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Date: eeee'eeie til-:53 AM

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Date: teitmtitti 1:15:14 PM ' — —

Subjeet: Fie: ‘I.fll=iI Hellngd Guam _ Eieire Dene-E. _ Welt te H115 en El] Dee

Thet‘e greet. F'Ieeee iet the DD: We effiee Itnew- Might he niee fer Eleire te 1irieit with him. DCI
A wlil net
be here en Meneey- -
We will de HE]- preee en this eit'I-ee it'e lew prettle.

I , T'L'I GENE-E E. 'Uttl-ErfETFfAGEr-ulfl‘f'fltm. ._iennifer H.

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—- Subjeet WP Heltytlreeel' GueEt - Eteife [tenee — 1lifteitt H
12ft?f2fl‘|t] 13:51 PM Dee 5' ‘15‘3'1 in

Geerge i' Jennifer

_ _ . _.'ie bringing Claire Denee inte heeegtiertme en Mendey. Elle-eerrl her Elfin-
|_ jetted that I grew tie a teur frertt HEIDI-12:03. f'u-e weft-ted with the flee Center te eettip :3 visit
ee we”.
The welt ie Iew preflie. unll teite eere ef the legietiee in bringing Me. De nee in- Just wanted te give yeti
all a heads up.


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Frcm W W— SLbject: fw_: Tour :1ae_nda!

Deputy Chief Public Coimnunica |
Branch - :

Date; 611051201 2 111:5? 111.1

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by Preston.
I also provided a tour to Homeland producer. Meredith, on 13 July 2011. which was setup

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To' _Preston B. GolsonfSTFIAGElr-ICYQJWM _
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Cc: _

Date: 0211212011 03:49 PM

Subject: Re: Teur on Monday

Preston -

the tour for Clai re Dan es. so i‘m happyjo do it. Do you want me to contact the producer? If so. please
i did
provide hislher contact info. ,


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From: - HestoaflfimsonISTEAGEflQY "—

To: 1_ _ .. . . _
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Date: 131711 2121111 1:13:37 PM '

Subject: Re: Tour on l1r1i.::inde1ir

prod uce r of Homelan d. I gue ss who mev er did the tour for Clai re Dan es would be nice for
Yes its for the
continuity but no means required.

01111212011 12: 51. 54 PM

_— _. _‘i'l llI-l

Preston We1a1re available to prowde 21111111111111

— ‘1'— lllll .q

W Pre "WW
' ston" B. WGoleo q WWMo
How 1i1sn'e>gt1 W nday looking .for you both 111e11' 1112f 07112121311 12:15:43 PM
_ . _ . . _ _ _ a
Date: 0711212011 12:05 PM
Subject: Tour on Monday

Approved for Release: 2012107105

Approved fer Release: 2012KWIDE


Hew is next Mendey leeking fer yeu beth? We have a predueer from Shevnime eeming in we'd like to
tou r. .
effer a


F' reete n

Approved for Release: 2012I07f05

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From: _
Sent: Wednesday, July 13, 2011 1:1 9 PM
Cc: .
Subiect: RE: CIA ToUr for HOMELAND Writer-Producer

Sounds good, Preston. If anything changes, please let me know. Should i plan on meeting you at the OHB seal?

hind Regards,

Public Communications
Office of Public Affairs
Centrafliteiligence Agency

" —.'_'m11r-r-II-J-JH-fl-*H‘L.'_—.'.—'— ' "- '_.' ."II-l-I ill-HIE; '_""_'

' —'_'
—F -'l' —-I— —. flflmwmfllflm 'T."
59"“ W ed ne sd ay , Ju ly 13 , 2011 10 :5 6 AM
__Ie: Charlotte steudt

Subject: RE: CIA Tour for HOMELAND Writer—Producer


Excellent. Let’s have Meredith come by for 11AM on Monday. We’ll give her a tour for an hour then have lunch
her. We can do the more formal Agency Dining Room or if she prefers, and I'd recommend, having lunch in the cafeteria
so she can get a better sense for everyday flow of the place.

Please send me Meredith’s SSH so we can put her in for clearance. In addition i think you mentioned she will be
by cab. i can email you some directions and we’ll have someone meet her out at the visitors center.

Take care,

Preston Golson
Media Spokesperson
___f_._ZlA Office of Public Affairs

From: charlotte stoudt lmailto:gharsteudt@gmaii.ceml

Sent: Monday, July 11, 2011 4:36 PM
Subject: Re: CIA Tour for HOMELAND Writer-Producer

Hey Preston,

Thank you again for setting up Meredith Stiehm's CIA tour on July 18th. She's really looking forward to it.

Approved for Release: 2013071115

1" l 6 6 Approved for Release: 20121’UWDS

And your idea of hooking Meredith up for lunch sounds GREAT, btw.

If you have someone in mind, you could forward them Meredith's imdb info. linked below:

Meredith will probably arrive by eah. She will not haire a rental car. What information will you need if that is
the ease?


On 1:11, 1111 a, 2.011 a 10:33 11111,! 11110112:



.-'1_:1oiogiae a lot on the plate this week Did you mean Friday 1:3 .t111 and l'vlonda}r 13 Jul},r for the dates Meredith will be
1_=1 .1 11'? We can aehedule to ha1e her come by. Right now the 15111 looks beat.

Pref-111111 Goieou

Media Spokeaperaon

CIA Offiee of Public: Affairs

— — l ——- .- _-_ _-- I-n__ _-I

- .—_ _:: - .I— I—- I I- I. I.
III _..- .— _ -I I“: II—u-_ _ -___
=—_ _ _ = -__

From: eharlutte atoudt [11111111111111111—1111111111111111111111 -eurnl

Sent: Friday. Jul}r 01 2011 3 .25 PM
Subject: CIA Tour for HOMELAND Writer-Producer

I-Ii Preston.

Per our phone conversation I would like to request a CIA Tour for Meredith Stiehrrt one of the writer—
produeera for HOMELAND a new drama airing on Showtime thie fall.

Approved for Release: 2012107105

l66 Approved for Release: 2012i07’i05

The show stars Clare Danes as a CIA ease officer, and as you mentioned, I believe Clare took a tour a few
months ago.

Meredith is an Arneriean Citizen, and an Emmy-winning writer-producer for shows like NYPD Blue and Cold

Meredith will be in Washington, DC on

Friday July 13

Monday July 16

I know that‘s a small window but weki be very grateful if you guys could set something up.

Please let me know if you need more information.


Charlotte Stoudt

Assistant to Alex Gansa, Showrunner


3i 19369-1062

Approved for Release: 2012!07f05