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ITAIPU re BINACIONAL Itaipu Hidroelectric Development The Project of the Century ASESORIA DE COMUNICACION SOCIAL ? 0 0 0 DIRECCION GENERAL PARAGUAY 2 THE PROJECT OF THE CENTURY 4” “Os. Index Statical Summary .. General Features of the Itaipu Project.... Baekground The ITAIPU Treaty ond creation of ITAIPU Binacional The Parana river basin and the geology of the region Reservoir Navigation Principal companies that took part in the conservation of the Project Physical Description of the Project Location General layout of the Project Diversion Channel and Diversion Structure Main Dam Right Bank Lateral Dam Earthfill Dams: Rockfill Dam Spillway Water Intakes and Penstocks Powerhouse and Assembly Areas Operation Building Instrumentation and seismology Construction Expropriations and settlements Physical and social infrastructure Construction planning Construction equipment River diversion works Dam works Diversion closure and Reservoir filling Coenerete production and casting Permanent Equipment ... Justires and Generators Tr=somers ge ME We THE PROJECT OF THE CENTURY 3 Ausdlary services Electrical Mechanical Gas insulated Substation - SFG Distmibution of electric Power Fight bank Substation Transmission System ... The Manintenance of Itaipu Financial Summary . Operation of the Itaipu Hydroelectric Complex ....... General aspects Coordination of the interconnected operation ‘Supervision and control Marketing the Power From It The Treaty and terms for Power supply Administration and operation of agreements Bookkeeping and billing Energy delivered to Paraguay and Brazil Evolution of power demand billed to Entities, Benefits and Ecological Issues ... The changes produced by the Reservoir Environmental Projects Landscaping Comparative Graphics... Mejor hydroelectric plants of the world installed capacity vs. annual energy production Concrete volume Major hydrogenerators of the world Output in MVA Comparisons and Other Information .