle

The immensity that is Rotigus, Rainfather of the Maggotkin, brings with him
the Deluge of Nurgle. Only the faithful can hope to survive his unclean curse.
Daemons of Slaanesh Daemons of Slaanesh Daemons of Slaanesh
Herald of Slaanesh Heartseeker Alluress

The fiendish warbands that worship Slaanesh number lithe Daemonettes, serpentine Seekers and
scythe-wheeled chariots.
The skaven, verminous servants of the Great Horned Rat, create ever more arcane engines and beasts of war.

The call of the Brayherd is the doom of civilisations, for these beastmen are savage and hateful in equal measure.

The Clans Pestilens are skaven devoted to plague and ruin, who search for the perfect diseases to infect all living things.
he undead hosts that roam the Mortal Realms were
once the stuff of nightmarish legend. Since the coming
of the Age of Chaos, the realms have been strewn with
the corpses of the slaughtered – and since Nagash caused the
great cataclysm of Shyish, the air has grown thick with the
invisible stuff of death magic. Even a novice Necromancer
can cause a field full of corpses to yield grisly fruit with the
right incantation. Twisted and insane, these bitter and morbid
mages lead against their foes a host of shambling zombies,
bloodstained skeletons and rotting wolf-creatures that fell to
a feast of poisoned meat. Though they cackle and grin as their
undead minions rip apart those they consider to have wronged
them, theirs is a fate far worse than a mortal demise – for to be
held in thrall to undeath is to endure an eternity of darkness.

The mindless hosts that form the rank-and-file of Nagash’s

innumerable armies are the least of his creations. Over each
invading horde of stumbling corpses, at the head of each ordered
phalanx of animated skeletons, is a monarch of the night. Barrow
kings clad in tarnished armour shrug off the blows of would-be
heroes before hacking them down for their impudence, whilst
the proud and arrogant Soulblight vampires outclass their mortal
challengers with contemptuous ease. Such figures may seem
magnificent, even awe-inspiring, but their souls are as rotten as
a worm-infested corpse. The pallid and gangling horrors of the
Flesh-eater Courts wear their corruption for all to see – though
in their deluded minds they are noble heroes all – while the
Nighthaunts have no true body at all, ethereal phantoms that
exist only to claw the living into an early grave. Above them all
are the Deathlords, eternal schemers that answer to one power
and one power alone – Nagash.
Nagash, the Great Necromancer, has the power of a god. He is revered as such by the morbid tribes that worship
him. He seeks to bind all of the Mortal Realms in a web of grave-cold order and mindless obedience. At his side
march vampiric generals and deadly Morghasts magically created from the remains of worthy foes.

The self-proclaimed God of All Nagash’s initial forays into expert seductress, the mistress of
Shyish, Nagash’s ambition is to rule the pioneering of new forms an extensive network of spies both
over all creation. He has long sought of necromancy saw the curse living and dead. She rarely stoops to
to bind humanity to his rule, ever of vampirism spread through physical violence, but when she does,
since his mortal life as a priest of the ancient civilisations of his her quicksilver speed is lethal.
the Mortuary Cult in the long-gone birthlands. Some of those first
desert realm of Nehekhara. Then, infected serve him even now, the Neferata’s principal rival is
his ambitions were vaunting and bond between the servant and the Mannfred, last of the von Carstein
uncompromising, but still those of master so potent it lasts across the dynasty. Cunning as an old wolf and
a man. As he rose to kingship over aeons. It was Neferata, the prideful serpent-fast in a duel, Mannfred’s
the cooling corpse of the brother he Queen of Ancient Lahmia, that scheming has diverted the course of
murdered, as he became ever more initially stole the rarest and most entire epochs. He has long worked
powerful and corrupt on a diet of eldritch of Nagash’s treasured tomes, to ensure his own pre-eminence. He
stolen dark magic and precious and she who distilled an elixir of rose above the rest of his vampiric
wyrdstone, Nagash began to exist immortality from its teachings. kin in the arts of treachery, usurping
more on the supernatural plane. In drinking the crimson liquid his father in darkness and claiming
Fascinated with the energies of Neferata became the first vampire, their homeland Sylvania for his
death, he became saturated with the central figure of a coven of fellow own – even having the temerity
morbid power as his works became Lahmians that spread their blood- to raise Nagash from his slumbers
ever darker and more disturbing. curse amongst a hidden network in the hope of binding the arch-
In feasting long on the raw stuff of nobles. In doing so, they became necromancer to his will. Though
of magic, he grew taller and more the rulers of several powerful Mannfred survived the cataclysm
skeletal. By the time he met his first vampiric dynasties, each claiming that followed, Nagash ensured
death at the hands of the skaven that independence despite the fact that his punishment was long and
sought his warpstone hoard, he was every sire and scion was bound excruciating. Now Mannfred vies
long beyond the notion of a mortal inextricably to Nagash’s will. with Neferata for the position of
demise. Slowly, agonisingly, he Nagash’s foremost lieutenant, but in
reformed, though the only physical truth that position already belongs to
remains left to him after the skaven another – Arkhan the Black.
attack was a giant skeletal hand.
Though it took a thousand years, he Arkhan is a liche lord, a sorcerer
enacted a spectacular revenge. and necromancer of unparalleled
ability save for Nagash himself.
Since that ancient time, Nagash has Though skeletal and ancient,
died and been resurrected by his Arkhan is a giant of a man, clad in
own fell magic over and over again. the finest of kingly robes, his staff
Each time he is slain, whether by of office able to channel the subtle
the hand of Sigmar, the malevolence energies of Shyish and his arcane
of the skaven or the grand entropy gestures able to turn flesh to dust.
of Chaos, Nagash’s spirit flees to Like his fellow Mortarchs, Arkhan
a sarcophagus deep in his most rides to war upon a dread abyssal, a
formidable stronghold. There his leonine construct of bone, spirit and
body reforms around the seed of predatory intent.
his essence as a black pearl forms
around a speck of grit. Decades, To a mortal, these lords of undeath
centuries, even millennia pass before Neferata still serves Nagash to this are primal forces given form, dark
he is whole once more, but Nagash day as one of his Mortarchs – kings and terrifying entities from the
has time on his side. Once he has and queens of the night that rule Realm Below. For a man even to
been restored he soon goes in search over vast empires of their own. witness them is to find himself
of vengeance, hosts of bone-winged Resurrected after the demise of unable to sleep, to rest, to gain
Morghast constructs at his side. her initial empire, Neferata has succour from home and hearth.
What is death to one who consumes founded an echo of the city she These are the masters of undead
gods and breathes raw magic? What ruled over as a mortal. Accustomed legions beyond counting, and where
is physical harm to one saturated in to luxury as she is, Neferata prefers they cast their dead-eyed gaze, the
the energies of resurrection? to act through proxies, for she is an chill of the grave is never far behind.
The Nighthaunts that roam the fell places of the realms are truly terrifying, manifesting as ethereal phantasms
that soar to battle on cold winds. Shaped by the magic of Nagash into forms that echo the sins of their mortal
lives, the Nighthaunts are driven by the darkest emotions to inflict horror and death upon the living.

In a hundred thousand graveyards The Nighthaunts hail from the to send fresh souls screaming down
across the Mortal Realms, a bone- Realm of Death, especially near the into the Shyishan underworlds,
numbing chill seeps out from opened Shyish Nadir and the Innerlands taking cruel pleasure in knowing the
tombs and exhumed mass graves. around its sloping rim. These are torments that await them as they too
With it comes a deathly mist, and not normal gheists, spirits of mortal suffer the reign of Nagash.
within that strange miasma are the men that have found rest only to be
Nighthaunt hosts. These are not called to another’s service, but truly The Nighthaunt armies form the
corporeal foes, creatures that can be evil undead apparitions, spectres so vanguard of Nagash’s legions, rising
slain with blade or shot, but ethereal twisted by Nagash and his undead from the corpse-strewn ground or
entities all but immune to blows acolytes that they become ghostly pouring through Realmgates to fall
from mundane weapons. Imbued killers fixated on visiting horror upon their prey. As these spectral
with the resurgent energies of Shyish, upon the living. hosts howl across the battlefield,
their power comes from an immortal damned spirits break away to bring
rage, spite and bitterness that gives Like an ill wind that howls up from death to their chosen quarries. Even
them the power to tear flesh and the darkest pits of creation, the a rag-tag horde of Chainrasps can
rend the soul. They are able to drift Nighthaunts attack as an onrushing prove the demise of a phalanx of
through walls and reach through the host of dark spirits. They are armoured warriors, for unless a
flesh of men with their cold talons to sustained by a fathomless hatred blow is levelled against them with
still the hearts within. for the living. These wraiths fight powerful intent and unstinting

oodmother Devendra
looked out once more,
anxious to see signs of
the warrior host returning.
Three days ago they had
marched out to battle, all the
fine young men desperate to
impress in the wake of the
storm-comers. She had known
even then – feared, she told
herself, only feared – that her
sons were going to their doom.
There was a plaintive cry,
calling her from outside. The
voice of her youngest son. For a
moment, she dared to hope he
had returned. But something
was wrong. Frost crept across
the glass before her. She felt
the air move behind her,
and turned.
Three heads rose out of the
floorboards, distorted skulls
bald and grinning. They
reached their claws towards
her as they drifted higher,
their hands impossibly long,
each talon still dripping with
spilt blood.
She smiled, and made the sign
of Almighty Nagash. Her sons
had come home. Nighthaunts are creatures of tortured spirit and undying hatred. They are
feared across the Mortal Realms, for they are evil incarnate.
courage, it will find little purchase As with most of their kind, the form Wraithly hosts are comprised of
upon them. Only those attacks with they take is a vile reflection of their many types of strange apparitions,
the driving force of intense emotion former sins and the manner of their from Lord Executioners and
behind them can tear through the death, for the Great Necromancer Glaivewraith Stalkers sent to execute
ectoplasmic body of the Nighthaunt. has a twisted sense of justice for those who have earned Nagash’s ire,
The fear and confusion that bleeds those he sees as criminals. Those to burning Hexwraith riders and the
from each of these unholy gheists is who died in chains, hoping to be legendary Black Coaches, infernal
a weapon in itself, for by robbing the finally free in death, find themselves carriages which contain coffins
mind of conviction, they also rob the shackled for eternity. Those who that house the regenerating body of
body of strength. turned away in horror from the an undead monarch. Amongst the
necromantic arts find undead throng can be seen magic-eating
Amongst the tattered spirits that flocking towards them forever more. crones and shrieking banshees
form the main body of a Nighthaunt Those who took great care to do that float as if underwater, each the
host come those so steeped in their murder in secret are remade as departed spirits of a black-hearted
evil they have become the de screaming, frenzied killers. Knights murderess. When these haggard
facto leaders of their kind. These who rebelled against their masters she-gheists let fly their howls of spite
wraith-like beings are the shades are forced to betray life itself, leaving and bitterness, the deathly shriek
of murderers, evil sorcerers and hoofprints of cold fire in the air can turn a stalwart soldier to a milk-
executioners, risen from crude as they ride; those struck by their white corpse. Even an armoured
graves to take their long-bladed blades can have their very soul king or hulking orruk will collapse,
scythes to the souls of the living. severed from their body. dead as stone, at the Banshee’s wail.
Afflicted by a morbid supernatural curse, the Flesh-eater Courts believe themselves to be heraldic warriors of
good breeding and noble intent. In truth they are vile, pallid troglodytes possessed of a horrifying hunger – a
need that can only be sated with acts of barbaric predation and chilling, blood-fuelled feasts.

In every corner of the realms, when When war and famine ravage The deathly kings themselves are
the night draws in and the fires a land, its most desperate and bestial vampires who rule over
burn low, bone-chilling tales are determined people survive in any swathes of the Mortal Realms by
told of the Flesh-eater Courts. These way they can. Giving in to hunger, the strength of their ragged courts.
creatures are caught within a hellish they turn upon the fallen, the weak, Completely delusional, they have
existence, cursed by a moment of and even each other in their quest become known as abhorrants by
weakness to a slide into depravity. for sustenance. Retreating into the the rest of their bloodsucking
The only cure for their madness is shadowed ruins of their towns and kin. Abhorrant Ghoul Kings are
fire and sword – though few indeed cities, these cannibal cults often so lost in their madness that they
have encountered these ghoulish devolve into hideous parodies of believe themselves to be mortal
figures and lived. In the altered society, kept alive on a diet of rancid monarchs. When they come to a
minds of the Flesh-eaters, it is they flesh and bone. Even then these place infested with cannibals, they
that are the saviours, and the people creatures are worthy of pity, for their see not monsters, but starving
of the realms the fiends to be slain. transformation is not yet complete. peasants and soldiers eager for the
Only once a cannibal partakes of hand of a beneficent master. Yet this
an abhorrant king’s feast do they supernatural curse runs deep, for
become what is known as a mordant. each abhorrant king brings with him
more than just dark rulership – he
also spreads a contagious madness.
The clammy and stinking ghouls of the Flesh- Weak minds are quickly turned,
eater Courts garb themselves in bone and but even the strong-willed soon see
blood, but think they are clad in courtly finery. the visiting king as he sees himself.
Before long, those that once hid
in shame from the light stand tall,
armoured in delusion. In a mockery
of Sigmar’s newly founded cities and
civilisations, the king brings them
into his court, dubbing the pale
horrors that bow and scrape before
him his mordants.

By the will of the abhorrants do the

Flesh-eater Courts congregate in the
realms. Gathering up feasts from
the remains of the living and the
dead, they rend apart their enemies
and prepare the fallen’s flesh for
their lord’s culinary pleasure. Some
among the mordants might even be
blessed to sup the king’s blood – in
their minds, they are drinking wine
from their master’s table. However,
the thick crimson draught brings
with it a terrifying transformation.
These creatures arise as drooling
horrors, slaved utterly to their new
master, and bereft of what remained
of their sanity.

In time, a few of these ‘blessed’ ones

might even ascend from mordants
to join the vampiric ranks of the
abhorrants. If fortune favours them,
they will in turn found their own
courts, thus disseminating the
Flesh-eaters’ madness even further. broken ribs, fondly imagining them

Like a virus, the delusion spreads to be fine swords and bejewelled ord Pergrin drove his
across the lands, often running daggers. Scouting parties of crypt- sword up to its hilt into
unchecked as those caught in its haunting troglodytes range across the monster’s stomach.
madness venture forth on their gory the land in search of fresh meat. In It hissed and spat, filthy claws
crusades. There are entire continents the remains of cities, nests of ghouls scrabbling on silver armour.
in Aqshy and Shyish overrun by take up residence, stockpiling bones ‘You are a curse upon
ghoulish terrors. Where the endless and heaping offal piles that ripen creation!’ growled Pergrin,
assault of Chaos conquest renders in the sun. The winged mutants of feeling nothing but disgust.
the lands ruined in their wake, there the king’s court roam ever further With a boot, he heaved the
spring up the Flesh-eater Courts, in search of trespassers in their dying beast off his blade,
for amongst starvation, deathly master’s realm. At the heart of these causing an arc of gore to spray
wastelands and cloying despair filthy strongholds can be found dark out. Nearby, Pergrin’s men-
their foul phenomenon takes root. shrines to the godly master that at-arms battled with cannibal
In dark mockery of the civilisations presides over king and ghoul alike – beasts, his soldiers’ tabards
that have come before, the ruins of Nagash, the Great Necromancer. spattered with rancid blood.
mankind’s domain become home ‘Show no mercy, men!’ he
to a new citizenry. The abhorrant Though the Flesh-eater curse brings screamed, charging once more.
king, attracted to the plaintive cries delusions of nobility, it is they who Somehow he had lost his blade,
of the starving and deranged, takes are the scourge upon the civilised but it mattered not. He seized
a shattered throne amidst the ruin. lands, they who are the monsters. another creature. This close, he
Ragged skin banners flap wetly When away from their masters, such could see the naked terror in the
above crumbling castles, the caw of creatures become feral and fierce, thing’s eyes as he wrapped his
carrion birds fills the air. Amongst but now and then the veil of madness fingers around its neck.
the tumbled stone stalk hulking, will lift, and these hideous creatures ‘Please…’ it gasped, but he
pale monsters, thinking themselves will take stock of their devolution was hardly listening. Not even
knights and men-at-arms standing in a moment of terrible clarity. Only the reflection of red eyes and
proudly atop the ramparts of a then does the terrible nature of fangs in his victim’s gaze was
glorious edifice. In their talons they their fate sink in – and the cycle of enough to stop what came next.
carry sharpened thigh bones and madness begin anew.
isten well to the tale of the Rot-skinned King and his darksome court. From the weft and weave of war he came, claws a-scrabbling.
Alongside the king his lordly courtiers did prance, sniffing the air for morbid smells. What blade and axe had planted, hungry
talons harvested for their king and his subjects. Reason, like a setting sun, faded from their eyes, replaced with endless madness.
The generals and kings of the undead nations are usually afflicted with the Soulblight curse. Having become
vampires through the fell magic of the blood kiss, they are powerful beyond the dreams of men – yet though they
consider themselves free to work their own agendas, they are in truth bound irredeemably to Nagash’s plans.

The Soulblight vampires are the who have lost the last shreds of their BEASTS OF THE GRAVE
direct descendants of the first humanity and been reborn with Some vampires deliberately prey
undead to bear the curse of eternal the monstrous physiologies of bat- upon the great beasts of the realms,
thirst. In their veins runs the taint winged horrors. Regarded as brutish or resurrect their remains with
of aeons long lost, the echo of an cousins by the vampiric nobility, dark magic, the unnatural power
elixir that gave immortality, but they are tolerated for their sheer that runs in their blood binding the
at a terrible cost. The legacy of a ferocity and hunting prowess. The monstrous cadavers to their will.
civilisation that has long turned to Soulblight curse has an affinity with With skeletal limbs and talons the
dust, that curse lends eternal life chiropteran forms; those bat-like size of scimitars, these creatures kill
to those that bear it, sustaining beasts that have sampled the blood remorselessly, catching their master’s
them far beyond their mortal of a vampire are forever bound to his prey in their great jaws and gulping
span. It brings with it an unnatural command – much as a prized falcon them down, only for their remains
resilience, an impossible strength, pecks grain from its master’s hand. to spill from opened throats and
and a mind so sharp it can endure When the Soulblight vampires go to vermin-infested stomachs.
the aeons without being dimmed by war en masse they are accompanied
madness or decrepitude. But the cost by Fell Bats – each with a wingspan No creature of flesh, bone and blood
is high indeed – an insatiable thirst yards across and eyes that can be is beyond the power of necromancy.
for blood that sees each Soulblight seen glowing red as they prowl the The most physically powerful of the
vampire become a ravening beast darkness – and swarms of lesser creatures that answer the call of the
should he be starved of mortal vitae creatures that flit and swarm in Soulblight vampire is the Zombie
for too long. clouds thick enough to obscure the Dragon, a towering monstrosity
sun. A cloud of predatory shadows, able to breathe a pestilent cloud so
Since those who bear it first walked the bats engulf their prey, bringing acrid it can strip flesh from bone.
the Mortal Realms the curse of men and women down with a These creatures serve as attack beasts
vampirism has been spread to a thousand tiny bites before the red capable of bowling over an entire
hundred lineages and more. The feast begins in earnest. phalanx of armoured knights, but
Soulblight vampires, considering some amongst them are used as
themselves something of an mounts for their vampiric masters,
aristocracy, prefer to prey upon those soaring high above the battlefield.
they deem to have rich or even royal
blood – they count a great many The Zombie Dragon’s only true rival
kings, queens and nobles amongst in terms of might is the Terrorgheist,
their ranks. To feed their unnatural an undead hell-bat of colossal
appetites, they raise entire armies size. The remnants of an ancient
of undead, siring more vampires at chiropteran race returned to a
need and marching to war so their semblance of life, the Terrorgheists
kingdoms might forever run red once fed on the gargantuan beasts
with rivers of blood. Some keep of the realms, sucking their rich
their regal appearance, bedecked blood from their veins. Now this
in the fine lacquered plate armour same hunger is magnified by the
of the Blood Knights, or framed dark magic that animates their
in the finery of a courtly coven. A corpses. This beast is infamous for its
Soulblight queen may go to war in an chilling, deathly scream; once used
elaborate coiffure and ruffled dress, to stun its prey as it swooped down
her handmaidens lounging around to latch its maw onto neck or flank,
her as her throne is held aloft by Though the leaders of these vampiric it has become so supernaturally
flying spirits. hosts pretend to a rare refinement intense that the Terrorgheist can
and prefer to sup from noble cause a man’s heart to explode in his
Other Soulblight vampires devolve blood, they too have an animalistic chest from the sonic onslaught. Even
over time until their appearance savagery lurking beneath their fine should this vile creature be slain by
echoes the bestial nature of their appearances. When the red thirst the blade of a true hero, its infested
soul, for their ancient curse, if overtakes them, they too will fall corpse collapses in on itself to
improperly transferred, can warp upon even the most filthy peon to disgorge hundreds of blood-sucking
bodies and minds alike. Those slake their need for the hot, pulsing bats that cluster in close to eat their
known as Vargheists are vampires fluid that runs within his veins. host’s assailant alive.
For every lordly vampire or legendary Mortarch there are a hundred lesser Necromancers, ranging from corpse-
pale sycophants of the undead court to the bitter hermits that skulk on the outskirts of society, banished by right-
thinking folk for their repellent practices.

The outcast dabblers in morbid THE DEADWALKERS DEATHRATTLE ARMIES

magic known as Necromancers all To the Necromancer, no cost is The Deathrattle kingdoms are
have their own reasons for taking the too high in the pursuit of power, regions and sub-realms that have
first steps on the path to damnation. no act too base. The very idea they fallen to dust over the relentless
Some seek revenge for some real or may have made a horrible mistake march of passing millennia, yet
imagined slight, others strive for is buried as they delve ever deeper have hung onto a grisly mockery
eternal life, but many simply wish into the secrets of the grave. On the of life. Skeletal and strange, they
to seize riches and wealth by raising day of reckoning, they go to war at are animated by an undying
armies of shambling cadavers and the head of whole armies of rotten, malevolence that binds bone and fills
hurling them against their rivals stinking corpses they have exhumed marrow. Their rulers are hollow-
until nothing but the spoils of war with the dark arts. eyed Wight Kings that stand tall and
are left. Such individuals either sign proud at the head of their tattered
their own death warrants – many of legions, despite the fact their flesh
the flourishing civilisations of the long ago rotted from their bones.
Age of Sigmar hunt down and burn These armoured lords wield great
any who openly exhibit necromantic iron blades limed with witchfire
power – or instead damn themselves – such ensorcelled weapons can
to an even worse fate as they come take a hero’s head from his neck
to the notice of those with the with disturbing ease, for they are
true power of undeath. The dark enchanted to deliver an executioner’s
fate they walk towards holds them blow with each well-aimed swing.
back not at all, for Necromancers
usually skirt the edge of madness, Unlike the shambling hordes of the
little caring that the means they Deadwalkers, or the mad frenzy
employ will ultimately lead them to of the Flesh-eater Courts, the
eternal torment. Deathrattle armies fight in neatly
ordered ranks with a discipline
The energies of undeath weigh that few mortal armies can match.
heavily on each student of the At the barrow king’s side ride the
necromantic arts, rendering him The most common of undead long-decayed cavaliers known as
a stooped and twisted figure with servants are the Deadwalkers, for Black Knights – once the princes,
tattered rags draped across his every land in every realm has corpses dukes and nobles of their kingdom,
bony frame. Sometimes the magic buried in its soil. Each staggering they still bear the faded remnants
of death infects them completely cadaver is a cobbled-together of fine mesh armour, sculpted plate
and they cease to be truly living. nightmare of dead flesh, mouldering and heraldic sigils that once spoke of
Many ride grotesque carriages to bone, rope, cloth, nesting vermin untarnished nobility. Now they ride
war, drawn not by beasts of burden and rusted metal, all clad in the to war at the behest of undead fiends
but reanimated cadavers. The most motley of the grave. These fell bent on bringing death to as many as
vaunted of their kind stand proud creatures are the least of all undead, possible. About the pitted armour of
atop the strange mobile reliquaries with barely enough sentience to the Black Knight an icy wind howls,
known as Mortis Engines – borne stagger moaning towards their prey. for the heart of each knight forever
aloft by a host of bound and howling Without a nearby Necromancer or holds the frigid darkness of death.
spirits, these grim ancient artefacts vampire to sustain them, they will
have locked at their heart the bones likely fall apart. Conversely, because The skeletal populations of the
of a once-powerful Necromancer of their lowly status they are the Deathrattle kingdoms are more
whose material remains are still easiest to raise from the grave – no than just warriors, for they are truly
redolent with dark power. The energy need be expended to bind indefatigable in times of preparation
Corpsemaster that rides this a stubborn spirit or empower an as well as times of war. By their
morbid and baroque construction iron-hard frame. The strength of the fleshless hands were the first and
can unlock the reliquary in times Deadwalkers lies in their numbers, greatest cities of the Mortal Realms
of need, allowing waves of baleful for even the most valorous knight built – and by those same hands was
energy to bleed out to invigorate can be brought low if enough black- the Great Black Pyramid raised, that
nearby undead even as they sap fingered, splinter-nailed hands grab edifice through which Nagash has
the life force from the still-living for his limbs and dig into the vital brought a deathly apocalypse to the
warriors nearby. organs hidden beneath. lands of men, duardin and aelf.
The lord of undeath, Nagash, is attended by his Mortarch lieutenants, his Soulblight vampire
vassals, and the Nighthaunt hosts bound to his will. Together they are an unstoppable force.
Morghast Archai

Morghast Harbinger

The barrows and dolmens of Shyish are stalked by the unquiet dead – the
skeletal Deathrattle legions are led to battle by chilling Deathlord masters.
Arkhan the Black has iron-willed control over the numberless ranks of undead that form his master’s legions.

