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NO. 25 NOTES FROM THE SHOP = $2.50 cCodsmith TAMBOUR VIDEO CABINET TURNED CANISTER SET OAK COFFEE TABLE TECHNIQUE: STAVE CONSTRUCTION Sawdust 1S9N: 0104-4114 WOODSMITH is publshed bincrtiy (January. Merch. May, July. Sepsember, Nevernber| Dy ‘Weodsmin Pubishing Company, 1312 Gana ‘Ave..85 Moines, fowa 50303. WOODSMITH is a registred trademark of ho ‘Wcodsmin Publishing Company. Copyright 1883 by Weocemith Pubishing Company. AI Rights Reserve. year (6 leeu09) $10, Two. yoars (12 iesuoe) $18 Single copy pri, $250 (Canada and Forosgn: add $2 por year) ‘Change Ot Addrese: Please be aure io inoude both your old and new address for change of adress, Malt: Woedsmih, 1912 Grand Ave, ‘Des Moines, lowa £0209, Second cana postese paid ot Des Noles Ais of he contents ofa back sues appears fn the wrapper of ts isue. I the wrapper is missig, you can send fo a bookeet desciing the conterts and pricos of al ack issvos, [SAMPLE COPIES you havea tend who woul koto 000.8. copy ‘fWoodamith, 2! serd oname ae accross, ‘and nel send 8 sample (otro cot). ABOUT THIS NSU. Thave to mit somes thing. Ive alwaym been asenatod with tambours htop). And It doesnt take much to tall me into building a projort with one ofthese “moving wood doors When we were building tho vio cati- not for this seve, I thought it as a good opportunity tinelade « tambour, But this ried a qucstion of practicality. Wonid ‘anyone realy ower the trboar to ever up the TLV. ceroon? ‘After we inahed this bine, 1 took it home fr afew weeks, and found out esl closing the tambour every onc in ¢ while. It was then I discovered that once the'RV, was outef sight. well [come Bletely forgot aboat Love Boat and Pan- tasy Islan. (Maybe this tambour is more practiea than [ thought) seitrtooratas Theres someting ait rent about the photographs in this ise. Weve been experimenting with anew po tographe process. In past asus, sof the phetograghs wore printed in prnesss Tenown as a tostone, This i bastealy 2 black-and-ihite photo that’s printed two colors (brown and blaek in our cas), ‘The photos in this sue ave still printed in only two colors whieh i why green leaves look brown in the photo oh the cover), bub wolve changed the way the photographs are processed to they have & Tiss more life in ther, We're still in the experimental stages vith this new approdch, but I thin its Kind of exciting. Te should improve the tality of the potas so you zeta much Beiter picture of what the projects really Took like. INDEX, We're fnluding a special pave ‘STATEMENT OF OWNERSHIP, MANAGEMUNT AND CIRCULATION (Ragin We USC. 2) {lige raion Woah e Patton ust 2 eo Pa ion sana emia 9 ow hci rar ea, see hica rata ee ugaena eos a a ee aera ee cs oo eee ees 3 Babe gre wie ont ree) Stren taeda tt de pekce ise wae Si Repth acts mee a cel pl ica el ck Paar ‘section inthis sue an dex vo the ear tents ofthe fest 24 issues of Wooderith phisa page of sourees for mail-order wocd: | Yworcing ea “Thoindex should help leate articles and projcts in past issues. Well up-dato it An next yoar in th January iu. “Tholist of cataloge inelato almost lof the maibonder spares wee used for the prejests showin past issues of Wood fri Tht by means a complete ‘ccountng fal the caelogs available, but itdoes ncude some ofthe best sures for ‘cas and supplies we kaon of But why do those cataloy” companies mae you pay for whats eseitally bok | of advertising? Granted, the extalog companies are ‘sci an avertserent, But 1 think they're worth i (And didnt even get sald to ay that) Te fearnod a great deal | from these catalogs — just knowing tata | certain cl or 2 plece ofFardware a¥a- thle wart & buek or to PUBLISHER'S STATEMENT. Onco each | ‘year ere required (by the Post office) to incude tho Publisher Statoment shown below Last year, thi statment showed {otal eieulation of about 99,000. Now ‘yore upto 74,000, But that was a: of tho Septenboriseve, With thisieue thotoial clreaation s 110,00, and growing. This Kind of growth ha pts few strains onallofus here at Woedarith And this is te of the reasons we're behind sehedule fer getting the iaues ont on te, NEXT MAILING, The next issue of oed- nih Xo, 20 wil bein the eal daringthe | first week in Apri. Unt then, thanks fr our patie, Fane Seep, D2 ray sree Castlegar sete al “diet eset mre ‘pase ce Bs ore she ote ces odia = 2 WoonsmiTH Tips & Techniques PHYsics 101 Recon, expend nite i culty tying to pt sanding sleeve on m rumsander Then redatrch learned in my high shoal physic eas, ‘To redlace the sco ofthe sanding dram to that the sleeve woul slip on without disci, pt the un nthe esas {hr aboal flteen tanntes. Aa the Gra cculs