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It starts with

a conversation
our mission

Joining together
to promote and
support the recovery of
wild salmon and steelhead
in the Willamette Basin.
our vision

A Willamette River that supports healthy,
self-sustaining and harvestable populations
of wild salmon and steelhead, with increased
recreational and angling opportunity and
communities that are fully committed to
supporting a clean, healthy river to pass
along to our children.
Who we are:

The Willamette River Salmon and
Steelhead Recovery Coalition
strategic input
sought from...

American Rivers Kayak Anglers
WaterWatch Molalla River Alliance
Wild Salmon Center Salmonwatch
Willamette Riverkeepers WildEarth Guardians
Steamboaters Northwest Environmental Defense Center
Conservation Angler Advocates for the West
Northwest Sportfishing Industry Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde
Association Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians
McKenzie River Guides Association Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs
Loss of opportunity, loss of our heritage
“A place to fish, and a fish to catch.”
We envision a Willamette River
abundant in wild fish, free-
flowing rivers, and thriving
local communities.
fishing club with a 50+
year history focused on the
promotion of fly fishing
and The protection and
increase of the fishery through
education and advocacy
Working to restore wild
steelhead throughout their
historic range and save the
legacy of fishing for them
The Economic
Engine We
Know as
Historically 1980s Average 2017
300,000 Chinook 10,000 Chinook <5,000 Chinook
200,000 Steelhead 16,000 Steelhead 822 Steelhead
get so bad?
some things
have improved
why are our
fish still in
what’s the
dam problem?

lack of water quality
altered flows
passage impacts
recovery is possible
Where We
Have Been... We aren’t
making any
headway! You’re going
the wrong way!
Where We
Can Go...

I agree!
I agree!
We want wild I agree!
fish recovery in
the Willamette.
We need fish
passage, better
flows, and
improved water
Our Purpose

building the groundswell of public support
to get our decision makers to take action.
Together For
Our Fish

Fish Water
Passage Quality
How We Get
It Done
Will You
Join Us?

Advocate at town halls Attend the state of the Sign up for
and by contacting your basin event this winter action alerts