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Approved for Release: 2015/07/29 C08328536 Gee PATRIOT GAMES (b)(3) Office of Public Affairs Central Intelligence Agericy Washington, D.C. 20505 October 16, 1991 (b)(3) Dear 1 would like to follow up on yesterday's telephone conversation Paramount Pictures would like to request permission to use the Central Intelligence Agency Logo and Official Seal in our motion picture entitled, "Patriot Games". I understand that there are 8 additional plaques on the wall of the Director's Conference Room, which represent the following members of the intelligence community: - Federal Bureau_of Investigation - Defense Intelligence Agency - National Security Agency - Army Intelligence Service - Navy Intelligence Service ~ Air Force Intelligence Service - Marine Corps Intelligence Service - Offices for Collection of Specialized National Foreign Intelligence A Paranout Cmmuntectons Crinpany Approved for Release: 2015/07/29 CO6328536 a... rrr €06328536 Approved for Release: 2015/07/29 C06328536 ; by(3 | we would appreciate any advice or assistance that you oe might provide in helping us to secure permission to use the above mentioned seals as set dressing in our movie. Thank you, as always, for your continued cooperation and support. Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday. Best Wishes, (by(6) Location Manager “Patriot Games" Approved for Release: 2015/07/29 CO6328536 Approved for Release: 2015/07/29 C06328537 PATRIOT GAMES (b\(3) Office of Public Affairs Central Intelligence Agency Washington, D.C. 20505 Dear Paramount Pictures will be filming portions of a major motion picture entitled, “Patriot Games" in Washington, D.C, and Annapolis, Maryland during the last week in November 1991, We would like to request permission to film a scene outside and inside the lobby of the original C.I.A. Headquarters Building at Langley, Virginia. In this scene Harrison Ford who portrays Jack Ryan, a C.LA. analyst, would drive up, enter the building, cross the lobby and pass through the sccurity gates. In order to accomplish this work it would, of course, be necessary to have a motion picture camera and lighting equipment inside the lobby. We would supply a list of our crew personnel with social security numbers so that your office could process the information for security purposes. We would also provide a list of necessary production vehicles. Our proposed date for filming would be Saturday November 30, 1991. We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to take another look at the lobby, next Wednesday October 23, 1991. The group next week would include: (b)(6) A Prenat Cramsaketins Corpaay Approved for Release: 2015/07/29 C06328537