oft contracts eng So that the Sanding dleeve ea he lipped on witht ay prema David N, Bower Laxrens, South Caveting ROUTING EDGES ON SMALL CIRCLES Tyecome up with ajixtouse onthe router table that eliminates a lot of the problems associated with routing the edges of round Dlanks, First of ll, it makes routing small round blanks a whole lot safer than trying: to rout them free hand. Seeand, you ean rout the edyos of rourd blanks using hits that have no pilot bearing (since the jig itelflims she width fea thebit make), ‘And finaly, when it comes time to rout theedge onthe fintshside ofa round blank, TTsan do is sccurtely without having 10 Inar the fies ofthe blank with a tram pale ebleh equlres dling a Holoon the Foe sdes ofa bla for the rammed point tori in) “To make the jig, 1 used a plow of 1° plyweed approximately 12" x 80 Then | nade to cuts forthe opening as shown it the diagram, (L teed to hep the two sides ‘ofthe Wat a5" anee from the fon. side ‘lie fig) Then where he twosides ofthe “Vr imeet, Cen 3" square opening for clearance around the router bi ‘Next, [attached hinged it gua to theta sda ofthed square opening. his ‘way the guard ean be flipped up out ofthe Fsctetheli v foid U ky th four thelie, cy thingto wach for stat the round blanks are cat ‘at as cleanly as possible. And the best method Tv found to do this sto use the router and a trammel point on the buck side ofthe blank. ‘Then I position the jig on the router ‘able so that the bit is Only taking 2 ght ‘eut when the blanks held against the sides of the "V". Aer thy position, tho blanks aro rou counter clockwise direction, keeping pres: sure against both sides of the jig, and agains: the surface of the table, Brian Sinth Koyser, West Virginia [AN INEXPENSIVE DRILLING 16 1 uso a pee of Masonite pog board a8 raring puago to rill evenly spaced Holos Ineatinot eects The aventage o peg boards that you ean eut eto the size ofthe ives being delle and then just hold i Zesins these ofthe cabinet. eay ep everything fish aa square, and the oles are evenly spaced every tie. Ralph Scott, Woodland, Californie Uve found that. whenever I'm using eat Hage bolts in wood, the square shoukler (that's supposed to hotd the bol securely) has a tendeney to alip when Tn trying to remove a nut on the other end, ‘What I've done to counter this effect fs ‘tocenta slot into the end of the bot with a hack sa. Then as I'm removing the bot, T ‘ean insert a ssrew drivrin the end of tho bolt to Koop it from turning, ‘This has been particularly helpful when working with woods that have deter iorated from age, or when the nuts on carriage bolts have to be removed ‘requentiy. Pautt Ingmanson Marseilles, Ilinois IT TAKES THREE TO GET ONE In Woademith No. 23, you deseribed technique te fatten the Bottom of hand plane using two surfaces, To be honest, You must have gotten lucky because Uns Only ay to gets truely fla surface Is by {sing three surfaces, not two, ‘Start hy marking the sarfuces 1, 2, and feceeie ah cleo singtho eon e seanabrs- v0) they show good contact ll ‘Then rab gurlces 2 anl 3 together, and ‘rally uafaces Sand 1. By using ner and Finee grades of alien earbide sarries, oa can gel any degree of polish you want, ‘Ths methoitdoesit take any fang Hoi ing fistures, but it does take a little time and patfenee, The end result fs three abso- Intely fat sartscos. S.W. Hathaway Sudbury, Massechusetis ARTIST'S TRIANGLES Theve a suggestion for quick and accarate seltingofthemiter gauge on thetablesav, Por common angles (0°, 45°, 00", 909, 1 use quod 12°-16" drafting trlangles (ayall- able at art supply stores) to set the miter ‘gauge. Thay/re extremely securate, and Yyou got tho samo angle every time, Bruce Waldvogel Manteno, Ilinois DOVETAIL CHISELS Td like tomakea suggestion tothe readers cof Wondsunith that [nd to be very helpful ‘when hand-eniting lap dovetails ve found that the hardest part in cat- ting lap dovetails is eloaning out tho waste inthe corners between the pins, What Dye Aone to eliminate this azeravation is pur- chase two inexpensive 1" chisels and regrind them at a skew (one has a1 right-handed skew, and the other has 15° Teft-handed skew). ‘The long point of the skewed ehisels really helps to get into the tight corners between the pins when it comes time to oan everything up. John R. Mountion Winslon Salem, Nerth Carolina SEND IN YOUR IDEAS ‘yet ike w share awecoworkingtpwnh otter teaders of Wocdsmith, send your idea to: Woodsmity, Tips & Techniques, 1612 Grand ‘Ave, Dos Moines, lowa 50908. ‘le pay a miimum of $10 or po, and 615 0°, ‘more ‘or special techrigues tha are accepted Pleesesive acompieteexolens: long well craw a new one. WoonsmiTHt