The thunder of hooves shakes the parched earth as the Blood Knights drive their charge into the ranks of the living.
Mannfred, Mortarch of Night

Nighthaunt Nighthaunt Nighthaunt Nighthaunt

Guardian of Souls Grimghast Reaper Chainrasp Spirit Torment
Flesh-eater Courts Flesh-eater Courts
Crypt Flayer Crypt Infernal
The troglodytic Flesh-eater Courts are accompanied to war by massive Terrorgheists, bat-winged nightmares whose
wretched shriek can cause an orruk to die of sheer fright.

Flesh-eater Courts Flesh-eater Courts Flesh-eater Courts

Crypt Horror Crypt Haunter Abhorrant Ghoul King
he rampaging hordes of Destruction plunge headlong
into battle at the slightest provocation. No subtlety or
grand strategy lies behind their massed invasions – they
are driven only by the primal need for violence. For them,
the desire to crush, stamp, thump axe into flesh and tear the
refined works of the civilised races into rubble and dust is all
but overwhelming.

The forces of the orruks are nigh elemental in their aggression,

whilst their grot, ogor and troggoth allies easily get caught up
in the carnage and follow their green-skinned leaders into wars
that will never end. Though they range in size and strength,
from snotlings no bigger than a weasel to towering gargants
that wield fallen oaks as weapons, they all feel the call of the
brutal two-headed god Gorkamorka, and are all bound up in
the same instinct – to batter at civilisation until no stone is left
atop another.

The creatures of Destruction gladly take up their axes, maces and

clubs against the scions of Chaos, for the armoured hosts of the
Dark Gods have mercilessly and efficiently repressed the bestial
tribes with centuries of carefully planned war. But as the Chaos
hordes are driven back, and the God-King’s pantheon unites
once more to rebuild in the Age of Sigmar, it is all too likely that
the forces of Destruction will attack the free cities just as often
as they do the spined, corpse-adorned Dreadholds of Chaos. All
they want is to crush, and when united under a powerful war
leader, they have might and momentum enough to topple even
Azyrheim itself.
Crashing, clanking steel and guttural bellows announce the arrival of the Ironjaw warclans. These brutish orruks
are the biggest and fiercest of all their kind. In a savage society where ‘might makes right’ is the only rule, their
size and strength makes them the leaders of city-wrecking invasions in every realm.

For all their savagery, the Ironjawz Each weighs a ton in his armour, A Weirdfist, for example, will gather
are not stupid. They favour thick and would likely break the back around one of the tribe’s Weirdnob
iron plates adorned with spikes and of a grunta should he try to ride Shamans, the better to be near the
other ’urty bits, not only to protect one. Instead Megabosses go one rampant energies of Destruction he
them from the blades of the enemy step further and make the hulking channels, whereas an Ardfist gathers
when they crash into the midst of beasts known as Maw-krushas their around a Warchanter, the better to
the foe, but also to ensure every kick, steeds, chaining themselves to the revel in the fierce greenskin battle
knee, shoulder barge and stomp hits iron-hard scales of these thuggish songs and the invigorating energies
home with flesh-mangling force. half-drakes so they can ride to war of the Waaagh!. When any five fists
They usually command their grot upon their back and still have both gather together, the Ironjawz call the
lackeys to paint their armour the hands free for when the killing armoured throng a brawl.
bright colours of their tribe, for there starts. The combination proves all
is nothing worse than committing a but unstoppable, for a Maw-krusha
spectacular display of carnage that is so massive it considers even the
no one can see. Should the massacre ten-foot ogors of Ghur a light snack.
be impressive enough, they may The Megaboss rider roars in fierce
even earn a rumble of approval from elation as his steed bowls across the
Gorkamorka himself as he looks battlefield with a loping, gorilla-
down from the tempestuous skies. like charge – nothing is safe when
a Maw-krusha is on the rampage.
The largest portion of the Ironjaw Capable of short bursts of flight
tribes are known as Ardboys, when its prey tries to evade, the
marching to war in great throngs beast’s giant fists can pound flat
that are literally armed to the teeth even the cavalry of Chaos, slamming
with a variety of bashas and choppas. down with the force of falling
The larger Ironjawz are called Brutes. boulders as their crocodilian jaws
Keen to get to the front line as fast as gnash and bite. Small wonder that
possible, some will bully beasts into whole hosts of Ironjawz will follow a
bearing them into battle, adding to war leader powerful enough to bind
their killing power. A common tactic such a creature to his service. This simple terminology, based
is to batter a boar-like grunta into around the notion of punching each
submission so often that it ceases its other in the face, appeals to Ironjawz
attempts to disembowel its would-be across the Mortal Realms – not least
rider for a few moments. By jumping because many of them find counting
fully-armed atop these hideous boar higher than the fingers on their
creatures and steering them with hands a rather confusing concept.
jabs from their jagged knee plates, Some say the largest Waaaghs!
the Ironjawz force the foul-tempered are so huge they need another set
monsters to become their steeds. A of numbers entirely. The fabled
rampaging herd of pig-headed Gore- Megaboss Gordrakk, known as the
grunta cavalry can storm through Fist of Gork, has a Waaagh! so large
even a shield wall of Stormcast he makes use of all the numbers
Liberators. Their sheer mass in up to ten – a formidable feat, for
muscle and beaten iron means that, Ironjawz are more military-minded according to Ghur legend, ‘seven ate
with sufficient run-up, they hit home than other orruks, and their leaders nine’. In truth, the greenskins do
with the force of an avalanche. will often exploit their race’s not worry about counting as soon
tendency for tribal groupings in as their armoured throng reaches
The fiercest of orruk war leaders are times of war. Each gathering of a critical mass of violence. When
known as Megabosses, for the title orruk Brutes is known as a mob – they have enough axes and mauls at
of ‘boss’ hardly does them justice. and rightly so, given their unruly their disposal to hack down an entire
Ten-foot tall killing machines that and destructive behaviour. These Sylvaneth Wargrove or smash apart
wield pig-iron axes heavy enough mobs are gathered into groups of five a Dispossessed fortress through
to fell a Ghorgon, these green- around a particularly strong leader, sheer brute force, the only thing
skinned terrors are famous for each grouping known as a fist. There the Ironjawz truly care about is the
their explosions of apoplectic fury. are many kinds of these groupings. crashing tumult of violence itself.
hen orruks gather, the ground shakes, simmering violence boils over and the skies scream out in bestial rage. This is the
power of the Waaagh! ready to unleash its brutal force upon the Mortal Realms. The stronger an orruk army is, the mightier
this energy becomes – and none are stronger than the Ironjawz.
Bonesplitterz are the most savage and unhinged of all orruk-kind. They are barbaric, going to war in little more
than loincloths and warpaint, and using weapons of bone and flint. They believe their faith in Gorkamorka
protects them – and, somehow, they are usually right.

In the heartlands of Ghur, the born into the brutish and simple The Bonesplitterz are hunters of the
Bonesplitter tribes roam at will. They lifestyle that occupies their every giant beasts that stride across the
are orruks who have at some point waking hour. Some, when visited by lands, and will swarm like soldier
been caught up in a bow wave of Waaagh! power, become consumed ants around mountainous creatures
Waaagh! energy – and rather than by it, and are soon banished from that could squash any one of them
feeling it disperse after the battle is their tribe for talking to themselves with a single stray footstep. Yet
done, they have instead taken it into or hitting other orruks in the face it is the tribe that is to be feared
themselves on a permanent basis. with rocks they claim to be blessed more than the beast. Long ago, the
Now it rattles around their thick by Gork. They wander the Ghurish Bonesplitterz perfected the method
skulls, colouring every sensation Hinterlands, following odd portents of driving their massive prey into a
and experience, and making them and signs until they eventually find place of ambush, using flint arrows
hopelessly addicted to the frenzied one of the strange masked figures to take its eyes, and spears – which
thrill of life-or-death combat. known as Wurrgog Prophets. These are so heavy they take two burly
shamans oversee the aspirant’s orruks to carry – to penetrate
The Bonesplitter tribes number in transformation into a Bonesplitter, a its leathery hide. When enough
the thousands, each with their own sacred warrior of the greenskin race blows have been landed to bleed
variant creeds and totems, but all whose mind is permanently aflame the beast to death, they hack the
are united under the Great Green with the joyous violence of his fallen creature apart, gorging on its
God they worship. They are not all two-headed god. remains – but their conquest does

ork’s guts, Bogginz,’
said Slobba, chewing a
salted gob-squig. ‘Look
at ’im go. What’s he up to?’ The Wurrgog Prophets
The cloaked shaman ahead, are so attuned to
his heartwood mask fringed Waaagh! energy they
with brightly coloured feathers, can call upon ghostly
stomped and twirled and manifestations of
howled with war-lust. Around Gorkamorka himself.
him was a whole tribe of
Bonesplitterz, all hooting and
roaring like beasts on the hunt.
A loud whirring came from
the south as a trio of duardin
sky-ships crested the ridge,
cannons blazing yellow-white.
A triple boom, and Bonesplitter
bodies flew high in explosions
of blood and sand. The shaman
pointed his wavin’ stick, and a
bolt of green lightning shot from
his eyes to smash into the first
of the duardin ships. The vessel
trailed black smoke as it arced
down to crash into the dunes,
spilling armoured stunties left
and right.
‘Ha,’ said Slobba, picking up
his axe as the Bonesplitterz
charged over the dunes. ‘Better
get moving, or there’ll be none
left for us!’
not end there. They then strip the In addition to the bones they a Wurrgog Prophet as a charging
beast to its component parts, most of harvest, the Bonesplitterz mark their boar, instigating a war dance that
which they eat. bodies with crude tattoos depicting sets a fire of aggression in his
the creatures they have killed, the whole tribe. Countless battles have
After gorging themselves on raw elemental forces they have overcome taken place, cities toppled, even
meat and drinking still-warm, and the nature of the spirits they empires brought low and continents
frothing blood, they take great pride have consumed. As the spirit of the crumbled into the sea because a
in adorning themselves with the Waaagh! overcomes them, these Bonesplitter prophet witnessed one
creature’s fangs, claws, jawbones and tattoos seem to shift and thrash of these omens.
tusks. The piercing of a Bonesplitter’s about with a life of their own – an
flesh is seen as a sacred act through unnerving sight even to a fellow
which they inherit the bestial energy greenskin. But for the Bonesplitterz,
that once gave the creature strength, this is the power of Gorkamorka
and in some cases they will enact at work, granting them a measure ‘Lads, Gorkamorka wants us ta smash
that ritual in the midst of battle, of the god’s belligerent might with up them shiny humies over there.
delving into the chests of slain beasts which to defeat their enemies. No one orders us orruks around.
so as to be the first to snap off its They see omens in the strangest Let’s get em!’
ribs and push them into their own places; an oddly shaped cloud, for
muscular flesh. instance, might be interpreted by
The freezing cold of the Everwinter follows the Beastclaw ogors wherever they roam. These massive, nomadic
thugs are one with the blizzard – only the hardiest souls can survive the unnatural winter’s coming, let alone the
stampede of monster-riding gluttons that follows.

A natural cycle of the seasons comes

to every realm other than Aqshy, just
as the false sun of Hysh glides into
the sky each day. Some lapse into
long and hostile winters, but even
the most bitingly cold seasons are
nothing next to the phenomenon
that follows the Beastclaw Raiders.
The Everwinter, as it is called, is a
supernatural blizzard that roams
the lands much in the manner
of a vast hurricane, freezing the
ground to ice-hard permafrost and
turning those caught in its grip to
icicle-encrusted statues. Legend has
it that the great blizzard is drawn
to the Beastclaw ogors due to a
terrible curse laid upon them by
Gorkamorka himself, and that they
are driven before it as much as they
bring it with them. The Beastclaw
Raiders may hold the occasional feast
in caves or chasms after a successful
hunt or beast-cull, but they can never
truly rest, never call a place their
home. If they stay in one location too
long even they will become frozen
and inert as statues, consumed by
the Everwinter’s arctic wrath.

Each Beastclaw ogor is a looming

mountain of hunger and ill temper.
Such is their strength that they can
crush an orruk’s skull with one
meaty hand, and their stocky but
muscular physiques are so doughty
they wear little in the way of armour
for protection. Inured to winter, they
can ride out the coldest weather in
nothing more than scraps of fur.
Their sheer hardiness makes them
formidable opponents, but it is the
bestial monsters they ride that make
them an all but unstoppable force.
With battering clubs and bloody
displays of dominance, the Beastclaw
Raiders bully the creatures of the
Everwinter into their service as
steeds, beasts of burden, hunting
packs and savage allies that feast
alongside them when the meat-
harvest is done.

Some ogors ride to battle atop a beast known as a Mournfang – a thick- Beastclaw tribes are known as
skulled, bad-tempered monster. Rider and steed have much in common. Alfrostuns. These are wandering
armies led by the oldest and most at home in the slate-grey gloom of

powerful ogor of each nomadic tribe, the storm. They are a degenerate ’d like to see the bastards
known as the Frostlord. Under the race of loping, simian snow-fiends try!’ laughed Mannis,
command of this hunter chieftain that wear the skulls of their prey in sending another crossbow
are the packs of hulking Mournfang their matted hair; so attuned to the bolt winging over the moat.
riders that form his heavy cavalry, Everwinter have they become that ‘There’s a reason they call this
each mounted atop an aggressive they are surrounded by an aura of place the Keep Impregnable.’
beast of muscle and hair with tusks crippling cold. Far below, a trail of nomadic
as long as a horse. At the fore of ogors approached. From this
each tribe are the cunning Icebrow Most fearsome of all the Alfrostun’s high up, they were not so bad.
Hunters, expert trackers that make beasts are the steeds of the Frostlords ‘I got one!’ shouted Vaskia,
use of Frost Sabres, stealthy leonine and their Huskard lieutenants, pointing at an arrow sticking
cave-beasts with jutting teeth that sometimes also ridden by ogors from the blubbery chest of
can open a man’s torso from belly high in their favour. Thundertusks, an ogor beast rider. The ogor
to throat. Icebrow Hunters and elephantine creatures that exude plucked it out and used it as a
Frost Sabres range ahead of the tribe cold, are able to belch forth spheres toothpick as his riding beast
in hunting packs known as Skals, of ice that slam into the enemy in a breathed out an icy cloud
seeking out their prey and guiding burst of magic, freezing the foe to that rolled over the moat.
the Alfrostun to its next gory feast. death even before their riders have Mannis snorted as it dissipated
During times of war, they scout the brought their giant, beast-killing harmlessly, but his smug smile
battlefield undetected, attacking spears and jagged harpoons to fell when the trio of horned
from the least expected quarter when bear. More terrifying still are the monstrosities charged headlong
battle is joined. Stonehorns, massive creatures of across the now-frozen moat.
rage and raw bestial power whose With a tremendous crash,
While the Skals roam ahead of the supernatural skeletons are not made the wall came tumbling down.
Alfrostun, the white-furred beasts of bone, but rock. To face the charge The screams of the wounded
known as Icefall Yhetees lope in of such a beast is to stand before grew louder as the ogors burst
its wake. Drawn to the Alfrostun’s a living battering ram that can through, roaring in triumph.
supernatural cold and the promise pulverise the wall of a Dreadhold in Mannis turned and ran.
of prey, the Yhetees are completely a single thunderous charge.
The tribes of Destruction that infest the Mortal Realms are without number. Though they too suffered under the
iron dominion of Chaos, they have gathered their strength once more, amassing under the promise of a Waaagh!
without end that will sweep all before it.

GREENSKINZ GITMOB GROTS robes to cover their skin, usually

The greenskin mentality is so It is quite possible that a greenskin complemented by tall pointy hats
simple even a brain-dead squig can who displays enough cruelty and to give the illusion of size. They
understand it. Bigger is better – and vicious intelligence will bind others breed like fungus in the dark; to
the biggest of the lot gets to be the to his side, no matter his stature. see an entire clan boiling up from
boss. This simple truth underlines Even a common grot can rise to its subterranean lairs is to witness
every aspect of orruk society. Those rulership over an entire Waaagh! if stream upon stream of black-robed
who challenge it usually have he is stabby enough. Though they bodies converging until the land
the concept beaten into them so would have to stand on tiptoe to turns dark. Their fondness for dank
thoroughly they do not forget again. come level with a man’s shoulder, underground lairs is not all they
If one of their number is sufficiently their talent for skulduggery and have in common with their skaven
large and ferocious, thousands, if fighting dirty can set their reputation rivals – though individually weak
not millions, of his fellows will flock in stone. Gitmobs are full of the most as pig sweat, they find a kind of
to his banner. Such a Warboss is unscrupulous and mean-spirited rebellious courage in numbers, and
capable of great feats of strength, goblinoids in all the Mortal Realms, can be very dangerous en masse.
such as beating the living daylights fond of playing lethal practical jokes They typically bring with them
out of a mighty Wyvern to make the and kicking their mates when they demented, ball-and-chain-wielding
monster fall in and behave for a bit. are down, just for the spite of it. They Fanatics and mushroom-addled
This beast he will ride into battle, devise primitive but effective ways of Shamans, the better to spring
the greenskins that follow him in bringing down larger foes from afar, nasty surprises on their enemies.
no doubt of his ’ardness. Whether their favourites being the ramshackle The strangest, yet arguably most
slogging it on foot, clinging to the war machines they construct. They’ll effective, of all their practices is their
backs of ferocious boars or gripping use anything for ammunition use of the subterranean creatures
the rails of crude chariots, they in these madcap creations, from known as squigs – ravenous balls of
charge forward in his wake, waving gigantic spears to massive boulders, muscle, claw and tooth that are little
their choppas and roaring their even loading their fellow grots into more than mouths on legs, with a
battle-lust. All greenskins like a good catapults to propel them across voracious appetite to match.
scrap, and will seek out a worthy foe the battlefield.
purely for the pleasure of fighting.
Their crusades are so fierce the SPIDERFANG GROTS
greenskin word that describes them Some grot tribes have made their
can only be pronounced at deafening homes in the sweltering jungles and
volume – Waaagh!. The Great forests of the realms, those places so
Shamans of the orruk tribes channel overgrown and poisonous that larger
the magically charged Waaagh! humanoids cannot pass through.
energy as the greenskins go to war, Sharing their cobweb-strewn
unleashing it upon their foes with arboreal homes with innumerable
devastating effect. insects and arachnids, they worship
Gorkamorka in the form of a many-
Although they love nothing more eyed spider god. By partaking in
than a brawl, greenskins know the poisons of their spider allies
how to direct their aggression and becoming one with them on a
strategically when they need to. spiritual level, they have slowly been
Gorkamorka, the psychopathic deity changed by the magic that thrums
worshipped by the greenskins and through their tangled domains.
their savage kin, is a two-fold god. MOONCLAN GROTS Some boast multiple sets of eyes,
One side is that of Gork, brutal but Moonclan grots are subterranean extra limbs, or poisonous bites as
cunning, whereas the other – his creatures even smaller than the a result of their devotion – others
brother Mork – is cunning but common grot, but with a deadly ride to war atop scuttling spiders the
brutal. Underhand sneakiness, or cunning. Worshipping Gorkamorka size of ponies. The most favoured
finkin’ as it is sometimes known, in the form of a celestial body worship at a living altar – a colossal
plays a significant part in greenskin they call the Bad Moon, they hate creature known as an Arachnarok
society. No matter how big and the bright light of day more than Spider. Should the massive arachnid
brutal he may be, an orruk will not anything. They venture forth at neglect to kill them for long enough,
get far without a little cunning. night, and even then wear long black they may even build a cobwebby
howdah upon its back and cling onto Gutbusters around are even better flame and swathe themselves with
it as it thunders into battle. at improvisation, creating shonky raging firestorms at will.
artillery pieces strapped to Rhinox
Much like their more common beasts to support the Gutbusters in
cousins, that which the Spiderfang battle. Scavenging from the ruins TROGGOTHS
grots lack in physical strength they of each ogor attack and running Destruction armies of all stripes
more than make up for in numbers. errands in return, they have a often have dim-witted but powerful
When they attack, it is in a scuttling symbiotic relationship with the troggoths along with them. Found
host that crawls up and over terrain hulking ogors that protect them, and in the dank and forsaken places of
as easily as flat ground, the grot are hardly ever eaten as a result. the realms, these creatures have a
riders hollering and hooting as they number of variant offshoots, but
surge towards their next meal. as yet no scholar has been foolish
MANEATERS enough to try to catalogue them all.
Ogors are possessed of a great Each troggoth is a comically ugly
GUTBUSTERS wanderlust. This is an evolutionary specimen able to regenerate the
Ogors are a hardy species, half again need as much as anything, for a most hideous of wounds, and being
as tall as orruks and with strength tribe of ogors is so ravenous that possessed of strength enough to rip
enough to batter them to a pulp if it stays in one place for too long a warhorse into chunks with its bare
if angered. Gutbuster ogors are it will devour every living thing hands, makes for a valuable beast of
obsessed with two things – eating within a hundred miles. The most war if it manages to shamble in the
and fighting, and all too often the enterprising and independent will right direction. Some can vomit the
first follows directly after the second. take off on their own, travelling acidic contents of their stomachs
Unlike their allies they are not green far and wide and plying their trade over great distances, whilst others
of skin, but their coarse and savage as mercenaries. These Maneaters, exude stinking grease, can breathe
lifestyle has many similarities, as they are known, do not have underwater, or produce exhalations
making them natural allies of the cultural artefacts of their own, foul enough to stun a man into a
orruk and grot races. They harness beyond the tools of their primitive comatose state.
some of the fiercest native creatures tribal lifestyle, but they willingly
ever to roam Ghur’s Hinterlands as adopt those of the civilisations
beasts of burden and steeds alike. around them, collecting the trophies ALEGUZZLER GARGANTS
Driven by an insatiable gluttony, and trappings of those that hire The towering oafs known as
ultimately they answer to their them until they settle on a new gargants are present in every realm.
stomachs alone. Even their selection identity. Often taking important- Some myths claim them to be the
of weapons is influenced by their sounding names such as Garodd descendants of the World Titan,
desperate need to eat. Clubs and Greathammer, the Meat Man of Behemat, having crawled out of
maces are preferred for their ability New Midasheim and Thragg the his mouth after he was knocked
to tenderise and bludgeon to death Kingiest, veteran Maneaters take unconscious by a blow from Sigmar’s
the meal-to-be without spilling too every opportunity to boast at length hammer. Others say gargants are
much of its juicy vital fluids in the about how amazing they are, telling the remnants of the first races to
process; even those scimitars and inflated stories of their own prowess have lived in the Mortal Realms;
swords used by the Gutbusters are to any who will listen. that long ago they had fine minds as
carefully blunted to a dull edge the well as strong bodies, and by their
night before each battle. An ogor hands were the monolithic wonders
trusts his club, and will eat it only in FIREBELLIES of the realms hewn from bare rock.
the direst circumstances. Firebellies are priests of the volcano. Whatever the truth, they are little
Primitive yet filled with fiery more than ale-sodden gluttons in the
It is well that these creatures are so conviction, they believe that long present day. They raid and pillage
strong, for their tribes are nomadic, ago Gorkamorka ate the sun, but it at will, stamping flat any who try
and they take with them everything gave him such bad heartburn that he to stop them. Although they can be
they own. Those in their path will later vomited it back up again – and bargained with if offered enough
not only be stomped flat and greedily hence the cycle of day and night was livestock and barrels of ale, it will
devoured, but their corpses eagerly born. They echo this divine miracle not be long before they are back on
robbed to boot. Though ogors are by consuming the hottest substances the drunken rampage once more.
far happier destroying things than they can find, starting as youngsters The best a prospective employer
creating them, they have a certain with the sometimes-lethal firegheist can hope for is to guide them in the
flair for repurposing the smashed chilli and working through the right direction and hope they do
remnants of the settlements they fiercest of Aqshian curries cooked more harm to the enemy than to
crush. They may be thick as two to red-hot, scalding temperatures their allies – but when a gargant’s
short planks, but they have enough before finally consuming lava clubbing, stamping attack gets into
nous to nail them together and from the volcano itself. If they full swing, it is easy enough to see
beat their prey to death with the survive this, they take the fire into why so many take the risk.
result. The grots that follow the themselves, able to breath gouts of
Gordrakk, the Fist of Gork, leads a horde of Destruction across the Hinterlands of Ghur. With him
come not only Ironjawz but Beastclaw ogors and even a clan of Aleguzzler gargants.
Beastclaw Raiders Beastclaw Raiders Beastclaw Raiders
Frost Sabre Icebrow Hunter Icefall Yhetee

