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Interim Designation of Agent to Receive Notification of Claimed Infringement Full Legal Name of Service Provider; FREE INFORMATION ALLIANCE, INC Alternative Name(s) of Service Provider (including all names under which the service provider is doing business): F-LA, Inc. Free I. A, Ine F. Information.A. Inc 506 N Clark #424, Chicago, IL, 60614 _ AISNE ipsa OME = Address of Service Provid Name of Agent Designated to Receive Notification of Claimed Infringement: David K. Staub, Atiomey at Law Full Address of Designated Agent to which Notification Should be Sent («P.0. tex similar designation isnot ceptable except where it isthe only address that canbe used in the geographic loeation) 35 West Monroe Street. Suite 1925. Chicago, IL 60603_ Telephone Number of Designated Agent: (312) 345-0545 Facsimile Number of Designated Agent: (312) 345-0544 Email Address of Designated Agent: Signature of Officer or Repyétontative ofthe Designating Seryice Provider: __ Date:_ Duk 14 goo §. Saxena, President, Free Information Alliance, Inc SnswaniK Typed or Printed Name and Title: ti 08 07-2009 Note: This Interim Designation Must be Accompanied by a Filing Fee* Made Payable to the Register of Copyrights, *Note: Current and adjusted fees are available on the Copyright website at Mail the form to: Copyright GC&R: CPLEPEEY aa a ao UTE Cee cr Washington, DC 20024