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EV’RY TIME WE SAY GOODBYE from Seven Lively Arts Words and Music by Cole Porter All in —o ef) Bim or co Fm FrmiB) Fr We love oth - you this, Why — should we — quar (slow down to pensive tempo of refrain) B Cm e uO Bh ° om Fy cm - - SS = | & SS f Why cant we be e-nough chev - er, never to part © 1944 (renewed) Chappell & Co Ine, USA ‘Wamnet/Chappell Music Lid, London W6 SBS Very slowly and pensively (four beats) you & cm Fm? Br By. fy time tesa god bye won - der why ait - de, Why the gods a= ove me Who 2 Bb Edin bm Bh Am Br ” eB a a Abe eS dim er SS See -where. be = gin to sing. a= bout it, There's no love song Oe SS 4S Sa ro C—————_ | fespress. ao, SS SSS