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1/2/2019 Taurus Horoscope for January 2019 - Susan Miller Astrology Zone

Taurus Horoscope For January 2019

APR 20 - MAY 20



Dear Reader,

In this letter, I have written a free essay, below, called An Introduction to 2019 to give you an
exciting overview of the coming year. There are lots of new trends that will offer this year a
new look and feel, and I knew you would want to be lled in on those interesting details. It
certainly will be a more productive year than 2018, and I will show you why in a moment.

Before you read my essay on the Year Ahead 2019 found below, I want you to know I am
doing two free events in New York in January and one special keynote at the New Life Expo
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1/2/2019 Taurus Horoscope for January 2019 - Susan Miller Astrology Zone
Sometimes things seem to click into place almost effortlessly, and this month
might be one of those months for you. We have an extraordinary grouping of
planets in earth-sign Capricorn that will get along exceptionally well with your
earth-sign Taurus Sun. The month starts off with a bang: a new moon solar
eclipse on January 5 in compatible Capricorn, your ninth house of wide horizons
and big adventure.

You will have Mercury, Saturn, Pluto, the Sun, and new moon solar eclipse all in
that ninth house, so there are many possible outcomes. You will be hungry for
new experiences, and now that the holidays are over, you may be ready to head
to a beautiful location far from home. It would likely be a city, island, or other
location that will require your passport for entry. This seems to be to a place you
have never seen but always wished to visit. This could be the month you have
the adventure of your life.

Mercury in Capricorn will be perfectly angled to Uranus in an out-of-sign

friendly trine to Uranus, planet of spontaneity, at the time of the eclipse,
January 5. Let’s just say that that the planets are acting like little friends who
want to push you out the door so you can have your share of fun.

The ninth house is basically an intellectual part of the chart where you take in
information and then later share it with others. The ancient astrologers felt that
the very best way to learn about the world around you is through international
travel, to experience various cultures—different sounds, cuisines, colors, music,
fashions, art, literature, and other expressions that are new to you. With so
much energy in your ninth house, you might be scanning the Internet for
interesting travel packages. Perfect! If you must travel for business instead, you
will still nd the experience broadening, adding to your expertise. You are likely
to nd accord, so venture forth with optimism.

If you are hoping to deal with an immigration matter, this is the right month to
apply for a green card, visa, or foreign passport. Have your interview in January
and you will likely ace it.

Higher education also comes under the ninth house. This means that other
Taurus may be heading to graduate school or college in January, and if that is
you, you will be stimulated by the concepts that are presented to you. Saturn is 2/8
1/2/2019 Taurus Horoscope for January 2019 - Susan Miller Astrology Zone
among the planets in this ninth house, so although your professors will be tough
and demanding, you will retain a great deal of what you learn and be grateful for
the experience. This year you will learn concepts you can put to practical use.

The new crop of 2019 eclipses will be similar to the ones

that took place in 2000. Do you remember what was on
your mind on January 5 or 20, 2000? If you can recall,
you might get a clue of the theme you are about to
experience again ”
I was surprised to learn that only 6.7% of the world’s population holds a college
degree, according to a recent Harvard study done in collaboration with the
Asian Development Bank. We take much for granted in this world—if you have a
degree or are working toward one, realize very few have that privilege.

If you work in publishing, on the Internet, or in broadcasting, this month will

bring lots of opportunity to showcase your talents, because the ninth house also
rules the media. As mentioned earlier, the intellectual ninth house rules taking
in information through study, reading, listening, and rsthand experience
through travel, but this house is also about sharing information with others.
That is the reason media falls in this ninth house area of your chart. If you are
not a journalist, writer, or producer or don’t work in a related job in the media,
you might be instead the subject of a piece and enjoy important publicity for
work well done.

Saturn will be taking on a prominent role at this eclipse, because Saturn will
conjoin the Sun and new moon. This suggests you will likely accept an important
responsibility and may need to learn the ropes in a new facet of your specialty.
You will work hard for sure (all of us will be feeling this), but because Saturn is so
compatible with the Taurus Sun, you will absorb Saturn’s teachings easily and

One of the best parts of this eclipse will be the friendly beam Neptune will send
to the Sun, new moon eclipse, Saturn, and Pluto, which suggests that you will be
inspired by all that occurs and that a friend may play a big part in the uplifting
effect Neptune provides. 3/8
1/2/2019 Taurus Horoscope for January 2019 - Susan Miller Astrology Zone
Indeed, earlier in the week, on January 1, Saturn will conjunct the Sun, a once-a-
year phenomenon, representing a serious meeting of re (the Sun) and ice
(Saturn). This aspect suggests that the year will begin on a somber note. It’s easy
to feel exhausted, overwhelmed, or sensitive to criticism when Saturn meets the
Sun, but if you nd you have any of these feelings as January opens, the eclipse
of January 5 will prove to you that life brings surprises.

