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PR1 Restaurant APP Manual

1.Install .net framework 4.0
a).for Windows xp/vista/7,double click file “dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64.exe”,then
click next untill finishing install.
b)for Windows 8 or higher, go setup in Windows [control panel]—[progra
ms and Features].

2.Install Pda Server

Prepare files below:
Run file “RsPdaServer_Setup.exe”,
Click “OK”,

Click “next”,

Click “Install”,
Click “Finish”

3.PDA Server Setting

Run the PDA Server in desktop.

The default port of Server Service is 888; localhost ip : fo

r example.
(So in the client of PDA/mobile/pad, the “Server IP” should be 192.16
8.0.100:88 too.)

Click Server-->Setting to enter Settings.

Port: default is 888

Server:please fill in the ip or domain of the Server(which running restau
rant management system and database ).
User ID : fill in the “user” of database ,default : sa
Pwd :the password of database user.
Database :the name of database which using in restaurant management

App Installation:
Copy the file PR1.apk to the android device.then click and


Run app , enter main menu.

Click the button ,then click [common] to enter the settings.
Language: we support English,Chinese(simplified), Chinese(traditional),
Spanish,French and Myanmar.

Set the ip:port of Server and company code, like picture below:
Server ip set as the connect ip in PDA Server:

The company code. must be a 2 digit number for example 01,02,10 etc, and not s
ame with other clients , in order to avoid data conflict.

finish setting,click to save.

PDA register:
First time logging, app will caution ”Unauthorized Machine” .
Please follow steps below:
1. Tell us your machine code in your APP,as picture below.
we will return you the register code.

2. run “Restaurant” in PC.

3. click [E-recipes][Terminal Management]

4.if you clicked [SyncData] in app, system will automatically create a

If not,please click button “new” then fill in Machine Code in option “code”,
type the register code in “Name”, restart program “PDA Server”. Then fi

Click “System” Mode, as picture below:
While button clicked to turn red, FreeTrialMode is active.(please turn off
after register).
In trial mode, you can also try all function in app,but data won’t be sumi
t to Server.

Start to Order:
There are 3 buttons [Table], [OrderList] and [System] in bottom bar of m
ain menu.

1. download data from Sever

click [System], then click [Test Connection],if success,then click [SyncDat
please do this step once after shop start business everyday or add dish,
modify price etc, to gurantee data synchronized with Server.

2. Open Table and Order

Click [Table],then choose the table which status is “Idle”,
Then type in your id and password to login,

Fill in the numbers of customer, click [ACCEPT],

Slide the screen to far left, you can see information of this order,

There are 2 ways to order dish,

For “Normal Order”,the dish list shows the detail of category selected,you can
choose category,then click dish in this category.
For “Simple Order”, the list shows all dishes, you can search by key word.

In “Edit Order”,you can modify this time’s order,

Set quantity,discount,taster etc.
Finish order, click button “SAVE ORDER” to submit,then kitchen printer will
print the cook bill,and also you can see the order in PC client.

How to cancel dish:

If customer don’t need some dish in the order, we will do “return dish”:

1. click the table

2. click Edit Order
3. click the dish which to be returned.

4. click button “ReturnDish”.

5. choose return “Quantity” and “Reason” then click “ACCEPT”
Order List
Shows all orders on going.