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2008 – Evening 4:30 pm (AG Church)

Promise: John 16:20
Components of a Grateful heart: Philippians 4:4 (5-8)
1. Praise:
• Rejoice in the Lord always. St.Paul rejoiced all the time
even when he was in prison at midnight.
• When we rejoice, Endorphins are released from the brain
which brings healing to us.
• Faith like a mustard seed is enough for God to answer our
• Most of our prayers are like Groceries list.
• David says “Bless the Lord O my soul” and not “Bless
my soul O Lord”.
• Song Leaders only bring us “only an awareness of the
presence of the Lord” and “not take us to the presence of
God”. Only Jesus can take us to the presence of God.
• Remember, we are always in the presence of God.
(Imagine if you are going out on a trip outside with your
Pastor; your entire character would change).
• Praise is talking or saying good things of somebody
(about God).
• It is written, he who loves the Son of God is a Friend of
• We should be God Conscious not Devil Conscious.
Example: Pastor’s church – He never spoke about the
devil, so the devils won’t come inside or stay in the
church. According to Pastor, a Christian cannot be devil
• Speak only good things about God.
2. Always: (Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say
• If a word is said once, it means God wants you to
listen. But if it is said twice, it means God is trying to tell
us that it is more important (pay attention).
3. Gentleness: (be known). i.e., Christ-like.
• Gentleness is not weakness but its meekness.
4. Anxiety: (Do not be anxious - Positiveness).
• What eats us kills us, not what you eat. (It is Anxiety,
fear, unforgiveness that kills us and not sickness that kills
us all the time).
• Hypertension, diabetes, blood pressure are caused
because of anxiety.
• What is eating you? Fear of tomorrow. Bring it to the
5. Prayer & Petition: (needs, request).
• Be precise in whatever you ask. Example: Pastor asked
for his wife to the Lord.
• Be specific in what you ask. Be realistic (details)
Example: details about the car you want.
• Pray for Nations. Pray that God should save them. India
needs Prayer warriors.
• Present you request.
6. Peace of the Lord: (stand guard over you).
• How to say whether it is the will of God or not? If
you don’t have peace over a decision, it’s not the will of
• Peace in the mind – Am I doing right or not.
Verse 8 – Message Ended. Thank you Lord.