An Alfrostun of Beastclaw Raiders attacks as a devastating avalanche of iron-hard muscle, thick hair and bad temper –
when joined in battle by their Ironjawz allies, they fight all the harder to show that the biggest fighter is still the best.
Ironjawz Ironjawz Ironjawz
Weirdnob Shaman Warchanter Brute
Bonesplitterz Bonesplitterz
Wurrgog Prophet Savage Big Boss

Bonesplitterz Bonesplitterz
Savage Boarboy Maniak Savage Orruk

Savage Big Stabbas

The primal spirit of the Waaagh! drives the greenskin hordes deep into the
heartlands of Nagash. Even the dead must fear their wrath.
Aleguzzler Gargant

The Arachnarok Spider is worshipped as a god by the mad-eyed greenskins that ride on its cobwebbed howdah.
From the forsaken forests of the Mortal Realms come savage tribes of Spiderfang grots.

Moonclan Grots swarm from their dank caves at night, squigs, troggoths and gargants amongst their maniac hordes.

Troggoths are repulsive creatures, able to vomit acid, regenerate wounds and crush armour with devastating blows.
elcome to Fire & Thunder, a guide to playing games
in the Mortal Realms and the key to a treasure
chest of different ways to enjoy Warhammer Age of
Sigmar. Packed with inspiration and brimming with battles,
this section of the book is an essential resource for gaming
and glory.

Fire & Thunder provides the core game rules for Warhammer
Age of Sigmar. These rules explain how you can use your
collection of Citadel Miniatures to fight exciting battles set in the
Mortal Realms. They show you how to organise an army, set up
a game, move and fight with the warriors under your command,
and what you need to do to lead your army to ultimate victory!

After the core rules, you will find other sections that expand
upon them to support an array of gaming styles for all hobbyists,
from casual collectors who play occasional games with their
friends to veteran warriors who spend years honing their forces
for competitive tournaments.

Everyone enjoys the Games Workshop hobby in different

ways. Some hobbyists are avid painters who collect stunning
centrepiece models, and others spend their hobby time reading
the background and learning the lore. For some, though, using
their collections to play games against like-minded opponents
across the tabletop is at the very heart of their hobby. If you fall
into this latter category, then this section of the book is for you,
as it focuses on that aspect of the hobby where the miniatures
meet the battlefield.

It is important to note that all of the rules presented in this

book are optional; they can be used, or not, in any combination
that you and your tabletop adversaries find enjoyable. To this
end, Fire & Thunder has been designed to work as a gaming
toolbox, providing many options to get the dice rolling and play
games with your collection of Citadel Miniatures. For instance,
there are allegiance abilities for armies of models that all have
the same keyword, instructions for several different types of
campaign, plenty of battleplans, battle reports for example games
and much, much more.
This section is about exploring the fantastical, battle-filled Mortal Realms in your tabletop games. You’ll find a
number of battleplans to try out and ideas to inspire you, including a desperate siege, a stealthy raid and an epic
Chaos incursion, as well as the core rules you need to get started.

Whether you are simply trying to quickly build up from your first few Open play is the least restrictive
beat your friend’s army or aiming simple games to grand spectacles of type of gaming because it can be as
to recreate the many challenges large-scale conflict. simple or as complex as you like.
that Vandus Hammerhand had to Just pick any Citadel Miniatures in
overcome to retrieve Ghal Maraz, The core rules also provide plenty of your collection and start playing.
you are playing a Warhammer Age of helpful clarifications, hints and tips, Narrative play is based around
Sigmar battle. From small skirmishes along with a starting battleplan (the the stories of the Mortal Realms,
to clashes between massive invading suitably titled ‘First Blood’), which either those you can read in our
armies, battles range in size as well serves as a perfect introduction to books or those you write yourself.
as complexity. You can play a one- gaming in the Mortal Realms. Narrative play can involve one-
off game that lasts for an hour, or off games fought between mighty
several interconnected battles in an Wherever you go with your games, heroes, or multiple games linked in
ongoing campaign involving dozens the core rules will provide the a campaign. Matched play allows
of players, or anything in between. basics you need to get started, for armies to be tested against each
Tabletop commanders can test their and will be your constant gaming other under conditions that give no
tactical skills, fight a series of linked companion. Before trying out too particular advantage to either side,
games or recreate some of the epic many of the diverse options offered to see which army is strongest and
conflicts from the Mortal Realms’ by Warhammer Age of Sigmar, it’s which general is canniest.
long and storied history. recommended that you fight a few
battles using just these rules. This You can choose to introduce any
This section of the book is split into will act as a great grounding for what of the rules from these sections to
different chapters, each one dealing comes afterwards. your games, or even combine several
with an aspect of setting up and different aspects in a single game. All
playing your own battles. There are of these optional mechanics build
many examples of the different ways upon the core rules – they add to
to play, and plenty of battleplans or provide variation on these rules,
to try out. As you read through the rather than requiring you to learn a
section you’ll quickly realise that whole new game system! From huge
there are few hard and fast rules multiplayer battles and sprawling
that you have to follow to fight a sieges, to campaigns fought over
Warhammer Age of Sigmar battle. strange magical landscapes, these
sections will provide you with
The creative freedom this offers exciting new gaming experiences to
is one of Warhammer Age of suit whatever type of game you want
Sigmar’s greatest strengths. This to play.
section only begins to scratch the
surface of the options available to If all the involved players agree, you
you when fighting battles in the can take your games in any direction
Mortal Realms. you like. If you and your gaming
THREE WAYS TO PLAY group want to run a weekend-long
THE CORE RULES At its heart, Warhammer Age of tournament with balanced forces
Whatever type of game you want Sigmar is a game that pits one using some Realm of Battle rules
to play, you’ll need the core rules, army of warriors against another that you have made up yourselves
which form the foundation of in a tabletop conflict to the death. based on a region of the Mortal
playing games of Warhammer Age Beyond that core premise, it is Realms that inspires you, do that!
of Sigmar. These rules show you how a hobby of vast and thrilling If you want to tell a story of epic
your models move, use magic spells, variation that allows you to depict conquest with your games, where
shoot their ranged weapons, charge everything from lightning-fast your progress is recorded on a map,
into battle, and fight with their close- assaults to continent-spanning wars and each location you control grants
range weapons – basically everything of conquest. These different ways of your army special magical abilities,
you need to start waging miniature playing are covered in more depth then that’s the way to go – you can
war! They provide you with the in the three sections that follow use any of the maps published in
key mechanics for everything the core rules: Open Play (pg 264), Warhammer Age of Sigmar books,
from battle-hardened infantry to Narrative Play (pg 278) and Matched or you can draw your own. Whether
gigantic monsters, allowing you to Play (pg 306). you’ve just picked up your first
Start Collecting! box or are dusting play Warhammer Age of Sigmar, so
off a vintage collection from days long as everyone adheres to the Most THE MOST
long past, the open, narrative and Important Rule. We’re all here to IMPORTANT RULE
matched play sections are here to have fun, after all! In a game as detailed and wide-
help you find your favourite way of ranging as Warhammer Age
playing, and give you the tools to of Sigmar, there may be times
bring the Mortal Realms to life on when you are not sure exactly
the tabletop. how to resolve a situation that
has come up during play. When
The different ways to combine the this happens, have a quick
rules in this book are practically chat with your opponent and
endless, and this flexible system apply the solution that makes
ensures that, whether you are just the most sense to you both (or
getting started or have decades of seems the most fun!). If no
experience, you can find a style of single solution presents itself,
play that suits you. These styles are both of you should roll a dice,
fluid, and their component parts can and whoever rolls higher gets to
often be used together depending choose what happens. Then you
on what you are trying to achieve. can get on with the fighting!
There is no right or wrong way to

Each game of Warhammer Age of Sigmar is a chance to field your Citadel Miniatures on a fantastical battlefield,
whether to tell a rousing story, to pit your wits against one another, or purely for the fun and spectacle of the experience.
Prepare to enter a world of war and death, of violence, nobility and madness. You will take command of a force of
mighty warriors, monsters and siege engines and do battle in strange and sorcerous realms, unleashing powerful
magic, darkening the skies with arrows, and crushing your enemies in bloody combat.

The following rules explain how to that it affects ‘models’ or ‘units’ RE-ROLLS
play a game of Warhammer Age of without specifying that they are Some rules allow you to re-roll a
Sigmar. First, you must prepare the friendly or enemy, then it affects all dice roll, which means you get to roll
battlefield and muster an army of models, friend or foe. some or all of the dice again. If a rule
Citadel Miniatures. The battle is then allows you to re-roll a result that was
fought in a series of battle rounds, made by adding several dice together
where each player takes a turn to UNITS (e.g. 2D6, 3D6 etc.) then, unless
move and fight with their army. Models fight in units. A unit can otherwise stated, you must roll all
have one or more models, but cannot of those dice again. You can never
include models that use different re-roll a dice more than once, and re-
BATTLEPLANS warscrolls. A unit must be set up rolls happen before modifiers to the
Before fighting a battle, you must and finish any sort of move as a roll (if any) are applied. Rules that
pick a battleplan to use. The single group, with all models within refer to the result of an ‘unmodified’
battleplan will tell you how to set 1" horizontally, and 6" vertically, dice roll are referring to the result
up the battlefield, where each army of at least one other model from after any re-rolls but before any
will be set up, any special rules their unit. modifiers are applied.
that apply to the battle, and (most
importantly!) what you need to do If a unit is split up at the end of a ROLL-OFFS
in order to win. You can find more turn, models must be removed from Sometimes a rule may require the
about battleplans on page 236. the unit until only a single group players to make a roll-off. When this
of models remains in play (see Split is the case, each of the players rolls a
Units on page 230). dice, and whoever rolls highest wins
WARSCROLLS the roll-off. If there is a tie for the
The Citadel Miniatures in Sometimes there will not be enough highest roll, make the roll-off again.
Warhammer Age of Sigmar are room to set up all of the models Neither player is allowed to re-roll or
referred to as ‘models’. Each model from a unit. When this is the case, modify any of the dice when making
has a warscroll, which provides all any models that cannot be set up are a roll-off.
of the information needed for using considered to have been slain.
the model in a game. You can find
more about how to use warscrolls
on pages 238-239. Some models can
be included in formations known as MEASURING
warscroll battalions, which provide DISTANCES
additional rules. You can find Distances in Warhammer Age
more about warscroll battalions on of Sigmar are measured in
page 240. inches ("), between the closest
points of the bases of the
models you’re measuring to
THE ARMIES and from. If a model does not
Each player in a game of have a base, measure to and
Warhammer Age of Sigmar TOOLS OF WAR from the closest point of that
commands an army. Armies can be In order to fight a battle you will model instead.
as big as you like, and you can use as require a ruler or tape measure (to
many models from your collection measure distances) and some dice. When measuring the distance
as you wish. The more models you Warhammer Age of Sigmar uses six- between units, always use the
decide to use, the longer the game sided dice (sometimes abbreviated closest model from each unit
will last and the more exciting it will to D6). Some rules refer to 2D6, to measure how far apart the
be. Typically, a game with around a 3D6 and so on – in such cases, roll units are. So, for example, a
hundred miniatures per side will last that many dice and add the results unit is within 12" of another
for about an evening. together. If a rule requires you to roll unit as long as any model from
a D3, roll a dice and halve the total, one unit is 12" or less from any
Models from your army are referred rounding up. If a rule requires a dice model from the other unit.
to as friendly models, and models roll of, for example, 3 or more, this is You can measure distances
from the opposing army are referred often abbreviated to 3+. whenever you wish.
to as enemy models. If a rule states
All games of Warhammer Age of Details of how the armies should be RESERVES
Sigmar are fought upon a battlefield. set up can be found in the battleplan Reserves are units that are
This can be any flat surface upon you are using. part of your army, but which
which the models can stand – for have an ability that allows you
example a dining table or the floor Sometimes an ability will allow a to set them up in a location
– and can be any size or shape unit to be set up in a location other other than on the battlefield
provided it’s at least 2-foot square. than the battlefield; when this is and deploy them later once the
the case, tell your opponent where battle has begun. Setting up a
The scenery found on a battlefield the unit is set up and keep it to one reserve unit is not considered
is represented by models from the side rather than placing it directly a move for the unit, but it may
Warhammer Age of Sigmar range. on the battlefield. It will arrive later restrict a unit’s ability to move
These models are called terrain as a reserve unit as described on in the same turn. Any reserves
features to differentiate them from the right. that have not been set up when
the models that make up an army. the battle ends are treated as if
Terrain features are set up on the they had been slain when you
battlefield before the battle begins are working out which side won
and the armies deploy. the battle.

It doesn’t really matter how many

terrain features you use in your
battles. A good guide is to have at
least one terrain feature for every KEYWORDS
2-foot square area of the battlefield. Every warscroll includes a list
The more terrain features your of keywords that apply to the
armies have to navigate around, the model the warscroll describes.
more interesting and dynamic your Keywords appear in KEYWORD
battles will be. BOLD in the rules.

Keywords are sometimes

THE BATTLE BEGINS linked to (or ‘tagged’ by) a rule.
With the battleplan chosen and the CHOOSE GENERAL For example, a rule might say
battlefield prepared, you are now Once you have finished setting up all that it applies to ‘all ORDER
ready to deploy your armies ready of your units, nominate one of the models’. This means that it
for the coming conflict. Before the models you set up to be your general. would apply to models that
battle begins you must set up your If your general is slain, pick another have the ORDER keyword on
army, choose your general, and use model from your army to become their warscroll.
any pre-battle abilities. your new general.

All models from the same unit must be within 1" of at least one other model from their unit. The leader of this unit of
Stormcast Eternals could not be placed in the position shown above, as he would be more than 1" away from any other
model from his unit.
The maelstrom of battle begins! Units of bellowing warriors charge and counter-charge, hacking at the foe with
axe and sword. The ground trembles under the hooves of galloping cavalry. Archers unleash barrages of bolts at
the foe, and monstrous creatures crush their enemies with mighty blows from their taloned fists.

A Warhammer Age of Sigmar battle HERO PHASE points you do not use can be used
is fought in a series of battle rounds, Many of the abilities found in a future turn. A command ability
each of which is split into two turns on warscrolls are used in your hero will usually specify when it is used;
– one for each player. Once the first phase. In addition, WIZARDS in if it does not, it is used in your
player has finished their turn, the your army can cast spells in this hero phase.
second player takes theirs. Once phase (pg 233).
the second player has also finished, At the Double: You can use this
the battle round is over and a new COMMAND ABILITIES command ability after you make a
one begins. If you have any HEROES in your run roll for a friendly unit that is
army, you can use command within 6" of a friendly HERO, or 12"
At the start of each battle round, the abilities. Some command abilities of a friendly HERO that is a general.
players must roll off, and the winner are available to all armies, like the If you do so, the run roll is treated as
decides who takes the first turn. If the three on the right, while others are being a 6.
roll-off is a tie, then the player who specific to certain models and appear
went first in the last battle round can on their warscroll. Some of these Forward to Victory: You can use
choose who goes first in this one, but command abilities can only be used this command ability after you make
if it is the first battle round, the player if that model is your general; when a charge roll for a friendly unit that is
that finished setting up their army this is the case, it will be noted in the within 6" of a friendly HERO, or 12"
first chooses who has the first turn. rules for the command ability. of a friendly HERO that is a general.
If you do so, re-roll the charge roll.
In order to use any command ability
you must spend 1 command point. Inspiring Presence: You can use
TURN SEQUENCE You start the battle with 1 command this command ability at the start of
point for each warscroll battalion the battleshock phase. If you do so,
Hero Phase you have in your army. In addition, pick a friendly unit that is within 6"
Cast spells and use you receive 1 command point at the of friendly HERO, or 12" of a friendly
heroic abilities. start of each of your hero phases. You HERO that is a general. That unit
can use the same command ability does not have to take battleshock
Movement Phase several times in the same phase as tests in that phase.
Move units across long as you have enough command
the battlefield. points to do so. Any command

Shooting Phase
Attack with
missile weapons.

Charge Phase
Charge units into combat.

Combat Phase
Pile in and attack with
melee weapons.

Battleshock Phase
Test the resolve of
depleted units.
MOVEMENT PHASE Remember that a unit must finish Units starting a normal move within
Start your movement phase any type of move as a single 3" of an enemy unit can either
by picking one of your units and group, with all models within 1" remain stationary or retreat. If a unit
moving each model in that unit until horizontally, and 6" vertically, of retreats, it can move within 3" of an
you’ve moved all the models you at least one other model from their enemy, but must end the move more
want to. You can then pick another unit. If this is impossible, then the than 3" from all enemy units. Models
unit to move, until you have moved move cannot be made. in a unit that retreats can’t shoot or
as many of your units as you wish. charge later in the same turn.
No unit can be moved more than MOVING OVER TERRAIN
once in each movement phase. Unless stated otherwise, a model can RUNNING
be moved over a terrain feature but When you pick a unit to make a
MOVEMENT not through it (so models can’t move normal move, you can declare that
You can change the position of a through a wall, or pass through a it will run. Make a run roll for
model on the battlefield by making a tree, but can climb up or over them). the unit by rolling a dice. Add the
move with the model. Models can be result of the run roll to the Move
moved in the movement phase, the A model can be moved vertically characteristic of all models in the
charge phase and the combat phase, in order to climb or cross a terrain unit for that movement phase.
and some abilities may allow a model feature, counting the vertical The unit can then move up to that
to make a move in other phases too. distance up and/or down as part of distance in inches. Models in a unit
its move. that runs can’t shoot or charge later
Whenever you move a model, it in the same turn.
can be moved in any direction or NORMAL MOVES
combination of directions, but Moves made in the movement phase FLYING
cannot be moved across other are referred to as normal moves, If the warscroll for a model says that
models or their bases, nor can it to differentiate them from charge the model can fly, it can pass across
cross the edge of the battlefield. You moves (made in the charge phase) models and terrain features as if they
can pivot the model at the end of and pile-in moves (made in the were not there when it makes any
the move so that it is facing in any combat phase). A model making a type of move. Any vertical distance
direction. The distance a model normal move can move a distance in up and/or down is ignored when
moves is measured using the part of inches equal to or less than the Move measuring a flying model’s move.
the model’s base that moves furthest characteristic shown on its warscroll. It cannot finish the move on top of
from its starting position (including another model.
pivoting). If the model has no base, ENEMY UNITS AND RETREATS
measure the move using whichever When you make a normal move for
part of the model moves furthest a model, no part of the move can be
from its starting position. within 3" of an enemy unit.

The Lord-Arcanum has a

Move characteristic of 12". It
moves 4" to reach a low wall
that is 2" high. It will need 4"
of movement to cross the wall
(2" up and 2" down), leaving
it with a maximum of 4" of
movement on the other side.
In your shooting phase, you In the combat phase, the PHASE
can shoot with models armed with players take it in turn to pick units In the battleshock phase, both
missile weapons. Pick one of your to fight with, starting with the player players must take battleshock tests
units. Each model in the unit attacks whose turn is taking place. for units from their army that have
with all of the missile weapons it is had models slain during the turn.
armed with (see Attacking, opposite). When it is your turn, you must The player whose turn it is tests first.
Remember that models that have run either pick an eligible unit to fight
or retreated cannot shoot in the same with, or pass (note that you cannot You must make a battleshock
turn. After all models in the unit have pass if there is an eligible unit from roll for each unit that has to take
shot, you can choose another unit to your army that can fight). A unit is a battleshock test. To make a
shoot with, until all units that you eligible to fight if it is within 3" of an battleshock roll, roll a dice. Add the
want to shoot with have done so. enemy unit, or if it made a charge number of models from the unit that
move in the same turn. No unit have been slain this turn to the dice
ENEMY UNITS can fight more than once in each roll, and add 1 to the unit’s Bravery
A unit can shoot when it is within combat phase. characteristic for every 10 models
3" of the enemy, but if it does so it that are in the unit when the test
can only target enemy units that If you pick a unit to fight, it first piles is taken.
are within 3" of it with its shooting in, and then the models in the unit
attacks. A unit can shoot at an enemy must attack. If the modified battleshock roll is
unit that is within 3" of another greater than the unit’s modified
friendly unit without penalty. If you pass, you do nothing, and Bravery characteristic, the
the option to fight or pass goes back battleshock test has been failed. If
LOOK OUT, SIR! to your opponent. If both players the test is failed, for each point by
You must subtract 1 from hit rolls pass in succession, the combat which the modified roll exceeds
made for missile weapons if the phase ends. the unit’s modified Bravery
target of the attack is an enemy characteristic, one model in that
HERO that is within 3" of an enemy PILING IN unit must flee. You decide which of
unit that has 3 or more models. The A unit can make a pile-in move if it the models from your units flee –
Look Out, Sir! rule does not apply if is within 3" of an enemy unit or has remove them from play and count
the target HERO is a MONSTER . made a charge move in the same them as having been slain.
turn. If this is the case, you can
move each model in the unit up to SPLIT UNITS
CHARGE PHASE 3". Each model must finish its pile-in At the end of each turn, you must
Any of your units within 12" move at least as close to the nearest remove models from any of the
of the enemy in your charge phase enemy model as it was at the start of units in your army that are split up
can attempt to make a charge move. the move. into two or more groups, until only
Pick an eligible unit and make a one group of models from the unit
charge roll for it by rolling 2D6. FIGHTING remains in play. The models you
Each model in the unit can move a Each model in the unit must attack remove count as having been slain.
number of inches equal to the charge with all of the melee weapons it is
roll. You cannot make a charge move armed with (see Attacking).
with a unit that has run or retreated
earlier in the turn, or with a unit that
is within 3" of an enemy unit.

