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1. The True Aqua Distilled Water Company Case

To order distilled water, customer either calls the ordering hotline or send us Email.
Currently, 90% of the orders come from phone calls, while 10% are placed by Email.

The customer service assistant who receives the order will check whether the customer
is an existing customer or a new one. If the customer has never ordered before, the
customer service assistant will create a customer account for him or her before
proceeding to water delivery.

The delivery of distilled water is carried out once a week on every Wednesday. So on
every Wednesday morning, the customer service assistant will forward orders to the
Logistics Department for delivery. Once the manager in the Logistics Department has
received the orders, he will arrange the delivery by assigning workers for different
orders, printing and posting the schedule. The workers receive the calls and deliver
water to the customer accordingly.

Kuning  task
Hijau  start event
Biru cyan  pool/lane
Abu2  data
Merah  gateway
Ungu  end event

2. Loans
Please create Company map model Loans that includes successive processes:
 process Loans that has:
 Mortgage loans,
 Personal loans and
 Corporate loans.

In personal loans there are successive processes:

 Personal loan sale
 Personal loan application
 Personal loan Close

Personal loan sale

The process Personal loan sale describes the initial contact between the client and a
bank employee when the client’s needs are determined and a preliminary offer is made.
The steps of the process are as follows:
 During the first contact with a client interested in getting a personal loan, basic
information concerning the client is collected.
 The Bank employee determines customer needs.
 The Product folder is presented to the client.
 Then, a preliminary offer is made for the client.
 If the client accepts the offer, he/she is advised on the documents needed.
After this activity, the process ends.
 If the client doesn’t accept the offer, the non-acceptance is documented and
the process ends.

Personal loan application

The process Personal loan application describes the act of collecting the data
necessary to evaluate the client’s credit worthiness.
The steps of the process are as follows:
 Application documents are filled out.
 The documents are then sent to Back office.
 The financial data from the Customer is checked in the Back office.
 If the financial data isn’t correct, the loan application is rejected and the
process is cancelled.
 If the financial data is correct, a Personal loan application document is
entered into the Core Banking System.
 Then the contract is sent to the Customer
 And documents are archived in the Head Office