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Del Carmen, Siargao Islands, Surigao del Norte

School Year: 2015 - 2016

NAME : ______________________________________________ DATE : _______________

YR. AND SEC. : _________________________________________ SCORE : _______________

12. In a badminton and volleyball games, a team can win a

Multiple Choice. Choose the correct answer from the point if
given choices. Write only the letter of your answer A. He wins rally
before its number. B. He plays honestly
1. German composer who developed lieder. C. He commits a violation
A. Franz Lizst C. Johann Goethe D. He enjoys smashing shuttles
B. Franz Haydn D. Franz Schubert
13. What physical component is needed for a badminton
2. The following opera were written by Giuseppi player tor quickly return the shuttle?
Verdi except for; A. Speed C. Strength
A. Aida C. Rigoletto B. Agility D. Endurance
B. Tristan and Isolde D. La Traviata
14. Why did William Morgan invent volleyball?
3. Richard Wagner made used of this musical A. To make his clients busy
sequences in most of his operas. B. To make fun out of nothing
A. Oratorio C. Lieder
B. Aria D. Leitmotifs C. To make his clients physically fit
D. To create an indoor recreational activity during the winter
4. French composer who became famous for his season
opera “Carmen”.
A. Georges Bizet C. G. Puccini 15. You were invited to talk on how to prevent diseases and
B. G. Verdi D.Richard Wagner live a healthy and quality life. What would be the focus of
your talk?
5. Solo singing part in an opera A. The health history of the family
A. Act C. Aria B. The attitude and behaviour of the family
B. Prelude D. Postlude
C. The environment where the community is
6. Which of the following are the tools of an D. The nutrition and physical activity of the family
actor/actress in a play?
A. Body, Voice, Emotion TRUE or FALSE. Write TRUE if the statement is correct
and FALSE if incorrect.
B. Character, Music, Plot
C. Line , Shape, Texture
16. Bullying is common in schools.
D. Plot, Sounds, Theme
17. Rape can only happen to females.
7. ____________ are the basic elements of musical
play/ theater. 18. Accidents are considered intentional injuries.
A. Body, Voice, Emotion
B. Character, Music, Plot 19. Intentional injuries are injuries resulting from violence.
C. Line , Shape, Texture 20. Nothing can stop a person if s/he is determined to
D. Plot, Sounds, Theme commit suicide.
8. The Greek and Roman theater arts started 21. When singing for an opera, the focus of the
during _________. performance is on the singing technique called;
A. Ancient Period C. Renaissance Period A. Bel Canto B. Falsetto C. Tessitura D. Aria
B. Medieval Period D. Romantic Period
22. The following musical terms were used to affect the way
9. Romeo and Juliet tragedy was written singers sing except for;
by____________. A. Vibrato B. Rubato C. Polyphonic D. Tessitura
A. Christopher Marlowe C. Victor Hugo
B. Georges Bizet D. William Shakespeare 23. Which of the following opera singers does not belong to
the group?
10. A play characterized by its humorous or satirical A. Luciano Pavarotti C. Andrea Bocelli
tone. B. Placido Domingo D. Maria Callas
A. Comedy C. Melodrama
B. Drama D. Tragedy 24. Which of the following statements is true about opera?
A. Opera technique is called bel canto, which means
11. Activities done during free time is called beautiful singing.
Recreation. What is the primary reason why one B .Opera singers often sing in Italian and never French.
engages in recreational activity? C. Opera singers were trained only for a short period of
A. Fun C. Enjoyment time.

B. Fitness D. Fundamentals D. Opera singers are only asked to sing short phrases and

to sing loud.

