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Microsoft Labs Keys These services are experimental and you should not use them to process personal data or other data that is subject to compliance requirements. For example, other data may be credit card data or children’s faces Project Anomaly Finder (/en-us/project-anomaly-finder) KNOWLEDGE | EXPERIMENTAL Created on: 1/11/2019 95957 PM State: active Key 1: da980a6cBa344ceb961b45¢0b3192d8d om Key 2: 541b335305694583b05¢48503878006a om Documentation (httpsi// 73313) ‘Api Reference (https//devlabs cognitive Explore Cognitive Services. Want to start using Cognitive Services in your business? Come see what Micosoft can do for you. Learn more ( Know before you code Labs Terms of Use (/en-usflabs-term-of-use) Microsoft Privacy Statement (https// Developer Code of Conduct (httpi/go microsoft. comv/wlink/?Linkld=698895) Help & support Documentation (/en-us/documentation) Stack Overflow (https/ Support (hitps// Cee eeecr ee omrgemisooteonvtsinurna-2esn ©2018 Microsoft Translate