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What the World Bank Is Doing Though the most acute phase of the global financial crisis has passed, recovery remains fragile. Persistent risks to economic health include high unemployment and low growth in developed countries and scarce international financing for developing countries. The poorest countries continue to need assistance to move beyond the crisis. Read More

Book: A 'New Engine' of Global Growth
Sept 2010—Day After Tomorrowprojects that developing country economies will surpass developed peers in 2015.

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Feature: Europe/Central Asia: 'Slow Recovery Ahead' April 2010 Feature: Latin America: Commodities 'A Boon' April 2010 Feature: Africa: 'Time to Invest' April 2010 Research Paper: Framework for Assessing Systemic Risk (pdf), April 2010 Case Study: Financing for Clean Technologies in Mexico (pdf), April 2010 More

GEP 2010 Update: Developing Countries Lead Recovery

June 2010— Global economy continues to advance, but Europe’s debt crisis creates new hurdles.

Survey: Eastern European Firms Continue to Struggle


June 2010—New Bank data show Eastern European companies are running down inventories rather than expanding operations, and firm indebtedness has worsened.

Requests for Trade Barriers Fall for Second Consecutive Quarter


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Africa Can All About Finance CGAP Microfinance East Asia and Pacific Growth Commision Governance Matters People Move Prospects for Development Policy Brief: Bank Governance: Lessons from the Crisis (pdf), March 2010 After the Crisis: Natural Resources and Development Strategy, Feb. 2010 Financial Crisis Likely to Reduce Aid When Needed Most, Dec 09 International Aid and Financial Crises in Donor Countries, Dec 09 Leverage Ratio, Dec 09 (pdf) Financial Paradigms: What Do They Suggest about Regulatory Reform? Nov 09 (pdf) Credit Rating Agencies, Oct 09 (pdf)

May 2010—The Bank reports a 20% decrease in new investigations in which domestic industries request imposition of import restrictions.

Spring Meetings 2010: Regions Address Post-Crisis Economic Trends

Mauritius accelerated much-needed economic reforms in 2006. Sep Oct Nov Dec 2007 Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 2008 Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Slowing Growth and Diminishing Wealth . Drag the timeline left and right to see key milestones. Click into individual dates and time spans for more in-depth coverage.Africa: 'Time to Invest' . C.Latin America: Commodities 'A Boon' . Europe. enabling the country to boost growth.• • • • • • • Banks in Crisis. Interactive Financial Crisis Timeline See the story of the unfolding financial crisis and the Bank's response--in words. Oct 09 (pdf) More Africa: Financial Crisis E. images.Europe/Central Asia: 'Slow Recovery Ahead' Africa: Rethinking Globalization After the Crisis March 2010—A live. Asia: Global Crisis Hits Home Latin America: The Region Maps Out Post-Crisis Future Middle East/North Africa: Q&A on the Financial Crisis South Asia: How Will Globalization Impact Economic Recovery? REGIONAL INFORMATION . maps and more. video. Asia: Emerging Stronger After the Crisis E. Mauritius Averts Worst Impact of Financial Crisis March 2010—After suffering trade shocks in 2005. teleconferenced debate connects experts from five African countries to address the continent's export competitiveness.

Fuel and Financial Crises Crisis Spreads Response Initiatives Early Investments to Fight Hunger Harsh New Reality Food and Fuel Prices Surge 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Multimedia VIDEO Global Economic Prospects 2010 (Jan 2010) VIDEO Georgia: Surviving the Crises (Nov 2009) VIDEO MENA Development Report (Nov 2009) VIDEO Annual Meetings: Opening Plenary (Oct 2009) VIDEO Annual Meetings: Devt Committee Meeting VIDEO Annual Meetings: Europe & C. Asia Economic Update .Food.

VIDEO Doing Business 2010 VIDEO Global Development Finance 2009 VIDEO Global Perspectives on the Economic Crisis VIDEO Faces of the Crisis VIDEO VOICES: Spring Meetings 2009 VIDEO Global Perspectives on the Economic Crisis VIDEO Global Economic Prospects 2009 VIDEO Spring Meetings: Zoellick Closing Remarks VIDEO Global Monitoring Report 2009 VIDEO Financial Crisis: The View from Mongolia .

Food.World Bank VIDEO Triple Hit for Developing Countries . All Rights Reserved. Legal.VIDEO Spring Meetings: Zoellick Opening Remarks VIDEO Zoellick Calls for an End to the G7 VIDEO East Asia & Pacific Economic Update VIDEO Conditional Cash Transfers VIDEO Financial Crisis . Fuel and Finance VIDEO Back to top Site Map | Index | FAQs | Contact Us | Search | RSS © 2010 The World Bank Group.G20 Preview VIDEO Financial Crisis: Zoellick Message for G20 . .

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