Just when you assumed nothing would change, suddenly change arrives without
any notice, and in your case, you may be delighted with the opening it will
provide you to move ahead on something important to you. That opening will
happen on or just after the solar eclipse in Capricorn on January 5.

I will admit that during the rst third of January, you may be concerned about
the health or welfare of a male in your family, such as your mate or father. It
seems you will be called on to assist in the decision-making. Alternatively, you
may be hosting family on January 1 or in the days that follow—possibly giving
family your guest room—but you may feel a bit worn to the bone. Ask for help, or
hire a college student to help you. Realize that even you have limits.

Mars, the planet that brings enormous energy to any part of the chart that it
visits, will be in Aries until February 14. This suggests that you are in a planning
stage on a project important to you, whether personal or professional in
context. Keep working on perfecting your endeavor or relationship (romantic or
business in nature) before you announce your intentions to the people who
matter to you. Speci cally, the people who matter to you might be your
audience or fans of your work; VIPs, who will have the authority to approve your
ideas for funding and launching; or, on a personal level, your parents, who would
meet your sweetheart before you get engaged. These are three examples, but
you get the idea.

(Some of your very best days to unveil things in 2019 will be when Mars moves
through Taurus, from February 14 to March 30. Keep in mind that Mercury will
be retrograde from March 5-28, so your best period will be centered on the
second two weeks of February. Later, you will also have a terri c new moon in
Taurus, May 4. If May works for your plans, take action in the 10 days that follow
that new moon, May 4.) 4/8
1/2/2019 Taurus Horoscope for January 2019 - Susan Miller Astrology Zone
On January 20, we have the month’s second eclipse, in Leo at 1 degree. This
eclipse brings a culmination to a living situation. If you have to move, this is likely
to be moving day (plus four days). If you need to move out suddenly, you may
have no choice but to choose a temporary dwelling. However, with the January
20 eclipse, it looks like you’ll be able to nd a suitable space to move into that
would actually be more permanent than the one you have now. If you are still in
your current apartment or house and you are looking, you are likely to hit on the
right space on January 20, but you will have to factor in a few twists and turns.

Uranus, the planet of surprise and shock, will be acting out and will challenge the
new moon eclipse and Sun in tight aspect. If you are living with someone and the
lease is not in your name, then you may learn that you may have to move out
suddenly without any warning. This is very disconcerting, and you will have to
think of friends who can take you in, should you and your partner break up.

I am not happy about seeing Uranus in hard angle to both the Sun and an
emotional full moon eclipse. This could, alternatively, cause changes at work,
which might eventually impact where you live. You may be transferred to a new
city by your company out of the blue, as one example.

Don’t worry too much, though, and here is why. Uranus rules your career, and
you naturally have Aquarius (ruled by Uranus) on your mid-heaven, the area of
your chart ruling your prestigious career progress. Uranus has been retrograde
for months, since August 7, 2018, but will turn direct on January 6, just one day
after the new moon eclipse. This bodes very well for you!

I feel no matter what happens at the new moon eclipse, January 5, with
powerful Uranus turning direct on the following day (to stay strong until August
11, 2019), you have an open road for impressive career progress. Always watch
what happens in the days that circle a major planet, like Uranus, turning direct. If
you watch, you will see which way things are heading, which will also give you
reason for optimism. To reiterate, watch the days around January 6 very closely
for career news that should make you happy in the weeks ahead—especially in

If your birthday falls near April 20-23, you will feel this January 20 eclipse the
most. 5/8
1/2/2019 Taurus Horoscope for January 2019 - Susan Miller Astrology Zone
You may have already felt this January 20 eclipse one month to the day prior to
this eclipse, on December 20, plus or minus four days, or will feel it next month
on February 20, plus or minus ve days. Astrologers work with bell curves, and
that is the reason you can feel an eclipse before or after the precise date it
appears. This does not happen regarding a normal full or new moon, but it is
always true of eclipses, which have the strength of three new or full moons in

Now let’s look at three special days. The rst will be Friday, January 18, when
Venus and Mars will be in ideal sync. Your ruling planet is Venus, so this day
should go well for you. Regrettably, Uranus, planet of unpredictable events, will
be at odds with the Sun, ruling authority gures, so don’t challenge a VIP on
January 18. However, With Venus and Mars so beautifully oriented in your
nancial house, a con dential negotiation might go beautifully, reaching accord
in a win-win situation. This will also be a very romantic, sexy day for you, a great
date night for you to kidnap your one-and-only for a special dinner out.