The first model you move from a unit

making a charge move must finish
the move within ½" of an enemy
model (you do not have to pick the
target for the charge before making
the charge roll). If that’s impossible,
or you decide not to make the charge
move, the charge fails and no models
in the unit can move in this phase.

Once all models in one unit have

made their charge moves, you can
pick another eligible unit to make a
charge attempt, until all units that
you want to make charge attempts A unit of Castigators prepares to open fire on a Chainrasp Horde.
have done so.
Battles are decided by the spilling of blood. Arrows fall like rain, war machines hurl their deadly payloads at
the foe, and warriors cut and stab at each other with blade and claw. Soldiers fall from grievous wounds and
fortifications burn as carnage engulfs the battlefield.

When a unit shoots or fights, it MISSILE WEAPONS ATTACKS

makes attacks with the weapons it In order to attack with a missile CHARACTERISTIC
is armed with. A unit attacks with weapon, the model using the weapon The maximum number of attacks
all the weapons it is armed with, must be in range of the target unit that can be made by a weapon is
including any used by its mount. (i.e. within the maximum distance, equal to its Attacks characteristic.
in inches, of the Range listed for the Make the attacks one at a time,
The weapon options a model has weapon making the attack), and the unless you are using the rules for
are listed on its warscroll. Missile target unit must be visible to the Multiple Attacks (pg 232).
weapons can only be used in model with the weapon (if unsure,
the shooting phase, and melee stoop down and look from behind If a weapon has an Attacks
weapons can only be used in the the shooting model to see if a model characteristic of more than one,
combat phase. from the target unit is visible). you can split the attacks between
For the purposes of determining any eligible target units you wish.
visibility, a model can see through When you split the attacks made
PICKING TARGETS other models in its unit. by a weapon between two or more
When a unit shoots or fights, you enemy units, you must resolve all of
must first pick the target unit(s) for Some missile weapons have a Range the attacks against one unit before
all of the weapons it is using, before characteristic with a minimum moving on to the next one.
any of the attacks with the weapons range, for example 6"-48". Such
are resolved. Only enemy units can weapons cannot attack units that are Some models are armed with
be chosen as the target for an attack. wholly within the shorter range. two identical weapons. When
attacking with these weapons, do
If a unit can use two or more MELEE WEAPONS not double the number of attacks
different weapons in the same phase, In order to make an attack with a that the weapons make; either
the unit can use the weapons in any melee weapon, a model must be in the Attacks characteristic for the
order you wish after targets have range of the target unit. weapon will already take the extra
been picked, but you must resolve all weapon into account, or the model
of the attacks for one type of weapon will get an ability on its warscroll
before using the next type of weapon. that represents the effect of the
additional weapon.

A Chainrasp Horde charges in to attack a unit of Sequitors.

Attacks are resolved one at a time using the following attack sequence. Add 1 to save rolls for a unit
In some cases, you can resolve all of the attacks made by the same type if all of its models are wholly
of weapon at the same time (see Multiple Attacks, below). on or within a terrain feature
when the rolls are made. This
1. Hit Roll: Roll a dice. If the roll equals or beats the attacking weapon’s modifier does not apply in the
To Hit characteristic, then it scores a hit and you must make a wound combat phase if the unit you
roll. If not, the attack fails and the attack sequence ends. A hit roll of are making save rolls for made
1 before modification always fails to hit the target, and a hit roll of 6 a charge move in the same
before modification always hits the target. turn, and never applies to units
containing models with the
2. Wound Roll: Roll a dice. If the roll equals or beats the attacking MONSTER or WAR MACHINE
weapon’s To Wound characteristic, then it is successful and the keyword that have a Wounds
opposing player must make a save roll. If not, then the attack characteristic of 8 or more.
fails and the attack sequence ends. A wound roll of 1 before
modification always fails, and a wound roll of 6 before modification
is always successful.
3. Save Roll: The opposing player rolls a dice, modifying the roll by the Some attacks, spells and
attacking weapon’s Rend characteristic. For example, if a weapon has abilities inflict mortal wounds.
a -1 Rend characteristic, then 1 is subtracted from the save roll. If Do not make hit, wound or
the result equals or beats the Save characteristic of the models in the save rolls for mortal wounds.
target unit, the save succeeds and the attack sequence ends without Instead, the damage inflicted
causing any damage. If not, the save fails and the attack is successful, on the target is equal to the
and you must determine damage on the target unit. A save roll of 1 number of mortal wounds that
before modification always fails. were suffered. Allocate any
mortal wounds that are caused
4. Determine Damage: Each successful attack inflicts damage on the while a unit is attacking at the
target unit equal to the Damage characteristic of the weapon making same time as any other wounds
the attack. Most weapons have a Damage characteristic of 1, but some caused by the unit’s attacks,
have a Damage characteristic of 2 or more. after all of the unit’s attacks
have been completed. Mortal
wounds caused at other times
MULTIPLE ATTACKS Wounds are allocated one at a time are allocated to models in the
In order to resolve several attacks to models in the target unit. You can target unit as soon as they
at once, all of the attacks must be allocate the wounds inflicted on your occur, in the same manner as
made by models from the same unit, units as you see fit (the models do wounds caused by damage from
with the same type of weapon, and not have to be within range or visible an attack.
against the same target unit. If this to the attacking unit). However, if
is the case, make all of the hit rolls at you allocate a wound to a model, After they have been allocated,
the same time, then all of the wound you must keep on allocating wounds a mortal wound is treated in
rolls, and finally all of the save rolls. to that model until it is slain – a the same manner as any other
unit can never have more than one wound for all rules purposes.
wounded model.
Sometimes a single successful hit roll SLAIN MODELS
will score 2 or more hits. If this is the Once the number of wounds
case, make all of the wound rolls for allocated to a model during
those hits at the same time, and then the battle equals its Wounds
all of the save rolls. characteristic, the model is slain.
Place a slain model to one side – it is
removed from play.
ALLOCATING WOUNDS Some abilities allow you to make
Once all of a unit’s attacks have been a roll to negate a wound or mortal HEALING WOUNDS
resolved, add up the damage that was wound allocated to a model; in Some abilities allow wounds that
inflicted. The player commanding this case the roll is made for each have been allocated to a model to
the target unit must then allocate individual wound or mortal wound be healed. For each wound that is
a number of wounds to the target as it is allocated to the model in healed, remove one of the wounds
unit equal to the damage that question. If the wound or mortal that have been allocated to the
was inflicted. wound is negated it has no effect on model. You can’t heal wounds on a
the model. model that has been slain.
The realms are saturated with magic, a seething source of power for those with the wit to wield it. In battle, magic
is a force as real and potent as a sword blade. It can be used to infuse allies with strength and valour, and enemies
with frailty and dread. More commonly, wizards unshackle the raw power of magic to smite their foes with bolts
of eldritch power.

Some units have the WIZARD the casting value of the spell, the wound. If the casting roll was 10
keyword on their warscroll. You can spell is successfully cast. or more, the unit suffers D3 mortal
use a wizard to cast spells in your wounds instead.
hero phase, or to unbind spells in If a spell is cast, the opposing player
your opponent’s hero phase. can choose one of their WIZARDS Mystic Shield: Mystic Shield has
that is within 30" of the caster to a casting value of 6. If successfully
Sometimes an ability will allow a attempt to unbind the spell before cast, pick a friendly unit within 18"
model that is not a wizard to attempt its effects are applied. To unbind a of the caster that is visible to them.
to cast or unbind spells. They do spell, roll 2D6. If the roll beats the Re-roll save rolls of 1 for that unit
so using the rules below and are roll used to cast the spell, then the until your next hero phase.
affected by abilities that modify spell is not successfully cast. Only
casting or unbinding rolls, but one attempt can be made to unbind
they are not a wizard for any other a spell.
rules purposes.
LORES OF MAGIC Wizards are usually fielded
CASTING SPELLS The spells a WIZARD knows, and the as a unit consisting of just
A WIZARD can attempt to cast spells number of spells it can attempt to one model. If a unit with the
in its own hero phase. You cannot cast or unbind in a hero phase, are WIZARD keyword has more
attempt to cast the same spell more detailed on the wizard’s warscroll. than one model, it counts as
than once in the same turn (even Most wizards know the following a single wizard for all rules
with a different wizard). Arcane Bolt and Mystic Shield spells. purposes, and you must pick
a model from the unit to cast
In order to cast a spell, first say Arcane Bolt: Arcane Bolt has a or unbind a spell before you
which spell the wizard is going to casting value of 5. If successfully attempt to cast or unbind it;
attempt to use (it must be one they cast, pick an enemy unit within measure the distance and
know). To cast the spell, roll 2D6. If 18" of the caster that is visible to check visibility using the model
the total is equal to or greater than them. That unit suffers 1 mortal you picked.

If your army won a major victory in its previous battle, roll a dice when
Victory in battle can inspire you pick your general and look up the result on the table below.
warriors to even greater feats of
valour when they fight again.
Confident in their ability to defeat D6 Triumph
the foe, they may be inspired to 1-2 Inspired: Once per battle, when a friendly unit is selected to shoot
redouble their efforts when they or fight, you can say that it is inspired. If you do so, re-roll failed
attack, or hack at the foe with hit rolls for that unit until the end of the phase.
bloodthirsty fury, or to carry on
fighting with an indomitable spirit 3-4 Bloodthirsty: Once per battle, when a friendly unit is selected to
even if they have grievous wounds. shoot or fight, you can say that it is bloodthirsty. If you do so, re-
roll failed wound rolls for that unit until the end of the phase.

5-6 Indomitable: Once per battle, when a friendly unit has to make
a save roll, you can say that it is indomitable. If you do so, re-roll
failed save rolls for that unit until the end of the phase.
A Knight-Incantor casts Arcane Bolt at a unit of Grimghast Reapers, mortally wounding two of them.

A host of Nighthaunt units led by a Guardian of Souls advances towards a Celestar Ballista.
Be they pillars of flame, altars of brass or haunted ruins, the realms are filled with strange sights and deadly
obstacles. Mighty skull-studded fortresses rise from plains littered with bones, while other, older ruins mark the
scarred and smoking landscapes of the Mortal Realms. These are the sites of battlefields and massacres, ruled over
by power-hungry warlords.

The rules for movement and cover

explain how models can cross or take SCENERY TABLE
cover on terrain features. Terrain
features are considered to be friendly D6 Scenery Rule
to both sides and cannot be chosen Damned: At the start of your hero phase, you can pick one
as the target of an attack. friendly unit within 1" of a Damned terrain feature to make
a sacrifice. If you do so, that unit suffers D3 mortal wounds, but
you can re-roll hit rolls of 1 for it until your next hero phase.

Arcane: Add 1 to casting or unbinding rolls for WIZARDS

while they are within 1" of any Arcane terrain features.

Inspiring: Add 1 to the Bravery characteristic of units while

they are within 1" of any Inspiring terrain features.
When you set up the terrain for a
battle, you and your opponent can Deadly: Roll a dice for each unit that finishes a normal move
agree to give each terrain feature one or charge move within 1" of any Deadly terrain features. On
of the scenery rules from the Scenery a 1, that unit suffers D3 mortal wounds.
table on the right if you wish. Either
pick a scenery rule for each terrain Mystical: Roll a dice each time you allocate a wound or
feature, or roll a dice for each terrain mortal wound to a model within 1" of any Mystical terrain
feature to randomly determine a features. On a 6+ the wound or mortal wound is negated.
rule. If a warscroll is available for a
terrain feature, you can use the rules Sinister: Subtract 1 from the Bravery characteristic of units
on the warscroll instead of using a while they are within 1" of any Sinister terrain features.
rule from the Scenery table.

OBSTACLES feature is wholly within the unit’s In addition, subtract 1 from the
Some terrain features are obstacles territory. Alternatively, a unit can hit rolls of attacks made against a
that block attacks to targets that lie garrison a terrain feature instead of garrisoning unit.
beyond them. When this is the case, making a normal move if all of its
it will be noted on the warscroll for models are within 6" of the terrain A garrisoning unit can leave in your
the terrain feature. feature, and there are no enemy movement phase. When it does, set
models within 3" of the terrain it up so that all models from the unit
When a missile weapon targets an feature or already garrisoning it. are within 6" of the terrain feature
enemy unit that has all of its models and more than 3" from any enemy
within 1" of an obstacle, then the Units that garrison a terrain feature units. This counts as their move for
target unit receives the benefit are removed from the battlefield and that movement phase.
of cover if the attacking model is are assumed to be ‘inside’ the terrain
closer to the obstacle than it is to the feature. Units must treat a terrain Many terrain features that can be
target unit. feature garrisoned by the enemy as if garrisoned include flat areas upon
it were an enemy model. which models can stand. Only
garrisoning models can be placed
GARRISONS The range and visibility to or from or moved onto the flat areas (other
Some terrain features can be the garrisoning unit is determined to models that can fly can move over
garrisoned by units. When this is the or from the terrain feature instead. flat areas but cannot finish a move
case, it will be noted on the warscroll A garrisoning model can attack or be placed on that area unless they
for the terrain feature. and be attacked, cast or unbind are part of the garrison). Doing so
spells, and use abilities, but cannot is purely decorative; these models
A unit can be set up as a garrison move. A garrisoning unit counts are still treated as garrisoning the
at the start of a battle if the terrain as being in cover if it is attacked. terrain feature for rules purposes.
Before you can wage war in a game The maps we include with our
of Warhammer Age of Sigmar, you battleplans assume that the OBJECTIVES
must select a battleplan. battlefield is a 6' by 4' rectangle. If Battles are sometimes fought
you are using a battlefield that is to gain control of one or more
We have included a battleplan here a different size or shape, you will vitally important locations.
– First Blood – which is ideal to get need to adjust distances, and the In Warhammer Age of
the action started quickly. Other location of territories, objectives Sigmar, these locations are
battleplans can be found in the and terrain features, in a way that is called objectives, and use the
books we publish for Warhammer appropriate for the size and shape of following rules.
Age of Sigmar, or you can use a the battlefield you are using.
battleplan of your own creation. If If a battle has any objectives,
you and your opponent can’t agree SPECIAL RULES then the battleplan will say
on which battleplan to use, roll 3 Many battleplans include one where they are located upon
off, and the winner decides which or more special rules. These cover the battlefield. Objectives need
battleplan is used. unique situations, tactics or abilities to be represented by a suitable
which can be used during the marker, such as a coin. Even
battle, or which affect how you pick better, if you have components
BATTLEPLAN your army or set up terrain on the available, you can model
INSTRUCTIONS battlefield. The ‘First Blood’ rule in your own objective markers
All battleplans include a set of the First Blood battleplan, opposite, using parts from Citadel
instructions that describe how a is an example of a special rule. Miniatures kits.
battle is fought.
GLORIOUS VICTORY When measuring distances to
TITLE 4 Most battleplans will tell you and from objectives, always
1 The name of the battleplan when the battle ends and what you measure to and from the centre
and a short description of the need to do in order to win the game. of the marker.
circumstances of the battle, to give If neither player manages to achieve
you an understanding of what it is a victory then the game is considered At the end of each player’s turn,
about and what you will need to do to be a draw. you must check to see if either
in order to be victorious. player has gained control of
If the battleplan does not explain any objectives. To do so, you
SET-UP how to win the battle, you must slay and your opponent must count
2 Each battleplan includes a all of the models in the opposing up the number of models you
map that shows where each side army to win a major victory. If have within 6" of the centre
can set up the models in their army neither player has done this by of each objective; you gain
(called the army’s territory), and the end of the fifth battle round, control of an objective where
will list any restrictions that apply to the player that has slain a higher your count is higher than your
setting up. percentage of models in the opposing opponent’s count. Once you
army than they have lost from their gain control of an objective,
own army wins a minor victory. it remains under your control
until the enemy is able to gain
control of it.


3 A model can only be counted

towards gaining control of one
objective per turn. If one of
your models could be counted
towards gaining more than one
objective, you must pick which
one they are counted towards
that turn.

Two armies meet upon an open SET-UP FIRST BLOOD
battlefield. Each must strive to The players roll off, and the winner The player in command of the army
destroy as many of the enemy as decides which territory each side will that first slays an enemy model
possible – whoever first spills the use. The territories are shown on the receives 1 extra command point.
blood of their foe will be inspired to map below.
fight all the harder!
The players then alternate setting GLORIOUS VICTORY
Designer’s Note: In the Mortal up units one at a time, starting The battle continues until one player
Realms, battles are brutal and with the player that won the roll- has no units left on the battlefield,
uncompromising. They are often off to determine territories. Units or at the end of the fifth battle round
fought to the bitter end, the victorious must be set up wholly within their should this occur sooner.
side having destroyed its foe entirely. own territory, more than 12" from
enemy territory. When the battle ends, each player
However, as all wise generals know, calculates a victory score by adding
wiping out the opposing army does Continue to set up units until both up the Wounds characteristics of all
not in and of itself guarantee success. players have set up their armies. If the models from the opposing army
If one side slaughters the other but one player finishes first, the opposing that were slain during the battle. If
suffers massive casualties in doing so, player sets up the rest of the units in one player beats their opponent’s
then their victory is pyrrhic indeed. their army, one after another. score by 50% or more, they win
a major victory. Otherwise the
In this battle, the annihilation of player with the higher score wins a
the foe must be achieved without minor victory.
allowing the enemy to inflict more
damage on the conquering army than
was suffered in return. The victor will
therefore be the side that causes the
most bloodshed, rather than the side
that is simply left standing once the
battle is over.
Every Citadel Miniature in the The result applies to that model’s Many abilities are triggered by
Warhammer range has its own weapon for the rest of that phase. something that happens during
warscroll, which provides you When determining random damage the phase. For example, an ability
with all of the information needed in step four of the attack sequence, may allow you to re-roll a failed hit
to use that model in a game of make a separate roll to generate the roll. In this case the ability is used
Warhammer Age of Sigmar. The key value for each successful attack the immediately after the event that
below explains what you will find on weapon makes. triggered it.
a warscroll.
All warscrolls include a
WARSCROLL RULES description. This will tell you how to
All warscrolls include rules that tell organise the models into a unit, and
you how the model described by the what weapons the models in the unit
warscroll is used in a battle. can use.


Warscrolls include a set of If a model is fielded as part of a
characteristics that are referred to unit of two or more models, then
in the core game rules and which the description will say how many
determine how the model can be models the unit should have. If you
used in the game. For example, don’t have enough models to field a
a model’s Save characteristic unit, you can field one unit of that
determines what you must roll in type with as many models as you
order to make a save roll, a weapon’s have available. This is known as an
Attacks characteristic determines understrength unit.
how many hit rolls are made for it,
and so on. Command Models
Some units can include uniquely
Save of ‘-’ named champions, standard bearers
Some models have a Save of ‘-’. A and/or musicians. These are known
Save of ‘-’ means that you must roll a collectively as ‘command models’, Other abilities can be used during
7 or more. In most cases this will be and will have abilities that apply only a phase if a player wants to use
impossible, so no roll need be made, to them. Command models must be them. For example, you can use
but sometimes modifiers will allow represented by appropriate Citadel most command abilities in the hero
you to modify a save roll so that a Miniatures if they are included in a phase. Abilities that must be used at
result of 7 or higher is possible, in unit. Command models are assumed the start of a phase are carried out
which case you can attempt to make to carry the same weapons as any before any other actions. By the same
the save roll. other model in the unit unless noted token, abilities used at the end of the
otherwise, even if they are not shown phase are carried out after all normal
Random Values on the model itself. activities for the phase have been
Sometimes, one or more completed. Other abilities can be
characteristics on a warscroll will Mounts used over the course of the phase, in
have random values. For example, a Sometimes the description for a any order and whenever you desire.
Move characteristic might be 2D6, model will include information If both players want to use abilities at
or an Attacks characteristic might about the model having a mount, the same time, the player whose turn
be D6. such as a battle steed, a powerful is taking place uses their abilities
monster that they can ride, or a first, followed by their opponent.
When a unit with a random Move massive war machine that they can
characteristic is selected to move stand upon. Note that when the Note that abilities can only be used
in the movement phase, roll the model is slain both the rider and in the phase specified in their rules;
indicated number of dice. The their mount are removed. for example, an ability that says
total of the dice rolled is the Move it can be used in ‘the movement
characteristic for all models in ABILITIES phase’ cannot be used to affect a unit
the unit for the duration of that Most warscrolls include one making a move in the hero phase,
movement phase. or more abilities that can be used while an ability that says it can be
by the warscroll’s models during a used in ‘your movement phase’
Generate any random values for a game of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. cannot be used in the opponent’s
weapon (apart from Damage) each Abilities take precedence over the movement phase.
time it is used by a model. core rules.
If a unit has an ability that affects D3, the result would be worked out Sometimes you will be allowed to
friendly units that are within a by rolling the D3 and adding 1 to assign or add a keyword to a unit
certain distance of it, then the ability the roll. for a battle. If you do so, treat the
will also affect the unit itself. unit as having the assigned keyword
DAMAGE TABLES on its warscroll for the duration of
Lastly, any extra attacks, hit rolls or Some models have a damage the battle.
wound rolls gained by the use of an table that is used to determine one or
ability cannot themselves generate more of the model’s characteristics.
extra attacks, hit rolls or wound Look up the number of wounds
rolls. For example, if a hit roll of 6 the model has suffered (i.e. that are
or more allows you to make 1 extra currently allocated to the model and
attack, this extra attack could not have not been healed) to find the PRE-BATTLE
generate further attacks should you value in question. ABILITIES
roll another 6+. Some warscrolls allow you to
KEYWORDS use an ability ‘after set-up is
Modifiers Every warscroll includes a list complete’ or ‘before the battle
Sometimes modifiers apply to of keywords that apply to the model begins’. These abilities are used
characteristics or abilities. For the warscroll describes. Keywords before the first battle round. If
example, a rule might add 1 to a hit appear in KEYWORD BOLD when both armies have abilities like
roll or the Move characteristic of a they appear in the rules. this, roll off, and the winner
model. Modifiers are cumulative. can choose which player must
Modifiers can never reduce a dice Keywords are sometimes linked to use all of their pre-battle
roll to less than 1. (or ‘tagged’) by a rule. For example, abilities first.
a rule might say that it applies to
If a modifier applies to a random ‘all KHORNE models’. This means After any pre-battle abilities
value, work out the random value that it would apply to models that have been used, the battle
first and then apply the modifier(s) have the KHORNE keyword on begins with the first
to it. For example, if an ability adds their warscroll. battle round.
1 to a Damage characteristic of
Including a warscroll battalion
If you wish, you can organise the If the entry for a unit is a KEYWORD , in an army confers two
units in your army into a special type then any unit with that keyword can additional bonuses:
of formation by using a warscroll be used (including any units that you
battalion. Doing so will give you assign a keyword to). • You receive 1 command
access to additional abilities that can point at the start of the battle
be used by the units in the battalion. During set-up, you can set up for each warscroll battalion
some or all of the units from a included in your army.
The following rules apply to a warscroll battalion at the same
warscroll battalion, in addition to time rather than setting up each • If you are using the rules
the rules that apply to a warscroll. unit individually. for allegiance abilities (pg
242-243), you can take 1 extra
BATTALION BATTALION ABILITIES artefact of power for each
ORGANISATION The abilities listed for a warscroll battalion included
A warscroll battalion is made up of warscroll battalion only apply to in your army.
two or more units. You must decide the units that make it up (even if
which warscroll battalions you there are other units of the same
want to use and which units are in type in your army), and they are in
each one when you pick your army. addition to the abilities listed on the
Reinforcements cannot be part of a units’ warscrolls.
warscroll battalion.
Usually, a unit can only belong
The organisation section of a to one battalion, and so can only
battalion lists the titles or keywords benefit from a single set of battalion
for the units it can or must include. If abilities. However, some very large
an entry is the title of a unit, any unit battalions include other, smaller
with that title can be used (you can battalions, and in this case it is
ignore sub-headers under the title possible for a unit to benefit from the
unless they are included in the entry abilities of two different battalions at
for the unit). Understrength units the same time.
(pg 238) cannot be used as part of a
warscroll battalion.
After picking a battleplan to use, Any such spells are in addition to the
you can pick a Mortal Realm for spells that the wizard already knows. REGIONS OF WAR
the battle to take place in. If you Each Mortal Realm is truly
do so, the Mortal Realm that you REALMSCAPE FEATURES vast, and contains myriad
pick will determine which Realm The geography of each realm, incredible regions. Sometimes,
of Battle rules you can use for your its climate, and the flora and fauna a Realm of Battle will include
game. If you can’t agree on the that inhabit it are hugely varied and details of one or more of these
Mortal Realm to use, roll off and the diverse, and can have a major impact regions. If this is the case, the
winner decides. on battles that are fought there. player that picked the realm can
also say that the battle is taking
REALM COMMANDS place in one of the regions,
REALM OF BATTLE RULES Each realm has a set of allowing the Realm of Battle
The Mortal Realm you have chosen unique command abilities that can rules that are specific to the
determines which (if any) of the be used by the HEROES that are region to be used.
Realm of Battle rules apply to the fighting there.
battle that is taking place there.

