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Medical astrology (traditionally known as iatromathematics) is an ancient

medical system that associates various parts of the body, diseases, and
drugs as under the influence of the sun, moon, and planets, along with the
twelve astrological signs. Each of the astrological signs (along with the sun,
moon, and planets) is associated with different parts of the human body.[1]
This table, from an 18th-century Icelandicmanuscript, links astrological dates with the
preparation of medicine.
Medical astrology posits the association of each sign of the zodiac with
parts of the body, and was already mentioned by Marcus Manilius (1st
century AD) in his epic poem (8000 verses) Astronomica. The signs of
the zodiac were believed to preside over the parts of the body, covering the
body from head (Aries) to toe (Pisces).
The anatomical-astrological human
After examining an individual's natal chart, a medical astrologer may give
advice to the client about the areas of the body in which they are most
likely to experience trouble. For instance, an individual with the Sun,
Moon, Ascendant, or many planets in the sign of Aries is presumed to have
more headaches than other people because of the association of Aries with
the head.[citation needed]
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