Del Carmen, Siargao Islands, Surigao del Norte
School Year: 2015 - 2016
35. The way we live our life reflects our lifestyle. Which of
25. Classifying the voice of the singer is important the following is a healthy lifestyle that can maintain your
in order to guide us with the choice of songs to be desirable weight?
given. What is the range of a mezzo-soprano? A. Exercise one a week
A. C4-C6 C. F3-F5 B. Proper diet and exercise
B. C3-C5 D. A3-A5 C. Attending to gyms and taking diet fads
D. Enjoying a balance routine in life
26. Carmen, Don Jose, El Dancairo and El
Remendado are some 36. Badminton had its origin on the game
characters in the opera ________. A. Poona C. Shuttle game
A. Carmen C. Romeo and Juliet B. Tennis D. Court game
B. Florante at Laura D. Oedipus Rex
37. In performing a successful smash, a player needs
27. Romeo and Juliet play was created during
A. Agility C. Strength
B. Balance D. Power
A. Ancient Period C. Renaissance Period
B. Baroque Period D. Romantic Period
38. Badminton players execute lunges for a quicker return
of the shuttle. To perform lunge to its fullest, you need to
28. A play dealing with an unhappy ending, have
especially one concerning the downfall of the main A. Speed C. flexibility
character is ___________. B. Agility D. strength
A. Comedy C. Melodrama
B. Drama D. Tragedy TRUE or FALSE. Write TRUE if the statement is correct
and FALSE if incorrect.
29. Activities such as camping, hiking, orienteering
, swimming, and camping are under the category of
39. Domestic violence occurs in all cultures, communities
A. Recreation activities
and classes.
B. Indoor recreation activities
40. Alcohol and drug use are risk factors related to
C. Outdoor recreation activities intentional injuries.
D. Active recreation activities 41. Involvement in gangs may lead a person to commit
violent actions.
30. Navigating an unfamiliar place are requires a
skill in 42. Knowing proper self-defense will not help in preventing
A. Camping C. Orienteering intentional injuries.
B. Hiking D. Mountaineering 43. A person who failed in his/her attempt to commit suicide
will never try to do it again.
31. In hiking, what fitness component is required of
you? 44. You are being bullied in school. What is the best thing
A. Speed C. Strength to do?
A. Report him/her to the school authorities.
B. Agility D. Endurance B. Get even with him/her by asking friends for vengeance.
C. Confront the bully and tell him/her that you don’t like
32. After a hike, everyone should bring their own what s/he is doing.
waste home. This is a manifestation of the D. Do not do anything. S/he will eventually stop when s/he
A. Leave No Trace policy finds someone else to bully
B. Garbage Management Policy
C. Clean Mother Earth Policy 45. Which is a risk factor for suicide attempt?
D. Environmental Awareness Policy A. Good problem-solving skills
B. History of trauma and abuse
33. Active recreation participation is everyone‟s C. Strong connections to family and community support
responsibility, which of the following is the best D. Effective clinical care for mental, physical and substance
reason for this? use disorders.
A. Maintain weight
46. You noticed that you are always being followed by
B. To have a healthy lifestyle someone whom you don’t know. What will you do?
C. Keep a physically fit body A. Nothing. He is just a harmless admirer.
D. Have fun, enjoyment, and satisfaction B. Run away and hide from the person who is always
following you.
34. When trying to plan for your recreational C. Tell your parents or other authorities that you can trust
activity, which should be the best thing to keep in about your stalker.
mind? D. Make a scene to catch the attention of the public, then
A. The activity should be of your interest confront the person following you.
B. The activity should be away from home
C. The activity will give you the chance to earn 47. What form of violence is used for political goals which
money include putting the public or a great number of people in
D. The activity is held within your comfort zone fear?

A. Terrorism C. Kidnapping

B. Bullying D. Suicide

Del Carmen, Siargao Islands, Surigao del Norte
School Year: 2015 - 2016
48. Which is not verbal abuse?
A. Words that are manipulative and controlling.
B. Words that can cause a gradual diminishing of
C. Words that are used to explain to a child his/her
D. Words that are hurtful and usually attack the
nature and abilities of the person.

49. Why does domestic violence happen?

A. The abuser is trying to control the victim.
B. The abuser is in a stressful relationship.
C. The couple don't have much money and this
causes stress in the relationship.
D. All of the above.

50. You heard your friend Ricky telling your other

friends to shun Aaron because they recently had a
fight. What will you do?
A. Nothing. No harm will happen from it.
B. Nothing. I do not want to get involved.
C. I will convince all of my friends to shun Ricky
instead because he is a bully.
D. I will confront Ricky and tell him to stop what he
is doing because it is bullying.