Sets of Realm of Battle rules are

included in many of the books THE MORTAL REALMS
published for Warhammer Age of The Mortal Realms you can
Sigmar, and new ones are being choose from are:
added all the time. On pages 254-260
you will find Realm of Battle rules • Aqshy, Realm of Fire
for each of the Mortal Realms. • Shyish, Realm of Death
• Ghyran, Realm of Life
REALMSPHERE MAGIC • Hysh, Realm of Light
WIZARDS can know • Ghur, Realm of Beasts
additional spells that are aligned • Chamon, Realm of Metal
with the energies of the Mortal • Ulgu, Realm of Shadow
Realm in which they are located.

This game is set in arid,

Chaos-tainted Aqshy.
Introducing Realm of Battle
rules to your game adds a
new and characterful angle.
If your army has an allegiance, you any units that you assign a keyword TYPES OF ABILITY
can use a set of allegiance abilities to during set-up. For example, if Most allegiance abilities include
for it in your games of Warhammer all of the units in an army have the sets of battle traits, command traits,
Age of Sigmar. Allegiance abilities STORMCAST ETERNAL keyword, artefacts of power and spell lores.
allow your army to use additional then the army can have allegiance to These are sometimes presented on
abilities and spells. the Stormcast Eternals faction, and a table – you can either roll on that
would be referred to as a Stormcast table to randomly generate an ability
Sets of allegiance abilities are Eternal army. or you can choose one. Remember
included in many of the books that allegiance abilities cannot be
published for Warhammer Age of used by allied units in your army.
Sigmar, and new ones are being
added all the time. The rules in this NAMED CHARACTERS
section explain how to use allegiance Named characters such as Nagash,
abilities in your games. Archaon and Alarielle are singular
and mighty warriors, with their own
personalities and artefacts of power.
ARMY ALLEGIANCE As such, these models cannot have a
When you choose your army, you command trait or artefact of power.
can also choose an allegiance for
it. If you do so, you can use the BATTLE TRAITS
allegiance abilities that correspond An army that shares common goals
to the allegiance you have chosen. and ideals is much deadlier than a
If an army can have more than one ragtag force of unlikely allies. To
allegiance, you must pick one to represent this, armies that share the
apply to it during the game. same allegiance often benefit from
ALLIES powerful additional abilities called
GRAND ALLIANCES One out of every four units included battle traits.
Units in Warhammer Age of in an army can be an allied unit.
Sigmar owe allegiance to one of the COMMAND TRAITS
Grand Alliances – either Order, Allied units are treated as part of Whether cunning strategist or
Chaos, Death or Destruction. The your army, except that they are not berserk butcher, every general has
Grand Alliance a unit belongs to is included when working out your a unique style of command. If your
determined by the keywords on its army’s allegiance, and can therefore general is a HERO and the allegiance
warscroll. For example, a unit with be part of a different Grand Alliance abilities for your army include any
the DEATH keyword is part of the or faction. In addition, an allied command traits, you can choose or
Death Grand Alliance. model cannot be the army’s general, roll for one for your general. If, for
and cannot use or benefit from your any reason, you must select a new
An army has allegiance to a Grand army’s allegiance abilities. general during a battle, immediately
Alliance if all the units in the army choose or roll for a trait for them.
are part of that Grand Alliance The factions that an army can ally Command traits have no effect on
(including any units that you assign with can be found in its battletome, attacks made by a general’s mount
a keyword to during set-up). For or with its Pitched Battle Profiles in unless noted otherwise.
example, if all of the units in an the current edition of the General’s
army have the ORDER keyword, then Handbook. For example, a Stormcast ARTEFACTS OF POWER
the army can have allegiance to the Eternal army can have allies from These treasures are borne to war
Order Grand Alliance, and would be any other ORDER faction. by mighty heroes. If the allegiance
referred to as an Order army. abilities for your army include any
REINFORCEMENTS artefacts of power, you can choose
FACTIONS Units that are added to your army or roll for one to be carried by a
Many units also owe allegiance to once a battle is under way can be HERO from your army. You may
a faction that is part of one of the allies. They do not count against the choose one additional HERO to
Grand Alliances. For example, limit on the number of allied units have an artefact for each warscroll
Stormcast Eternals are a faction of you can include in the army. battalion you include in your army.
the Order Grand Alliance. A HERO cannot have more than one
WARSCROLL BATTALIONS artefact of power, and an army may
An army can have allegiance to a A warscroll battalion can include not include duplicates of the same
faction instead of a Grand Alliance allies. They do not count against the artefact of power. Artefacts of power
if all the units in the army have the limit on the number of allied units have no effect on attacks made by a
keyword for that faction, including you can include in the army. hero’s mount unless noted otherwise.
This Nurgle army is comprised not only of Rotbringers from the Maggotkin of Nurgle battletome, but also skaven from
the Skaven Pestilens battletome. All of its units have the NURGLE keyword, and hence it uses Nurgle allegiance abilities.

WIZARDS may know additional
spells drawn from lores of magic
that are only used by the faction
or Grand Alliance they are part of.
If the allegiance abilities for your
army include any spell lores, each
WIZARD in your army knows one of
the spells from the lore, in addition
to any other spells they know.

Some sets of allegiance abilities will
include other types of unique ability.
When this is the case, the set of
allegiance abilities will explain how
and when they are used.
ll across the Mortal Realms, mighty armies of warriors
from the four Grand Alliances fight endless wars of
conquest and destruction. In this section you will find
sets of allegiance abilities for each of the four Grand Alliances
– Order, Chaos, Death and Destruction – and sets of Realm of
Battle rules for seven of the Mortal Realms – Aqshy, Chamon,
Ghur, Ghyran, Hysh, Shyish and Ulgu.

Using the rules in this section will help bring your battles to life.
The Grand Alliance allegiance abilities allow you to field armies
that act and fight in the way they are described in the history and
background you have read about the Age of Sigmar. For example,
armies from the Grand Alliance of Order will stand bravely and
carry on fighting in the face of adversity, while Chaos armies
will unpredictably lash out with zealous fury. In addition, each
Grand Alliance has a set of command traits that reflect the
distinctive characteristics of the generals that lead these armies
into battle, and a set of rules for the unique magical artefacts that
are used by the Grand Alliance’s heroes.

The Realm of Battle rules reflect the ways that the different
Mortal Realms affect battles that are fought in them. The magic
found in each Mortal Realm allows wizards to cast certain spells
that can only be used in that realm, while different regions of
each realm can have a profound effect on the battles that are
fought there. For example, some regions in Aqshy are filled with
smoke and steam, making it hard to see targets unless they are
close by, while there are areas of Shyish that are buffeted by
deathly winds that can snuff out the life of those that breathe
them in.

Finally, the Endless Spells rules allow you to recreate the effects
of Nagash’s necroquake on the magical energies of the realms,
representing the new permanent and predatory nature of spells
cast by all manner of mage and sorcerer in your games.

All these things and more can be included in your games of

Warhammer Age of Sigmar. The rules for using allegiance
abilities can be found on pages 242-243, and those for Realm of
Battle rules can be found on page 241. So long as you and your
opponent agree, you can include any of these enriching rules sets
in any of your games.
This section describes the allegiance abilities available to an Order army, including battle traits for the army,
command traits for its general and the artefacts of power available to its heroes.

Defiant Avengers: The forces COMMAND TRAITS
of Order are confident of their
abilities and are determined to D6 Command Trait
drive the minions of Chaos from the 1 Strategic Genius: This mighty battle leader is a master of the art
Mortal Realms. of war, a keen strategist capable of turning the tide of battle with a
single action.
In the battleshock phase, you can
re-roll battleshock tests for friendly At the start of the first battle round, you receive 1 extra
ORDER units. command point.

2 Inspiring: This renowned hero is so celebrated in legend that his

mere presence on the battlefield inspires his followers to feats of
incredible valour.

Friendly ORDER units do not have to take battleshock tests while

they are within 6" of this general.

3 Dauntless: With a mighty bellow the general hurls himself at

his enemies, heedless of any obstacle or peril that might come
before him.

You can re-roll charge rolls for this general.

4 Tenacious: Tough and robust, this warrior is incredibly hard

to kill, fighting on long past injuries which would have felled a
normal man.

Add 1 to this general’s Wounds characteristic.

5 Legendary Fighter: The general moves in a blur of speed, his

weapon an extension of his arm. With a flurry of blows he forces
his foe into submission.

When this general is selected to fight, add 1 to the Attacks

characteristic of one of their melee weapons for that fight.

6 Master of Defence: This wise warrior has studied the art of

defensive warfare and is almost impossible to hit, parrying and
feinting to evade his foe’s attacks.

Each time you allocate a wound or mortal wound to this general,

roll a dice. On a 6+ the wound is negated.

Stormcast Eternals
D6 Artefact
1 Quicksilver Potion: This potion is brewed from 4 Hoarfrost: Hoarfrost is all that remains of the
the liquid metal found in the lakes of Viscid enchanted glacier Fjoerdos. Those struck by it
Flux. When drunk before battle commences, it find their blood freezing solid in their veins.
imbues the user with lightning-fast reflexes.
Pick one of the bearer’s melee weapons. If an
Once per battle, at the start of the combat phase, enemy model is allocated any wounds from this
you can use this potion. If you do so, in that weapon and is not slain, subtract 1 from that
combat phase, the bearer (and its mount, if it model’s hit rolls for the rest of the battle.
has one) fights immediately, instead of fighting
later in that combat phase. 5 Talisman of Blinding Light: The runes on this
amulet’s multifaceted surfaces blaze with the
2 Obstinate Blade: This enchanted blade is a light of Hysh. It emits dazzling arcs of white light
symbol of supremacy that cleaves through even that blind those who look upon it.
daemonsteel as if it were gossamer.
Once per battle, at the start of the combat phase,
Pick one of the bearer’s melee weapons. Improve you can use this amulet. If you do so, in that
the Rend characteristic of the weapon by 1. combat phase, subtract 1 from hit rolls made for
attacks that target the bearer.
3 Relic Blade: Some say the Relic Blade is a
remnant of the World Before Time. Whether this 6 Phoenix Stone: Phoenix Stones are incredibly
is true or not, it can part heads from necks with a rare gems that can be found buried within
single swing. the blackened granite rock formations of the
Brimstone Peninsula. Wearing such a stone
Pick one of the bearer’s melee weapons. Increase against the skin can heal injuries and ward off
the Damage characteristic of that weapon by 1. any disease.

In each hero phase, you can heal 1 wound that

has been allocated to the bearer.
This section describes the allegiance abilities available to a Chaos army, including battle traits for the army,
command traits for its general and the artefacts of power available to its heroes.

Unbridled Malice: The servants of COMMAND TRAITS
the Chaos Gods are bloody defilers
that corrupt anything in their path. D6 Command Trait
Occasionally, their devotion to the 1 Dark Avenger: This mighty Chaos battle leader loathes the
Ruinous Powers will drive them to followers of Order and has vowed to destroy any foolish enough to
even greater acts of wanton murder. meet him in battle.

When a friendly CHAOS unit is Add 1 to hit rolls for this general’s melee weapons if the target unit
picked to fight, roll a dice if it is has the ORDER keyword.
within 12" of your general or 3" of a
friendly HERO. On a 6+, add 1 to hit 2 Spiteful Duellist: The enemy’s defences mean nothing to this
rolls for the unit for that fight. unrelenting leader, each of his vicious attacks fuelled by the hatred
that drives him.

Each time this general is picked to fight, you can re-roll one
wound roll for one of their attacks in that fight.

3 Cunning Deceiver: Myriad are the stratagems and ruses known

by this corrupt trickster, who weaves the threads of fate to better his
own chances of victory.

Roll a dice at the start of each of your hero phases as long as

this general has not been slain. On a 5+ you receive 1 extra
command point.

4 Lord of War: This warlord is so feared by those under his

command that he can incite them to ever greater acts of barbarism
with but a glance.

In your hero phase, pick a friendly CHAOS unit within 3" of this
general and roll a dice. On a 4+ you can add 1 to hit rolls for the
unit you picked until your next hero phase.

5 Terrifying Presence: Warped and corrupted by Chaos, this foul

warrior is horrible to behold, his presence casting a pall of terror
over any who venture near.

Subtract 1 from the Bravery characteristic of enemy units while

they are within 3" of this general.

6 Malicious Conqueror: This grim warlord inspires his followers to

perform acts of terrible mayhem – woe betide the brave and foolish
who stand before him in battle.

Add 1 to Unbridled Malice dice rolls (see battle trait) for units
while they are within 12" of this general.

Nurgle Rotbringers
Lord of Blights
D6 Artefact
1 Daemon Weapon: This weapon is possessed 4 Chaos Talisman: Every Chaos Talisman is
by the spirit of a bound daemon. Furious at marked with the icon of the bearer’s patron god,
its imprisonment, the daemon lashes out with and carries some of their dark power. Depending
magical fury. on the whim of the gods, the talisman may
occasionally protect its wearer from harm.
Pick one of the bearer’s melee weapons. Each
time you roll a wound roll of 6+ for that weapon, Roll a dice each time you allocate a wound or
that attack inflicts 1 mortal wound in addition mortal wound to the bearer. On a 6+, the wound
to its normal damage. is negated. Add 1 to the roll if the wound was
inflicted by a model with the ORDER keyword.
2 Chaos Runeblade: The blade of this weapon is
marked with Chaos runes of damnation that 5 Favour of the Gods: The Chaos Gods bestow
allow the bearer to strike again and again. their blessings upon favoured followers,
gifting them with some mark or mutation,
Pick one of the bearer’s melee weapons. Increase and strengthening them with the raw energy
the Attacks characteristic of that weapon by 1. of Chaos.

3 Beguiling Gem: This rough-hewn gemstone Add 1 to the Wounds characteristic of

glows with an unnatural light, drawing the the bearer.
attention of those nearby, dulling their wits and
mesmerizing them into immobility. 6 Crown of Conquest: This eight-pointed crown is
a mark of the wearer’s total devotion to the Dark
Once per battle, at the start of the combat phase, Gods. The mere sight of a champion wearing
you can pick one enemy model within 3" of the this crown fills the followers of Chaos with
bearer. Subtract 1 from hit rolls made for that frenzied bravado.
model in that phase.
Friendly CHAOS units do not have to take
battleshock tests while they are within 6" of
the bearer.
This section describes the allegiance abilities available to a Destruction army, including battle traits for the army,
command traits for its general and the artefacts of power available to its heroes.

Rampaging Destroyers: Those that COMMAND TRAITS
owe allegiance to Destruction are
always eager to get to grips with D6 Command Trait
their enemies. 1 Nothing Left Standing: This tyrant tears down walls and turns
forests to splinters in his endless rage. Only ruins and ashes are left
In your hero phase, roll a dice for in the wake of his rampages.
your general and each friendly
DESTRUCTION HERO on the In your hero phase, pick a terrain feature that is within 6" of this
battlefield. Add 2 to the roll for the general and at least 5 other friendly DESTRUCTION models. For
general. On a 6+, pick a friendly the rest of the battle, that terrain feature no longer gives cover to
DESTRUCTION unit within 6" of the models that are in or on it.
general or HERO being rolled for.
That unit can immediately move 2 Might is Right: This commander is renowned for the
6" if it is more than 12" from the contemptuous ease with which he cuts down his foes, and will not
enemy, can immediately pile in if allow any opponent to damage that reputation.
it is within 3" of the enemy, or can
immediately declare a charge in any Add 1 to wound rolls made for this general’s melee weapons.
other circumstances. It cannot run
when it makes the move, but can 3 Wild Fury: Attacking this berserk warrior only increases the fury
move, charge or pile in again later in with which he responds, like a baited animal lashing out with
the same turn. unbridled ferocity.

When this general is picked to fight, pick one of their melee

weapons. Add 1 to the Attacks characteristic of that melee weapon
for that fight. While 3 or more wounds are allocated to this
general, instead add 2 to the Attacks characteristic of that melee
weapon for that fight.

4 Bellowing Tyrant: Disobeying the orders of this murderous

psychopath is simply not an option. His warriors will overcome any
fear they have of the foe to ensure his will is carried out.

In your hero phase, pick a friendly DESTRUCTION unit within 6"

of this general. Until your next hero phase, add 1 to charge and
run rolls for the unit you picked, and use this general’s Bravery
characteristic for the unit instead of its own.

5 Big and Brutish: By any standard, this warlord is a muscle-bound

brute, his skin thick like animal hide and his nature so stubborn
that any blade capable of piercing it slows him not an iota.

Add 1 to this general’s Wounds characteristic.

6 Ravager: The followers of this maniacal overlord are always eager

to attack the foe, needing little or no provocation to charge into
battle with weapons brandished.

Add 3 to the Rampaging Destroyers dice roll (see battle trait) for
this general instead of 2.

Orruk Megaboss
D6 Artefact
1 Hammerblade: The Hammerblade is moulded 4 Bellowing Blade: This blade seems to empower
from a massive lump of compressed meteoric the wielder in proportion to the volume of insults
iron. When swung down to smash into the he shouts at the leaders of the opposing army.
ground, devastating energies explode outwards
from the point of impact. When the bearer is picked to fight, you can
re-roll one wound roll for the bearer’s attacks in
Pick one of the bearer’s melee weapons. Instead that fight for each enemy HERO that was within
of attacking normally with that weapon, you can 12" of the bearer when they were picked to fight.
roll a dice for each model within 3" of the bearer
(apart from the bearer). On a 5 or 6, 1 mortal 5 Collar of Domination: This studded collar
wound is inflicted on that model’s unit. is inscribed with ancient glyphs that have the
power to subdue the fiercest monstrous creatures.
2 Battered Talisman: This once finely wrought
jewel is now a dirt-encrusted, chipped remnant At the start of your opponent’s movement
of its former glory, but its defensive powers still phase, pick an enemy MONSTER within
ward against powerful attacks. 3" of the bearer and roll 2D6. If the roll is
equal to or greater than the enemy monster’s
Roll a dice each time you allocate a mortal Bravery characteristic, it must retreat in that
wound to the bearer. On a 5+, the mortal wound movement phase.
is negated.
6 Battle Brew: This pungent liquid can rouse the
3 Rockeye: The bearer of a Rockeye has plucked drinker to prodigious feats. If too much is drunk,
out one of their own eyes and replaced it with though, it will quickly rot his innards.
this rough gemstone, which gives them the power
of second sight. Once per battle, in your hero phase, you can
declare that the bearer will take either one or
In your hero phase, pick an enemy unit within two swigs of Battle Brew. If the bearer takes one
12" of the bearer. Until your next hero phase, swig, add 1 to hit and wound rolls made for the
add 1 to hit rolls made for the bearer when they bearer until your next hero phase. If the bearer
target the unit you picked. takes two swigs, add 2 to hit and wound rolls
made for the bearer until your next hero phase,
but you must allocate D6 mortal wounds to
the bearer at the end of the turn in which they
drank the brew.
This section describes the allegiance abilities available to a Death army, including battle traits for the army,
command traits for its general and the artefacts of power available to its heroes.

Deathless Minions: The servants COMMAND TRAITS
of the rulers of the dead are all
but immune to pain, shrugging off D6 Command Trait
wounds that would slay a living 1 Ruler of the Night: The presence of this dark lord invigorates any
creature. This unnatural resilience minions of Nagash that are nearby, ghostly forms allowing blades
is bolstered if their lord and master to pass right through them and necrotic flesh reknitting in seconds.
is nearby, making them even more
difficult to kill. Friendly DEATH units are affected by the Deathless Minions battle
trait if they are within 12" of this general rather than only 6".
Each time you allocate a wound or
mortal wound to a friendly DEATH 2 Predator of the Shadows: This creature of darkness summons the
model within 6" of your general or shadows to conceal him, vanishing into a pool of gloom on even the
a friendly DEATH HERO, roll a dice. brightest day.
On a 6+ the wound is negated.
Add 1 to hit and wound rolls for this general if they are in cover.

3 Death Incarnate: An avatar of death made flesh, this blighted

creature is so terrifying to look upon that it drains the life force
from its foes.

In your hero phase, pick an enemy unit within 3" of this general
and roll 2D6. If the roll equals or exceeds the enemy unit’s Bravery
characteristic, inflict D3 mortal wounds on the unit.

4 Master of the Black Arts: This dark-souled necromancer has

studied the arcane arts for millennia and wields the magical
energies of the realms with ease.

This general is a WIZARD who knows the Arcane Bolt and Mystic
Shield spells. If this general is already a wizard, add 1 to all of
their casting and unbinding rolls instead.

5 Red Fury: After this general gets a taste of blood, he is overcome

with the thirst for more, pursuing his prey relentlessly until the
fatal blow is struck.

The first time this general is picked to fight in each combat phase,
roll a dice at the end of that fight. On a 5+ they can immediately
fight again.

6 Supernatural Horror: It is almost impossible to remain in the

presence of this scalp-tingling creature of horror, even the most
stalwart warriors dropping their weapons and running in abject
fear when it draws close.

In the battleshock phase, double the number of models that flee

from enemy units while they are within 12" of this general.