The second glittering day will be Tuesday, January 22, when Jupiter will align
with your ruling planet, Venus, in your eighth house of other people’s money.
This is your best day to ask for a loan or mortgage, present to your boss your
case to adjust your commission structure to bene t you, pitch a venture
capitalist, put in an insurance claim, ask for college nancial aid, or buy some
charity raf e tickets. (Someone has to win, why not you? Don’t bet the farm on
those tickets, but you might want to buy a few tickets.)

Later that week, the last dazzling aspect I want you to watch will come by on
Friday, January 25, when Mars will support Jupiter. You have Jupiter in your
nancial eighth house, so this year, money will come to you in abundance, in
bundles, for this is the house of other people’s money. You do need a good
aspect to unlock Jupiter’s bounty, and you have it on January 22, when Venus
and Jupiter align, and also on January 25, when Mars signals Jupiter from across
the sky. In the latter case, Mars will energize Jupiter, so you will nd that your
actions are potent—if you make sure your strategy is well crafted, you will win
big on this day.

Next month will be a brilliant career month, thanks to the new moon, February
4, so stay optimistic—good news is on the way. I feel February will be one of your
favorite months of all of 2019. 6/8
1/2/2019 Taurus Horoscope for January 2019 - Susan Miller Astrology Zone

You will be keen to broaden your horizons, for you will have Pluto, Saturn,
Mercury, the Sun, and new moon in your ninth house of travel as the month
opens, January 5. Saturn will conjoin the Sun on January 1, giving the start of the
year a weighty feel. You may think about a member of your family, most likely a
prominent male in your life, over New Year’s Day. Saturn can coax you to be
either determined and motivated to x things for others, or tired and
overwhelmed and hoping to just run away where cell phone service doesn’t
work. If being with your family and preparing a homemade dinner will feel like a
deluge, enlist help. Ask them to pitch in to make sure you don’t take on too much
on your own.

Uranus will go direct on January 6, after having been retrograde since August 7,
2018, indicating that your career progress will speed up noticeably—as soon as
Uranus is back on track. You may have to decide on a new, responsible position
soon—now or in early February. Your duties at home will also be on your mind—
can you juggle more responsibility at work and keep up with demands at home?

This meditation may become quite noticeable on January 18, when the Sun and
Uranus will be at sharp odds, and unexpected news will arise. Your decision
regarding which way to use your prime energies—home or career—may be
made more dif cult because a responsible new job offer will be impressive. The
question is, can you handle more? Only you can say, so for now, hold off
announcing a decision until your career offer becomes more de ned next
month, in February, a fabulous career month for you.

The full moon lunar eclipse of January 20 will fall in Leo, bringing home-related
matters to a crescendo again, and by this point, decisions can no longer be put
off. Eclipses like this one, with a harsh signal of Uranus to the Sun and full moon,
require adjustments to unexpected news. This will bring the meditation to a
nal stage, and you will need to nally decide about whether to take the job and
juggle home duties or let this career offer pass.

The one ace you hold at the time of this troublesome eclipse is that Venus, your
ruling planet, will be in alignment with Jupiter, the great planet of good fortune
—and that’s quite an advantage. (Jupiter and Venus will peak in a strong, rare
alignment on January 22, two days after the full moon, but still under the 7/8
in 1/2/2019 Taurus Horoscope for January 2019 - Susan Miller Astrology Zone
uence of the full moon eclipse, January 20.) Financially, you will do especially
well this third week of the month. A large sum of money may arrive in the form
of a bonus, insurance payout, attractive mortgage, monetary gift—or you may
win a cash prize from a contest you entered.

This will be the last eclipse of an entire series in Leo and Aquarius, a trend that
started in early 2017.

The new crop of 2019 eclipses will be similar to the ones that took place in
2000. Do you remember what was on your mind  on January 5 or 20, 2000? If
you can recall, you might get a clue of the theme you are about to experience
again. Of course, history never repeats itself in exact form, as the planets
surrounding the eclipse are always on the move, so the conversations that the
eclipse will have with other planets will be different from the one that will occur
this year. Admittedly, this eclipse on January 20 does receive a jarring shove
from Uranus, known to bring sudden, sometimes shocking news. Your patience,
prudence and ingenuity will get you through, and transport you to a better place
in time. 8/8