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VMRC Intergenerational Choir

Rehearsal Number 5 or 6:
October 11 and 18

1. REHEARSAL # 5: NAME: Ashley Starkston

REHEARSAL THREADS: Learn the Tenor line for the A section and sight read the B section

GOALS AND OBJECTIVES: All parts solid in the A section and beginning work on harmonies in the B
section to be solidified the following week if needed

Assessment Strategies:
Throughout this rehearsal I will engage in formal assessment by: Teaching ensuring that the participants
understand notes and rhythms.

Throughout this rehearsal I will engage in informal assessment by: Teaching the melody of the song by rote
and scanning the room to see that the students are participating.

Start Timings
Time Totals

Time: (:30/7:00)


Chunk 1:
1s. Good Morning VMRC!

2v. Good Morning

1a. My rehearsal threads for today are: Learn the tenor line of the A section and
do some sight reading in the B section.

TRANSITION WITH: 1d. Please open your music to page 11 and echo me!

Time (xxx/xxx./xxx)


Chunk 1:
1d. I’m going to sing through the tenor line on solfege, and I would like you all to repeat it back
to me on text.

1a. do mi re do sol sol re ti

2v repeat on text

3sra. Very nice job on that leap from do to sol and back down to re!

Chunk 2:

1d. ti do re do do la la mi mi
2v. repeat on text
1d. do mi re do sol sol re ti
2v. repeat on text
1d. ti do re do do ti ti do do
2v. repeat on text

Chunk 3:

1d. Let’s sing the whole tenor line

2v. sings whole tenor line on text
1d. Great, now lets try that together in all 4 parts!
2v. sings A section in 4-parts
1d. (if needed) let’s review the alto and bass line and then try that again

TRANSITION WITH: 3nsra. Great job!

1a. Let’s do some sight reading in the B section. We’re going to loop this to give each section a few
chances to get their parts down. Make mistakes confidently and do your best!

Time: (xxx/xxx./xxx)


Chunk 1:
1d. Sopranos, please sing the melody of the B section once through, and then the basses will


2v. Sopranos sight sing B section

Chunk 2:
1d. Basses, you’re in this time!

2v. Basses join sopranos in the B section

Chunk 3:
1d. Altos, get ready!

2v. Altos join sopranos and basses in the B section.

Chunk 4:
1d. Tenors, your turn!

2v. Tenors join the rest of the choir in the B section

1d. Keep going, one more time!

2v. Choir sings through B section once more in 4-parts

1d. Wonderful work everyone! We will go back and fix things as needed next week, but that was
some great reading! Let’s sing through the whole piece together on text to end the rehearsal! Don’t be
afraid, sing confidently and make music!

2v. choir sings through What Child is This in 4-parts