Lord Executioner
D6 Artefact
1 Cursed Book: Every Cursed Book is filled with 4 Black Amulet: This maleficent ebony jewel can
the writings of depraved practitioners of the store necromantic magic and then unleash it on
necromantic arts. They radiate an aura of pure the foe.
evil, which has an enervating effect on living
creatures that are nearby. Once per battle, in your hero phase, the bearer
can use this amulet. If it does so, pick an enemy
You and your opponent must subtract 1 from unit within 12" of the bearer. Inflict a number
hit rolls made for units within 3" of the bearer, of mortal wounds equal to the number of the
unless the unit has the DEATH keyword. current battle round on the unit you picked.

2 Cloak of Mists and Shadows: At a word of 5 Tomb Blade: This evil weapon steals the life
command, the wearer of this cloak can transform energy of those it slays and uses it to vitalise
their body into a cloud of dark mist that swirls the undead.
swiftly across the battlefield.
Pick one of the bearer’s melee weapons. For each
At the start of any combat phase, the bearer can wound roll of 6+ you make for this weapon, you
use this cloak. If it does so, remove the bearer can heal 1 wound that has been allocated to a
from the battlefield, and then set it up anywhere friendly DEATH model within 6" of the bearer.
on the battlefield within 12" of its original
location and more than 3" from any enemy 6 Ring of Immortality: If the bearer of this ring
models. If this is impossible, this model remains is struck down, the ring transports them from
in its current location. danger and restores some of their vitality – but
after its power has been spent it becomes little
3 Blade of Dark Summons: This blade pulses more than a decorative trinket.
and glows with sinister magic. Its wielder can
draw upon this power to summon the minions of The first time the bearer is slain, before
Death to the battlefield to fight at their side. removing them from the battlefield, roll a dice.
On a 3+ the bearer is not slain and D3 wounds
Once per battle, in your hero phase, you can allocated to them are healed (any excess damage
set up a SUMMONABLE DEATH unit wholly is negated). Then, remove the bearer from the
within 12" of the bearer and more than 3" from battlefield and set them up again within 18" of
any enemy models, and add it to your army. their original location and more than 3" from
The models in the unit must have a combined any enemy models.
Wounds characteristic of no more than a
2D6 roll.
The following Realm of Battle rules can be used for battles fought in the Mortal Realm of Shyish, also known as
the Realm of Death.


WIZARDS know the following spell If a battle takes place in this realm, the player that picked the realm can roll a
in battles fought in this realm, in dice and look up the result on the table below to see which realmscape feature
addition to any other spells that rule applies for the battle. The result applies to both players.
they know.

A cloud of terrifying darkness pours D6 Realmscape Feature
forth and engulfs the wizard’s foes. 1 Barren Moorland: Wastelands of bone and dust stretch as far as
the eye can see.
Pall of Doom has a casting value of
6. If successfully cast, pick an enemy This realmscape feature has no effect on the battle.
unit within 18" of the caster that is
visible to them. Subtract 2 from the 2 Life Leeching: The land here can drain the life force from a living
Bravery characteristic of the unit you being, causing them to suddenly drop dead in their tracks.
picked until your next hero phase.
At the start of your hero phase, roll a dice. On a 6+, pick an enemy
unit. That unit suffers D3 mortal wounds.
You can use the following command 3 The Winds of Death: Swirling zephyrs of deathly energy skitter
abilities in battles fought in this realm, across this realm, snuffing out the life-force of those whose path
in addition to the command abilities it crosses.
that you are normally allowed to use.
At the start of your hero phase, roll a dice. On a 6+, pick an enemy
HONOUR THE DEAD unit, and then roll a dice for each model in it. For each 5+, that
The dead are honoured by the unit suffers 1 mortal wound.
living ending the lives of their
remaining foes. 4 Haunted Realm: The buildings and features of these lands are
haunted by the restless spirits of those that have died here.
You can use this command ability
at the start of any combat phase. If Terrain features have the Sinister scenery rule (pg 235), in
you do so, pick a friendly unit that is addition to any other scenery rules that they have.
within 3" of a friendly HERO or 12"
of your general, and roll a dice. If 5 Eternal War: Those that fight and die in these lands will be reborn
the dice roll is less than the number at the next day’s dawn if they acquit themselves with valour.
of models that have been slain from
the unit you picked, you can add Add 1 to the Bravery characteristic of all units.
1 to the Attacks characteristic of
weapons used by that unit in that 6 Aetherquake Aftershock: As the battle begins, a thunderous
combat phase. aftershock of aetheric energy rolls across this land, filling sorcerers
with deathly magical energy.
Your general can siphon soul-force Add 1 to casting rolls.
from their minions to extend their life.

You can use this command ability any number of wounds to that unit that you
at the start of your hero phase. If wish – you can heal 1 wound that has been
you do so, pick a friendly unit that is allocated to your general for each wound
within 3" of your general. Allocate that you allocate.
The following Realm of Battle rules can be used for battles fought in the Mortal Realm of Aqshy, also known as
the Realm of Fire.


WIZARDS know the following spell If a battle takes place in this realm, the player that picked the realm can roll a
in battles fought in this realm, in dice and look up the result on the table below to see which realmscape feature
addition to any other spells that rule applies for the battle. The result applies to both players.
they know.

The wizard claps their hands,
conjuring a small orb of flame that D6 Realmscape Feature
they hurl at the foe. As the flame 1 Scorched Landscape: The region is parched and arid, but there are
travels through the air it grows in size no obvious hazards in view.
until it becomes a blazing ball of fire
that explodes amongst the ranks of This realmscape feature has no effect on the battle.
the enemy.
2 Flaming Missiles: As missiles hurtle through the air they
Fireball has a casting value of 5. If suddenly ignite, burning with magical flames which inflict terrible
successfully cast, pick an enemy unit searing wounds.
within 18" of the caster that is visible
to them. If the enemy unit consists Improve the Rend characteristic of missile weapons by 1 while the
of one model it suffers 1 mortal range from the attacking unit to the target unit is more than 12".
wound, if it has two to nine models
it suffers D3 mortal wounds, and if it 3 Clouds of Smoke and Steam: The battlefield in this region is
has ten or more models it suffers D6 wreathed in smoke and steam.
mortal wounds.
A model cannot see another model if a straight line drawn from
the centre of its base to the centre of the other model’s base passes
REALM COMMANDS across a terrain feature other than open ground and/or hills.
You can use the following command
ability in battles fought in this realm, 4 Every Step a League: The very moisture in one’s body seems to
in addition to the command abilities drain away, and every step taken feels like a league marched in
that you are normally allowed to use. full battle-gear.

FIRESTARTER If a run roll is 6+, or a charge roll is 10+, then you can either say
The parched kindling surrounding that the unit will not run or charge after all, or you can move the
a piece of terrain is set alight. In unit but it suffers D3 mortal wounds immediately after the move
moments, the area is engulfed is completed.
in flames.
5 Burning Skies: The skies are wreathed in flames that will burn
You can use this command ability at those that approach too closely.
the start of your movement phase. If
you do so, pick a terrain feature that In the movement phase, if an enemy unit can fly and moves
is within 12" of a friendly HERO and more than 6", roll a dice. On a 4+ the enemy unit suffers 1 mortal
within 3" of another friendly unit, wound. On a 6+ it suffers D3 mortal wounds instead.
and roll a dice. On a 4+ the terrain
feature is set alight. If a terrain 6 Geysers of Boiling Blood: Scattered across the battlefield are
feature is set alight, for the rest of bubbling pools of boiling blood that can erupt into geysers of
the battle, any unit with models in sanguinary death.
or on it at the end of their movement
phase suffers D3 mortal wounds. In At the start of each of your hero phases, roll a dice. On a 6+, a
addition, a model cannot see another geyser explodes. If it does so, pick a point on the battlefield and
model if a straight line drawn from roll a dice for each unit within 6" of that point; on a 4+ that unit
the centre of its base to the centre of suffers D3 mortal wounds. On a 6+ the unit suffers D6 mortal
the other model’s base passes across wounds instead.
this terrain feature.
The following Realm of Battle rules can be used for battles fought in the Mortal Realm of Chamon, also known as
the Realm of Metal.


WIZARDS know the following spell If a battle takes place in this realm, the player that picked the realm can roll a
in battles fought in this realm, in dice and look up the result on the table below to see which realmscape feature
addition to any other spells that rule applies for the battle. The result applies to both players.
they know.

As the wizard gestures at his foes,
their weapons and armour become D6 Realmscape Feature
significantly heavier and more 1 Metallic Hinterlands: The land ahead is as smooth and featureless
cumbersome – twice the burden they as brushed steel.
were but moments before – making
them an easy target for an attack. This realmscape feature has no effect on the battle.

Transmutation of Lead has a casting 2 Iron Trees: The bark on the trees in this region is made of metal
value of 7. If successfully cast, pick rather than wood.
an enemy unit within 18" of the
caster that is visible to them. Until Worsen the Rend characteristic of a weapon by 1 (to a
your next hero phase, halve the Move minimum of ‘-’) if the target has cover from a Citadel Wood or
characteristic of the unit you picked, Sylvaneth Wyldwood.
rounding up. In addition, if the
unit has a Save characteristic of 2+, 3 Rust Plague: The terrain of this land has been infected with a
3+ or 4+, then until your next hero plague that can cause armour to turn to rust in mere moments.
phase you can re-roll hit rolls of 1 for
attacks that target that unit. At the start of your hero phase, roll a dice. On a 6+, pick an enemy
unit that is in cover. Subtract 1 from save rolls made for that unit
for the rest of the battle.
You can use the following command 4 Steel Rain: The cold-grey clouds in the skies above the battlefield
ability in battles fought in this realm, can suddenly unleash a hail of steel rain.
in addition to the command abilities
that you are normally allowed to use. At the start of your hero phase, roll a dice. On a 6+, pick an enemy
unit that is not in cover. Roll a dice for each model in that unit.
ADAPT OR DIE Inflict 1 mortal wound for each roll that is less than the unit’s
Warriors in the Realm of Metal Save characteristic. A Save characteristic of ‘-’ counts as a 6 for the
quickly learn to adapt and evolve purposes of this rule.
as the lands shift and meld. A
wise general knows to harness this 5 Brittle Isles: This region is so cold that weapons may shatter when
resilience and use it to ensure victory. they strike a target’s armour, making well-protected opponents
much more difficult to harm.
You can use this command ability at
the start of your hero phase. If you Ignore the Rend characteristic of all weapons for the duration of
do so, pick a friendly unit within 3" the battle.
of a friendly HERO or 12" of your
general. Until your next hero phase, 6 Irresistible Force: Tzeentch covets the Realm of Metal, and his
roll a dice each time you allocate a interference sometimes makes spellcasting more effective, but also
wound or mortal wound to a model more dangerous.
in the unit you picked. On a 6+ the
wound is negated. If a casting roll is a double, after re-rolls but before modifiers are
applied, it is successful (even if the roll is less than the casting
value of the spell being attempted) and the spell cannot be
unbound. After the effects of the spell have been carried out, each
unit within 3" of the caster suffers 1 mortal wound.
The following Realm of Battle rules can be used for battles fought in the Mortal Realm of Ghur, also known as the
Realm of Beasts.


WIZARDS know the following spell If a battle takes place in this realm, the player that picked the realm can roll a
in battles fought in this realm, in dice and look up the result on the table below to see which realmscape feature
addition to any other spells that rule applies for the battle. The result applies to both players.
they know.

The wizard transforms their allies
into swift-moving bestial forms. D6 Realmscape Feature
1 Savage Hinterlands: It seems the lands of this region pose no
Wildform has a casting value of 5. If threat, at the moment.
successfully cast, pick a friendly unit
within 12" of the caster that is visible This realmscape feature has no effect on the battle.
to them. Add 2 to charge and run
rolls made for the unit you picked 2 Hungering Animus: Even the landscapes are possessed of a
until your next hero phase. predatory instinct, using avalanches or ground-quakes to kill
their prey.

MONSTROUS BEASTS At the start of your hero phase, roll a dice. On a 6+, pick a point
After set-up, each player can set up a anywhere on the battlefield. Roll a dice for each unit within 6"
MONSTER that is not a HERO, starting of that point. On a 4+ the unit being rolled for suffers 1 mortal
with the player that finished setting wound. On a 6+ it suffers D3 mortal wounds instead.
up their army first. These monsters
are called ‘monstrous beasts’ in the 3 Primal Violence: Here every creature is red in tooth and claw, and
rules that follow. They are not part of both predator and prey.
either army. A monstrous beast can
be set up anywhere on the battlefield At the end of each combat phase, roll a dice. On a 6+, carry out
that is more than 9" from any other the combat phase again before moving on to the battleshock phase
monstrous beasts and more than 9" (do not roll again at the end of the second combat phase to see if a
from models from either army. third combat phase takes place).

Monstrous beasts choose their prey 4 Reckless Aggression: A philosophy of eat or be eaten is needed to
at the start of each battle round. survive amidst the wilderness.
Their prey for that battle round will
be the army that has a unit closest Any unit that is within 12" of an enemy unit at the start of their
to them. For the rest of that battle charge phase suffers 1 mortal wound unless they finish that
round, the monstrous beast joins the charge phase within 3" of an enemy model. In addition, you can
opposing army. If both armies have re-roll hit rolls of 1 for units that have made a charge move in the
a unit equally close to a monstrous same turn.
beast, roll off to determine who
picks the monstrous beast’s prey. 5 Beasts of Ghur: This is a realm of predators, an endless hunting
Monstrous beasts will not pick each ground where the strong survive and the weak are consumed.
other as their prey.
Roll off. The winner can set up an additional monstrous beast
Note that a monstrous beast’s prey using the Monstrous Beasts rule on the left.
can change each battle round,
and monstrous beasts will ‘swap 6 Territory of Beasts: Great migratory trails criss-cross the lands,
sides’ depending on which army made by groups of hunting behemoths.
has the closest unit. Also note that
a monstrous beast can attack any Both players can set up an additional monstrous beast using the
unit in their prey’s army, not just Monstrous Beasts rule on the left.
the closest unit, and cannot itself be
attacked or charged by units from
the army it has joined.
The following Realm of Battle rules can be used for battles fought in the Mortal Realm of Ghyran, also known as
the Realm of Life.


WIZARDS know the following spell If a battle takes place in this realm, the player that picked the realm can roll a
in battles fought in this realm, in dice and look up the result on the table below to see which realmscape feature
addition to any other spells that rule applies for the battle. The result applies to both players.
they know.

At the wizard’s command, crawling
brambles burst from the ground, D6 Realmscape Feature
forming a living barrier around 1 Verdant Landscape: The region is lush and vibrant, and appears
his allies. to conceal no lurking dangers.

Shield of Thorns has a casting value This realmscape feature has no effect on the battle.
of 5. If successfully cast, pick a
friendly unit within 18" of the caster 2 Spontaneous Growth: The lands of Ghyran burgeon with all forms
that is visible to them. Until your of life, waiting below the surface to suddenly bloom forth.
next hero phase, any enemy unit
that finishes a charge move within At the start of your hero phase, roll a dice. On a 6+, you can set up
3" of the unit you picked suffers D3 a Sylvaneth Wyldwood terrain feature anywhere on the battlefield
mortal wounds. that is more than 1" from any other models or terrain features.

3 Lifesprings: It is said that bathing in the lifesprings of Ghyran can

REALM COMMANDS cure disease and increase vitality.
You can use the following command
ability in battles fought in this realm, Before the battle begins, each player picks a HERO from their
in addition to the command abilities army. Add 1 to the Wounds characteristic of the heroes that
that you are normally allowed to use. are picked.

COMMAND THE LAND 4 Hidden Festering Corruption: Once, the varied kingdoms of
In the Realm of Life even the Ghyran were beautiful to look upon, but Nurgle’s invading legions
landscape can be bent to your will. have turned many into twisted, blighted places.

You can use this command ability At the start of your hero phase, roll a dice. Add 1 to the dice roll if
at the end of your hero phase. If your army has allegiance to NURGLE . On a 5+ pick an enemy unit
you do so, a friendly HERO can that is within 1" of a terrain feature. The unit you picked suffers 1
attempt to cast the Shield of Thorns mortal wound.
spell (above), even if they are not a
WIZARD, and even if the spell has 5 Fecund Quagmire: Hasty progress is all but impossible for those
already been attempted in the same attempting to cross the cloying battlefield of this region.
hero phase.
Models cannot run unless they are able to fly.
If the HERO is a WIZARD, using this
command ability allows them to 6 Seeds of Hope: Even though much of the Realm of Life has been
attempt to cast the Shield of Thorns overrun by Nurgle’s legions, new hope and new life is always ready
spell in addition to any other spells to emerge.
they have already attempted to
cast, and even if the spell has been If a battleshock roll is an unmodified 1, then no models from
attempted by either themselves the unit will flee. In addition, heal all wounds that are currently
or another WIZARD in the same allocated to that unit.
hero phase.
The following Realm of Battle rules can be used for battles fought in the Mortal Realm of Hysh, also known as the
Realm of Light.


WIZARDS know the following spell If a battle takes place in this realm, the player that picked the realm can roll a
in battles fought in this realm, in dice and look up the result on the table below to see which realmscape feature
addition to any other spells that rule applies for the battle. The result applies to both players.
they know.

The wizard calls upon the beneficent D6 Realmscape Feature
Guardians of Light to protect his 1 Gleaming Vista: The plain ahead is clear and illuminated by a
allies from harm. radiant light.

Pha’s Protection has a casting value This realmscape feature has no effect on the battle.
of 5. If successfully cast, select a
friendly unit within 18" of the caster 2 Dazzling Glow: The structures and plant-life of this realm often
that is visible to them. Subtract 1 pulsate with glowing light.
from hit rolls made for attacks that
target the unit you picked until your Subtract 1 from hit rolls made for attacks that target units that are
next hero phase. in cover.

3 Speed of Light: The light in this land knows no burden of flesh, and
nor do those that receive its blessing.

At the start of your movement phase, roll a dice. On a 6+, you

can pick a friendly unit. Remove that unit from the battlefield,
and then set up it anywhere on the battlefield that is more than 9"
from any enemy models. This counts as that unit’s move for that
movement phase.

4 Domain of Symmetry and Purity: This region is suffused with

the purest light, unsettling anything created from the raw stuff of
Chaos, darkness and disorder.

REALM COMMANDS Subtract 1 from the Bravery characteristic of CHAOS ,

You can use the following command DESTRUCTION and DEATH units.
ability in battles fought in this realm,
in addition to the command abilities 5 Wilderness of Broken Dreams: Some regions in Hysh have been
that you are normally allowed to use. cast down by the subtle curse of Chaos or broken by the violence of
open war.
The aetheric particles in this realm Subtract 1 from the Bravery characteristic of ORDER units.
enhance the speed and reactions of
those that live here. It is possible to 6 Aetheric Beams of Light: The magical energy of Hysh travels
harness this power and strike before the lands and skies as beams of pure yellow-white illumination.
an opponent is ready to strike back. Wizards can tap into this energy to create aetherquartz prisms,
which will enhance their powers.
You can use this command ability
at the start of the combat phase. In your hero phase, one friendly WIZARD can craft an
If you do so, pick a friendly unit aetherquartz prism instead of attempting to cast any spells in that
within 3" of a friendly HERO or 12" phase. If they do so, they can attempt to cast one extra spell in
of your general, and within 3" of the each of their future hero phases, and attempt to unbind one extra
enemy. That unit fights immediately, spell in each future enemy hero phase. A WIZARD cannot craft
instead of fighting later in that more than one aetherquartz prism per battle (though your other
combat phase. wizards can do so in future hero phases).
The following Realm of Battle rules can be used for battles fought in the Mortal Realm of Ulgu, also known as the
Realm of Shadow.


WIZARDS know the following spell If a battle takes place in this realm, the player that chose the realm can roll a
in battles fought in this realm, in dice and look up the result on the table below to see which realmscape feature
addition to any other spells that rule applies for the battle. The result applies to both players.
they know.

The wizard creates a numbing fog
that causes their foolish foes to D6 Realmscape Feature
listlessly stagger and stumble. 1 Shrouded Lands: A veil of gloom hangs over this region, but no
dangers are apparent.
Mystifying Miasma has a casting
value of 4. If successfully cast, select This realmscape feature has no effect on the battle.
a enemy unit within 18" of the caster
that is visible to them. That unit 2 Impenetrable Gloom: The lands of Ulgu have neither night nor
cannot run until your next hero day, but range from gloom to pitch black depending on region
phase. In addition, subtract 2 from rather than time.
charge rolls for that unit until your
next hero phase. The maximum range of attacks or spells is 6".

3 Perpetual Dusk: Many regions in this realm are places where half-
REALM COMMANDS light and half-truth are the best a traveller can wish for.
You can use the following command
ability in battles fought in this realm, The maximum range of attacks or spells is 12".
in addition to the command abilities
that you are normally allowed to use. 4 Darkly Shaded: In this place shadows stretch preternaturally
across the landscape, covering all in shade.
SHADOW REALM The maximum range of attacks or spells is 18".
The hidden pathways of this realm
offer great strategic opportunities to 5 Shadowed Mansions: This is the domain of secrets and lies, of
those who can master them. twisted reason and mind-bending magic.

You can use this command ability At the start of your hero phase, pick one friendly unit that is
at the start of your hero phase. If part of a garrison. You can immediately transfer that unit to a
you do so, you can use either the different terrain feature that can have a garrison. The unit cannot
Shadowed Mansions or Shadow be transferred to a terrain feature that is garrisoned by an enemy
Realm realmscape feature on the unit, or if doing so would result in the number of models that
right. In addition, after transferring can garrison the terrain feature being exceeded. Then roll a dice
or setting up the unit in its new for each model you transfer; on a 1 the model being rolled for
location, you do not have to roll becomes lost in the shadows and is slain.
to see if any models from the unit
become lost in the shadow realms. 6 Shadow Realm: The edges of the battlefield are shrouded in
shadow and lead to a strange nether-world.
Note that if the Shadowed Mansions
or Shadow Realm realmscape At the start of your hero phase, pick one friendly unit that has
features apply in your battle, you can all of its models within 6" of any edge of the battlefield. You can
use them normally as well as using remove that unit from the battlefield, and then set it up more
them with this command ability. than 9" from any enemy units, and with all models within 6" of
a different edge of the battlefield. Then roll a dice for each model
you moved; on a 1 the model being rolled for becomes lost in the
shadows and is slain.
Games set in the Realm of Shadow are typified by misdirection and low visibility, with units
suddenly shifting position in the mists, and ambushes being sprung from patches of living shade.
Endless spells are a special type of spell that wizards can use. Casting an endless spell creates a magical construct,
represented by an endless spell model, that remains in play until it leaves the battlefield or is unbound. The rules
in this section explain how to use endless spells in your games.

ENDLESS SPELLS PREDATORY The effects and abilities of predatory

If you have an endless spell model ENDLESS SPELLS endless spells are resolved by the
and its warscroll, all WIZARDS Many endless spells are immobile, player who moved that model for
in your army know that spell and once cast remain in the same that battle round.
in addition to any other spells location. However, some can move
they know. We have included the across the battlefield in search
warscroll for the Balewind Vortex of living prey: these are noted as REMOVING
endless spell opposite, which you being predatory endless spells. The ENDLESS SPELLS
can use if you have a Balewind following rules apply to predatory An endless spell remains in play
Vortex model in your collection. endless spells. until it is removed from the
Other endless spell models and the battlefield. An endless spell can only
warscrolls for them are available in be removed from play if:
the Malign Sorcery supplement for
Warhammer Age of Sigmar. a) A WIZARD dispels the endless
spell as described below.

