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31 May 93


Points of Concern/Areas of Objection

General Lack of understanding/knowledge of the modern Us


—Outdated, Hollywood vision of the Army

—Misrepresentation of the Army, personnel, mission

Portrayal of USA Recruiting Command

~0fficers erroneously portrayed as recruiters

—Dishonest,"sleazy", amoral officer
—Inaccurate portrayal of recruiting practices
-Depiction of ineffective, inaccurate enlistment
program that can't identify fraudulent
enlistments, etc

Distortion of USA Basic Training

-AIT or unit training activities in Basic Training

-'Supplemental' training programs in Basic
-Depiction of males and females training together is
inaccurate and incorrect
—Depiction of lack of control by drill sergeants
-Arming (knives) of basic trainees
—Out of date latrine failities
—Basic Training is limited to drill & ceremonies,
soldiering, basic marksmanship, physical readiness,
first aid — an introduction to military life only
—Enlistees who "flunk" the ASVAB are not admitted to
the Army or basic training

stereotyping of Military Personnel/Activities

-Abusive drill sergeants portrayed as uneducated oafs

~0fficers in ’Happy Hour’ setting is contrary to
deemphasis on alcohol
—Senior commander’s that are willing to ignore UCMJ
—Inaccurate portrayal of racial issues in Army
-MPs as discourteous cops/guards
«Rundown facilities (educ center/quarters)
—Basic trainees put through an unreasonable level of

—Generally unacceptable
—Depiction of foul mouthed drill sergeants

Awards Presntation

-Unrealistic approach to presentation of MOH

—Constant violations of Privacy Act
—Cheapening of prestige of MOH

Misrepresentation of Army Programs

—ASVAB repair program unrealistic and unauthorized

-Unit sponsorship of 'discharge authorized’ program
is not feasible or believable
-Mi1itary cannot provide room & board to stateside
-The sponsorship of a "Shakespeare" learning class in
place of 3 Rs is farcical

DOD Projec fficer