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Software Update for Sharp Models LC32LE265X, LC40LE265X,

LC60LE660X and LC70LE660X

In some New Zealand regional centres you may experience an issue where not all of the Freeview
channels are being received. If this occurs, please use the provided USB and follow the
instructions below to update your Television software.

If you experience difficulties please contact Sharp Customer Care on 0800 501 201 or email

1. Ensure the TV Antenna is connected and the

unit is plugged into the wall socket and the
wall switch is on.

Press the POWER button located on the Left

rear of the TV to turn the TV on.
If this is the first time the TV has been turned
on the Auto installation wizard will appear.
If the TV has previously run the “Auto
Installation” Please go to step 3

2. Using the left, right, up and down arrow

buttons on the remote:

 Press ▼ or ▲ to highlight NEW

ZEALAND, and then press ENTER.
 Press ▼ or ▲ to highlight the desired
language, and then press ENTER.
 Press ▼ or ▲ to select HOME, and
then press ENTER.

Auto search will be started to Auto Tune the

TV which takes about 5 minutes to complete.

3. Check that you have the correct model

written on the USB memory stick.

Insert the supplied USB memory stick in slot

(2) at the left rear of the TV

4. Enter the menu by pressing “MENU” button

on the remote:

Please Turn Page Over

5. Press ◄or ► button on the remote control to
select the “Option” menu

6. Repeatedly press the ▼ down arrow button

on the remote control, scroll all the way down
to the hidden section until “SYSTEM DATA”
is highlighted, and then press the “ENTER”
button on the remote

7. Press “ENTER” on the remote control to


8. Press ▲arrow up button on the remote

control to highlight “YES” then press

9. The update will start automatically, progress

is shown on screen.

10. The TV picture will reappear once the update

is complete.

If the picture does not appear after 3 minutes

turn the wall socket off then on and power on
the TV.

11. If some channels are missing, please select

Auto Installation from the “Programme
Setup” Menu (and press “Enter”) .Now that
the software update has been performed,
any missing channels should be located after
the auto tuning scan has finished.