ENDLESS SPELL MODELS b) The endless spell crosses the

Endless spell models are not set edge of the battlefield when it is
up on the battlefield at the start of moved (see Predatory Endless
a game. Instead, when an endless Spells, above).
spell is successfully cast and not
unbound, the model for the spell is c) A method described on the
set up on the battlefield. Where and model’s warscroll is used to
how the endless spell model is set up remove the spell from play.
will be described on its warscroll. If
any restrictions make it impossible UNBINDING AND DISPELLING
to set up the endless spell model, A WIZARD can attempt to unbind an
the attempt to cast it is unsuccessful. Predatory endless spells are moved endless spell when it is initially cast
Endless spells have no effect on an at the start of each battle round, after as normal. In addition, a WIZARD
army’s allegiance. the players determine who will have can attempt to dispel one endless
the first turn, but before the first turn spell at the start of each of their hero
Unless noted otherwise, an endless begins. The players alternate picking phases. If a wizard attempts to dispel
spell model cannot be attacked or a predatory endless spell to move, an endless spell, they can attempt
affected by spells or abilities; it is starting with the player who has the to cast one less spell than normal
treated as a friendly model by all second turn. A player must pick a that phase.
armies for any other rules purposes. predatory endless spell to move if
An endless spell model cannot any are available, but only predatory In order to dispel an endless spell,
be moved unless it is a predatory endless spells that have not yet been first pick an endless spell model
endless spell (see below). moved can be chosen. Once all within 30" of the wizard and visible
predatory endless spells have been to them, and then roll 2D6. If the
In order to attempt to cast an endless moved, start the first turn of the roll is greater than the casting value
spell, you must have a model for the battle round. of the spell, the endless spell is
spell available that is not already on dispelled. An endless spell model
the battlefield. For example, if you The distance a predatory endless cannot be subjected to more than
have two Balewind Vortex models spell can move will be noted on its one dispel attempt per hero phase.
in your collection, and both are on warscroll. Some predatory endless
the battlefield, you cannot attempt spells can fly – this too will be noted When an endless spell is dispelled
to cast Summon Balewind Vortex on the warscroll. its model is removed from play; the
again until at least one of them has model can then be used again if the
been removed from the battlefield. Unlike other models, a predatory same endless spell is successfully cast
A WIZARD cannot attempt to cast endless spell can cross the edge of later in the battle.
more than one endless spell in the the battlefield when it is moved.
same turn (even if they are different However, if it does so the spell is
endless spells). immediately dispelled (see Removing
Endless Spells, below).

A Balewind Vortex is a terrifying sight to behold on the battlefield – a swirling, violently swaying cyclone of fell
energies that can be summoned by a wizard and used as a platform from which to more effectively cast their spells.

Summon Balewind Vortex: Spells rules. It is treated as an enemy counts as the single attempt they
Summon Balewind Vortex has a model by the opposing player’s army. can make to dispel an endless spell
casting value of 6. WIZARDS with a this hero phase, but allows them
Wounds characteristic of 9 or more, A WIZARD on a Balewind Vortex to use any remaining spell casting
that are part of a unit of two or more can attempt to cast an additional attempts normally.
models, or that are already on a spell in each of their hero phases
Balewind Vortex, cannot attempt to (including the turn in which the If the wizard on the Balewind
cast this spell. If successfully cast, Summon Balewind Vortex spell Vortex is slain, then the Balewind
set up a Balewind Vortex model was cast), and you can add 6" to the Vortex is immediately dispelled and
within 1" of the caster and more range of any spells that the wizard removed from play along with the
than 3" from any enemy models, casts. A wizard on a Balewind Vortex slain wizard.
and then place the caster on the cannot move. Add 1 to save rolls for
upper platform. a wizard on a Balewind Vortex. If a Balewind Vortex is dispelled and
the wizard on it has not been slain,
As long as the Balewind Vortex If a WIZARD on a Balewind Vortex set up the wizard wholly within 6" of
remains on the battlefield, the caster attempts to dispel it, the attempt is the Balewind Vortex and more than
and the Balewind Vortex are treated automatically successful (do not roll 3" from any enemy models, and then
as being a single model from the any dice). This uses up the additional remove the Balewind Vortex model
caster’s army that uses the caster’s spell that the wizard would have from play. If it is impossible to set up
warscroll as well as the Endless received in that hero phase, and still the wizard, then the wizard is slain.


he best ideas are usually the simplest, and open play
games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar epitomise
this philosophy. Open play is a style of gaming that
allows you to take to the battlefield with any army, made up
of any Citadel Miniatures from your collection – with no
restrictions. It’s as straightforward, streamlined and elegant
as wargaming gets.

All you need to play an open play game are your painted
miniatures, their warscrolls, the Warhammer Age of Sigmar core
rules, a battleplan, a set of dice, a tape measure, and a flat surface
on which to play. Then, just set up your models and begin the
battle! You can add extra dimensions to your open play games by
incorporating any of the rules or guidelines that appear in this
and other Warhammer Age of Sigmar books, such as allegiance
abilities and Realm of Battle rules, or even Pitched Battle points
values if you wish. Alternatively, you can conjure up your own
scenarios, create new special rules or adapt existing ones to suit
your needs.

The flexible nature of open play means that you can spend as long
or as little time as you like reading rules, and in its simplest form,
it’s a great introduction to the world of tabletop games. It is also
ideal for those thinking of starting new collections, as it allows
battles to be fought with just a few units of the models you plan
to collect, so that you can see how they perform on the tabletop.

Open play games allow the broadest choice of army selection,

allowing the greatest degree of freedom for collecting miniatures
and building an army. You can be inspired by the diverse and
mystical nature of the realms, or simply collect the models you
most want. If you’re the proud owner of a varied collection of
warriors, beasts and war machines, there’s nothing to stop you
fielding all of them in a single game. You can even deploy every
last miniature you own, or set yourself unusual challenges.
For instance, you could discover how many Stormcast Eternal
Liberators it takes to bring down your friend’s Khorne
Bloodthirster, or maybe see how long a Lord-Celestant can fight
off the noxious attentions of a Nurgling horde.

Besides giving you freedom to do more on the battlefield, open

play games are also perfect for big battles fought between two
opposing teams of players. We call such games ‘Coalitions of
Death’ in Warhammer Age of Sigmar, and they allow a group
of gamers to field their entire collections in a massive battle that
can take a whole day or even an entire weekend to play. Such a
game really can be the experience of a lifetime, and is bound to
leave you hungry for more.

With so much scope for fun and creativity, open play is one
of the most accessible and enjoyable gaming styles. On the
following pages we provide you with a number of ways to set up
and play different types of open play games. All you need to do is
grab your miniatures and get playing!
Open play is the default setting for games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. It allows you to set up and play a game
with the minimum amount of fuss and preparation, while still providing you with almost limitless options
and flexibility.

The easiest way to play an open Eternals and Ironjawz, you can field campaign to determine who in
play game is to select a battleplan them all together. Your army can be your gaming group is the ultimate
from a Warhammer Age of Sigmar as large or as small as you like, and champion, or even devise your own
publication and then play that take on any form you want – the rules and scenarios to play.
battleplan using whatever Citadel main thing is to have fun!
Miniatures you have in your The contents of this section are just
collection. All you need to discuss While the essence of open play is as the beginning. The beauty of open
with your opponent beforehand is simple as that, there are things you play is that it’s a format limited only
which battleplan you want to play. can do to add an extra dimension by your imagination. Using these
There are no restrictions on how to your games if you wish. Included tools as your inspiration, you can
many models you include in your in this section are tools you can use explore the near-infinite wonders of
army, on what allegiance your army in your open play games, from the the Mortal Realms on the tabletop,
has, or what kind of models your Open War battleplan generator that and collect any of the amazing
army is made up of. For example, creates exciting games in an instant, miniatures in the Warhammer Age
you can field an army consisting to rules for multiplayer clashes in of Sigmar range that you desire.
entirely of MONSTERS , or one that which teams of players go head-to- Most importantly of all, you now
contains only HEROES . If your head for the glory of their coalition. have everything you need to start
collection comprises Stormcast You can organise a simple ladder fighting battles right away.
OPEN PLAY BATTLEPLANS Write down the answer to each of THE BATTLEFIELD
One of the great advantages of open these questions and you will have a You don’t need any terrain at all to
play is that you don’t have to follow solid foundation for your battleplan. play Warhammer Age of Sigmar,
any particular rules other than those but every battlefield looks better
laid out in the core rules. While it’s ARMIES if it includes at least some terrain
quick and easy to pick up a ready- In open play games, the default features. The more time and effort
made battleplan, it’s great fun and is that you can field any models you put into creating an attractive
highly rewarding to put together you like. If a battleplan does not battlefield, the more interesting your
your own battleplans for your open specify any restrictions on army battles will be.
play games. Here you will find some composition, then simply follow
easy-to-follow instructions on how the instructions in the core rules – Your battleplan can use the core
to do so. essentially, your army can be made rules for setting up terrain, or it
up of any units in your collection. can provide its own guidelines. A
Before you start writing your own However, for your own battleplan popular method is for one player
battleplan, you will need to make you might wish to impose certain to set up the terrain features and
sure your opponent is happy to play limitations. You can tailor it to your for the other to decide which side
it. While many players are open and your opponent’s collections; of the table they will claim as their
to trying out homemade rules, it’s for example, if you have an army territory (see Territories, next). This
always a good idea to check that what of Stormcast Eternals and they method ensures that the terrain
you have in mind will suit everyone have an army of Ironjawz, you can is laid out in as even-handed a
involved. Discuss the rules you aim make the battleplan specifically for manner as possible, and it means
to include in the battleplan to make those units. that terrain can be set up in advance
sure it appeals to all. You can even by the player hosting the game.
write a battleplan collaboratively Alternatively, you can incorporate a An alternative is for players to
with your opponent, so that you narrative element that calls for the collaborate on setting up the terrain
both have input on the rules that are presence of certain models on the features, and then roll off to see who
included. You’ll also need to ensure battlefield; maybe Alarielle is leading will pick the territories.
that your battleplan provides an an army of Sylvaneth against the
equal opportunity for both sides to Glottkin during the War of Life. You
win, as fighting a losing battle is no can even incorporate some matched
fun at all! play mechanics to balance out the
armies; perhaps each player can take
We recommend that you take an five units with a combined Wounds
existing battleplan, such as First characteristic of no more than 100,
Blood (pg 237), and use it as a or you can use Pitched Battle profiles
template. To start with, try making to set a points limit for each army.
small changes and seeing how Remember that the more units you
they work. As you become more include in each army, the longer the
experienced at adapting battleplans, game is likely to last.
you will be able to customise them A more competitive method of
more and more. GOALS placing terrain features is for
The goals are what each side is the players to first decide their
Each battleplan should answer the trying to achieve in the battle. They territories, and then take it in turns
following questions: help determine the tactics each to place terrain features upon
player will use, and can also be the battlefield. The players keep
What, if any, restrictions are there used to help decide who wins (see on adding terrain features to the
on the models each player can Glorious Victory on the next page). tabletop until a pre-determined total
include in their army? The most common goal is simply is reached – we’ve found that about
What is each player’s goal in to defeat the opposing army, but six pieces is right for a 6' by 4' table.
the battle? there are plenty of other options. This method allows the players to
What does the battlefield For example, you might say the create a battlefield where the terrain
look like? battle is being fought for control of features help their own army or
What size and shape is each an ancient monument, and whoever hinder their opponent’s.
player’s territory? achieves this will be the winner. You
What, if any, special rules are in can decide that achieving certain If you wish, you can set up the
effect, and how do they work? goals will award victory points, terrain so that it represents the
How are the armies set up at the which is an easy way to keep track battlefield from a famous fight. The
start of the game? of how well each player is doing in tales of the Mortal Realms are often
Which player takes the first turn? a game. If you get stuck coming up replete with descriptions of the local
How long does the game last? with exciting goals, then the stories landscape, and Realm of Battle rules
How is the winner decided? and scenarios we publish provide are ideal for recreating the various
plenty of inspiration. regions of the Mortal Realms.
TERRITORIES to be represented in your battle. For FIRST TURN
Once the battlefield has been example, if you are fighting a battle You can determine who takes the
created, each player’s territory must set in frozen wastelands, you might first turn in the first battle round
be established. For most games, we want to include special rules for based on whoever finishes setting
recommend you simply divide the things like snowdrifts, blizzards and up first, or the players can roll off.
table in half down its length, and set hazardous footing. Maybe the scenario will require
up the armies in the opposite halves one player to take the first turn
of the table more than 12" from the Sometimes the scenario might – for example, if one army is on
dividing line. Alternatively, you can require that certain special rules the offensive.
divide the table in half across its are used; in the ambush game
width, or diagonally, or by any other mentioned above, you could add a GAME DURATION
method you prefer. rule that allows the ambushing unit There are a number of ways to
to remain hidden from the enemy determine when a battle will end.
Sometimes, however, the goals you until they start attacking, or until a You can play until the main goal
have chosen will require a different specific battle round is reached. This is achieved, when the battle ends
or more elaborate deployment for helps to make the situation feel more immediately and the successful
the armies. For example, the goal realistic as you play. player is crowned the winner, or you
might be for one side to ambush the can set an upper limit on the number
other as it marches along a road, in SETTING UP ARMIES of battle rounds you will play, at
which case one army will need to The method players must use to set which point the player that has best
deploy along the road, and the other up their armies may well be dictated achieved the goal of the battle is
in hidden ambush positions. Once by the goals and territories decided named the winner. Remember when
again, the background and scenarios upon earlier. Most commonly, one setting a time limit that the larger
published for Warhammer Age of player will set up their entire army the game the more time you will
Sigmar provide excellent examples and then their opponent will set up need to reach a satisfying conclusion.
of the different ways that armies theirs, or the players will alternate
can deploy. setting up units, one at a time. Some GLORIOUS VICTORY
players like to place a screen across The player that has best achieved
SPECIAL RULES the centre of the table so that the the goals of the battle is the winner.
Many battleplans don’t have any two armies can deploy in secret, or More often than not the winner will
special rules, allowing you to have the side that will set up second be obvious. Sometimes the game
proceed with battle forthwith! At draw a map showing where they will be a draw, such as if both sides
other times one or two special rules plan to deploy their units, and so on. have accrued the same number of
can do a lot to make a game unique Sometimes you might want to make victory points. If you must finish a
and interesting. it so that several units are set up in game before a natural conclusion is
reserve, arriving at a certain point reached, then decide between you
Special rules cover certain situations, during the battle to reinforce their who has done the most to achieve
tactics or abilities that you feel need allies or achieve a certain goal. the goals – that player is the winner.
PLAY BATTLEPLAN Stu is hosting the game, so he will A ‘Reserves’ special rule will be used.
Robin and Stu are arranging to play set up the terrain and Robin will During set-up, each player will be
their regular game of Warhammer choose which half of the table he allowed to keep up to D3 units in
Age of Sigmar. A couple of days wants to set up his army in. Stu will reserve (each player rolls their D3
beforehand, they meet up to discuss make sure that a suitably impressive separately). Reserve units enter play
the format of the game, and agree to terrain feature is set up at the centre in their movement phase, measuring
fight an open play battle using the of the battlefield for the two sides to their first move from the battlefield
following rules. fight over. edge. The unit may enter play from
the long table edge of the player’s
THE ARMIES territory starting from the second
Stu will use all of the painted battle round, or from either of the
models he has ready for his Khorne short table edges in their territory
Bloodbound army. Robin will use his starting from the third battle round.
Stormcast Eternals army – including
the Celestant-Prime, which he’s been GAME DURATION
working on for weeks. They know Robin and Stu decide that battle will
that their armies are reasonably well start at 7.30 pm, and last for two
balanced against each other, though and a half hours, or until the goal
the Celestant-Prime may give Robin is achieved. This will allow them to
a slight edge. pack everything away after the game
and discuss the outcome.
Robin and Stu decide that the goal SET-UP & FIRST TURN GLORIOUS VICTORY
for their game will be to capture the Armies will be set up in opposite The winner will be the player
terrain feature closest to the centre halves of the table, more than 12" that captures the terrain feature.
of the table by controlling it for an from the centre line. If neither player wins outright
entire battle round. The player with by capturing the terrain feature,
the most models on or touching the Stu will set up first and take the first each player adds up the Wounds
terrain feature at the end of each turn in the first battle round, which characteristic of any enemy units
turn controls it – if a player controls will allow him to have his army set that have been destroyed during the
it at the end of one battle round, and up and everything ready by the time battle (excluding any new units that
continues to control it until the end Robin arrives for the game. Robin were added to the armies after the
of the next round, then they capture will set up second and take the battle started). If one player has a
it and win the battle. second turn in the first battle round. higher total, they are the winner.
The Open War battleplan generator tables are designed for players that like the ease and simplicity of open
play games, and are looking for as much variety as possible. If you use them, no two games will ever be exactly
the same.

Instead of picking a battleplan other, then the player with the lower SET-UP
from a Warhammer Age of Sigmar total is allowed to roll on the Sudden The players roll off and the winner
publication, you can generate your Death table as well. That victory decides which territory each side
own. This battleplan generator is condition applies only to the player will use. After doing so, the players
made up of five tables, which are that rolled it. alternate setting up units wholly
used to determine how the armies within their own territory, one at a
are set up (the Map table), what the time, starting with the player that
players must do in order to win the won the roll-off to pick territories.
battle (the Objective and Sudden
Death tables), and if any special rules
apply to the battle (the Ruse and GLORIOUS VICTORY
Twist tables). In order to win a major victory
a player must either achieve the
victory conditions rolled on the
THE GENERATOR TABLES Objective table, or the one they
Pick armies and set up terrain as rolled on the Sudden Death table.
described in the core rules. Then roll Any other result is a draw.
on the Map, Objective, Twist, Ruse
and Sudden Death generator tables
as described below.

One player rolls a dice and looks up
the result on the Map table. This is
the map for this battle.

One player rolls a dice and looks
up the result on the Objective table.
This is the objective for this battle.
Sometimes the Objective table will
require the player to set up one or
more objectives on the battlefield. If
both players are required to set up
objectives, roll off, and then alternate
setting the objectives up starting
with the player that won the roll-off.

One player rolls a dice and looks up
the result on the Twist table. The
resulting special rule applies for the
duration of the battle.


Each player must add up the Wounds
characteristics of all of the models
in their army. If one army has a
total that is greater than the other,
then the player with the lower total
is allowed to roll on the Ruse table.
That ruse can only be used by the
player that rolled it. If one army
has a total that is at least double the
D6 Objective D6 Twist
1-2 Field of Glory: Place one objective in the No Twist: No special rules apply in the battle.
centre of the battlefield, then the players roll
off. Starting with the winner, each player sets Dead of Night: The maximum range of any
up one objective in their territory, more than attack or spell is 12". Roll a dice at the start
6" from any battlefield edge. At the end of of each battle round after the first. Each time
the fifth battle round, the player that controls you roll a 4+, add 6" to the maximum range
the most objectives wins a major victory. allowed for attacks and spells.
You win a major victory immediately if
you control all three objectives at the end of Lighting Strikes: Each player must roll 3 dice
your turn. at the start of each of their hero phases. For
each 6, they can pick a different enemy unit
3-4 War of Attrition: Add up the Wounds and inflict D3 mortal wounds upon it.
characteristics of all enemy models that
your army slays. At the end of the fifth battle Eager for Battle: Add 2" to the Move
round the player with the highest total wins characteristic of all models, and add 1 to all
a major victory (even if their own army has run and charge rolls.
been wiped out!).
Healing Winds: Each player can pick a
5-6 Drawn & Quartered: The players roll off. friendly model at the start of each of their
Starting with the winner, take it in turns to hero phases. Heal D3 wounds that have been
set up two objectives each, more than 12" allocated to that model.
from the centre of the battlefield, more than
6" from any battlefield edge, and more than Grudge Match: Players do not have to take
18" from any other objectives. At the end of battleshock tests in this battle.
each of your turns, score 1 victory point for
each objective you control. The player with
the most victory points at the end of the fifth
battle round wins a major victory.


D6 Ruse D6 Sudden Death Victory Condition
1-2 Ambush: During set-up, up to three of your 1-2 Assassinate: You immediately win a
units can be set up anywhere that is not in major victory if you slay an enemy HERO
the enemy’s territory and that is more than 9" or MONSTER that has a higher Wounds
from any enemy models. characteristic than any other enemy model
that is currently on the battlefield.
3-4 Reinforcements: Once per battle, at the end
of your movement phase, pick a friendly unit 3-4 Blunt: You immediately win a major victory
from which all of the models have been slain. if you have slain at least half of the models
You can set up the unit again, wholly within that your opponent had in their army at the
9" of the edge of the battlefield and more than start of the battle.
9" from any enemy models. This counts as the
unit’s move for that movement phase. 5-6 Endure: You immediately win a major
victory if you have at least one model still
5-6 Outflank: Pick a friendly unit. Instead of on the battlefield at the end of the fifth
setting this unit up on the battlefield, you battle round.
can place it to one side and say that it is
outflanking. You must set it up at the end of
either your first or second movement phase,
wholly within 9" of the edge of the battlefield
and more than 9" from any enemy models.
This counts as the unit’s move for that
movement phase.
The Mortal Realms are inhabited by myriad diverse races and factions, each with their own agendas, alliances and
enmities. Multiplayer games help tap into this incredible variety and invite exciting, radically different styles of
battle to boot.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Coalition games can also be a boon GENERALS AND WARLORDS
games are conventionally played for new players or those thinking Each player picks a general for their
between two people, but battling about collecting a new army. army as normal. You must also pick
it out with several players lends Teaming up with a skilled veteran one player from each coalition to be
the game a somewhat different is a great way to learn the nuances the warlord. This is often the player
dynamic, and requires only a few of tabletop wargaming, while those fielding the largest force. If, at any
easy modifications to the core dabbling with a new force can see time during the game, the coalition
rules. Gathering around a tabletop how it might fare in a larger game. cannot decide in what order to carry
in the thick of the action makes out actions, then the warlord has
for a great shared experience, and COALITION OF DEATH RULES final say on the order of events.
including more players offers a host A Coalition of Death battle is fought
of practical benefits. between two sides, each consisting of In addition, if a dice needs to be
a team of players. All of the players rolled for the whole team, the
One of the quickest ways to arrange a in the same team combine their warlord makes that dice roll.
multiplayer game is for two or more models and units into a single force, Finally, any victory conditions
players to join up and fight as a team. and must try to defeat the opposing from a battleplan that apply to an
The Age of Sigmar is, after all, an age team’s combined army. army general only apply to the
of grand alliances, and the Coalition warlord’s general unless specifically
of Death rules in this section are a To play a Coalition of Death game, noted otherwise.
great representation of this. Every you must have three or more players.
new alliance brings with it a host The battle can be fought using any FIGHTING THE BATTLE
of fresh challenges, from making of the battleplans for Warhammer Instead of each player taking a turn
the most of army composition by Age of Sigmar – all you need to do during a Coalition of Death game,
selecting complementary forces, is split the players into teams, with each team takes a turn. The teams’
to seeing that the armies fight in a each team taking one side in the warlords roll off against each other
mutually supportive manner. forthcoming battle. We have also to see which team has the first turn
included three battleplans on the each round.
following pages that are designed
for use with these Coalition of Where individual players would
Death rules. normally alternate taking actions,
the teams alternate taking actions,
THE ARMIES with each player in the team being
Split the players into two teams, allowed to carry out their actions.
using any method you prefer. For example, in the combat phase,
The two teams can be made up of each player on one team can attack
different numbers of players. Each of with one of their units, then each
the players then chooses an army as player on the other team, and so on.
described in the core rules.
The same principle applies during
Each player commands the models set-up. For example, if you are
they have provided to the coalition, fighting a battle where the players
and is allowed to decide what they take it in turns to set up units,
do, how they move and so on, and then in a Coalition of Death battle,
they make all of the dice rolls for the teams would take turns to set
their own units. Any command up, with each player in a coalition
abilities a player uses will only affect setting up a unit when it is their
the units in their own army, not the side’s turn to do so.
rest of the coalition. Despite this,
the armies belonging to the players Finally, it is worth noting that
on the same team are treated as a attempts to unbind a spell are
combined force during set-up and limited to one attempt per team,
during the battle. rather than one attempt for each
player on the team. There is only ever
Khorne Bloodbound one chance to unbind a successfully
Skarr Bloodwrath cast spell!

