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Tri Muryadi Wirawan

Address: Jl. Kusuma Timur II F Blok 23B No. 4

RT 009/ RW 017 Kel. Duren Jaya, Kec. Bekasi Timur
Bekasi 1711
HP: 081319212393

Jakarta, November 20th , 2014


Dear Sir/Madam,

Having know about a vacancy from my friend that your company is looking for Staff
Electrical Engineer, on this good opportunity I would like to apply as Staff Electrical
Engineer. I am interested with this position.

My name is Tri Muryadi Wirawan, Male 27 years old. I am graduated from Karya Guna 1
vocational high school, Bekasi. I have worked in the fields of electrical engineer (boiler
machine) for 1 year. I consider myself that I have qualifications as you want. I have good
motivation for progress and growing, eager to learn and be able to work with team or by
myself. Beside that I am having electrical engineer skill, computer skill and have good
command in English (oral and written).

I enclose my CV for your inspection and look forward to hearing from you soon. I am
available for interview at your convenience.

Thank you for your consideration.

Sincerely yours,

Tri Muryadi Wirawan

Address :
Jl. Kusuma Timur II F Blok 23B No. 4 Rt.009/Rw.017
Bekasi Timur 1711
E-mail :
Hp. 081219212393

Personal Data

 Birthday : Jakarta, February 19th, 1987

 Gender : Male
 Status : Single
 Religion : Moslem
 Nationality : Indonesia

Educational Background

 1992 – 1998 : Pedurenan 1 Elementary School, Bekasi

 2008 – 2001 : 11 Junior High School, Bekasi
 2001 – 2004 : Karya Guna 1 Vocational High School,
Electrical Engineer, Bekasi
 2004 : Atma Jaya University, Electrical Engineer,

Summary Of Skills

 Have good skills in the field of electrical engineering

 Computer Literate (MS. Office)
 Internet Literate
 I am able to lead and work in group or individual
 Profiecient in Indonesia language, written and spoken
 Good in English language, written and spoken


 Job Training at PT UNINDO 1 Oktober – 31 Oktober 2002

 Certigicates of competency of PT Bakrie PIPE Industry Jakarta

 Leader of Karang Taruna Rukun Tetangga Wisma Jaya, Bekasi

 Member of Pecinta Alam Randupala
 Admission committee student of Atma Jaya University, Engineering


 PT UNINDO, divisi of electrical engineer, 1 October – 31 October

 Following the practice of fieldwork in P.T. UNIDO as the staff at
the division assembly transformer, MV LV panels
 Tasked with preparing plates - silicon steel plates that will be used
as a transformer.
 PT Long Chuan, staff of electrical engineer, April 2011 – Juny
 Maintain a high pressure industrial oil, gas, or solid fuel
automatic boiler and auxiliary equipment in effecient
manner within controlled standards.

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