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Complete List of Adverbs

Adverbs of Degree List

Alphabetical list of common single-word degree adverbs

almost incredibly really

absolutely indeed scarcely
awfully* intensely simplyso
badly* just somewhat
barely least
completely less
decidedly little
deeply lots thoroughly
enough most too
enormously much totally
entirely nearly utterly
extremely perfectly very
fairly positively virtually
far practically well
fully pretty*
greatly purely *informal
hardly quite
highly rather
Adverbs of Frequency

Adverbs of definite frequency Adverbs of indefinite frequency

hourly, always,
daily, constantly
weekly, usually,
monthly, normally
yearly frequently,
every second, regularly
once a minute, often
twice a year sometimes
once, occasionally
twice, rarely,
once or twice, infrequently
three times, seldom
every day, hardly ever
every hour never

Most frequent 100% always

95% constantly
90% nearly always
85% almost always
80% usually
75% generally
70% normally
65% regularly
60% often
55% frequently
50% sometimes
45% periodically
40% occasionally
35% now and then
30% once in a while
25% rarely
20% seldom
15% infrequently
10% hardly ever
5% scarcely ever
4% almost never
Least frequent 0% never
Adverbs of Manner List

Alphabetical list of common single-word manner adverbs

accidentally elegantly hurriedly promptly softly

angrily enormously inadequately punctually solemnly
anxiously enthusiastically ingeniously quickly speedily
awkwardly equally innocently quietly stealthily
badly eventually inquisitively rapidly sternly
beautifully exactly irritably rarely straight
blindly faithfully joyously really stupidly
boldly fast justly recklessly successfully
bravely fatally kindly regularly suddenly
brightly fiercely lazily reluctantly suspiciously
busily fondly loosely repeatedly swiftly
calmly foolishly loudly rightfully tenderly
carefully fortunately madly roughly tensely
carelessly frankly mortally rudely thoughtfully
cautiously frantically mysteriously sadly tightly
cheerfully generously neatly safely truthfully
clearly gently nervously selfishly unexpectedly
closely gladly noisily sensibly victoriously
correctly gracefully obediently seriously violently
courageously greedily openly sharply vivaciously
cruelly happily painfully shyly warmly
daringly hard patiently silently weakly
deliberately hastily perfectly sleepily wearily
doubtfully healthily politely slowly well
eagerly honestly poorly smoothly wildly
easily hungrily powerfully so wisely

Adverbs of Place List

Alphabetical list of common single-word place adverbs

about indoors
above inside
abroad near
anywhere nearby
away off
back on
backwards (also backward) out
behind outside
below over
down there
downstairs towards
east (etc) under
elsewhere up
far upstairs
here where
Common suffixes

-wards or -ward (backwards, downwards, eastward, forwards, homewards, upwards)

-where (anywhere, everywhere, nowhere, somewhere)

Adverbs of Time List

List of common single-word time adverbs

points of time (definite): frequency (indefinite): relationships in time (indefinite):

now always already
then constantly before
today ever early
tomorrow frequently earlier
tonight generally eventually
yesterday infrequently finally
frequency (definite): never first
annually normally formerly
daily occasionally just
fortnightly often last
hourly rarely late
monthly regularly later
nightly seldom lately
quarterly sometimes next
weekly regularly previously
yearly usually recently