Two armies stumble across each Units must be set up wholly within GLORIOUS VICTORY
other. The side able to organise an their territory more than 9" from The coalition that has scored the
attack the fastest will be able to enemy territory. Any units that are most victory points (see below) at
strike before their opponents are not set up within the time limit are the end of the fifth battle round wins
fully prepared. placed in reserve instead of being set a major victory. In the case of a tie,
up on the battlefield. If a coalition’s both coalitions win a minor victory.
bid was twice as much or more
COALITION OF DEATH than their opponent’s bid, then the VICTORY POINTS
This is a battle for three or more players from that coalition must roll Victory points are scored as follows:
players. Use the Coalition of Death a dice before they set up a unit on
rules from page 272. the battlefield; on a roll of 1 or 2 that 1 victory point is scored each time a
unit must start in reserve (HEROES coalition slays an enemy model that
only have to be placed in reserve on has a Wounds characteristic of 10
SET-UP a roll of 1). or more.
Both warlords secretly bid (and write
down) the amount of time they want Reserve units can enter play in any 1 victory point is scored if a coalition
to take setting up. Bids must be in of their team’s movement phases slays an enemy general. 1 additional
whole minutes. The bids are then starting from the second battle victory point is scored if the general
revealed, and the amount bid is the round. All of the models in the unit was the enemy warlord’s general.
time that coalition will have to set must be set up in their coalition’s
up their armies. The side that bids starting territory, within 3" of the Each objective is worth 1 victory
lowest picks a territory and sets up table edge, and more than 9" from point to the coalition that controls
first, within the time period they bid. any enemy units. This counts as their it at end of battle rounds one or two,
Their warlord decides who has the move for that movement phase. 2 victory points to the coalition that
first turn in the first battle round. controls it at the end of battle rounds
Once the first coalition has been set three or four, and 3 victory points to
up, the opposing side does likewise, OBJECTIVES the coalition that controls it at the
within the time period they bid. In This battle is fought to control four end of battle round five.
the case of a tied bid, the bids must objectives. The objectives are located
be made again. at the centre of each quarter of the
battlefield, as shown on the map.

A battlefield is a confusing place at Units must be set up more than GLORIOUS VICTORY
night, when it is not uncommon to 9" from any enemy units. Each The coalition that has scored the
be unsure of where other friendly contingent must be set up wholly most victory points (see below) at
forces are located, let alone within a different territory, which the end of the fifth battle round wins
the enemy. then counts as their coalition’s a major victory. In the case of a tie,
territory for the rest of the battle. both coalitions win a minor victory.

COALITION OF DEATH If a player desires, they may place VICTORY POINTS

This is a battle for three or more any of their units in reserve instead Victory points are scored as follows:
players. Use the Coalition of Death of setting them up on the battlefield.
rules from page 272. Reserve units can enter play in any 1 victory point is scored each time a
of their team’s movement phases coalition slays an enemy model that
starting from the second battle has a Wounds characteristic of 10
SET-UP round. All of the models in the unit or more.
Each coalition must be split into must be set up in the same territory
three contingents, each with roughly as the rest of their contingent, within 1 victory point is scored if a coalition
one-third of the units from the 3" of the table edge, and more than 9" slays an enemy general. 1 additional
coalition. Contingents from the from any enemy units. This counts as victory point is scored if the general
same side do not need to be exactly their move for that movement phase. was the enemy warlord’s general.
the same size, as long as none
contains more than twice as many OBJECTIVES Each objective is worth 1 victory
units as any other. This battle is fought to control six point to the coalition that controls
objectives. One objective is located at it at the end of their turn if it is
Both warlords roll off. The winning the centre of each territory (see map). located in their own territory, and
team sets up one contingent. All D3 victory points if it is located in
units from that contingent must ILL MET BY MOONLIGHT enemy territory.
be set up wholly within one of the In the first battle round, the range
six territories shown on the map of any missile weapons or spells is
below. The opposing team sets up limited to 12". Roll a dice at the start
one of their contingents in the same of the second battle round. On a roll
manner, and then the first team of 1-3 this rule ends immediately,
sets up a second contingent, and so and on a roll of 4 or more it
on until all contingents have been continues until the end of the second
set up. battle round, and then ends.

Often the goals for a battle will shift OBJECTIVES GLORIOUS VICTORY
and change, forcing an army to first This battle is fought to control The coalition that has scored the
attack in one direction and then two objectives, one in each side’s most victory points (see below) at
another, or to stubbornly defend territory. However, the locations of the end of the fifth battle round wins
an objective at one moment and the two objectives may change each a major victory. In the case of a tie,
launch an all-out assault the next. battle round. both coalitions win a minor victory.

At the start of each battle round, VICTORY POINTS

COALITION OF DEATH each warlord rolls a dice. The Victory points are scored as follows:
This is a battle for three or more objectives are located in each
players. Use the Coalition of Death warlord’s territory at the centre of 1 victory point is scored each time a
rules from page 272. the area shown on the map that coalition slays an enemy model that
corresponds to their dice roll. has a Wounds characteristic of 10
or more.
Both warlords roll off, and the 1 victory point is scored if a coalition
winning team must pick a territory slays an enemy general. 1 additional
and set up first. The opposing victory point is scored if the general
team then sets up their army in was the enemy warlord’s general.
the remaining territory. Units
must be set up wholly within their Each objective is worth D3 victory
own territory more than 9" from points to the coalition that controls
enemy territory. it at end of their turn if it is located
in their own territory, and D6
If a player desires, they may place victory points if it is located in
any of their units in reserve instead enemy territory.
of setting them up on the battlefield.
Reserve units can enter play in any
of their team’s movement phases
starting from the second battle
round. All of the models in the unit
must be set up in their coalition’s
starting territory, within 3" of the
table edge, and more than 9" from
any enemy units. This counts as their
move for that movement phase.
Taking you beyond basic one-off battles, campaigns add a new dimension to your gaming. Essentially, they link
the battles you fight together, so that the result of each battle will be affected by the one that went before and
influence the one that comes after.

If battles are exciting short stories,

then campaigns are epic novels,
packed with plot twists and
cliffhangers. In essence, a campaign
is simply a series of battles that
are linked together in some way.
Ladder campaigns offer a simple,
straightforward and highly enjoyable
campaign structure, that will let
you settle old rivalries and make
brand new ones – all in the name of
friendly competition, of course! Here
you’ll learn how to fight your way to
the top, one rung at a time.

In its simplest form, a ladder

campaign involves participants
attempting to battle their way to
the top of the ‘ladder’ by defeating
their fellows. The more battles you
win, the higher up the ladder you
will climb.

The concept sounds simple, but

there can be a great deal of strategy
involved. Pick your opponents
wisely, as your next battle might
propel you into top position – or
send you right to the bottom! The
trickiest part about scaling the
ladder’s giddy heights is staying at
the top. The champion’s position is
the most precarious, as every other
player will be vying to depose them.

You can use any of the rules

presented in this and other
Warhammer Age of Sigmar This is the ladder from our own Warhammer Age of Sigmar ladder campaign.
publications when fighting your Numerous battles have been fought as part of this campaign. At the time this
battles, but ladder campaigns are picture was taken, Ben Johnson’s Stormcast Eternals were in the top spot,
particularly well-suited to open Pete Foley’s Disciples of Tzeentch were in second place, and Robin Cruddace’s
play gaming. On the following page Stormcast Eternals were in third place but coming on strong. Some players
you will find an example ladder have fought games almost every day, while others have only played now and
campaign that you can play – or then, but great fun is being had by all however frequently they take part in the
use as inspiration for creating your campaign. This ability to dip in and out of a ladder campaign is one of its great
own – as well as some hints and tips strengths, and can give it incredible longevity – the campaign shown above has
for making your campaigns even already been going on for several months, and continues to this day!
more exciting.
A Warhammer Age of Sigmar ladder campaign is a great way to organise a series of open play games. Players
challenge each other in battle with the view of climbing the ladder, and whoever is at the top is considered the
current reigning champion.

The concept of a ladder campaign is CLIMBING THE LADDER

really very simple. A list of all of the If the winner of a battle is the lower HINTS & TIPS
players taking part is made, with the of the two players on the ladder, they Ladders are a great way to run a
first player to join being number one, swap places with their opponent. If simple league, and are very easy
the second player to join number the winner is higher up the ladder, to modify if you want to add
two and so on. As new players join they swap places with the player that more detail or complexity.
the ladder, they add their name is directly above them, unless they
to the end of the list and take the are at the very top, in which case the For example, you can stipulate
next number. loser drops a rung on the ladder. In that players use certain Realm
the case of a tie, the players remain of Battle rules in their games.
So a ladder with six players would in their current positions. Alternatively, you could say
have a list of six names numbered that they must use the Open
from one to six. If two players later For example, if player five defeats War battleplan generator tables
joined the ladder, they would be player three in battle, they swap (pg 270-271) for the games
given positions seven and eight, and places. But if player three is they play.
so on. victorious over player five, player
three swaps places with player two.
When players on the ladder fight
a battle, the result will affect their In addition to the above, anyone
position on the ladder as described who doesn’t play a game for a month
in the rules that follow. To play a drops to the bottom of the ladder,
ladder game, all you need to do is falling below any players who have
choose a willing opponent from the played games in the last month. Although ladder campaigns
ladder and arrange to fight a battle! work really well with open
The player at the top of the ladder is play games, you can use them
the current reigning champion! for any other format too. For
example, you can get players
to pick their armies using
the Pitched Battle rules on
pages 310-311.

Last, but far from least, you

can tie in special games and
events that take place at your
club or gaming group to the
ladder. Perhaps at the end of
each month there is a special
multiplayer battle fought
between the top players (rules
for this type of game can be
found on pages 302-303). Or,
at the end of the year, you
could hand out trophies and
certificates to players for their
achievements, such as holding
the top place for the longest
period of time, fighting the
most battles, advancing the
most rungs in a single month,
and so on.
ith a cast of indomitable heroes and fearsome
villains, plots of conquest, zealous loyalty and
ruthless betrayal, and a near-endless array of
spectacular locations, Warhammer Age of Sigmar is replete
with legendary stories. Narrative play is all about re-enacting
these epic tales on your own battlefield.

Narrative play games are all about telling stories. This can be as
simple as devising a reason for two armies to battle each other,
such as a deep-seated rivalry, a contested territory, or a vital
objective that must be secured before it falls into the wrong
hands. In fact, every time players get together and talk about
why their armies might be fighting each other, they are working
out a narrative game. This turns a battle into more than just a
competitive game to test the generalship of each player, as each
battle is weaved into the ongoing story of the Mortal Realms.

Narrative play games can be based on a story or event you have

read about in any Warhammer Age of Sigmar publication, or
something you have devised yourself after having been inspired
by reading about the Mortal Realms. There are endless ways to
then build that story into your games. Armies might be modified
to better reflect the plot, specific scenery might play a part in
recreating the landscape, ‘house rules’ might be invented to
represent the consequences of victory and defeat, and paint
schemes can be developed to reflect the forces involved. A game
of this type can require more planning to set up than an open
or matched play game but, for many, the rewards in terms of
immersion and excitement make narrative games well worth
the effort. However, if you don’t want to spend time crafting a
story or making up special rules, there are a number of narrative
battleplans available in our books that are based on events that
have occurred throughout the history of the Mortal Realms and
which are ready to pick up and play straight away.

Because of the vast and varied nature of the Mortal Realms, there
is practically no limit to the kind of story you can tell in your
games. You can explore objective-based battles in which armies
must fight for a vital resource or precious item; scenarios driven
by a particular terrain feature, such as a Chaos monolith that
seduces wizards with beguiling promises of power; the political
tensions between rival warlords in the same Grand Alliance;
attacker-defender situations in which one powerful army invades
the territory of another; or you can recreate a pivotal battle from
the fabled history of the realms.

By linking together the narrative battles you fight, you can turn
a story into a saga in which your army and its leaders are the
main protagonists. Subsequent battles will continue or conclude
the tale begun in the first – a warlord throws down a would-be
usurper, an invasion is defeated, or a lost artefact of great power
is recovered. In no time your army will be taking part in an epic
legend that will be retold by troubadours and chroniclers the
realms over for time immemorial!
On the following pages, you will find advice that will help you create and fight exciting narrative battles. We will
provide guidance on how to set up a narrative battle, and you will find examples of the rules and battleplans we
have used in our own narrative games.

There are already many great presence of strange armies, it shakes scratch, and these same instructions
resources for narrative play, and and ruptures, causing earthquakes, can be used to write a battleplan
more are coming all the time. The landslides and buildings to crash that incorporates all the narrative
Realmgate Wars series of books are down upon those who venture across elements you want. You can tailor
a great example of this, and they it. Once you’ve conjured up an idea each part of the battleplan to the
provide a perfect jumping-off point for a battleplan, you can work out story, from the armies included to
for anyone interested in recreating where your forces will fight and the the objectives being fought for, from
events from that tumultuous period aspects of that environment which the location of the battle to how the
of the Age of Sigmar. The stories could help or hinder the warring victory conditions are determined.
set out in the various Warhammer parties. The battleground could be a
Age of Sigmar publications are mountain range caught in a magic- For example, you could recreate one
there to provide more than just a draining blizzard or a barren plain of the battles fought on Decrepita
setting for your collections of Citadel blasted with scorching desert winds. in the Realm of Life, where Nagash
Miniatures. Some of these tales Perhaps you wish to play out the sent his legions to steal the land
are about specific individuals, like story of an epic siege, recreating the from Alarielle’s people. The armies
the famous Vandus Hammerhand daring actions of the invading force could include Sylvaneth on one side,
of the Hammers of Sigmar, while bringing down the battlements, or and Nighthaunt, Deathrattle and
some tell the story of entire battles. the stoic defenders standing strong Deadwalker units on the other. You
All of them, however, can provide against the onslaught. You can use could use the Realm of Battle rules
inspiration for games you might any of the optional rules in this for Ghyran, and write a special rule
want to play. book and other Warhammer Age of to represent the seemingly endless
Sigmar publications to give tactical hordes of undead that besieged the
These books often contain significance to these story elements. isle. Whatever story you want to tell,
battleplans that allow you to play the rules to recreate it on the tabletop
narrative games based on the tales are at your fingertips.
you read there. Recreating a battle
just as it happened in the narrative Making your own battleplans,
is great fun, and as we’ve already special rules and creatures is heady
created many battleplans that do stuff, but be warned that it’s not for
this, it’s very easy as well. Simply everyone. Some players prefer to
choose a story you wish to recreate keep their games within the remit of
and play the battleplan associated the published rules, so it is vital to
with it. ensure that your opponent is happy
to play with any bespoke rules you
With only a little effort, however, have created. While you may have
it is just as satisfying to use those built your own mighty monolith to
battleplans as frameworks for the Dark Gods and come up with
making up your own stories, tailored Whether you aspire to play a some great rules to go along with
particularly to your own model straightforward clash to destroy your it, just as importantly you’ll need to
collections. You can even create opponent’s army or you want to try find an opponent that wants to fight
entirely new battleplans to tell stories out something more creative, such a battle using your creation on the
of your own. as casting down the arcane idols table. Springing such an invention
of your dark foes, there are some onto an opponent expecting a
questions that should be addressed matched play battle probably won’t
PLANNING A before you take to the field of battle. go down well. Setting up such a game
NARRATIVE GAME Existing battleplans routinely as a special occasion will work better.
Planning a narrative game is often answer these questions for you, In fact, clubs or gaming groups
just as fun as playing the game itself, but if you want to invent your own sometimes put on extravagant
as it lets you really unleash your battleplan you’ll need to work them and highly themed games, on
imagination. Maybe you’re battling it out for yourself. On pages 267-269 occasion even taking them to show
out in the Realm of Beasts where the you will find a step-by-step guide to off at major events such as Games
land itself is alive. Angered by the creating your own battleplan from Workshop’s Warhammer Fest.
GAMES MASTERS still contain great power. Having a If you are interested in coming up
One of the best ways to introduce games master can put the players with new battleplan ideas, rules
new rules or a bespoke battleplan into the shoes of a ‘real’ general twists or ideas for new creature types
into a game is with the help of a and offers great scope for creating then try making up a game for your
games master. A games master (or battlefields where nothing can be gaming group. It is a good idea to
GM for short) is an optional figure taken for granted. Hidden objectives, stick to armies you or your friends
who can preside over and run a secret agendas amongst players, have, and add a few creative touches,
particular battle. The GM helps the and competitive rivalries between such as a new terrain feature,
players by setting up the battleplan allies are all battleplan rules best battleplan special rules or a specially
and interpreting – or even making coordinated by a GM. created monster. Even rigid, by-the-
up – the rules as needed. book players are more comfortable
A games master is not to be confused with new rules mechanics when the
Games masters offer fantastic with a tournament umpire, who game is presided over by a GM. Their
opportunities for Warhammer is there to act as an adjudicator in presence should ensure balance, as
Age of Sigmar players to vary their rules disputes. Being a games master the game won’t be dominated by one
games. GMs are a neutral party should be more about incorporating player over-eager to try out their
who can coordinate any number of creative ideas and elements into new modelling project. The key to
entertaining gaming options, such as a game without upsetting the being a great GM is to remain fair
an unexpected ambush. Just like real competitive balance of the rules than and impartial, while at the same
commanders, the players won’t know double-checking whether a unit time ensuring all the players have a
where their enemy is (or in some is eligible to charge an opponent. fantastic time.
cases, what their enemy is). Imagine The role of a GM is more to do
a battle interrupted by a monster with creating an immersive and
disturbed by fighting too close to interactive environment in which
its lair, or the sudden realisation battles can take place, and ensuring
that the ruined altars atop the hills the game runs smoothly.


If you’re looking for narrative games to play, The
Realmgate Wars series is the perfect place to start.
Replete with gripping stories and dynamic rules, these
four books provide all you need to recreate the fateful
battles of this era on the tabletop.

Each battleplan in these books represents a part of this

epic narrative, but can also be adapted to suit similar
scenarios in which different armies clash together.
This means that whatever models you have in your
collection, and whatever stories you’d like to tell, these
battleplans can be easily modified to suit.

As well as battleplans, each of these books includes

one or more sets of Time of War rules. These allow
you to recreate some of the wondrous and terrifying
environs discovered by the armies that fought in these
battles. With rules representing many of the famed
regions in which these conflicts took place, along with
the incredible creatures and natural wonders of the
realms that played their part in these encounters, these
rules offer a plethora of tools for turning these and
other stories into narrative games of Warhammer Age
of Sigmar.

The combined content of these tomes provides

narrative gamers with a wide range of inspirational
ideas that you can use either straight from the
pages, or adapt to create narrative battles of your
own devising.
The Hammers of Sigmar, led by the Celestant-Prime, have struck deep into Nagash’s realm to combine forces with
the Anvils of the Heldenhammer outside the city of Glymmsforge. They hope to recover an ossuary of sacred grave
salt from the catacombs that have been claimed by Nagash’s forces, and use it to restore the city’s arcane defences.

We have created an example narrative battle using the amazing

scenery and armies made and painted by the Games Workshop
hobby team. It pits Nagash, the hobby team’s Nighthaunt army,
and several other Death models from the hobby team’s collection,
against a combined force of Hammers of Sigmar and Anvils of the
Heldenhammer. The battle is shown in the photograph on this page,
along with details of some of the special rules in effect for the battle.

1. Nagash: The Sentinel (see 4.) will quickly warn

Nagash of any attempt to enter the catacombs, so
that he can travel to the battlefield to deal with the
intruders. At the start of each hero phase, the Death
player rolls a dice, and if the roll is equal to or less than
the current battle round, Nagash arrives and is set up
at the top of Mount Sinister along with a bodyguard of
two Morghasts.

2. Guardians of the Catacombs: The

entrance to the catacombs is defended by two
Morghast statues. The Sentinel can use an
Animate Guardians spell with a casting
value of 5 to bring a Morghast statue
to (un)life.

3. The Lower Catacombs:

The entrance to the lower
catacombs is the objective
of the Stormcast Eternals’
attack. In order to win the
battle, the Stormcast Eternals
need to have a unit within 3" of
the tunnel entrance at the start
of their hero phase, and then roll
a 4+ to find the hidden ossuary
and win the battle. However, to
complicate matters, starting from
the first battle round, the Skeleton
Warrior units in the Death army
can use this entrance to move
onto the battlefield.
4. The Sentinel: A Necromancer known 5. Gate Sinister: The Hammers of Sigmar are using a Realmgate called Gate
as the Sentinel stands eternal vigil Sinister to reach the battlefield. At the start of the battle, the Hammers of
over the entrance to the catacombs, Sigmar units can be set up within 12" of the Realmgate. Any units set up in the
his powers enhanced by a golden Celestial Realm, using Scions of the Storm or a similar ability, can be set up
Numinous Occulum. The Sentinel is set within 12" of the Realmgate when they arrive on the battlefield instead of using
up in the Occulum at the start of the the normal rule.
battle. He can be used to animate the
Guardians of the Catacombs (see 2.)
and can use the Numinous Occulum
rules (see

6. The Sinister Underway: The upper catacomb

peaks are threaded with a network of magical
tunnels called the Sinister Underway. With the
exception of the entrance to the lower catacombs
(see 3.), all of the tunnel entrances on the battlefield
are treated as if they were Baleful Realmgates, using
the rules from that warscroll (see games-workshop.
com), with the exception of the Hazardous Journey
rule. This allows units to move safely from one
tunnel entrance to another, instead of making a
normal move in their movement phase.

9. The Celestant-
Prime: The
Stormcast Eternals
army is led by
the Celestant-Prime.

8. Sigmarite Mausoleums: Nighthaunt

units can be set up within 3" of a Sigmarite
Mausoleum at the start of the battle. Any
remaining Nighthaunt units can come into
play using Sinister Underway entrances
7. Anvils of the Heldenhammer: These noble warriors (see 6.) that are more than 6" from any
have been fighting a prolonged campaign to defend the enemy models.
city of Glymmsforge, and march swiftly to aid their
comrades. Anvils of the Heldenhammer units are not
set up on the battlefield at the start of the battle, and
instead arrive in the second and third battle rounds,
on the old road at the corner of the battlefield.
Tales from the Age of Sigmar are filled with heroic deeds and legendary battles. With a little imagination you
can recreate these battles with your armies on the tabletop and find out if history will repeat itself, or if your
command can alter the course of fate.

The Mortal Realms are rich Recreating the legendary battles particular period in time, taking
with legend, with events of great from the history of the Mortal them through each of the milestone
magnitude casting their shadows Realms is, for many, the pinnacle battles that moulded their fate.
long over the aeons that follow, of narrative gaming. Fashioning You can take pains to ensure the
storied heroes rising at moments rules that recreate the circumstances terrain matches the description
of strife to wrest power from the of such a monumental clash can of the region in which each battle
forces of Chaos, and figures of be a truly satisfying exercise, and took place, representing as best you
darkness manipulating fate to serve collecting and painting the fabled can that fabled site. Ultimately, the
their own agendas. This vast and heroes and armies that fought in it is, more details you discover or create